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Tickeron Review Summary:

Tickeron is a revolutionary product whose time has come. A.I. is clearly the trading wave of the future that successful traders have in their toolbox today. We like that the company is generous with its free trial periods of generally 45 days on most of their services. They also give you quite a bit of the company offerings just for registering. The pricing plans per month may be somewhat bewildering in their varieties, but they are all imminently affordable. This is a tool that you can no longer afford to be without if you want to trade in the big leagues of today's competitive financial markets.

Tickeron is a platform for utilizing powerful AI artificial intelligence-driven algorithms and tools that can enhance both investing and trading performances. The service also includes a human intelligence element that powers a great many of their advisory and management services. This company appeals to independent-minded traders as well as those self-directed investors besides individuals seeking out professional management and advisory services.

Tickeron also delivers a MALL marketplace for Advisors and Experts to promote their services to the growing and established pool of possible customers. While the site is somewhat overwhelming at a quick glance for first time visitors, the services offered are varied, useful, and deep, deserving a closer examination. We look at their “artificial and human intelligence for investors and traders” concept in greater detail in this review.

Tickeron Introduction and Background

Tickeron turns out to be a subscriber-focused platform for market intelligence. It delivers access to both artificial intelligence driven predictions for trading as well as the most current trading news on the markets. Users gain access to proprietary analysis and exclusive data that they are able to employ in working with their portfolio allocations and trading decisions. The system at last makes real-time pattern trading possible, thanks to its inherent ability to rapidly scan through literally thousands of different ETFs and individual stocks all in minutes based upon its powerful artificial intelligence.

The company made headlines around the globe when it took its Trend Prediction Engine and Pattern Search Engine technologies and extended these to the practice of intraday trading. The company’s Intraday Pattern Feed goes through thousands of financial issues looking for patterns. As a user, you are able to select time frames that include five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, and one day. The pattern feed then rapidly scans the market in order to locate the patterns. The Intraday Pattern Feed will then forecast breakout prices, target prices, confidence levels, and similar related statistics.

Artificial intelligence makes this imminently possible. It is able to back test how such strategies worked out throughout recent (and no so recent) financial markets’ history too. Learning the success rate of a given trading strategy over the past years permits the artificial intelligence to determine the future success rate odds. This takes the hard work out of combing through markets looking for trends and patterns. The AI performs all of the hard work in locating these patterns, deciding on target and breakout prices, and finally back testing the individual patterns before it recommends taking the plunge on a trade. The program will come up with a statistics on the possible trade effects and email them to your waiting inbox.

The Founder of Tickeron

The present day CEO Sergey Savastiouk of Tickeron is also the company founder. He created a subscriber-driven platform of market intelligence that delivers both the industry’s most important news and also predictions based on AI research and development. Sergey Savastiouk’s success comes from the Pattern Search Engine that scans literally thousands of ETFs, stocks, and forex pairs so that the subscribers can self-select from the various patterns. His brilliant AI does the almost impossible work of coming up with the subscriber sought out market patterns.

Sergey wanted to see a world where not just Wall Street titans had the enormous unfair advantages of highly advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to his ground breaking work, independent investment advisors and smaller traders alike are able to rely on this same advanced algorithm technology to comb through the markets seeking reliable trends and patterns. Sergey says Tickeron is like having your own unlimited virtual research assistant on your trading team.

How Tickeron Works

It only takes a few clicks of your mouse to obtain these impressive statistics from Tickeron:

  • Number of total AI recognized patterns
  • Number of such patterns that hit the target price you set
  • Typical return if this pattern proved successful versus if it failed
  • Typical return of all recognized patterns
  • Listing out of every security (even covering cryptocurrencies) which the artificial intelligence identified in the particular pattern through time

It is this company’s Intraday Pattern Feed on ETFs and stocks that works with the Tickeron Trend Prediction Engine. Taken together in concert, the twin technologies utilize AI in order to locate trading trends and patterns through a complete scan of the markets. It requires only minutes of time.

Compare this to the decades that traders were forced to manually scour through charts hoping against hope to find an early developing pattern or formation on which they could capitalize to make a highly successful trade on a security that was poised to breakout. In today’s world of literally thousands of American companies on each of the major stock exchanges, the manpower and time required to manually go through the charts would simply not be practical.

Tickeron Investing Products and Services

Tickeron offers a number of AI-driven services and products.  Here we will consider them and what they can bring to your own trading strategies to help you become more successful in your own investing and trading. This starts with a phenomenal news service. It looks like this:

Tickeron Pattern Search Engine

The Pattern Search Engine is ideal for checking out end of the day ETFs, stocks, and Forex pairs. This trading pattern proves to be among the most sophisticated and elegant of trading strategies. Tickeron’s Pattern Search Engine is the one-stop shop tool for exploiting these hidden effects. The PSE AI will show you the patterns along with their entry and also exit levels. Using the Pattern Search Engine is as easy as this three step process:

  1. Establish your pattern search criteria
  2. Get the resulting patterns in your email
  3. Bookmark these patterns to enable you to track their status


Tickeron Trend Prediction Engine

Among the most profitable of strategies you can pursue is an already established trend that is down or up. To do this more effectively though, you need sound AI-drive intelligence. This is what you get from the Tickeron Trend Prediction Engine. With TPE, you receive an instantaneous AI take on the future direction of the trend over the next from one week to a month. This process works according to three simple steps:

  1. Examining every trend prediction for the supported tickers
  2. Establishing trend alert parameters
  3. Looking over the bookmarked progression of trend predictions


Tickeron Mall Patterns (One At A Time)

One of the benefits of a subscription membership to Tickeron’s services is the ability to get Mall Paterns delivered one at a time. This AI pattern search comes with paid subscriptions. It also includes free educational webcasts on the best ways and strategies for utilizing this feature of Tickeron.

Tickeron Real Time Trading Systems

Tickeron also has a real-time trading signal generation capability through its intelligent AI. This is also a straightforward and simple three step process to run, as follows:

  1.  Establish your pattern search criteria
  2.  Get the patterns sent to your feed
  3.  Bookmark the patterns in order to track their status

This can be done according to a variety of different time frames. It does not matter which method you are pursuing, whether it is swing trading or day trading, as the system will allow you to search according to five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, four hours, and a day.

After the Tickeron AI finds a new pattern, it will show you the following graphic on your screen. Best of all, the pattern information is continuously updated:

They also give you the success statistics on related patterns from the past back testing in order to assist you in making a good trading call.

Tickeron Trading Simmulator

Tickeron has come up with an ideal way to paper trade your new strategies before you put any of your hard-earned real money at risk in their trading simmulator. It works by these three easy steps:

  1. Do your trading on paper and do not lose any real money.
  2. You can test our the A.I.’s strategies or your own strategies as you build gains or realize losses.
  3. Review your results, both success and failure, so that you can tweak your tradig strategies as necessary for improved performance.

This simmulator is available for free to all beginner level members. All that you ahve to do is register with your contact information and valid email address and you can start using it to test out your strategies and those of our artificial intelligence algorithms right away.

Tickeron Training Materials

Fortunately for new subscribers, Tickeron is generous with its training and educational materials for the system. This includes videos, articles, self-paced tutorials, and even webcasts in their Academy section. The material here is more than sufficient to help you learn the software and price patterns, triggers, and trade set ups.

Videos include great material on cryptocurrency trading and techniques for analysis as well as portfolio set up ideas. There is also a blog section that includes updated ideas for particular trade set ups. In the articles section, there are highly detailed lessons for using chart techniques and patterns. It really is an embarrassing wealth of material under one roof.

Tickeron Pricing and Policies

One thing that we are not huge fans of at Tickeron is their confusing pricing schemes, of which there are four different tiers of membership types to navigate your way through. Basically, you take one of these memberships to the site then purchase other add-ons as you need them. There are also Marketplace paid services through various third party vendors, but that is not in our review scope. Also, Tickeron has started offering a 14 day free trial on all paid memberships. If at any point during your two week trial you decide that the service is not for you, then you can cancel and not have any further financial obligation to the site.

Here are the four membership types with Tickeron as of time of publication of this review:

  1. Beginner Membershipfree for registration and provision of contact details. They include use of the trading simmulator, portfolio creation, Morningstar Aggregation services, outline and receive alerts, A.I. Investment Ideas, and DivScore calculation.
  2. Intermediate Membership – $15 per month, this includes recurring monthly billing. It gives you additional tools that include A.I. Trading Ideas, Active Portfolios Autopilot, Backlist Trade Rules, Duplicate Portfolios.
  3. Expert Membership – $15 per month, including monthly re-billing. You get all of the Intermediate level membership services plus the ability to sell your services in the MALL in order to make money for your expertise areas. This comes as a one-stop shop for client management and marketing platform for financial advisors. Expert members are able to set up investment clubs as well as produce webcasts in order to promote their various services across the platform.
  4. Advisor Membership – $15 per month, using recurring monthly billing. Besides the benefits of expert membership, you also can get advice that the various qualified advisors provide.

You should know that with each one of these membership plans you will be re-billed once per month every billing cycle unless you cancel before the trial membership period ends.

Tickeron Products

Tickeron offers a variety of useful investment predicting system products and services for you. These include the following:

  • Tickeron Pattern Search Engine
  • Tickeron Trend Prediction Engine
  • Tickeron Mall Patterns
  • Tickeron Real Time Trading Systems

Pros of Tickeron

  • Huge quantities of free educational materials and content for registering
  • The AI-drive pattern is both greatly accurate as a scanner and pattern recognition protocol
  • Simple yet potent analysis, optimization, and portfolio management tools
  • In depth video tutorials mean that the learning curve is not steep
  • Appealing free trial periods are offered on the majority of Tickeron's services

Cons of Tickeron

  • There is a highly commercialized feel to the service
  • The community component of the service is a bit smaller, but it is moving in the right direction with new members joining routinely

Tickeron Review Summary

Tickeron is a revolutionary product whose time has come. A.I. is clearly the trading wave of the future that successful traders have in their toolbox today. We like that the company is generous with its free trial periods of generally 45 days on most of their services. They also give you quite a bit of the company offerings just for registering. The pricing plans per month may be somewhat bewildering in their varieties, but they are all imminently affordable. This is a tool that you can no longer afford to be without if you want to trade in the big leagues of today's competitive financial markets.


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