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Vladimir Ribakov Review Summary:

Vladimir Ribakov is one of those rare gurus in the world of Forex prediction, software, and education who tries to be all things to all people. The man's exploits are the stuff of legends. He started out at a Forex broker and worked his way up to being a top gun Forex trader for the highly secretive hedge funds. Divergence and cycles are two of his not so well kept secrets that have made him a household name in the industry and a fortune in the process.

Vladimir Ribakov Review

Vladimir Ribakov is one of those rare gurus in the world of Forex prediction, software, and education who tries (and mostly succeeds) at being all things to all people. The man’s exploits are the stuff of legends. He started out at a Forex broker and worked his way up to being a top gun Forex trader for the highly secretive hedge funds. Even this was not fulfilling enough for the man destined to become Forex educator and guru par excellence. Though he has not been named world forex trading champ three times like Toskho Raychev, Ribakov boasts his own impressive awards, accolades, and cult-like following. If his Forex prediction systems and software programs are not enough to impress you, then his complete home university program in Forex surely will.

On this page we will explore the man who is likely the best-travelled Forex guru and international Forex seminar host of our time, along with his industry-leading Forex trading systems, software programs, and university program.

Vladimir Ribakov Introduction

Vladimir Ribakov counts more than 12 years trading experience in the world of Forex. He got his start in the business the old-fashioned way, by working his way up from the ground floor as a Forex broker until he finally became a high-powered Forex trader for some of the world’s major hedge funds. All the while he had started his Forex blog and begun writing a Forex newsletter. Eventually this time in the trenches for the international Forex brokerage houses and hedge funds translated into him becoming a top-earning Forex trader for himself.

He then branched out into Forex signal prediction systems, Forex software programs, and even his own Forex university home study course. Divergence and cycles are two of his not so well kept secrets that have made him a household name in the industry and a fortune in the process.

Vladimir counts students across Europe and North America especially. He has been so successful as a trader, teacher, and mentor that his students affectionately refer to him as the “Nostradamus of the charts.” His followers have tremendously benefitted from his love of holding annual conferences in exotic locales throughout Europe especially in places ranging from Prague, the Czech Republic, to Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

For results, it is difficult to outdo Ribakov. He has a demonstrable and detailed account trades summary statement available on his website showing his personal trades since at least 2012. When he states that he has earned 10,000 pips directly from his regular signals and an additional 20,000 pips from his forecast reports and skype group trades, he has the paper trail to prove it.

This is part of what makes him almost unique in the prediction industry, he is completely transparent and open with his trading predictions and recommendations’ results. You can access his winners and losers all painstakingly listed out using filters that allow you to go back from only the past seven days all the way to over the last five years of Vladimir’s trades and called predictions. It is really hard to argue with this detailed and open level of success.

Vladimir Ribakov Background and Philosophy

Vladimir Ribakov has a vast amount of Forex trading experience. His background stretches back to more than 12 years in trading Forex at brokers, in hedge funds, and for his own personal accounts. This has propelled him to become a top-earning trader in the universe of Foreign Exchange. When Vladimir tells you that he is the only Forex trader who is deploying proven, real strategies from hedge funds to gain maximum possible profits, this is all a part of his verifiable background.

Ribakov is so open and transparent about his trading, results, and methodology that he even tells you what the basis for his trading strategies are. These are divergence and cycles upon which he based his primary methods of trading. With his many years of experience in reading the charts and other market forces, Ribakov has been able to create more than six unique trading strategies that make money, are cost effective, and are simple to employ.

Vladimir Ribakov On Forex Trading

Vladimir Ribakov believes in meticulous record keeping of trades and relying almost entirely on charts. This is why he boasts about the fact that he is the only actual trader who gives out his signals alongside the charts. Ribakov says that “the charts never lie.”

Vladimir Ribakov The Mentor

This guru takes great pride in being a mentor to countless Forex traders and aspiring would-be traders. Vladimir Ribakov calls this a “two-way street in which I get satisfaction from the time and work I put into it.” Ribakov is not merely saying this either. He lives out this philosophy by connecting with his followers on Skype, email, and Facebook. For those who become members of his Vladimir Forex Signals mentoring club, he meets with you on an everyday basis in his Skype groups of literally hundreds of people.

The mentoring does not stop with these several good format points of contact. Vladimir calls himself an expert on providing webinars and his live trading videos to the thousands of his fans and followers. He has his own Youtube channel full of these trading session videos and webinars. Because Ribakov never had the privilege and pleasure of counting on his own mentor, he goes out of his way to build up traders now himself.

Vladimir Ribakov As International Man of Meetings

Much like a world-renowned speaker would do, Vladimir Ribakov holds seminars and club meetings at least several times per year in what he calls “random locations worldwide.” Once you become one of his members, you gain the right to join him and other Forex system service members to have several days of not only mentoring and learning, but also fun, in one of the exotic destinations he holds these meetings. Here are scenes from the one in Hungary:

Ribakov enjoys holding these global-scale Forex seminars because a great number of his trader followers from all over the world gain the ability to master their trading skills at them. He takes such “great pleasure” in doing them, that he offers to organize seminars around an individual member or group of members’ own location. He claims that he has established the basis of his following through such seminars in fact. Clearly, Vladimir’s assertion that he loves to interact personally with his followers is not merely lip service.

The Currency Pairs and Time Frames Which Work Best With Vladimir Ribakov’s Systems

All currency pairs work with Vladimir Ribakov’s systems. This is a key differentiating factor that sets both he and them apart from a number of his competitors. The fact is that with many rival systems other Forex gurus created, they only work with either the major 8 Forex currency pairs or sometimes the popular 35 major and minor currency pairs. Ribakov also says that he delivers first and foremost signals for Forex, but that he also gives out signals on the various precious metals commodities and even the major stock market indices of the globe as well.

What Differentiates Vladimir Ribakov’s Various Forex Trading Systems

Vladimir Ribakov is indeed presently offering around five different Forex programs and systems. Yet none of these are the same. His flagship system Vladimir Forex Signals is a Forex generating signals as well as a mentoring club. He offers several software programs like the Forex Crystal Ball, SRS Trend Rider 2.0, and Forex Triple B 2.0 edition, each of which utilizes different primary indicators or trends. His Divergence University he calls the ultimate Forex trading and educating home study course.

Vladimir Ribakov’s Passion For Teaching and Coaching

Vladimir Ribakov has a real passion for teaching and mentoring his followers. This stems from the fact that there was no one available to help mentor and coach him when he got his start in the exciting but perilous world of Foreign Exchange Trading. It explains why someone of his caliber and enormously successful income-generating track record would bother to spend his time helping people who are completely new to Forex trading.

Vladimir Ribakov Accolades and Awards

With Vladimir Ribakov, you are not only getting a passionate teacher and successful Forex trader in your corner, you are also benefitting from the man who in 2016 was ranked the “Best Forex Trader for 2016” and whose service received the nod for “Best Forex Signals in 2016,” both from The ForeX. You can see these two impressive awards pictured below:

In the next section we will consider the various Forex newsletters and informational blogs, successful current Forex trading and mentoring system, Forex software programs, and Forex trading university home study course from this giant in the world of Forex education, trading, and forecasting— Vladimir Ribakov.

Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Trading System and Products

Vladimir Ribakov has a range of products that run the gamut from signal-generating and mentoring systems, to software program packages, to newsletters and informational blogs, to an educational Forex university-styled study program. His programs are also unique in that he is willing to give away most of them for free thanks to a generous Forex broker sponsorship arrangement he has worked out with some Forex brokers.

This means at least for now, it only costs you the price of opening up and funding a Forex brokerage account (which you would have to do to trade in any case) in order to have the free use of very high quality Forex signal- and trade-generating software from one of the leading names in the entire industry Vladimir Ribakov.

Here are the wide-ranging educational offerings, prediction systems, and software programs which Ribakov offers:

  1. Vladimir’s Forex Newsletter
  2. Vladimir’s Informational Forex Blog
  3. Vladimir Forex Signals (& Mentoring Club)
  4. Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Crystal Ball
  5. Divergence University by Vladimir Ribakov
  6. Vladimir’s SRS Trend Rider 2.0
  7. Forex Triple B 2.0 Semi Automated Software

Vladimir’s Forex Newsletter

Your Forex guru is giving away free subscriptions to his email-based newsletter only in exchange for filling in a short online form that includes your email address. Vladimir provides you with this free membership access to his:

  • Private Foreign Exchange and Commodities insights
  • Free indicators and trading tools
  • Forex education and exclusive strategy guides
  • Critical Forex world news

The newsletter is free in exchange for providing your email address.

Vladimir’s Informational Forex Blog

Ribakov also runs his own Forex informational blog on which he reveals his own unique trading insights regularly. There are also bonus sections including:

  • His community project “The Crowd Trading Pro”
  • Various educational materials
  • A free download section

Vladimir Forex Signals

Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Signals package includes all of the following benefits:

  • Vladimir’s Award-Winning Forex Signals
  • Analytic Session Reports
  • Daily Market Review
  • Live Trade Room Meetings
  • The Media Zone
  • Extensive Download Area
  • Trader’s Talk Forum
  • His Chat Group

You also receive limitless 24 hours per day, 7 days per week complete access to his many website features and sections. Among these are the helpful three daily reports on each of the Forex sessions in Europe, North America, and Asia. The Skype groups that Vladimir practically patented combines 300 different members all interacting with the guru directly on an everyday basis.

The Vladimir Forex Signals system costs either $77 or $97 per month, depending on the level of service you select.  

Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Crystal Ball Software

Vladimir has a new software program he is promoting called the Forex Crystal Ball. In this impressive sounding bundle, he has hunted down the so-called “behind the scenes” principles that the deep-pockets institutions and traders use in the Forex markets. It is based upon two components.

  1. The Forex Crystal Ball Indicator – is where all the massive amount of data from the MetaTrader platform they have collected has gone. It then forecasts with incredible accuracy the way that today’s, tomorrow’s and the next two days candles will look. This tells you what your probabilities are for seeing one to three bearish or bullish trade days in a row.
  2. The Trades Statistics – these are tables which identify reversal patterns on your charts with great reliability. It helps you to call reversal points off of bottoms or tops on a currency pair. This system operates independently of the Crystal Ball indicator to provide a second and separate form of confirming trade signals. Ribakov says the Forex market’s “Big Sharks” use this indicator all the time.

The software program is free to download and install when you open an account and fund it with one of Vladimir’s sponsoring Forex brokers.

Divergence University by Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov’s home study university program is one of a kind in the Forex universe. It offers you all of these benefits and features:

  • More than 30 individual eCourses and lessons
  • Self examinations and practice trades
  • Video tutorials
  • Three different course paths to provide great flexibility
  • Divergence alumni seminars every quarter which Vladimir Ribakov himself hosts
  • A graduation certificate from Divergence University once the study course is completed successfully

This program is available for $997 in installments or at a 10% discount if you pay all at once upfront with a single credit card payment.

Vladimir Ribakov SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software

This software program delivers a few outstanding features, courtesy of Vladimir Ribakov. These are:

  • sRs Dashboard – provides a visually based signal that outlines the trade rules with a simple to grasp and clear trade setup. This is a major improvement over the sRs Trend Rider 1.0 version where users had to analyze both technical indicators and trade setups.
  • sRs Control Panel  – a trade management panel that eliminates the need for manually managing individual trades.
  • sRs Scanner – allows you to trade off of as many charts as you desire, making trading from a range of charts both efficient and easy.
  • Force Index Indicator – Scans on higher timeframes for trend direction and top accuracy.
  • Trades customized for both aggressive and conservative traders – The signals it generates will send out separate alerts for either preferred aggressive or conservative trade setups.
  • Mobile phone and email notifications – the instantaneous trade alerts come out via phone and email both.

The software program is free to download and install when you open an account and fund it with one of Vladimir’s sponsoring Forex brokers.

Vladimir Ribakov Forex Triple B 2.0 Software

A last program provided by Vladimir Ribakov is the Forex Triple B 2.0 software package. The system comes with all of the following:

  • Detailed user guide which details all parts of the strategy for those who want to understand the basis for and rules underlying the system signals and generated trade recommendations.
  • A template that scans the Forex markets 24 hours per day, five days per week. It creates alerts only when all the conditions are met perfectly.
  • Provides a convenient higher time frame preview.
  • Includes five different filters to provide the optimal level of safety and accuracy in trade recommendations.
  • Offers visualized buy and sell zones for those who wish to grasp the trading strategy themselves.
  • Alerts provided are single-click MetaTrader 4 phone and visual/audible alerts.

The software program is free to download and install when you open an account and fund it with one of Vladimir’s sponsoring Forex brokers.


Vladimir Ribakov provides a wide range of Forex picking systems, software programs, and educational services for you. These are his:

  • Vladimir’s Forex Newsletter
  • Vladimir’s Informational Forex Blog
  • Vladimir Forex Signals System
  • Vladimir Ribakov’s Crystal Ball Software
  • Vladimir Ribakov’s SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software
  • Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Triple B 2.0 Software
  • Divergence University by Vladimir Ribakov

Pros of Vladimir Ribakov

  • Ribakov produces a Forex newsletter and Forex blog.
  • His Divergence University was a groundbreaking educational offering.
  • The guru's Forex Signals System was considered a pioneer in the prediction and educational industry.
  • He has produced over four respected Forex trading software and system packages.

Cons of Vladimir Ribakov

  • Some of Ribakov's packages tend to be expensive.

Vladimir Ribakov Review Summary

Vladimir Ribakov is one of those rare gurus in the world of Forex prediction, software, and education who tries to be all things to all people. The man's exploits are the stuff of legends. He started out at a Forex broker and worked his way up to being a top gun Forex trader for the highly secretive hedge funds. Divergence and cycles are two of his not so well kept secrets that have made him a household name in the industry and a fortune in the process.


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