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William Bell Review Summary:

William Bell's big claim to fame was in launching the original Golden Penny Stock Millionaires trading newsletter back in 2012. He used all of his built up knowledge, experience, and skill to create two different systems to help fellow stock market and penny stock traders succeed. These are his wildly successful "Hack the Stock Market" and Golden Penny Stock Millionaire projects. His members have consistently praised the first program as having helped them to achieve great profits in their own personal stock market trading endeavors. His second endeavor the GPSM continues to go from strength to strength.

William John Bell Review

Some of the gurus we consider in this series of teachers and mentors choose to focus on specific niches within the trading and teaching universes. While “Superman” Paul Scolardi prefers swing trades, Toshko Raychev excels at forex trades.

William John Bell is a classic example of a guru who favors penny stocks. He has made the trading and teaching of these types of Over The Counter stock picks his life’s work. In this page we examine the background, motivation, and products this penny stock aficionado offers you as a trader.

William John Bell Introduction

William John Bell is an interesting individual. While others in university were occupied with going to parties and having as much fun as possible, he was busy researching and trading stocks.

He used all of this built up knowledge, experience, and skill to create two different systems to help fellow stock market and penny stock traders succeed in what is a difficult enterprise by anyone’s standard. These are his wildly successful “Hack the Stock Market” and Golden Penny Stock Millionaire projects. His members have consistently praised the first program as having helped them to achieve great profits in their own personal stock market trading endeavors.

William John Bell’s Background and Drive to Achieve

Achieving such success as a personal trader and teacher of the markets in general and penny stocks in particular did not come especially easy for William Bell. The dedicated guru-in-the-making spent “relentless hours” of his own time researching various penny stocks. The reason he did this with such passion and determination was so that he could reach the point of making a living earning profits “working as a small cap trader.” His plan to do this was to find latent penny stocks and then cash in on their massive moves higher.

Yet in his early efforts to realize these dreams of financial independence, Bell found like a lot of us that it is far easier said than done to make a living trading stocks. He spent countless frustrated hours following the advice of various penny stock promoters and people who turned out to be “pump and dump” artists.

In the process he lost over $10,000 of his own investment dollars, which was devastating for Bell. He does not blame all of his losses on the false gurus and con artists he had fallen in with those formative years. After trading the paid promotion stocks which were ultimately worthless, the poor picks from ineffective penny stock systems which did not deliver the results they promised, and the pump and dump scam penny stocks on the Over the Counter markets, he even tried to randomly pick out penny stocks in desperation.

William John Bell looks back and laughs now at these desperate early efforts. He said even a one year old could have picked better than he did before he finally came up with a system that works. What separated him from the countless others of would-be stock traders was that he would not give up, even after losing what for him was a fortune. His drive and persistence at last paid off, and he created his first successful personal system for selecting winning stocks. After proving its success, Bell decided that it was time to share this with the other victims of the penny stock trading universe.

William John Bell’s Success With His First System

William Bell enjoyed considerable success with his first system “Hack the Stock Markets.” He helped many different novice investors make money in this first venture of his professional trading and teaching career. Part of his success in this regard came from his ability to succinctly explain the loophole he had discovered (from an out-of-print book on stock trading) in an e-book report he wrote that amounted to less than 65 pages. This was the ultimate genius of his first stock market teaching and educating endeavor.

William John Bell’s Types of Trades and Stock Picks

William Bell has two types of stock trades he especially loves and teaches others about how to trade. These are as follows:

  • Penny Stock Picks – by “penny stocks” Bell specifically refers to stocks which trade for less than $5 per share and are often priced for less than even a dollar per share. He loves their explosive breakout potential and dramatic returns they can realize quickly.
  • IPO Stock Picks – Bell considers these to be some of the best opportunities for traders on the occasions when they come along. Initial Public Offerings can also make explosive moves like his favorite penny stock picks.

William John Bell’s Motivation as Teacher

William Bell lost his proverbial shirt to the tune of $10,000 of his own personal trading money trying to follow other so-called penny stock gurus and then trying to figure out the extremely difficult and dangerous penny stock picking business by himself. He does not want other people to have to suffer from these eye-watering kinds of losses in their own personal trading learning curve. This motivates him to write his newsletter and provide his various stock picking educational services week in and week out.

In the rest of this page, we will consider all of his various reasonably priced stock picking services and products.

William John Bell Stock Picking Products and Services

William John Bell is the creator, author, and purveyor of several different products and subscription-based services for picking stocks. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he uncovered a stock market loophole that helped him to start earning $10,000 per month. His systems are helping even novice investors to earn between $2,000 and $3,000 every month utilizing his particular brand of penny stock trading strategy. Consistent, steady gains are what sets Bell’s system apart from those which are looking for a few massive payoffs.

In the rest of this web page, we will consider his newsletter, ebook, Golden Penny Stock Millionaires alerts service, and educational video series along with what you receive as part of each offering.

William John Bell’s Newsletter

William Bell is first and foremost a newsletter publisher in his educational efforts. This weekly publication is called Golden Penny Stock Millionaires, and it is also the signature service of his Golden Penny Stock Millionaires alerts services. The newsletter provides you with a summary of the relevant news in the markets and how they relate to trading penny stocks. Besides this important background information on trading, the newsletters are packed full of penny stock names, symbols, and information on these potential trades that he is closely watching. This makes these newsletters both an informational and educational tool as well as a vehicle for him to share his penny stock picking recommendations with you.

As such the newsletter is intended and written towards traders of all levels of experience. It also covers stocks in general and penny stocks specifically. The newsletter goes hand in glove with his Golden Penny Stock Millionaire alerts service and system. This is why William Bell’s stock picking system is described as a twin-pillared operation. It is one which is both driven by his weekly newsletter and his throughout the week alerts. This newsletter is included in his subscription-based service for a very reasonable $47 per month.

William John Bell’s E-book Hack the Stock Market

William John Bell wrote an e-book which he often describes as a 62 page report called “Hack the Stock Market.” This was his first true (and so far most successful) foray into teaching people like you how to trade the markets. The appeal of this e-book is that you are able to completely read and absorb it in no more than two hours. Bell claims that you will be able to start trading and making money with his various stock strategies and picks the same day you receive and read this report and e-book.

The loophole Bell discovered and revealed in this book is not something he actually created though. He admits that the book was originally taken from an “out of print” stock market trading book that a legendary trader of his time wrote after amassing a $100 million net worth (in a day and age when this was around a billion dollars or more in today’s dollars).

Bell transcribed this successful professional trader’s stock market loophole and made it relevant for you in the stock market today. He claims that if you were to read the original book yourself, it would not show you how the practical application to today’s stock market works. This is where William John Bell comes in on a very personal and practical level. He can teach you how to effectively “Hack the Stock Market.” In his own words:

“I am offering you a detailed report which shows step by step how to make thousands of dollars from your laptop or PC. This is the same stock market loophole I still exploit to this day. Unlike most get-rich quick forex or stock market products— I’m not going to overwhelm you with hundreds of pages of cookie cutter mumbo jumbo just to make my product look worthwhile. There are no motivational anecdotes or blank lined pages for you to make notes. My report is a no-fluff guide. In fact it’s just 62 pages long. Each chapter is straight to the point and specific about what you need to do to replicate my results and start making money. I even have screenshots showing exactly what to do on your computer!

What really sets my report apart from all those get-rich quick type courses is that I have something specific to teach you. I made money exploiting this loophole long before I considered writing this report. I strongly believe you will be shocked at how logical and simple my loophole is.”

There are nine chapters in this e-book and report. These are listed and explained briefly below:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: A Primer on the Stock Market – This promises to teach novices about the stock market’s real truths instead of the usual academic worldview as it helps the advanced traders to unlearn the wrong things they have been taught.
  • Chapter 3: So What is This Loophole? – Bell teaches you what the loophole is, how and why it works, and why it can likely never be closed by the markets. Bell says this works 90 percent of the time.
  • Chapter 4: How to Calculate a Fair Price Per Share – It is critical to realize the fair value of a stock so that you can buy it at the bargain sale price. Bell says it only needs a few minutes per stock to utilize his “short cut” for fair valuing stocks. He is buying stocks at 60 percent to 70 percent discounts to fair value.
  • Chapter 5: Why You NEVER Pay A Fair Price – In this chapter, Bell explains to you why you should not ever pay even the fair price for a stock.
  • Chapter 6: Insider Trading That is Perfectly Legal – Bell goes through what the insiders are actually doing. He says they trade his loophole in the stock market every time.
  • Chapter 7: Real Examples of Loophole Profits – This is the chapter of practical examples which he relates in a “blow by blow” account. This chapter shows his thinking on the practical application of the system, the working of it in practice, and the amounts of profits he made on each provided example.
  • Chapter 8: Putting It All Together: A Step by Step Guide – This is the chapter in which Bell “sews it all together.” He provides layman’s terms and painstakingly detailed explanations. It includes screenshots of William utilizing the loophole strategy directly on his laptop computer to build up your confidence for good measure.
  • Chapter 9: When to Sell – This chapter is one that sets Bell apart from his various competitors in the stock picking universe. He does not provide an exact sell point on these stocks. Since you earn your profits practically immediately after buying in to the recommended picks, you can sell them at any time. The best point is merely the “cherry on the cake,” he claims.

This e-book used to be sold separately on ClickBank by William Bell. Nowadays, he is offering it for free (in exchange for your email address) even to people who are not members of his primary Golden Penny Stock Millionaires alerts service. This makes him a guru who actually believes in educating people for the sake of only helping them.

William John Bell’s Golden Penny Stock Millionaires’ Alerts Service

This alerts service of Bell’s provides a few useful features to help you in your efforts of trading penny stock markets and picks specifically. The highlights of this service are as follows:

  • Timely entry level and exit point alerts
  • IPO alerts for new penny stock issues
  • News and algorithm-driven trading picks
  • Weekly update alerts on penny stocks in play
  • Breaking and recent news on the penny stock picks
  • Easy to read charts of the penny stock picks showing their progress

The service is quite straightforward for you to use as a would-be penny stock trader. William Bell outlines the steps to follow when using his members-only subscription service:

  • He sends you up to two or three penny stock picks every week or every other week along with a stock detailed analysis
  • You simply buy, sell, and hold the stock based on his analysis and research he releases as part of the service
  • He sends you the entry point, exit point, and price targets on each of his penny stock picks to make it as easy as possible
  • Bell provides High Probability Stock alerts and picks using his proprietary model for both technPictureically and fundamentally based analysis

The way it actually works is that he sends his paying members a 7:30 am High Probability Stock pick alerts on any morning they trigger. You can also sign up to be an early bird member to receive them earlier than the other members. These alerts come out most every week, but occasionally on an every other week basis. They look just like this:

The Golden Penny Stock Millionaire alert service comes complete with William Bell’s newsletter of the same name for a bargain $47 per month. This makes it among the least expensive stock picking systems and services on the market today.

William John Bell’s “Refining to Pure Gold” Video Series

William Bell has not done much in the way of videos as some of his slick and savvy competitors have. Yet he does have a video series of approximately five videos. This is called the “Refining to Pure Gold” series. In the series, he teaches you how to trade the markets in general, starting with background information relevant for all skill levels but especially helpful for novices. They also go through the system and how you can trade it most effectively specifically. The videos demonstrate how simple the service really is to utilize for yourself and in your own personal trading efforts.

With his videos, you get a YouTube video which has been reviewed as particularly well made. There are also four additional tutorial videos with the series. Bell developed all of his videos to be useful for those who are completely new to trading as well as for those who are novices in the trading game.

Among the different concepts William John Bell shows you on the videos themselves are the following ideas and concepts:

  • The best way to pick out a dependable and reliable stock trading account
  • Dangers and unethical practices of the penny stock trading market you must avoid at all costs
  • What penny stocks actually are and how they trade in practice
  • Other important and essential ideas for trading both penny stocks and the overall stock markets

The videos are not physical DVDs, but instead are online streaming presentations available from within his Golden Penny Stock Millionaires members-only website. As such, they are included at no extra cost as part of the subscription service. This costs $47 per month and also gives you access to his weekly newsletter and penny stocks alerts service.

Pros of William Bell

  • William Bell was among the early pioneers of the newsletter alerts programs.
  • The guru favored 60 day money back guarantee policies when other rivals were only providing 30 day guarantees.
  • His products are competitively priced versus other gurus in the stock trading prediction industry.

Cons of William Bell

  • William Bell's customer service is weaker than some competitors as it does not provide phone numbers, live chat, or chat rooms.

William Bell Review Summary

William Bell's big claim to fame was in launching the original Golden Penny Stock Millionaires trading newsletter back in 2012. He used all of his built up knowledge, experience, and skill to create two different systems to help fellow stock market and penny stock traders succeed. These are his wildly successful "Hack the Stock Market" and Golden Penny Stock Millionaire projects. His members have consistently praised the first program as having helped them to achieve great profits in their own personal stock market trading endeavors. His second endeavor the GPSM continues to go from strength to strength.


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