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Top Teachers & Mentors

Introducing some of the web’s top stock trading teachers & mentors

The list below contains some of our favorite and top rated stock trading teachers. Feel free to recommend one by commenting below…

Robert Prechter

Analysts and financial commentators generally agree on the sweeping statement that Robert “Bob” Prechter is what he claims to be on his websites  — the “World’s Foremost Elliott Wave Expert in Your Corner.” It was in 1975 that the unassuming Robert Prechter started his soon to be legendary career working as a Technical Market Specialist at Merrill Lynch in their New York-based Market Analysis Department. By 1979, Prechter had started consistently writing and publishing his now-famous newsletter The Elliott Wave Theorist which he continues to this day four decades later. Today he is the Elliott Wave International president, serving as head of the company he founded. He also carries the role of Executive Director for the Socionomics Institute.

Expertise: Stocks, bonds, forex, commodities

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Toshko Raychev

Toshko Raychev is a highly successful foreign exchange trader, teacher, and purveyor of proprietary forex trading programs which all include software and apps that he personally designed, coded, and uses. He has invented and marketed four separate high-end trading systems for foreign exchange over the last several years beginning in 2013 with his Forex Secret Protocol. Toshko Raychev arose to prominence in the world of foreign exchange traders through a unique accomplishment which he was the first to do and which no one has so far managed to outdo. This is because Raychev remains the one and only individual anywhere who can claim to have triumphed (against around 5,000 individual competitors from around the globe) in the world’s biggest and most significant foreign exchange traders competition in three separate years.

Expertise: Forex

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Lan Turner

Lan Turner is one of those rare individuals who can and does offer training and products for all three of the major day trading markets— stocks, futures, and forex. He has worked in the financial industry and field for more than 22 years. In this time, he has taught his unique concepts and ideas to professional traders, brokers, and clients throughout the world. He owns and directs the website TradeMentors.com. He calls his greatest achievement and industry contribution his founding and leading of Gecko Software where he has been the chief and lead designers and architect for the award-winning suite of Track ‘n Trade Live Trading programs. He and his company also designed their well-known TradeMiner and NewsMiner tools for market research. 

Expertise: Futures, Stocks, Forex

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“Superman” Paul Scolardi

If the DC Comics’ popular hero and role model Superman were a mortal from planet Earth who traded and picked stocks, then he would be Paul “Superman” Scolardi. Paul Scolardi, affectionately also known as the “Superman of Stocks,” the”Superman of Wall Street,” and the “Superman of Twitter,” turns out to be a self-made millionaire stock trader, CEO of Super Trades LLC, and internationally known financial educator.

He is best admired for his “preternatural ability” to spot momentum in stocks before it appears on almost any other radar. His twitter handle is @super_trades. Jim Cramer’s “The Street” has named him among the Top Ten Traders to Follow on Twitter.

Expertise: Stocks, Options

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Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes does not have your typical gurus background. While other students were studiously going to university or college classes in an effort to learn a marketable skill set, Sykes was busy skipping class so he could trade penny stocks most days. This is how this living legend of stock traders managed to catapult his $12,415 in money he received from his Bar Mitzvah into an astonishing two million dollars by the time he was a senior in Tulane University.

Not satisfied with this level of performance, he started up his own hedge fund his final year at Tulane as well. He has since been a writer and actor, and is now a full time teacher of 3,000 international students as the Guru’s Guru.

Expertise: Stocks

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Jason Bond

Jason Bond is first and foremost a swing trader and teacher of these stock trading methods today. He did not start out life in this capacity though. The head trader of Jason Bond Picks began his career as a full-time public school teacher for the great state of New York. All the while he was shaping hearts and minds for the future, Bond also enjoyed great success as a part time stock swing trader on the side.

It is hard to argue with the kind of success that Jason Bond has consistently enjoyed for several years now. The number of active daily visitors and newsletter readers his site JasonBondPicks.com claims is over 207,000 every day.

Expertise: Stocks

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Kavan Klein

Kavan Klein is a completely self-made stock trading veteran of 12 years. After a long time following the poor advice of others, he finally struck out on his own to become a successful trader. Today Kavan takes great pride in his ambition to reveal to his followers the precise trades he enters and exits in real time.

His over four thousand Twitter followers and many fans say that he delivers a service which is consistent, dependable, strategy-driven, and transparent. One thing that sets Klein apart from the crowded field of competitors is that his service is primarily focused on his chat room. Kavan’s claim to fame is his presence in the chat room from which he trades his own account live so that his hundreds of premium service members can watch and participate with their own accounts.

Expertise: Stocks

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William John Bell

William John Bell is a classic example of a guru who favors penny stocks. He has made the trading and teaching of these types of Over The Counter stock picks his life’s work. He used all of this built up knowledge, experience, and skill to create two different systems to help fellow stock market and penny stock traders succeed in what is a difficult enterprise by anyone’s standard. These are his wildly successful “Hack the Stock Market” and Golden Penny Stock Millionaire projects. His members have consistently praised the first program as having helped them to achieve great profits in their own personal stock market trading endeavors.

Expertise: Penny Stocks, IPO Stocks

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Jeff Kohler

Jeff Kohler has earned the nickname of the “Option Addict.” He won this impressive reputation among members of the financial community because of his skills as a highly experienced and accomplished options trader, stock picker, and even specialist in market timing. Jeff boasts more than 15 years of successful trading and knowledge building in the markets.

Since then, he has helped thousands of individuals by coaching them in the ways of successfully trading for themselves. He brings a lot to the table as a guru by offering a wealth of educational and informational services including daily trade alerts, educational manuals and videos, bootcamp mentoring programs, a private twitter feed, a lively chat room, regular guest financial blogs on several well-known financial sites, and more. To claim that he is a highly regarded and respected financial mentor and educator is no exaggeration.

Expertise: Options, Stocks

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Nathan Gold

Nathan Gold began his early career as a stock picker when he was an entirely anonymous teenage math savant. He employed his innate abilities to correctly forecast the price movements of penny stocks, which he became fascinated by at a young age. Nowadays, Nathan puts this genius ability to work helping out his 15,000 thousand lifetime subscribers to make significant profits by getting his weekly alert and newsletter service working in their own trading corners.

In time he began writing about and sharing his personal fortune-making penny stock picks in a weekly newsletter and alerts system he set up for the clients of his new Penny Stock Egghead subscription service. The newsletter is a one-stop shop for his proprietary system and picks. It makes the newsletter a useful investor’s guide that obliterates the need of spending endless countless hours researching how to invest.

Expertise: Penny Stocks

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Matt Morris

Matt Morris has one claim to fame— he can teach you the best ways to find the few successful penny stock gems hidden in the proverbial penny stock mine. In other words, he wants to help you learn how to profit both reliably and safely in the perilous universe of penny stocks. With this in mind, he started his newsletter and Microcap Millionaires stock picking service in 2008 once he discovered that he had a natural ability for selecting penny stocks that made money. He had already been trading successfully for himself for a number of years when he set up this teaching and writing service for traders just like you.

The system which Matt uncovered and developed with his penny stock picking prowess is called his “Penny Pump Finder Strategy.” As newsletter writers go, he is in a class all by himself. His aptly named Matt Morris (Microcap Millionaires) Penny Stock Newsletter has been a crowd favorite of the penny stock picking set for around a decade now.

Expertise: Penny Stocks

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Russ Horn

Russ Horn is a legendary figure with a cult like following in the world of Forex teaching, trading, and prediction systems. Since he began developing, testing, producing, and releasing his internationally acclaimed Forex educational and trading systems, he has come out with seven different foreign exchange programs that he personally invented so far.

He is the mastermind behind Forex Rebel, Forex Income Boss, Forex Strategy Master, Tradeonix, the Forex Master Method, Russ Horn Rapid Results, and his latest one Forex Equinox. More than 8,000 different individuals have become successful foreign exchange markets traders through his various systems and their accompanying DVDs, manuals, guides, webinars, and books. On his Facebook page, the gurus boasts over 46,500 unique followers.

Expertise: Forex

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Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov started out at a Forex broker and worked his way up to being a top gun Forex trader for the highly secretive hedge funds. Even this was not fulfilling enough for the man destined to become Forex educator and guru par excellence. If his Forex prediction systems and software programs are not enough to impress you, then his complete home university program in Forex surely will.

Vladimir branched out into Forex signal prediction systems, Forex software programs, and even his own Forex university home study course. He has been so successful as a trader, teacher, and mentor that his students affectionately refer to him as the “Nostradamus of the charts.” His followers have tremendously benefitted from his love of holding annual conferences in exotic locales throughout Europe especially in places ranging from Prague, the Czech Republic, to Hungary, to Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Expertise: Forex

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Marc Walton

Marc Walton is a relative giant in the world of Forex teaching, personal mentoring, trading, and prediction systems. With over 60,500 Twitter followers, more than 5,200 likes and followers on his Facebook page, and over 6,500 distinct individuals who he has personally trained, mentored, or had in his membership-based subscription service (who now call themselves successful Forex traders), Marc has clearly established an enormous following in the world of Forex training, educating, and mentoring.

It is hard to find another guru such as himself that has the hundreds of five-star reviews on a variety of well-respected independent review sites. For sheer success and results in educating and mentoring novices in FX, Walton is practically in a class by himself.

Expertise: Forex

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Jeff Bishop

As world famous mentor to the legendary Jason Bond (of the ubiquitous Jason Bond Picks), Jeff Bishop turns out to be a most well-regarded author of a newsletter and lead trader of a well regarded stock picking site. On another level, he is the co-founder of and a lead author for Raging Bull, the informational stocks and ETF trading Mecca.

As an educator par excellence, he stands head and shoulders above the proverbial crowd of gurus, having developed and published his own educational guide the ETF Cheat Sheet (along with numerous videos and webinars). He also brings you his flagship service the Top Stock Picks, a two-tiered thoroughly tested out stock, option, and ETF picking service with a proven track record of several years.

Expertise: Exchange Traded Funds, Stocks, Options

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Kyle Dennis

Internet review sites have claimed that though Kyle Dennis’ less than a year old service BioTech Breakouts is among the newest on offer in the space, they still regard it as among the three best such newsletters you can find on the whole of Wall Street. Thanks to his patience, transparency, hard work, and devoted regard for the singular interests of his own subscribers, Dennis has come up with a highly regarded service which uniquely focuses on the explosive Biotechnology sector and teaching his growing core of followers his one of a kind approach to trading it.

It took Dennis less than three years to go from casual outsider at Jason Bond Picks to founding member of his new Millionaire Road Map master mentoring service. Dennis succeeded at the challenge of turning his $15,000 starting investment into a million dollars in less than a year. He is now approaching the $3 million mark in his personal trading account.

Expertise: Biotech Sector Stocks

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Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams still generally confines himself to the sub-penny and penny stocks that made him a wealthy man nearly twenty years later. He teaches effective and easy to grasp lessons on most every trading concept under the sun for the markets today. This includes moving average lines, resistances and supports, bullish and bearish chart patterns, risk versus reward, creating trading plans, and so much more to help you learn what you are actually doing in this micro cap stock universe so that you can trade in a highly educated and carefully thought out way.

Jeff’s chat room boasts more than one thousand active traders today. His master mentor level program subscribers are on a journey with him where Jeff aims to show these mentoring level subscribers how to turn $10,000 into a full million dollars in a year.

Expertise: Penny Stocks

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Petra Hess

By the time she reached 25 years of age, Petra was already a completely self-made millionairess. Her proponents (who are actually also her competitors) in the stock picking world refer to her as the battle-tested and seasoned trader who also happens to be a very gifted and seriously committed educator. With decades of real-world business and financial experience, Petra Hess is the whole package and the real deal.

Two of Petra’s greatest endorsements are standout simply because of the legendary gurus behind and offering them. She has carte blanche approval from both Jeff Bishop of Top Stock Picks and Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks. Hess has been featured on some impressive online financial outlets in the past. Among her “as seen on” credits are the following: Yahoo! Finance, The Street, Market Watch, and Seeking Alpha.

Expertise: Canadian and American Stocks

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Nicola Delic

Nicola Delic has only been involved with finance and Forex over the past six plus years. Yet despite this, he has grown into one of the premier traders, analysts, and educators from the Balkans. Today he holds posts such as the Singapore Grand Capital fund’s chief executive officer, Elliott Wave Maestro’s trading coach, and Elliott Wave Forex Signals’ analyst. He also keeps busy writing various articles for some of the most important Forex web sites on the planet. Over these years, he has developed a passion for educating other Forex traders. Delic prides himself on his combination of analyses that he utilizes in picking trades. Today he counts over a thousand followers of his educational and prediction systems.

Expertise: Forex

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