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Warrior Trading Review Summary:

If you are looking for serious day trading and stock/options/futures market trading education, then Warrior Trading could be the service for you. Guru Ross Cameron provides extensive courses, a live chat trading room, a simulator to practice trading on, and the usual other member benefits like hot stock pick lists. The lack of ability to cancel for a refund will discourage some would-be members, but the service does provide a 5 day trial period of the live trading chat rooms for only a dollar per day.

Warrior Trading is a stock trading educational phenomenon. The platform delivers quality educational information and materials to more than 500,000 active traders along with over 5,000 premium members. They have new traders joining their community every day. The Warrior Trading system has grown into one of the biggest communities featuring active investors and day traders on the planet. Warrior claims that the reason the worldwide trading community has favored them so highly is because they help traders become profitable so that they can enjoy independence and freedom in their lifestyles. The goal of the program is for members taking classes to be confident and educated as traders.


The founder and CEO of Warrior Trading is Ross Cameron. Cameron grew up in the south of Vermont. He graduated from the Dublin School and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree at Vermont College. Ross has been a professional day trader and educator of traders for nearly a decade. Back in 2012, he established Warrior Trading to be primarily a live trading themed chat room that encouraged ideas and education. His goal was to establish a community in which aspiring traders could be surrounded by professionals.

By 2014, Ross had decided to offer day trading classes. He started teaching these courses by concentrating on stock selection, risk management, and determining the safest points of entry. Cameron is still teaching these trading courses while personally trading in the live chat room to this day. One thing we like about Ross Cameron is that he is open and honest about his initial mistakes in trading. He states that the majority of new traders make mistakes. Cameron admits that he personally lost over $30,000 in his share of beginner mistakes.


In short: it is NOT a scam. Warrior Trading offers high quality teaching and education to more than 500,000 active traders each day and counts more than 5,000 premium members among its ranks. The company received nominations in years 2016-2019 from the Benzinga Fintech Awards for Best Educator. The award ceremonies enjoyed significant media coverage from Bloomberg, Marketwach, and Investopedia.

While the company does not offer any refunds to paid customers, they will allow you to pay for classes and live chat room memberships on a monthly basis so that you can cancel with short notice. This is better than some rivals that require you to pay for an entire year upfront.


Warrior Trading is primarily an educational service and live trading chat rooms. They do not offer to place any trades on your behalf. The system does not come with any trading robots. In order to trade stocks and other investments following Ross Cameron’s personal trades in the live chat room, you will have to open your own trading account online with a discount broker trading platform. That you are not limited to which trading platform you work with by this system is the upside to this.


Warrior Trading is different than many of its competitors in primarily being an educational portal. They also deliver most of their trading recommendations (via live examples from the guru Ross Cameron) in a chat room format that you can participate in and follow. Something else that separates the service from its competitors is its sheer size. At more than 5,000 premium members, it is the largest trading service chat room on Wall Street.


Warrior Trading is set up for three different kinds of individuals who want to day trade stocks and other investments. Most of their members are beginners who come to take some of their educational courses so that they can learn the ins and outs of day trading. They also cater to experienced traders who want to learn to be better in their trading. The third group is comprised of those who want to be closely mentored in their Inner Circle Private Group. Only 100 members at a time are allowed to trade in this group.


Warrior Trading is primarily pushing their live trading room plans for premium members. When you join one of these, you gain access to all of the following members-only benefits:

  • Enormous Chat Rooms – the service offers two different chat rooms, one for small caps and one for big caps. These come complete with professional moderators who lead with live trading in real time
  • Live Video and Audio Feed of Guru Ross Trading – this allows you to follow Cameron’s personal trades and those of other mentors every day the markets are open
  • Professional Traders’ Market Commentary – gives you perspective on what is happening in the markets
  • Hot Stock Watch List – the daily list shows you the stocks that the guru is looking to trade each session
  • Live Streaming Stock Scanners – Warrior Trading has its proprietary stock scanners that generate stock picks in real time
  • Large Cap and Small Cap Trading Rooms – so that you can trade specifically the stocks that work best for your capital and preferences
  • Proprietary News Feeds Access – Warrior Trading has its own news feeds that you can follow as a member
  • Listen and View-Only Access – allows you to select the style of guidance that works best for you personally


Warrior Trading is available in three primary premium membership plans. We look at each of these next.

Warrior Starter Program

The Warrior Starter educational portal features critical basics for beginners via 15 comprehensive courses. These have been set up to prepare you for the more advanced classes offered in the Pro level. Each chapter helps to provide a strong knowledge base that you need to have to be successful. The courses are all digitally recorded so that you can stream them from your account at your convenience. These Starter Masterclass Courses also come with access to their real-time trading simulator and full access to the trading chat rooms.

Warrior Pro Program

This program is designed for beginners who have completed the starter program on up to professional traders who want to learn more advanced concepts. The classes include group mentoring sessions that allow you to learn from interacting with the trading instructors. Students in this educational program can trade side by side with the instructors in real time. It provides a level of mentoring and practice that is very difficult to find in financial education.

This portal includes a number of different trading courses ranging from critical basics to more advanced strategies for Swing Trading, Day Trading, and Options and Futures Trading. All of these courses are also digitally recorded so that you can stream them anytime you wish. Warrior Pro Masterclass courses also include access to the trading chat room and real time access to the trading simulator. You receive the proprietary stock scanner setting and access to the mentor sessions as well.

Inner Circle Private Group

For those who want intensive mentoring, Warrior Trading offers its highest level of premium service called the Inner Circle Private Group. This is limited to only 100 traders at a time. It includes a full year subscription to all of the Warrior Pro services and member benefits, which basically includes every feature the service offers. If you are interested in participating, you would need to contact Warrior Trading directly to inquire about space availability.


Warrior Trading provides a range of different benefits and services to its premium members. These range from a free introductory webinar to vast educational courses and live trading chat rooms. We look at these in greater depth here next.

Warrior Trading Free Webinar

Before you become a paying member of one of the educational and chat room programs, you can see what Warrior Trading has to offer with their free trading webinar. The CEO and guru of Warrior Trading Ross Cameron leads these sessions personally. He teaches three secrets in this program:

  • How to Immediately Attain Bigger Wins with Lower Risk Trading a Small Account
  • How to Easily and Quickly Find the Ideal Stocks to Trade and the Tools You Need to Locate Them
  • How to Correctly Read Charts and Determine the Ideal Entry Points for Large or Small Trades

If you stay through the end of the free webinar, Cameron will also provide you with a free eBook copy of his best selling book How to Day Trade. You must register for the webinar on their website in order to take it.

Warrior Trading Chat Room

The chat rooms are the focus of what Warrior Trading is promoting. These platforms allow members to learn, trade, and exchange ideas together. They provide the two different rooms to satisfy the different styles of large cap and small cap trading in the Large Cap Trading Room and the Small Cap Trading Room. Warrior has the distinction of running the biggest such day trading chat rooms on all of Wall Street. There are over 3,000 regularly participating members plus an additional 4,000 visitors each week who come to see what it is all about.

The chat room access also includes daily watch lists, trade alerts, breaking news headlines to help your trading, recaps of the market, and real-time education. These live trading chat rooms are a natural extension of the company’s trading courses. The service provides live, real-time examples of all strategies taught in these chat rooms.

Ross the guru concentrates his efforts on Momentum Day Trading Strategies. He is seeking out stocks that begin to spike higher with the goal of getting involved as early as possible. The idea is to ride the momentum up as the stock takes off. Cameron and company use their proprietary stock scanners to help locate stocks prepared for such a spike higher.

The action starts at 9 am EST every market trading day. They offer pre-market analysis then as well as the hot stocks watch list. We really like that you can try out the chat room for five days for only $5 in a promotional trial offer. Below is a picture from one of Warrior Trading’s live trading chat rooms:

Warrior Trading Education Courses

Education is truly at the heart of what Warrior Trading is offering its members. This is why the service delivers among the most complete of trading courses anywhere in the industry. The company has received recognition for its education from top businesses in the industry including Lightspeed Trader, Trade Ideas, and eSignal, among others. Even a few top name stock broker firms have come to Warrior Trading seeking specially tailored education for their clients in the past.  Among the many different courses that Warrior Trading Offers are the following:

  • Warrior Starter Course
  • Large Cap Day Trading
  • Small Cap Day Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Day Trading in an IRA

Warrior Trading Stock Simulator

Warrior Trading features its own proprietary stock trading simulator that includes market data provided by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq in real time. This tool is given to all of their trading students to help them reduce their rate of failure. It lets them practice trading with a live trading simulation that uses $200,000 in virtual money. The huge advantage of this is that students experience all of the lessons involved in trading markets without suffering any of the risk and real losses involved.

Warrior Trading believes that you have not fully received a complete education in trading until you have practiced on such a simulator so that you can avoid painful and massive real money losses. Their simulator includes Level 2 real-time market quotes, news, advanced charting, trade reporting and history, and hot key settings (for fast orders). All of these features make it possible for you to improve your skills and concentrate on effective training and trading without having to put real money at risk.

Warrior Trading Scanners

No stock picking platform is complete without a proprietary set of indicators. Warrior Trading has their scanner settings which are the key to locating the right stocks to trade. Their scanners go through the markets looking for stocks that are moving and worth a trade. It is these proprietary scanners that complete the Warrior Pro course (which teaches you how to effectively use them in trading). The Stock Scanner Settings are paired up with the Trade Ideas from the live chat room. Even if you cancel your membership to Warrior Trading, the scanner settings remain yours (you get lifetime access to them).


All trade forecasting systems come with some level of customer support and a means of communicating with the service. With Warrior Trading, they are offering you direct access to the guru and mentors through the live chat trading rooms which are available starting at 9 am EST and so long as the stock markets are open. They also offer email with support tickets for any technical issues that you may experience with the service for after trading hours help.


Warrior Trading is offering a range of pricing plans depending on whether you want to pay for membership on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  If you pay one month at a time, the cost is $197 per month. The quarterly plan works out to $149 per month as an upfront $449 per quarter charge.

For people who opt for an annual plan commitment, you pay $1,197 for the year. This equates to $99 per month, the best value that Warrior Trading offers. If you choose the annual membership, then you also receive the following three bonuses:

  • Gap Scanner Settings Access (a $499 value)
  • High of the Day Momentum Scanner Settings Access (valued at $499)
  • Trade Reporting Sheet Access (worth $299)

In any of the three membership plans, you pay the entire membership cost for the period that you select upfront (monthly, quarterly, or annually). This is important because the cancellation policy with Warrior Trading does not involve the possibility of obtaining a refund, unlike with a main rival Gorilla Trades. Warrior Trading’s policy on their website clearly states that

“there is no circumstance in which you will be entitled to, or Warrior Trading is required to provide, a refund or credit for any reason, including, without limitation, satisfaction or your failure to cancel your account or service prior to its automatic renewal.”

You can cancel at any point that you wish without a refund. If you do decide to drop the service, just be sure to do so before you are charged for another pay period.


There is no question that Warrior Trading is offering a great deal of valuable day trading education with their service. The ability to test it out on the real-time level 2 simulator is an almost unique feature in this industry as well. Chat room live trading means that you will see the guru Ross Cameron entering his trades and be able to follow along and imitate his actions as well as ask other traders questions. The value for this service is greatest if you are comfortable committing to the annual plan. Paying this way saves 50 percent of the service cost per month.

Pros of Warrior Trading

  • Live trading chat rooms offer you choices of large cap and small cap trading rooms.
  • Members receive live, real-time video and audio feeds to guru Ross Cameron's trading screens.
  • Over half a million individual investors and traders have taken advantage of their top notch educational courses and classes.
  • The service provides a 5 day trial period of the trading chat rooms for only a dollar per day.

Cons of Warrior Trading

  • The service will not let you cancel to receive a refund once you have paid.

Warrior Trading Review Summary

If you are looking for serious day trading and stock/options/futures market trading education, then Warrior Trading could be the service for you. Guru Ross Cameron provides extensive courses, a live chat trading room, a simulator to practice trading on, and the usual other member benefits like hot stock pick lists. The lack of ability to cancel for a refund will discourage some would-be members, but the service does provide a 5 day trial period of the live trading chat rooms for only a dollar per day.


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