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Russ Horn Review Summary:

Russ Horn is a legendary figure with a cult like following in the world of Forex teaching, trading, and prediction systems. He is justifiably famous for producing complete two-part systems that heavily feature both educational physical package video series DVDs and in-print manuals as well as members’ only online access sections with live updates and support, proprietary trading signals and indicators, libraries of video recordings and additional educational supplemental materials, bonuses, and more. His following is impressive and puts him in the top tier category of gurus today.

Russ Horn Review

Russ Horn is a legendary figure with a cult like following in the world of Forex teaching, trading, and prediction systems. For the sheer numbers of his well-respected products he has only one rival in the space in the person of Toskho Raychev. Both men produce complete two-part systems that heavily feature both educational physical package video series DVDs and in-print manuals as well as members’ only online access sections with live updates and support, proprietary trading signals and indicators, libraries of video recordings and additional educational supplemental materials, bonuses, and more.

On this page we will explore the man who is the self-styled most successful forex guru of our time, along with his almost unique in the industry forex trading systems, products, and book.

Russ Horn Introduction

Russ Horn is another of the leading figures in the prediction and teaching business who has a somewhat sketchy background before he launched his first successful system. Since he began developing, testing, producing, and releasing his internationally acclaimed Forex educational and guiding trading systems, he has come out with seven different foreign exchange systems that he personally invented so far.

Russ Horn has followers and clients from all over the world. His trading and teaching business is headquartered in South Africa, which helps to explain his international basis and appeal. His students come from nations which are major players in the world of foreign exchange trading, including Great Britain, Canada, the U.S., Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa, among others.

Russ Horn Background and Philosophy

It is no accident that Russ Horn is regarded by many in the Forex teaching, mentoring, and trading industry as the guru’s guru. He has maintained a presence in the industry for more than 14 years. This helps to explain how he has amassed his cult-like reputation and following. With as many as seven different systems which he has created (four of which are still widely used), he is the mastermind behind Forex Rebel, Forex Income Boss, Forex Strategy Master, Tradeonix, the Forex Master Method, Russ Horn Rapid Results, and his latest one Forex Equinox.

Horn pledges that this latest Forex Equinox represents his greatest performance yet. Hundreds of man hours from he and his own experts and associates have been brought into this new product to create and design it, thoroughly test it out with real money accounts, and tweak it as necessary to bring it to market.

Russ spends his days with many activities relating to both his teaching and mentoring and trade system developing and trading. This involves studying the Forexs charts, staying on top of the important major economic news that impacts the various important currency pairs and markets, and constantly improving on his own trading methods and those of his individual systems. At the same time, he is still involved with trading his own Forex accounts. Fans and followers consistently opine that he is different from so many gurus in the stocks, futures, and forex prediction worlds in that he is uniquely able to teach any kind of individual how to utilize a system that they will be able to fully comprehend so that they can begin trading and making money in the exciting and truly international in scope global foreign exchange markets. Besides his rival Raychev, this is something that very few excel at in the world of Forex markets and trading.

Russ Horn On Forex Trading

Russ Horn talks a lot about the kind of people who are successful in Forex trading. These are the ones who are emotionally detached from the money in their trading accounts. Russ says that the most successful traders in the foreign exchange markets are invariably the ones who “do not care what happens” to their accounts or if they lose that money. Because of this emotionless attitude, they are able to absorb the occasional and completely unavoidable losses without suffering emotional or psychological damage that takes away the necessary mental edge to successfully trade these exciting and fast paced markets.

Russ Horn’s Popularity in the Forex Trading Community

Russ Horn has a large following without a doubt. On his website, he reveals just how significant a group this is. More than 8,000 different individuals have become successful foreign exchange markets traders through his various systems and their accompanying DVDs, manuals, guides, webinars, and books. On his Facebook page, the gurus boasts over 46,500 unique followers.

Russ Horn The Writer and Mentor

Russ Horn has written several books and reports which he generally gives away for the cost of shipping or as bonus materials for joining one of his various systems. As an example, he was offering a PDF downloadable copy of  Designing A Trading System when you go to his Rapid Results Method or Tradeonix system. He also has his published book, Tips and Tricks to Making A Fortune Trading Forex which the guru cheerfully gives away for shipping and handling costs on his website. Clearly the man is a recognized authority on trading and teaching the world Forex markets.

Russ Horn As Purveyor of Forex Systems

Russ Horn began selling these systems he patented and developed into almost a science with his Forex Rebellion back in 2009. This early incarnation of his many systems resulted from what he claims was five long and painstaking years of research begun back in 2004. With each successive system, he creates, tests, patents, and markets some new Forex indicators that he utilizes in his own personal trading. These have ranged from Divergence methods featured in his Forex Master Method to his latest Equilibrium system highlighted in the 2017 released Forex Equinox system.

Educational components are always a major feature of what Russ Horn is doing with these systems. For the last several of them, he has included upwards of six DVDs, a trading manual, cheat sheets, live weekly webinars, PDF edition special reports, and exclusive online members-only area access with every package. He also pioneered the idea of a one-time only price with no residual monthly costs or service fees early on in the evolution of his systems and offerings. While the newer ones may only feature six months access to the members’ areas, his first few were offering lifetime access to these sections sometimes entertainingly dubbed “the War Room” or “the Think Tank.”

The Currency Pairs and Time Frames Which Work Best With Russ Horn’s Systems

All currency pairs work with the majority of Russ Horn’s systems. This is a key differentiating factor that sets both he and them apart from much of the competition. Many rival systems created by other Forex teaching and trading prediction gurus will only work with the major 8 Forex currency pairs or perhaps the top around 35 major and minor currency pairs.

What Differentiates Russ Horn’s Various Forex Trading Systems

To say that Russ Horn’s systems are all the same would not be fair. They do have many elements in common as we just explored. Yet they also have some important differences. This is primarily in the form of who they are designed for and marketed to with each successive system. With his most successful three older systems as an example (Tradeonix, Forex Master Method, and Russ Horn Rapid Results Method), these were made to work for the everyman concept of both new trader, novice individual, and professional trader with years of experience in the Forex trading markets. It is no exaggeration to claim that literally thousands of traders still successfully utilize these most popular three prior systems still.

Something interesting and different about his latest system Forex Equinox is that the target user is a whole different type. With this system, Russ Horn is seeking out those traders who are neither new nor at a professional level. Rather he is looking for the person who has been trading without making progress for some time but is still desperately trying to find success and make meaningful profits at it.

Russ Horn’s Passion For Teaching and Coaching

Russ Horn has a real passion for teaching and mentoring his followers. He begins this by offering all of his followers and system buyers a significant amount of educational materials mostly in the form of DVDs and a training manual. He continues it by producing live weekly webinars for all of his various system members over the years. Horn also gives out special reports and updates to his system indicators with all of his various systems. This is how he coaches, mentors, and teaches all of his thousands of system buyers from over the past decade. Reviewers and followers attest to his love of and success in his teaching efforts. This is why they consistently say that he is among the most respected and trusted mentors, coaches, gurus, or teachers in the whole of the Forex trading universe.

How New Traders Can Learn His Methods

Russ Horn talks in his various interviews recently and also from over the years about the critical importance of discipline. Only the strictly disciplined trader will be successful. This is because it requires ironclad discipline and listening skills to follow these systems to the minutest detail. Going off on creative tangents or attempting to subconsciously modify the rules only  leads to disaster, loss, and heartache, he warns.

In the next section we will consider the various successful prior and current systems from Russ Horn as well as his book.

Russ Horn’s Forex Trading System Products

Russ Horn’s four main different systems are consistently well-reviewed across the spectrum. The most recent few have all been extremely high-end and costly. He also differentiates himself from some of his competitors by providing a consistent 100 percent money back guarantee that is valid for a full 60 days. This is offered not through Horn’s own company, but instead through the internationally accepted gold standard in the third party website membership administration business, ClickBank. It represents the biggest possible vote of confidence on both his part and for your sake that he relies on them.

Here are his four still-working systems which Horn offers:

  1. Forex Equinox
  2. Russ Horn Rapid Results System
  3. Forex Master Method System
  4. Tradeonix System

Forex Equinox

Forex Equinox is the latest offering from Russ Horn. This system comes with four DVD’s and a forex trading manual. The system itself is based on a highly secretive indicator and method he calls the Equilibrium. As with all of his systems (yet fairly unique in this space), Horn delivers a physical package to your door in the form of DVD’s, manuals, and other materials that you use in conjunction with the members-only area access to his platform with indicators and live weekly webinars.

Russ Horn’s Forex Equinox package includes all of the following when you purchase it:

  • A trading manual covering the most important concepts in trading Forex and specifically in using the Forex Equinox system
  • Four DVDs of instructional material and visual examples presented and narrated by Russ Horn
  • Weekly live webinars that offer you the opportunity to interface directly with Horn so that you are able to have your particular questions answered
  • Unrestricted members-only area access over six months, including both system and trading updates
  • His own team member-provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week technical support and trader help

The latest system is powerful precisely because it:

  • Employs what the system creator calls the Equilibrium breakthrough
  • Works by ascertaining buy and sell signals on all currency pairs,  and not only the majors and more popular ones
  • Delivers entry and exit points so that all you need to make money trading is the firm discipline to stick with the system
  • Alerts you via a control panel to the pairs with the optimal opportunities in that moment for entering profitable trades

The Forex Equinox system costs $997 as a one-time upfront payment on your credit card. A discount exists that allows you to obtain the product for $250 less at a cost of $750. Despite this price, the system is called a $3,000 value that you get for under a third of the cost (or even for one quarter of it if you take advantage of the discount price of $750).

Russ Horn Rapid Results System

Rapid Results grew and evolved out of his prior systems Forex Master and Tradeonix. This system is an intensive coaching, training, and signal-delivering alerts system which covers the complete bases for starting to trade the worldwide foreign exchange markets. This system is intended for either the new Forex trader or the seasoned one with success already under his or her belt.

When this system appeared it was hailed as a technological revolution in data analysis and review that permitted it to sift through and analyze massively more quantities of data at more rapid rates than had ever been conceived of just a few years beforehand. The system only requires several hours to learn how it works so that you can begin to trade regardless of your past Forex background and foreknowledge.

The system includes all of these features:

  • A trading manual in PDF format
  • Six instructional DVDs
  • Templates and Indicators
  • Custom made DPI Indicator
  • Signal Automation Recognition Alert (S.A.R.A.)
  • Live Webinars
  • Bonus Systems Including The Golden Strategy, The One Minute Scalper, Sea Trading System, The Secret Method

This program has been sold out and closed. Used copies of the physical materials are available in zip files for as little as $20.

The Forex Master Method

The Forex Master Method revolves around a strategy that is based upon Divergence. Russ Horn and company sold only 750 of these sets of limited edition trading systems that included his usual training materials and online members access, this time to the “War Room.”

The system comes complete with:

  • Six User’s guides – including cheat sheets which act as a quick start guide
  • Six webinars – in wmv format
  • The Line Trader and the Trade Locater Apps – a software suite that scans currency charts to locate the right trade setups based on the Forex Master Method
  • Power Currency Meter – measures the trade entries percentage of winners
  • War Room Access – provided this time for life, this includes webinars, videos, useful educational content, and the most current materials and Forex updates

To utilize this system you must have the MetaTrader 4.0 platform in order for the apps and software suites to work.

The program is sold out and closed to new members.

The Tradeonix System

With his first really well-known forex trading system the Tradeonix System, Russ Horn quickly emerged to become a key player in the Forex education and trading prediction universe. This is the system where he codified his now-famous template of including from four to six DVDs along with either a manual or various companion cheat sheets. In the Tradeonix System, Horn shows you how to limit your losses, correctly manage your winning trades, and what Forex trading signals are most important to utilize in your trading. The system is designed for any currency pair, as with most of his systems.

This system focused primarily on reversal-entry and trend-following signals and trades. The Tradeonix System comes with the following:

  • DVD 1 – Forex trading basics
  • DVD 2 – Rules of the Tradeonix System
  • DVD 3 – Trade examples, 20 different one step at a time examples of real trades the system called
  • DVD 4 – Russ Horn uses the system in action
  • TradeOnix Manual – The written companion to the video series user’s guide
  • Members Area Access – Weekly webinars, previous webinars recording downloads, trading software, and bonuses

The Cost is $997, when you can find it. It is no longer produced or available, per the official website.

Russ Horn’s Book

Russ Horn has a book he has written which he sometimes give away copies of in exchange for shipping and handling costs of $4.99 and your email address. This is his Tips and Tricks to Making  Fortune Trading Forex. In this book he goes through a six step formula for moving from demo account trading to live money-account profit generating. He also covers a special method for eliminating your losing trades phobia called the “Bag of Marbles.”

Horn calls his book a “field guide to making massive Forex profits” and not just a regular formated book on trading. He promises that you will find it to be completely unique from any other publication you have ever read about trading the markets.


Russ Horn provides a wide range of Forex picking systems and services for you. These are his:

  • Forex Masonry System
  • Forex Equinox System
  • Russ Horn Rapid Results System
  • The Forex Master Method
  • The Tradeonix System
  • Tips and Tricks to Making A Fortune Trading Forex

Pros of Russ Horn

  • Russ Horn is one of the top purveyors of complete systems that include physical and online components.
  • The guru has produced more than five individual Forex prediction and educational systems.
  • The gurus systems include a rare 60 day, 100% full money back guarantee provided by industry-leader ClickBank.
  • The included free educational content is comprehensive, covering everything under the sun on Forex trading.

Cons of Russ Horn

  • Horn's systems are among the most expensive available today.

Russ Horn Review Summary

Russ Horn is a legendary figure with a cult like following in the world of Forex teaching, trading, and prediction systems. He is justifiably famous for producing complete two-part systems that heavily feature both educational physical package video series DVDs and in-print manuals as well as members’ only online access sections with live updates and support, proprietary trading signals and indicators, libraries of video recordings and additional educational supplemental materials, bonuses, and more. His following is impressive and puts him in the top tier category of gurus today.

Phone: (315) 636-4269

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