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Raging Bull Review Summary:

What is not to like about this service? You have gurus including legendary Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, Jeff Bishop, Petra Hess, and Jeff Williams to learn from and watch trade. The best part is that each of these legends in their field has a different strategy and specialization. This means that whether you prefer mid to large caps, small caps, biotechs, ETF's, options, or penny stocks, they have you covered with best in class experts from whom you can learn and profit.

Raging Bull is something totally unique in the world of guru led stock picking and educational services. To borrow the analogy of a certain highly successful comic book turned blockbuster movie franchise, its like all of earth’s mightiest heroes combined their powers into a stock trading team and called themselves the Avengers. If anything, this is an understatement and not hyperbole.

In this review, we will be focusing on the legendary trading, guru, and educational service Raging Bull that is led by such incomparable stock picking masterminds as Jason Bond, (student turned multimillionaire guru and best selling author) Kyle Dennis, Jeff Bishop, Jeff Williams, and (the Wonder Woman of gurus) Petra Hess. It goes without saying that their powers combined collaboration has been enormously featured on revered international news and online financial sites. To put it mildly, it just can not get any more impressive than this project.

Who Is Behind Raging Bull?

Legendary Raging Bull founding gurus Kyle Dennis, Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop (pictured left to right)

A more fair question might be what legendary stock picking guru is not behind Raging Bull. The service counts among its participating gurus Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, Jeff Bishop, Petra Hess, and Jeff Williams (among several other lesser known standouts in the field as well).

Jason Bond is the famous founder of and guru on Jason Bond Picks. He has mentored so many successful students (more than 10,000 of them now) that a number of them have become their own multi millionaire making stock gurus. Bond is consistently featured as the number one stock picking guru on the leading Trust Pilot review service. Bond has been prominently featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, The Street, Seeking Alpha, and most impressively on the trading floor of the NYSE. If he were a superhero he would be Superman for sure.

Kyle Dennis is the most successful of Bond’s incredible protegees. He is now a best selling author of his autobiography Middle Class Millionaire as well as the successful founder and host of Bio Tech Break Outs stock picking swing trading service. Dennis is proof that great gurus are not simply born to the calling, they grow into the role through hard won experience. After winning Bond’s original Millionaire RoadMap Challenge competition, Dennis purloined $15,000 worth of savings into over three million dollars through successful stock trading.

Jeff Bishop is the resident guru of Weekly Money Multiplier as well as Jason Bond Pick’s Millionaire Roadmap. A wildly successful trader with more than 20 years of market trading experience personally, he has made money in virtually every corner of the markets. He specializes in options and ETF’s most heavily.  As a long time partner with Jason Bond, he is a guru par excellence in his own right.

Petra Hess runs the acclaimed Petra Picks. This technical swing trading guru has been a long term investor in both Canadian and American ETF’s and stocks since 2009. She opened her well-received trading service back in March of 2017.

Jeff Williams proves to be the head trader and founder of Penny Pro. As a former educator himself, he focuses heavily on the teaching component of stock trading. He has been a successful trader for more than 15 long years. In this time he has improved the trading of literally thousands of experienced to entry level swing and day traders of small caps, penny stocks, and options.


What is Raging Bull? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Raging Bull is an almost embarrassingly high powered stock trading service populated by so many legendary gurus that it might as well be in every stock trader’s corner.  This now legendary service boasts a wealth of leading news outlets and online financial sites which endorse it wholeheartedly. These include all of the following:

You can hardly argue with this incomparable level of success and coverage for the Raging Bull crew. They have put together something extra special whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts with this service.


What Raging Bull Is Not

While Raging Bull is probably the greatest single invention of all time for day traders, you should be clear on what it is not. It is not a computer driven trading algorithm. It will not place any trades on your behalf. It is also not a trading platform from which you can make your market trades. It is necessary to open up a discount brokerage trading account to enter and exit from these financial markets.


What You Will Receive With Raging Bull

It is almost an embarrassment all of the products, features, and services that Raging Bull provides its members. Buying into Raging Bull gives you each of the following:

  • Membership to the Tactical Edge Trading Room – a technologically cutting-edged trading room that is live and will completely immerse you in the markets with its real-time live trades
  • Live Mic – Guru Taylor calls out his own proprietary trades and explains the background minimally three hours per day. Here he opens and closes his winning trades, adjusts his long positions, and provides the back story on why he is doing what he is doing, all of this in real-time
  • Live Messaging and Live Screen Share – Taylor is also readily available for chatting during market hours. You can also put your burning questions to the group and receive immediate responses on these particular queries from an established market pro. Taylor guarantees minimally three hours per day of live real-time screen sharing so that you witness first hand his precise trade setups, exit and entry points
  • The Ultimate Day Trading Program – Taylor also delivers his four-week intensive day trading course. We will examine this in more detail next


The Ultimate Day Trading Program

Guru Taylor reveals his inner secrets and tricks in this course that offers some wisdom for every level experience of trader. It covers the following segments over four weeks:

  1. First Week: The Basics and the Correct Way (includes 18 different topics)
  2. Second Week: Your New Trading Foundation (includes 13 individual topics)
  3. Third Week: Expedited to Advanced Trading (with 11 specific topics)
  4. Fourth Week: Welcome to the Big Leagues (another 12 individual topics)


The members only section will also give you unlimited seven days per week, 24 hours every day access to Taylor’s knowledge. Customer service for Raging Bull includes phone, email, and a live access chat room that helps you to reach the cadre of legendary gurus and their committed support team.


How Raging Bull Works

Raging Bull is aggressive and ambitious to say the least. This day trading service looks for several good technical patterns on the longs and an opposing strategy on the shorts. Petra’s influence is preservation of trading capital and loss management. The gurus hold fast on their primary concept of eliminating losers as fast as possible and taking profits as they are available. The service is targeting an average 75 percent winner ratio. They limit their losses to $100 per trade and seek out $200 each winning trade.


Raging Bull Cost, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

Given the collection of co-founding gurus running Raging Bull, they could realistically charge as much as they want for members to glean from their real-time, live trading experience. Yet their price for premium clients is only $399 per year upfront. This includes the Ultimate Day Trading Course. You will be paying their organization directly via your credit card and not through third party intermediary industry standard ClickBank.

They do employ an auto renewal plan. As you might expect it will automatically bill your credit card with each and every renewal term without stop until you decide to cancel your membership. The cancellation policy is also very straightforward and inflexible. You have to give Raging Bull’s customer service department a two business day notice before your auto renewal date arrives to cancel your account and stop any other charges.

You can not cancel and receive a full refund (or partial) at any point for any reason. The good news is that given the array of co-founding gurus running this site ranging from Jason Bond and Kyle Dennis to Petra Hess, there is not any conceivable reason for why you would want to cancel for a refund.

Pros of Raging Bull

  • How can you go wrong with this many world leading gurus?
  • The price is quite reasonable for this level of education and live trading guidance at only $399 per year for premium level membership.
  • It covers all areas of the day and swing trading business including small caps, medium to large caps, biotechs, ETF's, options, and more.

Cons of Raging Bull

  • The free trial and cancellation policy leaves much to be desired, as they do not have one.

Raging Bull Review Summary

What is not to like about this service? You have gurus including legendary Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, Jeff Bishop, Petra Hess, and Jeff Williams to learn from and watch trade. The best part is that each of these legends in their field has a different strategy and specialization. This means that whether you prefer mid to large caps, small caps, biotechs, ETF's, options, or penny stocks, they have you covered with best in class experts from whom you can learn and profit.


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  • Sarry Haller
    Posted at 19:16h, 01 February Reply
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    Raging Bull helped me learn about day trading more than any other stock trading service out there. The gurus behind this product have proven track records and you can verify each and one of their trading resumes, unlike other trading products who like to keep their creators anonymous because they know that they have never been able to make a dime using their strategy.

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