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Timothy Sykes Review Summary:

Timothy Sykes is a guru of gurus. From 12 year old stock trader, to 22 year old self-made trading millionaire, to successful hedge fund manager, to actor, writer, and mentor to "Superman" Steve Scolardi, to wildly successful full time teacher, Timothy Sykes has excelled in almost every financial and trading endeavor to which he has put his hands.

Timothy Sykes Review

Without a doubt, there are quite a few gurus in the trading and prediction universe today. Some of them are better than others. Each of them has their own unique trading style and assortment of services and products which they are peddling. It is important to find the one that best suits your particular personality, goals in trading, and trading style. Even more important than this is to make sure the one you find is really good at what he does.

Timothy Sykes is a guru of gurus. He has been fantastically successful in such a wide array of accomplishments that it is hard to believe them at first. From 12 year old stock trader, to 22 year old self-made trading millionaire, to successful hedge fund manager, to actor, writer, and mentor to “Superman” Steve Scolardi, to wildly successful full time teacher, Timothy Sykes has excelled in almost every financial and trading endeavor to which he has put his hands.

In this page we examine his life, background, philosophy, track record, and accomplishments, as well as the products and stock-picking services from the guru’s guru and what he has to share with you as a stock trading protege.

Timothy Sykes Introduction

Timothy Sykes does not have your typical gurus background. In fact his background is far more impressive than that of even Superman or Toshko Raychev. While other students were studiously going to university or college classes in an effort to learn a marketable skill set, Sykes was busy skipping class so he could trade penny stocks most days. This is how this living legend of stock traders managed to catapult his $12,415 in money he received from his Bar Mitzvah into an astonishing two million dollars by the time he was a senior in Tulane University.

Not satisfied with this level of performance, he started up his own hedge fund his final year at Tulane as well. To give something back to the university that had tolerated his spotty attendance record all those years, he founded a scholarship for passionate and talented individuals of the university. The unique part of his scholarship program was that not just Tulane University students or prospective students could compete for the educational grant money. He also permitted Tulane alumni and professor faculty to compete. Tim Sykes calls this an “economic bailout that was ahead of its time.”

Timothy Sykes Background and Advice for Success

There is so much to say about Tim Sykes it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. Below we consider some of what made him such an inspiration to hundreds of thousands around the world.

The Keys to Timothy Sykes Success as a Trader and Teacher

The formula which made Tim Sykes a two-times millionaire by the time he turned 22 were actually quite simple. He mostly shorted penny stocks. His strategy lay in finding companies which had run up too far, too fast. He simply waited until the right moment then heavily short sold them. A favorite shorting victim of his were those penny stocks which had been heavily promoted by one or more financial media promoters. Once they had pumped up these tiny issues, Sykes would simply enter the markets and sell them aggressively.

Matthew Owens Account Information Courtesy of Super-Trades

His critics have said he was involved with a questionable practice known as the “pump and dump” strategy of penny stocks. To our knowledge though, he was not actually pumping any of the stocks higher, merely waiting for them to go too high so he could ride them back down for sometimes hundreds of percentage points in gains. In any case, you can not question the effectiveness of these methods for himself. They certainly made him into a fantastically wealthy man back in his teens and twenties.

Sykes has been featured on every major national financial media program over the years where he discussed in general terms his strategies, so there is no doubting that Wall Street picked him up on their proverbial radars. Just look at some of the impressive companies which featured interviews and discussions with him over the years:


How Timothy Sykes Learned the Tricks of the Financial Education Business

Unlike many of the gurus who practice the trade of financial education today, Tim Sykes learned these tricks of the trade the hard way. At the time when he made his big start teaching other students online how to trade, there was no for Tim to consult, imitate, or network with as fellow financial educator “Superman” Paul Scolardi found when he started. Tim had to pull himself up by his bootstraps, making mistakes along the way, in order to find his calling in life as a teacher of penny stock trading.

How Timothy Sykes Enjoys Life

One thing you can not argue with is how well Timothy Sykes enjoys life with his millions of dollars. He certainly seems to know how to live well. Sykes claims that he has traveled to more than 80 different countries and had the pleasure of meeting and talking with significant numbers of the most successful and interesting individuals in the world. You can see proof of this on his Instagram profile.

Timothy Sykes’ Accomplishments and Track Record

As far as the accomplishments and track record of Timothy Sykes go, there are quite a few of them. In fact it is hard to keep up with all of the different paths he has walked in his short life. Here we look at some of the most interesting and impressive of them, ranging from his becoming a self- made millionaire before aged 22, to starting a successful and leading hedge fund while still in Tulane University, to reviving his old strategies in the form of his now-famous Million Dollar Challenge, to teaching students, writing newsletters, and even acting in a major television series on financially successful stock trading people (presumably playing himself).

Timothy Sykes the Self-Made Millionaire

Among the greatest and most impressive accomplishments of Timothy Sykes has to be his phenomenal ability to turn small amounts of money into millions of dollars. These returns that you see to the right are not mere conjectures or fanciful yarns of his. They are verified trades as measured by and investimonials, the two services which actually go into the brokerage accounts of traders at Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade to extract the account trading statements directly from the investors’ accounts.

Even more impressive, Sykes founded both of these websites and services himself because there was no objective third party operation such as this in an industry that badly needed the transparency and honesty. Looking at these returns Tim boasts, it is not hard to see how he turned just over $12,415 of Bar Mitzvah money into over first $1.6 million in a matter of years and eventually over $4.4 million today.

Timothy Sykes’ Renewed Million Dollar Challenge

A few years ago, Tim Sykes decided that he wanted to redo his transformation of the original $12,000 and change Bar Mitzvah money into a million dollars to prove to himself and the world that he could do it again in another day and age in the stock market. It is now 8,000 blog posts later and his brokerage trading account has grown from $12,000 to over $211,420.

This represents three things. It is a literal gain of over 1,500 percent. It is also his new blueprint for students on the way that you can take $12,000, a relatively small sum of money, and turn it into $100,000 in only two years time (as he did with this renewed million dollar challenge). Besides this, the latest accomplishment of Sykes turned him into the top-rated trader from the over 60,000 traders on the website Covester, which also verifies performance and actual trades to keep gurus honest.

The goal of Sykes’ new Million Dollar Challenge was not for him to make millions again though, it was to turn one of his students into a millionaire through following the methods of short selling stocks which Tim made notorious over the years.

Timothy Sykes as Teacher 

If you want to know the proof of the teaching calling and skills of Timothy Sykes, look no further than site Covester once again. Sykes can prove that almost the entire top 20 percent of the top results generating traders on Covester are either PennyStocking DVD students or subscribers to one or more of his various newsletters.

He claims over 3,000 students taking lessons from him and living in more than 70 different countries right now. Throughout his career, guru Timothy has managed to help over 6,000 students with his teaching on short-sale trading stocks.

Timothy Sykes first Millionaire Challenge Student Success

These numbers are all the more impressive because Tim has been teaching for not quite four years. He can claim that his newsletter subscribers have gained the skills needed to realize more than $100,00 per year. He has around 50 students successfully doing this today. Besides this, Sykes wildly succeeded with the goals of his millionaire challenge, as he has now minted three millionaires “from scratch,” one of which is covered in this CNN Money article.

Timothy Sykes as Newsletter Writer

Timothy Sykes keeps busy with his teaching and also his stock trading writing. Besides a wide range of financial self help blog posts (as pictured to the right),  Tim writes (and sells subscriptions to) several different newsletters these days. These are:

  • Tim’s Stock Trading Challenge
  • Pennystocking Silver
  • Tim Alerts

Timothy Sykes as Hedge Fund Manager

The hedge fund which Tim started at 22 became the “#1 ranked short bias fund” from Barclays for an impressive three years. Trader Monthly named Sykes on their “Top 30 Under 30” back in 2006. The problem was that the strategy of this guru could not be scaled up well. He found it much more difficult to make $100 million using millions of dollars than it was for him to realize $100,000 in gains off of $12,000. Because of this, his he found himself forced into long- term trading. Admittedly this was not an area of strength for Sykes. His hedge fund managed to lose 35 percent in these endeavors, and he soon retired as hedge fund manager.

Timothy Sykes the Young Millionaire Turns Actor

To his credit, Tim claims that he had became far wiser from his defeat and major financial markets’ setback as an initially successful but ultimately failed hedge fund manager. He sank into depression from his embarrassment. Sykes chose to rise above the ill fortune by accepting the offer of a TV producer who invited Tim to do an appearance in his soon to be released documentary named “Wall Street Warriors.”

The acting gig went so well that he starred in five out of the six hit-first season episodes. This show that Sykes helped to launch with his physical presence and story boosted the show into over 20 countries of syndication and saw another two seasons which were subsequently filmed. It seems like everything that Timothy Sykes is associated with turns to gold.

Timothy Sykes as Founder of and Investimonials

Not yet content with his numerous successes before reaching 30 years old, Tim began to create stock trading forums which would feature content, a place for traders to share their trades and performances in a verified third- party way, and a sense of community. was hugely successful. It features more than 117,000 different traders who engage in open and transparent trading so that others are able to improve their experience in trading and learn from honestly successful traders.

Among its features are sections to help you find your guru, to watch and learn educational DVD series, and to analyze your trades. It also allows you to search out live trades and to join the community where you can verify trades, track profits, appear on leaderboards, and interact with other likeminded traders. For gurus, it offers Tim Sykes, “Superman” (Steve Scolardi), Superman Apprentice TriForce, and Connor Bruggemann. You can analyze your trades from $29.95 per month.

With Sykes’ other community creation Investimonials, you are able to search out over 10,000 different reviews of all sorts of trading products including commentators, brokers, websites, blogs, and newsletters. They suggest a number of featured books, websites, newsletters, DVDs, software products, banks, trading education companies, and media documentaries as well. This is a useful site that allows real users to do real reviews of the services that matter most to traders. If you spend some time going through the information on this site, then you will see that this must be one of the greatest contributions from Tim Sykes ever.

Timothy Sykes Types of Trades and Stock Picks

Tim Sykes has made most of his fabled fortune by shorting penny stocks. As simple as this sounds, it is the truth. He does this by “sniffing out” the so-called pump and dump penny stock campaigns and then aggressively shorts them. This has helped him to become a millionaire by the age of 22. Obviously the strategy is teachable, based on the fact that a few of his trading challenge students have exceeded one million dollars of profits in only a couple of years of trading his strategy.

He offers seven free video lessons to learn the way he made all of this money. To obtain the lessons, all that you have to do is give him your email address. In it, he promises to make it clear how he was able to turn $12,415 into first $1.6 million and then finally over $4.5 million by trading penny stocks.

Timothy Sykes’ Evolution to Full Time Teaching Guru

Many traders who had been able to make over a million dollars using their own trading strategy and then worked in a serious Wall Street capacity as a hedge fund manager at a fund which they started would not see the need to become a full-time stock trading teacher. Not so with this guru’s guru. Below we look at a few of his most wildly successful students.

Student Michael Goode

Sykes brags appropriately on his second most successful student millionaire Michael Goode, who was in fact his first created student millionaire of Tim’s teaching career. “Michael Goode aka ‘goodetrades’ was my biggest skeptic. In 2008 he wrote a blog post on this blog, calling me a scam. After some back and forth with him, he agreed to give my strategy a shot. Fast forward a few years and he became my first millionaire student. In fact, not only is Michael Goode a successful student of mine but he helps me teach our challenge students!”

It is really hard to argue with success, and Tim Sykes has managed to turn even his greatest detractor into a millionaire student in only a few short years from when he posted the derogatory comments.

Student Tim Gritanni

Tim Sykes says about this millionaire student success story Tim Gritanni, “Within a short period of time, Tim was able to start consistently winning on his trades.  In fact, within a two-year period he was able to turn a few thousand dollars into a million dollars! Since then, his account has grown into over $3.2 million within 5 years.  In addition to trading full-time, Tim Gritanni now teaches alongside Tim Sykes in the “Millionaire Challenge.” These are pretty impressive results for a teacher who had not been doing this full- time for more than a year or two at that point. Yet he is only one of the three hugely successful stories about which Timothy Sykes is able to boast these days.

In the rest of this page, we will consider his various reasonably priced stock picking subscription newsletter services and products.

Timothy Sykes Financial Education Products and Services

Timothy Sykes, the guru of gurus, has become a full-time teacher of trading stocks. Below we look at the variety of financial education products and services he offers his students today, ranging from several newsletter subscription services to a best selling book on Sykes favorite subject— himself.

Timothy Sykes Newsletter Subscription Services

With these newsletters, Sykes is also selling subscriptions to his teaching programs. This means that you receive more than just a newsletter in your inbox with trading ideas and advice. His various newsletters are listed below:

  • Teaches you Tim’s secret strategies
  • Includes mentoring with Tim Sykes through direct conversations
  • Offers the opportunity to become a success story featured on the website

The website does not give the price for this newsletter and mentorship. You must apply to join. Presumably there is some significant expense involved with his accepting you into the mentorship program.

  • Newsletter gives a daily 5-1o long stocks to watch list
  • Provides access to Tim’s chat room which boasts more than 1,000 active traders
  • ProfiDing Trade Alerts are delivered in real time
  • Push, Email, and SMS Alerts are provided in real time

Cost: $74.95 per month with an annual subscription rate for 33 percent less

This newsletter and subscription service includes all of the Tim Alerts service plus:

  • An over 4,000 videos lesson library
  • Access to bi-weekly video lessons

Cost: $149.95 per month with an annual subscription rate for 28 percent less

Timothy Sykes Instructional DVD Packages

Tim has produced and released a wide array of DVD packages over the last several years. His own publishing company which he started creates them. Here they are listed below:

  • PennyStocking
  • PennyStocking Part Deux
  • Shortstocking
  • Tim Raw
  • Tim Fundamentals
  • Tim Fundamentals Part Deux
  • Tim Tactics
  • Read SEC Filings
  • New Rules of PennyStocking
  • Lern Level II
  • Best of Livestock
  • PennyStocking Framework

Timothy Sykes’ Publishing and Book

Not to be outdone by other financial gurus who have published sometimes many books, Timothy Sykes has created a publishing company which delivers in his own colorful and direct words, “brutally honest and educational financial newsletters and instruction DVD packages.”

Tim has also published his hit story of the hedge fund experience and the way that he earned two million dollars in the volume pictured to the left, An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator and Created a Hedge Fund.

In this book, Timothy answered the literally hundreds of everyday emails he received from fans of his hit “Warrior Traders” television series by revealing his experiences running the hedge fund and his own trading strategy lessons and experiences. This best-selling autobiography is still widely available from such booksellers as

The book talks all about Timothy Sykes’ wild ride as personal stock trader from 1999-2002, successful hedge fund manager from 2003-2006, tv documentary star, and regular contributor making appearances on CNBC all by the time he was 25. Critics call it a “Rocky-like story that will inspire and educate everyone.” It might be a good idea to read this one. It sums up the Guru’s guru in one succinct volume.

Cost: $19.95


Timothy Sykes provides a range of stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

  • Tim’s Stock Trading Challenge Newsletter Subscription
  • Tim Alerts Newsletter Subscription
  • Timothy Sykes’ PennyStocking Silver Newsletter Subscription
  • Timothy Sykes’ 12 Instructional DVD’s
  • Timothy Sykes’ book: An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator and Created a Hedge Fund

Top Timothy Skyes Trading products in 2018

Pros of Timothy Sykes

  • Few gurus can claim to have mentored other wildly successful gurus like Sykes can.
  • Timothy Sykes offers 12 Instructional DVD’s
  • Tim is author of the best seller An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator and Created a Hedge Fund.
  • The guru offers a range of plans to which members can subscribe.

Cons of Timothy Sykes

  • Some investors take issue with Sykes' flamboyant style and attitude.

Timothy Sykes Review Summary

Timothy Sykes is a guru of gurus. From 12 year old stock trader, to 22 year old self-made trading millionaire, to successful hedge fund manager, to actor, writer, and mentor to "Superman" Steve Scolardi, to wildly successful full time teacher, Timothy Sykes has excelled in almost every financial and trading endeavor to which he has put his hands.

Phone: (205) 974-0105

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