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Ultimate Profit Solution Review Summary:

It is hard not to appreciate what Toshko Raychev has put together in this latest forex teaching and trading system product. Our Ultimate Profit Solution review revealed that this is definitely a forex trading system that any serious trader wants to consider. You will not only learn all about the forex universe as well as a system to effectively trade the world's largest markets. You receive a complete package with physical DVDs, a training manual, the members-only section online access, and unlimited around the clock customer support. Besides this, you also get the trading applications which provide the proprietary indicators for trade entries, developed by legendary forex trader and guru Toskko Raychev himself. What's not to like?

toshko raychev ultimate profit solution DVD

It is not often that you get the chance to participate in a new forex system product launch. Thanks to foreign exchange markets master trader Toshko Raychev and his various forex trading and teaching programs he occasionally comes out with as his trading ideas and systems improve, you now have that chance. The Ultimate Profit Solution trading system is his latest incarnation on the theme of beating the worldwide foreign currency markets that rarely stop trading. On this page you will find a complete review of this new forex trading system.

What is Ultimate Profit Solution? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is definitely NOT a scam. This is a legit product from a renowned and respectable forex trader. Ultimate Profit Solution is a new and promising physical package product from legendary forex trader Toshko Raychev. Unlike many competing systems on the market today, you do not simply receive an ebook or online manual when you buy into his systems. You are purchasing a physically shipped out, quality looking product package that also includes online access and members areas, online support and customer service, and which is backed by his internationally known reputation.

This particular product includes four DVDs along with a forex trading manual. What is more impressive still is the creator’s reputation for teaching and instructing people just like you in the science of foreign exchange markets trading precedes itself, thanks to his having created such well known trading systems as NSOFT (the New Science of Forex Technology) and TR Profit System.

Who Is Toshko Raychev?

The first (and often times most important) things that you should know about any forex trading system (or any trading systems at all for that matter) are who is the creator of the product in question, what is his or her background, and why should you bother to pay a possibly large sum of money for such a person’s advice and instruction.


Toshko Raychev

Photo of Toshko Raychev Courtesy of Forex Winners

Toshko Raychev is the creator of this latest high end forex trading and training system and program. And while you will be hard pressed to find any useful or relevant information on his exploits in the world of trading from such well regarded online sites as Encyclopaedia Britannica or even Wikipedia, he is nonetheless a household name to the particular world of foreign exchange traders.

His claim to fame comes from a specific accomplishment which he alone can claim in the world. Raychev is the only person on earth to have won the largest and most important foreign exchange trading competition not once or twice, but three separate times. This is the SureFire Trading Challenge, which is annually sponsored by Mark McRae’s Next Generation Trading.

This contest has been going on since the turn of the millennium when South African native McRae created a worldwide forex contest to uncover the most important and impressive foreign exchange strategies ever created. Around 5,000 individual traders take part in this forex battle each year. SureFire winnows the field down to approximately 500 traders after the elimination round. Toshko Raychev originally captured global forex trader headlines when he triumphed for the first time in 2010.

Photo Courtesy of Next Generation Trading

The ultimate winners are required contractually to share their secrets of trading strategies as part of the deal. It helps to explain how Raychev became a teacher and instructor of successful forex systems when he could have simply kept the money-making ideas to himself. Besides trading for his own account and making plenty of profits in the process, Raychev has kept himself busy creating various trading and educational systems which he sells to interested would-be forex students living especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.

In the sections and paragraphs below, we will investigate the various items you get with Toshko Raychev’s system — his package, members area, support, and money back guarantee so that you can decide effectively for yourself if this latest offering on the world forex trading markets makes financial sense for your specific forex markets trading strategy.

What Sets the Ultimate Profit Solution Apart From Other Forex System Products?

One of the first questions you need answered is how is this particular system different from the other trading help and teaching products on offer these days. There are actually a number of elements that set the Ultimate Profit Solution apart from its various rivals out there. Some of the more important ones we have seen in the advance preview of the system include the following:

  • Physical Package Components – This system arrives at your front door. Besides the physical box of trading manual and DVD presentations, there is also an online component. In this online area, you will have the experience of interacting with Toshko Raychev and his staff of traders.
  • A Clickbank Product – Means that all of the guarantees and safety features which users have come to appreciate about Clickbank marketed products apply to this Ultimate Profit Solution system and package.
  • Exhaustive Client Support – This package comes with an unlimited amount of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week customer support via Skype, phone, and email.
  • High End System – The forex trading market lacks a high quality, high-end trading system from a proven teacher like Toshko Raychev. This product is certainly high-end and looks to be high quality.
  • Product Value – This product’s value is reputed to be worth between $2,000 and $3,000, though it will actually sell for under $1,000.

What You Receive With The Ultimate Profit Solution System

The Ultimate Profit Solution system includes a wide variety of items to help you learn how to trade foreign exchange markets effectively and successfully. These include:

  1. A Trading Instructional Handbook
  2. Four Training and Instructional DVDs
  3. A Members Only Dashboard and Site
  4. Weekly Hands On Webinars
  5. 6 Full Months of Members Only Section Complimentary Access.

Components of The Ultimate Profit Solution System

Part of what makes Toshko Raychev’s system so effective is that you receive a number of different physical, online access, support, and customer service components with the Ultimate Profits Solution system. We’ll explore the various components of the trading system in more detail here.

Trading Handbook

Ultimate Profit System Trading Manual

Ultimate Profit System Trading Manual

Any good forex trading system should include a manual that serves as a primer for how to trade foreign exchange. This of course teaches the basics of forex trading and will also serve as
a good refresher course for those more seasoned traders who already know the rudiments of the world foreign exchange markets but who may have forgotten some of the important terminology and concepts.

DVD #1 – Introduction and Indicators

This first of the four DVDs lays out the principles of trading forex for you. This means that it does not actually show you how to trade this particular system. Rather it is an educational gift compliments of Toshko Raychev. The best thing we liked about this DVD is that it is not just set up for novices or even new traders of forex.

One example of how more seasoned, experienced traders can profit from it is the way that it goes through longevity and staying power in the forex markets as well as the best ways to maximize your profits in the forex trading universe.

DVD #2 – System Rules

This second DVD lays out the Ultimate Profit Solution program. It gives you all the particulars and rules of how the system actually works. As such it build on the first DVD (and any other knowledge you have from forex before this series) to show you the ways that the particular patterns in forex pairs can be predicted and profitable for your own trading.

Some of the different ideas covered in this DVD include the best time frames for trading, the optimum session in which to trade (spoiler alert – it is the London session), the smartest ways to avoid losing trades, and the importance to your success of sticking with a proven trading method (and not getting too creative with emotional ideas of your own).

DVD #3 – Example Trades

This third DVD provides you with a wide range of sample trades, the way in which they were set up, how they worked out, when Raychev exited and why, and why they were successful (or unsuccessful). This makes it the meat of the DVD presentations to this point.

More importantly for many new traders to understand, this presentation showcases several of the obstacles which you are up against as you trade forex. Toshko Raychev promises that he has revealed some of the truly challenging scenarios in the forex universe. He provides you with practical help and courage to face them by taking each challenge scenario apart and providing solutions for every one of them case by case. This DVD is especially helpful as it delivers information which is skill-level appropriate to both professional forex traders as well as novices in the field.

DVD #4 – Live Trades

DVD Four offers you an interesting twist on the sample trades. It provides various live trading sessions which Raychev and company recorded when they were hard at work in real forex situations. Toshko Raychev is a big believer in teaching with live sessions as they present you with the realistic stress simulation under which you will have to trade in real life. We like this approach, since it is much different to make money on back tested trades than when the pressure is on full force.

These trading scenarios bring the program full circle, showing you the viewer how precisely the Ultimate Profit Solution system works in practice. Another good feature of this DVD is it offers continuity from the prior one. Raychev takes some of the particular challenges from the Example Trades and finds real-time, real trading condition examples to address in a first hand practical approach.

Members Only Area

This offering is clearly not the first time that Toshko Raychev has done this sort of a forex teaching program. With all of these previous systems he has released, including NSOFT (the New Science of Forex Trading), The Traders Elite, Forex Secret Protocol, and the Toshko Raychev Profit System, the guru Forex trader and instructor always provides a special, complete, and extremely user-friendly Members Only section on his system website.

This section has not been released to the public yet as the system does not launch until February 28th. When it does, Toshko Raychev guarantees that it will include a variety of practical and helpful utilities. Among these will likely be useful apps, weekly webinars, live trading videos, question and answers, and (we are promised) a demo account area which will let you trade with pretend money instead of your own real hard-earned cash (until either you feel comfortable with the system or your free six months worth of members only area access expires). Raychev has promised that he is laying his entire reputation as the three-time world champion (from the SureFire Trading Competition) on the line with this system. Given Toshko Raychev’s impressive and world-class reputation, we can’t wait to see what this means in practice.

Unique Features of The Ultimate Profit Solution System

We especially like that this system sets itself apart so well from the other competing forex trading programs available today. Some of the features which are unique or almost unique to the Ultimate Profit Solution system are the following:

  • The program manual focuses on the proper educational background and guidance which you need to deeply and properly understand the nuts and bolts of forex trading.
  • The four DVDs provided are not merely an online recorded session on which you click, but are a physical product which you can watch at home or anywhere you have a DVD player, as many times as you feel necessary in order to feel comfortable with them.
  • The concepts, methods, and software applications provided are scientifically based formulas for trading forex; you are not left with any guess work involved with these trades.
  • This system does not pretend you can only trade part time; it actively encourages that you keep your day job until you are able to prove its success and make the necessary earnings to possibly quit your job to do the forex trading full time later on if you wish.
  • They system works on all time frames ranging from one minute time periods to daily time periods; it can be utilized for extremely short-term scalping just as well as with swing trading or position trading.
  • This system proves to be completely different from any other forex program in the world, mostly because it has three proprietary indicators which Toshko Raychev developed and coded himself, meaning you will not have seen these particular indicators and their calculations anywhere else before here.
  • Raychev goes through a wide range of entry scenarios in this program, four of them long and four of them short.
  • Ultimate Profit Solution is unlike most static systems on the market in that it is dynamic and flows with the real market environment.
  • Exit scenarios are a good example of this dynamism of the system as Raychev teaches you the ways to successfully monitor your trades and maximize your profit potential on your winning ones while cutting your losses on the occasional losing trades.

What The Ultimate Profit Solution Teaches You

We especially like that Toshko Raychev’s various systems are not only about learning his particular methodology. As a true teacher who apparently really takes to teaching others, he is highly interested in educating you all about the world of forex that he so obviously loves. This passion shines through into his various systems and DVDs. Among other things, Ultimate Profit Solution teaches you:

  • A thorough understanding of forex so that you are able to independently decide what trading time frames work best for your particular scenarios and individual trading style
  • The means to precisely assess traditional technical patterns including wedges, head and shoulders patterns, flags, and more
  • Four different kinds of trading methods which will allow you to experience solid returns on trades
  • A variety of means to address not only risk- but success-management, which allow you to understand intuitively how you can limit your losses and let your winners run to better build up your trading account balance
  • The effective ways to recover emotionally and psychologically from losing trades so that you can move forward after taking a loss
  • Ten different indicators (of which three are proprietary to Toshko Raychev) that will work together in concert to generate trade entry signals in which you can have full confidence

Final Take Away – Cost Versus Value of the Ultimate Profit Solution by Toshko Raychev

The program itself costs $997, per the affiliate launching website of the Ultimate Profit Solution. This definitely puts the system in the position it claims as the high-end trading solution for the forex universe. This same site claims that the value for the various components of the package (if they were sold individually) is nearly $3,000. This would make the system an excellent value at around one-third of the cost of the promised individual parts value.

For those of you who are nervous about the many and incredible claims which Toshko Raychev is making with this new system, you can try it without fear of losing your thousand dollars if you are not duly impressed by the package and your personal trading results after viewing and learning the program. This is because Raychev’s Ultimate Profit Solution is utilizing Clickbank as its payment platform.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with Clickbank can rest easy should you decide that you are unhappy with the product and that you want your money back. The 60 day period, full 100 percent refund guarantee that Raychev advertises actually will be honored by third party payment system Clickbank for whatever reasons you choose to cancel. You would have to send back your training manual and four DVDs materials in good condition of course. That is a guarantee you can literally take to the bank.

Pros of Ultimate Profit Solution

  • Proven, world champion, and highly successful trader Toshko Raychev invented the system
  • The system focuses on education in the important basics and concepts of the forex world not simply a system
  • The program aims to be the best high end product on the forex trading market
  • This program includes a physical package of trading manual and 4 DVDs as well as online members-only access
  • The system includes a 60 day, 100% full money back guarantee
  • Three of the indicators which the system provides are proprietary developed by forex trading legend Toshko Raychev

Cons of Ultimate Profit Solution

  • The product is not inexpensive at $997
  • When the six months included members only area and customer support expires, you must pay to continue receiving the access, support, and service
  • While creator Toshko Raychev is highly regarded and extremely well known in the forex trading universe, this particular latest system of his is brand new so you can not read actual user reviews

Ultimate Profit Solution Review Summary

It is hard not to appreciate what Toshko Raychev has put together in this latest forex teaching and trading system product. Our Ultimate Profit Solution review revealed that this is definitely a forex trading system that any serious trader wants to consider. You will not only learn all about the forex universe as well as a system to effectively trade the world's largest markets. You receive a complete package with physical DVDs, a training manual, the members-only section online access, and unlimited around the clock customer support. Besides this, you also get the trading applications which provide the proprietary indicators for trade entries, developed by legendary forex trader and guru Toskko Raychev himself. What's not to like?


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