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Stock Tips

Stock Trading Mentor, Hot Stock Tips, Swing Trading System

I recently sold MCP calls for a +150% gain based on a hot stock tip from my trading mentor. I think Liquidmetal should be going into the low .20s because of Apples project Titan. I think it is a great trade right now.


You can get the same stock training tips I get with your own stock trading mentor. You can check out my stock trading mentor here: My Stock Mentor


I’d like to share the free hot stock tips alerts subscription from my own stock trading tutor with you. His name is Jason Bond and he taught me how to read charts, good stocks to buy, good times to buy them. The price for admission is pretty reasonable, and I had made it up in good trades within my first 2 weeks.


Click the box below to try out the “free hot stock tips” alerts from my stock trading mentor:


Here are some recent ‘Swing Trading strategy’ picks JB made that paid off… and could have paid off for you too!


+94% or +$40,976 Corporate Resources (AMEX:CRRS) in just 3-days
+13% or +$8,774 Zynga(NASDAQ:ZNGA) +in just 3-days
+100% or +$20,205 Liquidmetal Technologies (OTCBB:LQMT) in just 5-days


Don’t miss out on this opportunity that could change your life!


Take a moment and subscribe to Jason’s free stock alerts, and get free hot stock tips for yourself!

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas, Stock Trading Teacher ModeratorChris Thomas, Stock Trading Teacher Moderator


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