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Petra Picks Review Summary:

Petra has distilled her system and personalized education and coaching down to a veritable science. She makes the unusual step of promising to turn you into a miniature version of her own successful stock trading self in only four weeks. The price at $1,999 is not uncommonly steep for a program from a woman who is rightly admired by her members and even competitors alike. We only wish her refund and cancellation policies were not so harsh. These tend to discourage would-be members who are unfamiliar with her from trying out her excellent and highly praised service.

Petra Picks is a service created by the now-legendary, leading lady of stock trading Petra Hess. Her one-liner that sums up this service is “Give me 4 weeks and I’ll make you a more successful stock trader.” She accomplishes this through the vehicles of her gold trading service, platinum trading service, and most especially her stock market- focused Power Trading System.

In this review, we will be focusing on her proprietary stock picking Power Trading System service that has been widely featured on respected international news and online sites and is even endorsed by a well-respected principal competitor of hers— Jeff Bishop.

Who Is Behind Petra Picks?

Petra Hess could just be the most unusual stock picking guru in this fast-paced industry. This starts with her being the only well-known and widely followed female guru and extends to her unorthodox background. Before she started advising followers on how to trade stocks successfully, she worked in exporting livestock to European countries, loading and transporting Ostriches, producing and marketing cosmetics via shopping networks across the globe, and as a business owner in the critical telecommunications industry.

To call her a self-made millionairess is no overstatement. By 25 she had already minted her first cool million. She jokes that this was back in the “good old days” when a million was actually a substantial sum still. To accomplish this though, she sacrificed her personal time in working never-ending weekly hours to increase her wealth. As she spent most of her time concentrating on her various businesses, she preferred to have a so-called investment professional manage her assets.

This worked out nicely until the Global Financial Crisis wiped out half of her once-lucrative investment portfolio in only a year. Most upsetting to her of all was the fact that her broker professional did not update her on the dismal performance nor contact her with ideas to manage the risk and safeguard her account. Naturally he found it easier to simply not address her and face Petra’s wrath. She was still paying him money management fees even as he lost much of her hard-earned money.

The loss of fully half her net worth was a dramatic wake up call for Petra. She realized finally that she had to assume personal control over her personal finances. The painfully obvious reason for this was that no one else cares nearly as much for your money as do you. So Petra immersed herself head first in order to soak up all that she could about stocks, the markets, and trading them.

Eight years later, Petra has no regrets for this dramatic change of course in her life. She quickly grew into a highly successful trader. Her claim to fame is her proven successful profitable trades that encompass both American and Canadian stocks. In the course of this journey she has distilled her her easy to utilize system down to a precise science.  This has enabled her to reproduce her success in the lives of her clients by showing them precisely and step by step what she does so very well.

What is Petra Picks? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Petra Picks proves to be a highly regarded, documented, and admired by her competitors service. Jeff Bishop is the Director of and a well-liked stock picking guru himself. He claims about his de facto rival Petra Hess that:

“Petra’s easy to follow system moves you along a proven path to becoming a more successful, happier, and wealthier trader and investor.”

Petra has been featured on a wide variety of leading news outlets and online financial sites. These include all of the following:

She has a plethora of proven and verified recent winning trades to fall back on if those are not impressive enough endorsements for you. Look at some of her steady and successful trades listed out below:

  • AMD  +$1,093   |   +10.21%
  • CARB  +$863   |   +8.40%
  • FNSR  +$812   |   +8.48%
  • MEOH  +$670   |   +6.50%
  • MDT  +$797   |   +7.93%
  • EMES  +$617   |   +6.20%
  • WDC  +$703   |   +6.85%
  • ATVI  +$641   |   +6.12%
  • X  +$684   |   +6.60%
  • SHOP  +$638   |   +6.03%
Many competing services offer a one or two month free trial with their services through ClickBank. Petra stands out from the crowd by not offering such a test-drive period. In fact, once you make your upfront payment, it is not refundable at all. You can cancel at any time you wish to though.

What Petra Picks Is Not

Petra Picks turns out to be a coaching and educational program that shows you how to successfully trade for yourself in four weeks. You should not confuse it with some rival computerized trading algorithms though. Her system will not trade automatically on your behalf. It does not include a trading platform from which you can launch your trades. You will have to open up a brokerage account with a (preferably discount) stock broker in order to trade these markets with Petra.

What You Will Receive With Petra Picks

Petra is somewhat secretive about what exactly you receive when you pay your membership fee. It is safe to say that you are getting an educational and coaching component as well as full log in access to her members-only website with the service. Buying into Petra Picks gives you the following:

Petra Picks DVDs and Trading Manual

Petra does not specify if you will receive this in the mail or if it will be streamed to you online. For sure you will be getting Four instructional DVDs of material. These teach you how to trade well and cover all of these topics:

  • Part 1Introduction – The Trader’s Mindset
  • Part 2 – The Foundations of Technical Analysis
  • Part 3 – Risk Management
  • Part 4 – Putting It All Together

This is all crucial to her program theme the “Six Steps to Maximizing Your Trading Profits and Managing Risk.”

Petra Picks Members’ Website and Customer Support

The remainder of the system includes a variety of tools, charts, and indicators that Petra hints at (but does not go into greater detail on) before you purchase her system and program. She also features a regular newsletter with stock pick ideas posted online here and also sent out via email.

In this members-only section, there will be specially designed indicators and charting functions that Petra created, tested, and perfected personally. She may also offer webinars (and system updates as necessary) from time to time. After all, she is selling her personalized coaching services as much as her scientific system.

The members only section will give you unlimited seven days per week, 24 hours per day access to her guidance and wisdom. Customer service includes both a phone and a contact form on the website that allows you to reach Petra and her dedicated support team. This is better than what some rivals offer and less impressive than those competitors who also notably feature a live chat feature directly from their own members-only access website.

How Petra Picks Works

Petra is pretty secretive on how her system works as well. We know that it is heavily based in technical analysis from her four program topics. She does offer three primary ways that it performs to help make you into a superior trader in only four weeks time:

  1. Grow As a Trader – Petra’s coaching instills the skills and trading instincts you must possess to be successful with stock trading consistently and longer term
  2. Grow Your Income – Petra provides you with the tools, insights, and guidance so you can increase your income without having to be chained to your trading desk all the day long
  3. Grow Your Wealth – Higher returns from Petra Picks system means that your trading account size and net worth will increase more rapidly

Petra Picks Cost, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

Petra is a guru par excellence, per competitors’ claims and countless member testimonials. Because of this, it should not come as a great surprise that she is able to charge would-be adherents a hefty fee. The price is $1,999 upfront. For this you get her guidance, coaching, and tools to trade stocks on both the U.S. and Canadian markets for six months. There is no payment plan or monthly payment system in place currently with Petra Picks. You will be paying her organization directly via your credit card and not through ClickBank.

This also means that there is no third party (or any party at all for that matter) refund available with Petra Hess’ system. Her refund policy is quite clear (even bluntly so):

“When a member signs up they immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics, or from the newsletter leads. We do not give refunds. If you sign up, plan on sticking around for the length of your term. There are absolutely no refunds including partial refunds for new promotional events or incorrect coupon code usage as well if you forget billing recurs automatically every six months.

They also employ an auto renewal plan. Just like it sounds, this will automatically bill your credit card on file with each and every renewal term endlessly until you cancel your membership. The cancellation policy is also very straightforward and inflexible. You have to give Petra’s customer service department a two business day notice before your auto renewal hits in order to terminate your account and stop any future charges from recurring.

Pros of Petra Picks

  • Petra has more than eight years experience at this.
  • Among her extensive testimonials from happy clients is an unqualified endorsement from well regarded guru-competitor Jeff Bishop.
  • Her program cost is reasonable according to competitor standards.
  • Petra keeps it simple with a six step process to stock trading success.

Cons of Petra Picks

  • We can't understand why Petra will not give refunds of any amount for any reason.
  • Petra is unclear on whether or not she is mailing you a physical set of DVDs or merely directing you to the four videos worth of training on her member's only access site.

Petra Picks Review Summary

Petra has distilled her system and personalized education and coaching down to a veritable science. She makes the unusual step of promising to turn you into a miniature version of her own successful stock trading self in only four weeks. The price at $1,999 is not uncommonly steep for a program from a woman who is rightly admired by her members and even competitors alike. We only wish her refund and cancellation policies were not so harsh. These tend to discourage would-be members who are unfamiliar with her from trying out her excellent and highly praised service.


Editor rating
Rated 4 stars
User rating
Rated 4.5 stars
  • Vlad
    Posted at 16:52h, 19 October Reply
    • Quality of Service
    • Support & Communication
    • Value for Money
    • Rated 4 stars

    Petra knows a lot about stock picks and her program is easy enough to follow but keep in mind that there is no magic, you have to put in the work and be willing to lose. Do not invest any sum of money in stock trading that you canno t afford to lose.

  • Harriet Mancini
    Posted at 01:51h, 14 January Reply
    • Quality of Service
    • Support & Communication
    • Value for Money
    • Rated 5 stars

    I tried several stock picking services and newsletters in the past year and Petra picks is the first one that helped me actually trade better. I experienced a small ROI on the first month of my membership. Nothing major but it’s promising so I’m going to keep following Petra’s stock pics and see where this takes me. I’m optimistic that if the future months go like the first, I’ll see some great returns this year!

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