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Rooster Report Review Summary:

Jason Bond continues to surprise his legions of followers with this latest offering the Rooster Report. Besides access to his usual Education Vault, Training Videos, and swing trades, members now also get his favorite stock and option picks, access to the Raging Bull Push app, and even exclusive live monthly online sessions led by the Bond personally. At the price point he is offering this service for now, it is hard to imagine how would-be subscribers can go wrong.

On the ten year anniversary of his financial journey to stardom, Jason Bond shows no signs of slowing down with his new product releases. This self proclaimed “average Joe” admits that he takes great pride in this status he claims has helped him to become such a legendary success in the trading and educating worlds. We look here at what the man who has helped literally tens of thousands of people has to offer you in his latest trading prediction and educational system the Rooster Report.

WHO IS BEHIND the Rooster Report?

The guru Jason Bond is the household name in the trading and educating industries who has released this most recent system called the Rooster Report. Once a man who worked jobs ranging from teaching to waiting tables to make ends meet and to service some $250,000 in debt, he found his own guru in Jeff Bishop and learned the ways of trading the markets.

It has been an incredible 10 years since then for the most successful man in his particular market niche. Bond quickly went from heavily indebted man to self made millionaire in that time. Not satisfied with making his own millions in trading gains, he started giving back by showing other average, everyday people how they too could make money trading the markets. In the past decade, Bond has helped more than 30,000 regular individuals to understand the markets for their own personal gain via his numerous trading systems and educational products that have since become the stuff of legends.

Over this past decade, Bond and mentor turned partner Bishop have founded their wildly successful publishing and trade signals company called RagingBull. This operation has expanded rapidly from its once-humble origins to be one of the fastest growing and top-rated companies in the American financial world. Today he offers four personal financial educational services at once, including the Rooster Report, Weekly Windfalls, Monday Movers, and Jason Bond Picks.

Bond has grown professionally too in his first decade of doing these educational systems. Once he focused mostly on swing trading long stocks, but now he has also expanded his repertoire to include options trades that are safe, easy to explain, and simple enough for the average person to grasp through his video teachings. We also love that Bond gives back to the community through his RagingBull Foundation that he and Jeff Bishop founded together.

WHAT IS the Rooster Report? IS IT A SCAM?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Rooster Report and Jason Bond have been prominently featured on many of the most important financial and news media outlets known today. The most impressive ones are listed in the graphic below:

Jason Bond also has a long, established, and proven track record of helping literally tens of thousands of students through his educational programs. One thing that makes the legendary guru more credible is his honest admission that he suffers losses like anyone who trades. What sets him apart from many in this industry is that he is realistic about the frequency of losses and that he shows his followers how to effectively minimize trading losses while optimizing the winning trades. He is not touting a “get rich quick” scheme but instead a plan to consistently grow and increase the value of a trading account over time.


We really like that Bond has polled his many followers and subscribers for years to come up with this system as a result of their feedback. With his latest product the Rooster Report, he has designed it for people who need to be able to go to work and still trade. He is looking for those individuals who want to plan their trades for the day around their regular schedule, just as they are getting out of bed.

Bond claims that the system works equally well for those with smaller or bigger accounts. His system is more geared for the regular guy who does not know where to start in the markets than it is for those who are experienced traders already. This is why Jason focuses on breaking down his trades, explaining his reasoning, and then following up with his famous educational videos to make sure his subscribers understand what is happening. Bond calls the Rooster Report the “utility knife” of trading services.

WHAT YOU Get WITH the Rooster Report

When you sign up for Rooster Report, you can count on receiving all of the following from Jason Bond:

  • Bond’s Favorite Stock or Option Trade of the Day – these are sent out to you via email every market open morning before the action begins
  • His Complete 252 Stock/Option Trades Per Year – he is giving you the options trades as bonuses
  • Jason Bond Options Trading Instructional Videos – that show you how to set up and place Bond’s options trades without fear
  • Bond Educational Vault – including videos, ebooks, courses, and more, we are confident that this package by itself is worth the cost of the program
  • Raging Bull App – sending out what Bond describes as the “quickest alerts” in the stock prediction and publishing trading industry
  • Live Monthly Trainings – Jason bond himself streams these out to his subscribers live in an all new feature

HOW the Rooster Report WORKS

Rooster Report works differently than some of Bond’s prior services have. He puts together his best trade idea for the day before the market opens to allow you to think about it and consider what you will do. This could be his usual best stock pick idea, or it might be one of his newer option pick trades. In either case, Bond promises that it will be his best idea of the day.

In the system’s next step, Bond provides you with specific information for the trade recommendation. He gives buy, stock price, and also profit ranges in this daily email. This information will tell you the point where Jason himself will buy into the trade and the point at which he will bail out if the trade does not work out as hoped. He is also giving you the profit range where he personally would lock in profits if the trade does go according to plan.

The methodology of Jason has not changed much over the years. He is sticking with what has been working so well for around a decade now. In all of his systems Bond researches his trades using both fundamental analysis and some basic technical analysis. He looks for an earnings report or other related actionable event to take advantage of a swing trade momentum play.

Bond is still a long-only stock trading guy as with his prior trading products. The difference now is that he is also engaging in selling options. His options trades are also generally bullish plays. Bond understands that selling options contracts can be highly intimidating to potential subscribers as well as to existing members. This is why his system takes the time to educate traders on the world of options trading with the Rooster Report.

The Rooster Report OFFERINGS

As we would expect with a Jason Bond premium product, he provides his members and subscribers with a number of good benefits and apps. Some of these are carry-overs from his Raging Bull company umbrella under which he runs all of his stock trading and publishing services. We look at these various product features next.

Rooster Report Trades

You get access to 252 of Jason’s analyses and favorite trading ideas per year via a daily email that comes each morning as the core of this new service. The email comes complete with his best stock or option trade to your inbox before the market opens. Bond explains his reasons for why he likes the trade first. After discussing his favorite trade idea, he goes through the limit orders for opening a trading position as well as the stop orders for either profit points or taking losses.

What makes this so appealing is that Bond packages the idea so neatly into a single email that only needs a few minutes from your busy day to read. You can take action on the trade if you like his trade parameters and justification and then be on your way to carry out your normal activities for the day. The trade runs as a nearly hands off operation from that point on.

Rooster Report Training Courses

Bond is justifiably famous for his training courses, and the Rooster Report package is no exception. He is pushing options training with this product because his favorite trades now include selling options to collect premiums. Bond delivers this training course in the form of an educational video that he personally put together to help out new and existing members to feel comfortable with the contracts.

Besides this training, the “Bond” of the Markets offers additional personally tailored training videos to the service members from time to time. He claims that these will be exclusive to the Rooster Report subscribers. No doubt he will also focus on tutorials that include specific setups for both these options trades as well as the more mundane long stock trades for which he is so famous. We have always been impressed by how simple his videos are to grasp. This is part of the reason that they make such a valuable feature and tool.

Rooster Report Exclusive Live Training Sessions with Jason Bond

For the first time ever in one of his financial services, Bond is providing the incredible benefit of experiencing exclusive live training sessions with him. Even more impressive is that they are unlimited in how many you can attend. In order to realize this benefit from the service, you have to pay for the upgraded unlimited membership tier. Based on the uniqueness of the live training sessions with Jason Bond concept we feel that it is worth the additional cost to participate.

Rooster Report Real Time Buy and Sell Push Alerts

The real-time buy and sell push alerts are not unique to the Rooster Report. Jason Bond is bringing back his very popular alerts’ service for every member of the new product. He sends them out as Push notifications via his almost new Raging Bull app instead of relying on the old styled SMS messages that so many of his competitors are still using.

Bond says that this makes it quicker than ever before to receive his instant alerts. Based on the success and popularity of the Raging Bull app in his last service Weekly Windfalls, it is hard to see how you can go wrong with this part of the new service.

Rooster Report BullPen Members Only Chatroom

Bond and company are all about encouraging you to learn how to become a successful trader. One of the ways that they offer to help fast track this is through their feature the BullPen members only chatroom. With Rooster Report, you receive full access to this chatroom in which the umbrella company gurus are offering exclusive interviews, education, and live trader provided daily content. This feature is much more concentrated on teaching you through their panel of experts shown above rather than socializing with other traders.

Input Into Bond’s Giving Back Program

Starting with their Weekly Windfalls service, Bond began promoting a giving back strategy which he and Jeff Bishop founded in the form of the Foundation. Since they started this charitable giving organization Bond and his partner have given away in excess of $500,000 to charities that the service members choose. Members are able to offer suggestions for the specific charities to which Bond and Bishop put a large part of their trading profits. This public display of giving back to the community is one of the more admirable components of the Jason Bond trading and training educational services like Rooster Report.

Rooster Report Access to Jason Bond Education Vault

In every service that Bond brings to the public he provides unlimited access to his justifiably famous Education Vault. This has grown over the past decade to include countless online video courses, Bond authored e-books on options and stocks, manuals, and more. Bond claims that this is a $499 valued part of the service with good reason.

You should not underestimate the value of quality financial education like the kind Jason has painstakingly compiled over the years. The ability to jump right into his courses, guides, and videos at any time and place that you desire is a crown jewel in the Rooster Report service. We especially like that the lessons are not only targeted to people who are new to trading.


One of the ways that the Rooster Report distinguishes itself from rival services in the market is through the relatively new Raging Bull Heirloom Program. Because the Rooster Report is part of the Raging Bull family of financial products, members are able to transfer their current membership to a friend or family member at no charge. This is an especially strong offer for prospective new members and a continuing demonstration of the long running, outstanding customer service for which Jason Bond’s outfit is justifiably famous.

Besides this Heirloom Program, Rooster Report members will benefit from the industry-leading customer support and service provided to all subscribers of the Raging Bull umbrella family of trading products. As is usual with Bond’s offerings this mans that you receive full access to phone, live chat, and email-based support on an unlimited basis all week long.


Bond is touting a price tag of $299 per year paid upfront. This represents a savings of $700  (70% off) the regular price. At this cost, Bond boasts that he is delivering his trades for an impressively low $1.18 per trade. It is hard to argue with this reasonable price per trade, especially considering that you also get his world class financial educational materials for this price.

He also offers a lifetime membership for $599 flat, translating to a savings of $1,898  (76% off) the regular price. While you are paying more per trade for the unlimited membership, it also comes with unlimited access to the new Jason Bond live training, his Heirloom Program, and the annually renewing Rooster Report 252 more stock trades (with bonus option trades). You pay a token extra $1 per year to continue receiving his internationally followed service and trades.

Bond is not giving a 30 day refund with this new product and discounted program. Based on what he did with his last new service Weekly Windfalls, it is possible that he will start offering a 30 day money back guarantee if and when he increases the price to the non-promotional amount of $999 and $2,497. We can not say with certainty that he will offer the trial period refund policy in the future, but he has already indicated that he intends to raise the price of Rooster Reports to the non-promotional price at some point.

Pros of Rooster Report

  • Bond is offering you almost unlimited access to his many educational services with Rooster Report.
  • Members have the option to transfer their service to friends or family members using the Raging Bull Heirloom Program.
  • The promotional price for the annual membership is extremely low per trade.
  • Bond is now offering an unlimited membership that automatically renews for only a dollar per year.
  • This is the first Jason Bond service that delivers unlimited live online sessions led by the guru personally.

Cons of Rooster Report

  • Members of a prior Bond service might feel left out by the new features that he is offering exclusively to subscribers of the Rooster Report.

Rooster Report Review Summary

Jason Bond continues to surprise his legions of followers with this latest offering the Rooster Report. Besides access to his usual Education Vault, Training Videos, and swing trades, members now also get his favorite stock and option picks, access to the Raging Bull Push app, and even exclusive live monthly online sessions led by the Bond personally. At the price point he is offering this service for now, it is hard to imagine how would-be subscribers can go wrong.

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