Top Stock Trading Newsletters

Top Stock Trading Newsletters

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greencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark$48 per YearRead Full
4starsgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark$399 per QuarterRead Full
4starsgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark$1,575 per YearRead Full
3.5starsRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark$399 per YearRead Full
3.5starsRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXRedXRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark$197 per MonthRead Full
greencheckmarkRedXRedXgreencheckmarkRedXRedXRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark$197 per Year; $297 2 Years; $397 LifetimeRead Full

In these volatile days in the stock markets, every trader is looking for an edge. Volatility may be good for day trading and swing trading, but if you are on the wrong side of it, you can quickly suffer terrible setbacks and become discouraged or even give up altogether. This is why stock picking newsletters are more important today than ever before.

The question is: Which newsletter should you trust with your hard-earned investment capital? There are so very many of them available now that the variety of choices is dizzying to say the least. If you are like many day traders out there today, you simply can not afford to buy half a dozen subscriptions all at once to try them out simultaneously. It is time consuming to try to sample one newsletter at a time while you find one that works best for your particular strategy and needs. They all have different cancellation policies, meaning that managing more than one subscription at a time can cause you to miss cancellation deadlines, costing you still more money that you need to be allocating to your day and swing trading.

The solution to this overabundance of newsletter choices dilemma is here in this article. We have gone through dozens and dozens of them to come up with the top five recommended stock picking newsletters available to you today. All of the newsletters considered and reviewed in this table above are each ranked according to their coverage of the following:

  • Day Trading Newsletters – Many traders do not want the stress of holding a trade overnight and then discovering tomorrow that the market has moved hard against them while they were sleeping. This is a leading reason for why many individual traders subscribe to a day trading stock picking newsletter in the first place. Day trading is a lonely profession that becomes a lot more fun (and hopefully more rewarding) when a professional newsletter is part of the daily and weekly efforts. It is important to note that not every single newsletter in the trading arena calls itself a day trading publication. Some focus on swing trading, others on options trading picks, and a very few of the more ambitious ones on all three types of trading picks.
  • Swing Trading Newsletters – For traders who would rather follow a strategy that holds stocks generally for from one to four or five days, swing trading is their ideal strategy and type of trading newsletter. Technical analysis becomes far more important with swing trading. This is why it is critical to have a strong newsletter to help select stocks that should have the most optimal price momentum in a several days to a week long period. With swing trading newsletters, the gurus will be far less interested in either the intrinsic value of stocks or their fundamental analysis. Instead, they will concentrate on price trends and historical patterns of the various stocks they investigate and analyze.
  • Option Trading Newsletters – For traders who thrive on the thrills, great leverage, and potential to earn enormous, out-sized returns with options, these newsletters are the best choice. A good options newsletter will have picks that might double, triple, or even quadruple your money in under a week with options trading strategies. There are fewer of these types of newsletters, and most of them cover both day trading and options together to have a broader newsletter audience appeal.
  • Email Alerts Service – Many stock picking newsletters today offer expanded services that include sending out email alerts when stock recommendations hit optimal entry and/or exit points. Since every trader has email anymore, there are never any issues with those newsletter subscribers not being able to receive this type of alert, which can be a problem with SMS Text-based alerts.
  • Real time Alerts Service – Some of the stock picking newsletters will also offer a real time alerts function. They may feel that timing is so critical with their recommendations that the only way you will know when to trade the pick quickly enough is if they alert you in real time. This can make all the difference between winning big and losing money on a trade. Many real-time alerts will be offered by SMS Text messaging (as well as by email). Most subscribing members find that they receive SMS texts faster and when they are out away from the computer, plus they get an audio alert when the text message comes in so that they do not miss it as they might with an email.
  • Supplemental Educational Materials Provided – Newsletters are very useful and helpful, but with many of them, you will need a background to understand all of the concepts surrounding a trade recommendation and the mechanics of trading. If you are new to day trading, options trading, swing trading, or penny stocks, then you may find educational materials are necessary and certainly helpful. Because many followers of newsletters and their gurus are new or less experienced traders, a number of newsletters offer supplemental educational materials to help subscribers become better and stronger traders. An educated customer is a happy customer.
  • Chat Room Feature – Chat rooms may sound like they are beyond the necessary scope of a newsletter. Yet some newsletters have decided to become full-scale trading recommendation services. When they cross this line, it becomes more practical to add a chat room complete with moderators who facilitate the trades throughout the trading session. Sometimes the guru will be an occasional moderator or will often at least make appearances from time to time to help keep the chat room lively and to rally the members around recommended trades.
  • Price of the Service – Newsletter prices vary somewhat as do they periods for which they bill. There are a few that offer a single price for lifetime subscription benefits. These would make fantastic deals when measured against rival newsletters that charge a monthly (or alternatively quarterly or even annual) renewal subscription fee. Naturally the success of a newsletter and its author’s recommendations are more important than merely the price.
  • Money Back Policy -It used to be that the most successful newsletters came standard with money back guarantees and cancellation periods, but this has changed in recent years. Now only the select few seem to be willing to refund upfront subscription costs if a customer is dissatisfied. It is a compelling argument for only paying a month or a quarter at a time until you are certain you are happy with the newsletter and its results.

Final Words About Stock Picking Newsletters

Every stock picking newsletter is different. Consider even the top five reviewed here. Capitalist Exploits is geared most heavily towards professional money managers and sophisticated investors.  Jason Bond Picks is a rare standout in the space in that it covers day trading, swing trading, and options trading all at once. As its name implies, Biotech Breakouts focuses on biotech companies and may involve longer holder times than typical day trading strategies. Petra Picks focuses on only stocks. Investors Underground does only day trading stocks but differentiates itself with enormous amounts of education for its subscribers. They even give away some of this education (video lessons on day trading for beginners) for free to traders who are not yet subscribing members.