“Superman” Paul Scolardi Review

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"Superman" Paul Scolardi Review Summary:

Paul Scolardi, affectionately also known as the "Superman of Stocks," the "Superman of Wall Street," and the "Superman of Twitter," is a self-made millionaire stock trader, CEO of Super Trades LLC, and internationally known financial educator. He is best admired for his "preternatural ability" to spot momentum in stocks before it appears on almost any other radar. Jim Cramer's "The Street" has named him among the Top Ten Traders to Follow on Twitter with good reason.

“Superman” Paul Scolardi Review

If the DC Comics’ popular hero and role model Superman were a mortal from planet Earth who traded and picked stocks, then he would be Paul “Superman” Scolardi. Paul Scolardi, affectionately also known as the “Superman of Stocks,” the”Superman of Wall Street,” and the “Superman of Twitter,” turns out to be a self-made millionaire stock trader, CEO of Super Trades LLC, and internationally known financial educator.

He is best admired for his “preternatural ability” to spot momentum in stocks before it appears on almost any other radar. His twitter handle is @super_trades. Jim Cramer’s “The Street” has named him among the Top Ten Traders to Follow on Twitter. In this page we examine the life, background, philosophy, accomplishments, and products this “Superman” of Gurus offers you as a trader.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi Introduction

“Superman” Photo Courtesy of Super-Trades

“Superman” Paul Scolardi is currently the CEO of the company he founded, Super Trades LLC. For  two decades a Certified Public Accountant by profession, he worked for 16 years in corporate finance all the while trading and investing in stocks over 17 years.

Paul proves to be a fan of small cap swing trading. He concentrates his efforts on buying and trading stocks that have explosive potential. As you might anticipate from the “Superman of Stock Trading,” he has some sort of almost supernatural ability to pick out momentum ahead of other professionals. His colorful character and manner (shown in this picture to the right) explain the reason his students and many fans love and enjoy his research and alerts.

Superman proudly offers weekly research reports and video lessons to help you stay ahead of the market. His claim to fame is teaching people like you the best ways to build up a solid position in a stock with high beta without risking your precious capital. It is exactly the stuff you might expect from the “Superman of Wall Street.” This financial educator and trader has been featured in a variety of impressive publications and websites, including (among others) a top 10 ranking, a Forbes articleBloomberg, BusinessWeek and a Seeking Alpha author bio page. You can follow him as the “Superman of Twitterfor free.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi’s Background and Advice for Success

Matthew Owens Account Information Courtesy of Super-Trades

Once upon a time, Superman worked as a Certified Public Accountant in corporate finance for more than 16 years. Eventually he attained the long sought-after role as Chief Financial Officer. At this point, he learned that it did not fulfill him like he hoped it would. As a result, he went out on his own to become stock trader extraordinaire and persona “Superman,” the Chief Executive Officer of his company Super Trades, LLC.

Some would say it was a huge gamble to leave a secure position in a financially rewarding industry. For Superman, it worked out well. In 2014 alone, he verified more than a million dollars of personal trading net gains. It only took him the first six months of 2015 to rake in his verified million dollars.

Scolardi has proven he is more than just a successful trader by educating over 1,110 students living in more than 30 countries. His best five students have all verified gains in the range of from $200,00 to $500,00 in the single year 2014 alone. His star student Matthew Owens earned his first million dollars profit in the stock markets at only 25 years of age.

Superman is free with his practical advice for how individuals can succeed in business. Below are some of his answers he gave from the Forbes magazine online interview in which he was featured:

The Keys to Superman’s Success as a Trader and Teacher

Superman feels that highly successful advertising and marketing is critical. Though he says it has helped that he “lead by example personally trading and verifying” from his stock account in which he made over a million in the first half of 2015 and has students who are well along the path to becoming verified millionaires from understanding his stock trading strategy, this would not have counted for much if no one knew about it.

How Superman Learned the Tricks of the Financial Education Business

Paul says he took a giant leap forward through his network partnership with Timothy Sykes, another successful stock trading guru who built up a highly profitable online financial educational business. Thanks to this arrangement, Superman saw what had worked well for Tim and knew where to concentrate his efforts. One of the most important factor in his success lay in strong customer support. He worked to ensure that they set up excellent infrastructure for helping out customers.

How Superman Grew His Service

Scolardi obtained the initial customers of his new service by putting up short teaser videos which he marketed right to stock traders. He used social media to make this more effective. His partnership with and Tim Sykes gave him a built-in reach into the industry.

He found that he was more successful as time passed because he insisted on verifying his stock gains and losses straight from his stock account using the website The software is revolutionary in that it logs directly into your stock trading account to verify your trades. Superman sets himself apart from the competition by verifying all of both his losses and gains over $500. He says he remains among the few stock picking gurus to do this.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi Endorsements and Track Record

Paul has been a respected author and contributor for numerous well-known financial and news websites over the last decade. Among the most impressive of these are his featured work for Jim Cramer’s “The Street,” Seeking Alpha, and The Huffington Post. He is also showcased on and Investimonials, as well as having been featured on Bloomberg, Forbes, and BusinessWeek. It is hard to argue with this kind of significant press coverage and contributor status. We will look at a few of the more important ones below.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi as Contributor for “The Street”

“The Street” says about Superman in its “Top 10 Traders to Follow on Twitter”:

“Don’t be put off by the Superman persona. This is a small-cap, low-float, fundamentally sound, stock-picking expert. He can find stocks of legitimate companies that trade up by as much as 300 percent in a month.He has been a contributor at Jim Cramer’s “The Street.”

Paul “Superman” Scolardi as Author on Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha classifies Superman as Long/short equity, deep value, value, special situations. “Paul is a stock investor with an accounting/finance background. He likes to look for value growth stocks and momentum news plays. He is also known as Superman on Twitter @super_trades.” His impressive stats as a contributor at Seeking Alpha include all of the following:

  • 60 Articles
  • 11 Stock Talks

He has such posts on Seeking Alpha as the one from February 2017, “Professional Diversity Network – Refuting The Short Thesis.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi as Contributor to The Huffington Post

Paul is featured as a contributor on Huffington Post from time to time as well. Here he has written such enlightening piece as “Three Things To Keep In Mind When Making Trades” and “Four Great Books to Read If You Want To Build Your Financial IQ.”

Paul “Superman” Scolardi’s Investimonials Track Record

Superman joined forces with Investimonials in 2013 to begin reporting all of his live trades. This site allows users to take their real brokerage trades from both Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade to submit the statements directly from the relevant broker. This results in an actual, real depiction of brokerage account trades which is then splashed up in either its glory or failure so that everyone can see it. Investimonials helped to expose many frauds in the stock prediction business. It also sifted out the true successful traders so that they could receive the credit they so richly deserved.

Paul traded names which were somewhat obscure from time to time, going long or short as suited his strategy. He added to both winning and losing positions and avoided penny stocks by trading the mainstream markets. He traded everything from low volume to high volume and from little stocks to big stocks. He avoided pump and dump schemes and stayed with a more proven mainstream method of investing. This helped him to log over $3 million in verified profits since 2014.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi’s Three Types of Trades and Stock Picks

What we discovered about the inner workings of “Superman” Paul Scolardi’s mind is that he has three preferred types of trades which make he and his followers all of their money. These are as follows:

Paul Scolardi Photo Courtesy of BroBible

  1. News Scalp Trades
  2. Chart Pattern Swing Trades
  3. Fundamental Position Trades

Each of the three of these strategies compliment one another. The News Scalp Trades requires fast reflexes for entries. Yet Superman earned his name with some of these trades where he was able to lock in more than $10,000 in profits so fast that only a truly super man could really do it.

With his Chart Pattern Swing Trades, Paul takes big positions and then adds to them when the moment is right. He also adds to losing positions, something that many investors would think of as counter intuitive. Yet he consistently puts as many as two additional positions onto his original ones. He has stayed in some of these types of trades for even a couple of days. Sometimes he banks part of his profits and allows the remainder of the position to work. He takes more of his profits home then tries to let the final position run in a substantial payoff. Part of his success lay in utilizing mental stops, which allowed him to hide his intent from predatory traders who would be able to see the orders on Level II. This strategy of mental stops is a direct violation of what many financial advisors teach, yet no one is able to argue with the superior gains that Superman brings home. This is all the more true since he has verified all of his results. Superman is making serious money trading.

Superman Scolardi’s last type of trades are the Fundamental ones. As a former accountant who obtained a “best CFO award” for the state in which he worked, he actually enjoys pouring through complex balance sheet and SEC filings. Between this and his strange information-gathering news sources which he relies on, he proves his superhuman namesake is justified as he comes up with trades well ahead of the rest of the stock-trading and -picking pack.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi’s Motivation As A Teaching Guru

Many people are often skeptical about why a successful stock trader like Superman would spend his time teaching other people when he can use his secrets to do it for himself. In Paul’s own words, there are two things that motivate him to teach other traders how to make money doing what they love:

  1. “I want to prevent people from making all the painful mistakes I made and share in the successes from 18 years of trading.  While I have had great success along the way and have for 15 years always  found some of the best momentum movers before they happen, I also made many heartbreaking and painful mistakes along the way.  I devised my entire strategy of rules and discipline from my failures as well as my successes.  I want to prevent traders from blowing up their accounts and losing all of their money,  which I did MANY times growing up as a trader.  Not many people will admit it, but I do and it was DEVASTATING. My rules and strategy can save traders years of painful hard knock lessons and teach them to compound and build wealth at amazing returns while preserving capital.”
  2. “I want to make as many people financially independent as I can!!!  I get more satisfaction from seeing my students become financially independent than I do myself  (Don’t get me wrong being your own boss is AMAZING). I am driven to use my strategy to help as many people as I can because I KNOW and BELIEVE it works and have proof as you will see in this blog.  Whatever financial independence means for you , being your own boss, becoming debt free, being able to help loved ones and friends, that car you want, owning your own house free and clear…….I want to help you get there !!!  The greatest satisfaction in all of this is when I get messages from people that tell me my strategy has helped change their financial life and they are now financially independent !!!”

If he did not have the track record and successful followers to back him up, you might be tempted to be skeptical about the noble motives of the Stock Market’s “Man of Steel.” In the rest of this page, we will consider all of his various reasonably priced stock picking services and products.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi Stock Picking Products and Services

“Superman” Paul Scolardi at Home Photo Courtesy of Super-Trades

Superman offers several different stock picking products and services on his interesting website. Here we will consider his Superman Blog, Superman Trading Room, Superman Pro Service, Superman Alerts Service, and Superman’s Protege Club and what you receive with each of these offerings.

Paul “Superman” Scolardi Superman’s Blog

Superman’s blog offers free trading lessons and useful news and tips on the stock markets and trading. By entering your email you are able to get free emails containing his blog posts and other free lessons. Here he posts such updates as “IPDN Destroying Short Sellers Omission of Facts.”

Superman’s Trading Room

Naturally Superman would offer a trading room. This one is particularly good because Paul himself moderates it along with a couple of his best proteges. Several of them have already proven that they are successful traders according to verified trading statements. The room is a both entertaining and well managed place to reflect on the stock trading news and events of the day.

“Superman” Paul Scolardi claims his top students have made amounts ranging from $200,00 to $600,000 in a single year. We know that he personally has netted over a million dollars a year since at least the year 2014 also. They have the verified account statements to prove it. It is hard to argue with such an impressive level of success. In any case, since he is offering a “No contracts, no obligations, cancel at any time” policy, you can hardly go wrong subscribing to his service which he claims you can pay for (full a whole year) with one successful trade. The Super Chat room is included with both Paul’s Superman Alerts and Superman Pro services, which we go through below.

Superman’s Alerts Service

With Superman’s Alerts Service you get all of the following benefits:

  • Chatroom access
  • A daily stock watchlist delivered premarket
  • Live email and SMS trade alerts
  • Live “ProfiDing” trade alerts
  • iPhone and Android Apps

This service costs $147 per month.

Superman’s Pro Service

Superman also offers a pro level of service. It includes everything from his Alerts Service plus the following:

  • Weekly video lessons
  • Superman’s video lesson library
  • Premium research reports
  • His IPO tracker
  • His earnings tracker

This superior service costs $247 per month.

Superman’s Protege Club

It is safe to say that this is the elite service of the operation Superman is running. As a financial educator who counts over 1,100 students residing in more than 30 nations, Paul teaches strategies built from both his successes and failures in his more than 18 years of trading stocks. You can hardly argue that this Protege Club service has not worked, since his top five students have each netted a verified from $200,000 to $600,000 in the year 2014 alone.

If that is not enough to convince you of his abilities as a guru and mentor, consider what the the following known publications and websites have said about the trading man of steel:

There is not an advertised price for this Protege service. There is an application form to join it though. After you answer a number of questions including what your trading background is, why you are trading/what your reason and motivation for trading is, and what financial resources you have with which to trade, the site promises that one of superman’s people will contact you to discuss the possibility of becoming one of his protegees. No doubt there is a cost involved with this exclusive arrangement. Still, it seems like the man of steel can be choosy picking who he takes under his wing.

Mentor’s Products

“Superman” Paul Scolardi provides a range of stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

  • Superman Blog
  • Superman Trading Room
  • Superman Pro Service
  • Superman Alerts Service
  • Superman’s Protege Club

Pros of "Superman" Paul Scolardi

  • "Superman" offers three different levels of service for his followers.
  • His trading room and blog make the service lively and more fun than any guru we have seen.
  • "Superman" has a guru level service that is daily basis hands on in his Protege Club.
  • It is hard to go wrong with a guru who has been successfully trading for over 18 years.

Cons of "Superman" Paul Scolardi

  • "Superman" decides who will trade with him in his protégé club.

"Superman" Paul Scolardi Review Summary

Paul Scolardi, affectionately also known as the "Superman of Stocks," the "Superman of Wall Street," and the "Superman of Twitter," is a self-made millionaire stock trader, CEO of Super Trades LLC, and internationally known financial educator. He is best admired for his "preternatural ability" to spot momentum in stocks before it appears on almost any other radar. Jim Cramer's "The Street" has named him among the Top Ten Traders to Follow on Twitter with good reason.


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