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Nicola Delic Review Summary:

Nicola Delic has only been involved with finance and Forex over the past seven years. Yet despite this, he has grown into one of the premier traders, analysts, and educators from the Balkans. Today he holds posts such as the Singapore Grand Capital fund's chief executive officer, Elliott Wave Maestro's trading coach, and Elliott Wave Forex Signals' analyst. He also keeps busy writing various articles for some of the most important Forex web sites on the planet. Over these years, he has developed a passion for educating other Forex traders.

Nicola Delic Review

The world of Foreign Exchange, or FOREX, is the largest single market on the planet. It attracts traders from countries on every inhabited continent. Many of these traders are looking for a guru guide.  The key is to find the right guru who has a wide variety of experience.

On this page we will consider Nicola Delic, a relative newcomer to the scene who has rapidly excelled in a range of Forex areas, along with his popular and easy to use Forex trading systems and products.

Nicola Delic Introduction

Nicola Delic has only been involved with finance and Forex over the past six plus years. Yet despite this, he has grown into one of the premier traders, analysts, and educators from the Balkans. Today he holds posts such as the Singapore Grand Capital fund’s chief executive officer, Elliott Wave Maestro’s trading coach, and Elliott Wave Forex Signals’ analyst. He also keeps busy writing various articles for some of the most important Forex web sites on the planet. Over these years, he has developed a passion for educating other Forex traders. Delic prides himself on his combination of analyses that he utilizes in picking trades. These are both fundamental and technical kinds of analysis. We’ll examine the center piece of his technical analysis in more detail below.

Nicola Delic Background and Trading Start

This Forex guru did not get his start seeking to become a part of the exciting world of foreign exchange. Nicola says that his introduction to trading in general and eventually Forex markets in particular started when he accidentally clicked on a Wall Street Warriors’ video by mistake. This originally fired his interest in penny stocks as he saw legendary guru Timothy Sykes successfully trading them from the comfort of his apartment home. Sykes was making a lot of money, which piqued the interest of Delic.

The irony is that Nicola did not end up pursuing stocks despite the fact that Tim Sykes was his original inspiration. After a few days of Internet searches with Google seeking to learn more about trading, penny stocks, and stocks, he stumbled across and begin learning about the universe of foreign currency trading. It only took him a few days to decide that Forex presented greater opportunities to make significant gains. He understood that penny stocks were lucrative if traded successfully, but they needed a larger amount of capital to start with than currency trading required.

Nicola’s Initial Start and Setbacks

Nicola decided to first educate himself on currencies as thoroughly as he could. He obtained and worked his way through 20 different books on the subject. Only after he felt like he had a solid base did he open up his currency trading brokerage account. Yet his first year did not go well. By the conclusion of it, he took stock of his initial $500 in the account. It was obvious to Delic that he had more and higher amounts of losers than winners. It had only taken him his first year to watch his upfront capital drop by a sobering 50 percent.

Nicola Delic’s Discovery of Elliott Wave

You can see that Nicola did not have an easy start before he became the Forex trading guru that he is today. What changed things for him was his quest to find a means for better guiding his trades. What he came across was the theory of Elliott Wave Impact. He originally heard about it when searching across a number of forums for advice on trading. Delic decided to purchase and tackle the authoritative Elliott Wave Principle that guru Robert Prechter had written on the subject.

It took Nicola two reads through the excellent but complex book to begin to grasp the difficult material on Elliott Waves. Yet by the second time through, he recognized that this strategy had a track record that had proven itself for nearly a hundred years. Delic made it his obsession to master the Elliott Wave method. Nicola says that he spent at least eight hours per day practicing with the theory and its various subtleties. He claims that this was what made all the difference for his trading abilities, which dramatically improved as a result. Now his winning percentages of trades began to rise while his losers began to decline. It became the foundation of his technical analysis.

Interestingly enough, Delic gives credit to his level of comfort with the Elliott Wave Theory for helping him to learn how to control his emotions. Trading emotions had been a significant problem for him before. Nicola felt that he had a better handle on the amounts the currency markets would go up or down thanks to Elliott Wave. He also understood better where to put in his stop loss orders.

Nicola Delic’s Life After Forex Trading

Nicola is an interesting individual for another reason. Like many traders and gurus, he did not want to work a standard eight hour day and have to answer to a boss. Yet despite this independent spirit, he certainly does not shy away from putting in the hours to make his systems and trading a success. The guru claims that he works many 20 hour days in pursuit of his passion.

Nicola Delic on Working His Way Up the Financial Markets’ Ladder

This mentor is unusual in how he worked his way up to become a guru in the first place. Nicola Delic opened his first business in 2010. He called this company Singapore Grand Capital. His initial motivation with this firm was to share his growing skills and abilities in trading Forex. He wanted to focus on retail traders and consulting for them. This does not mean that success came easy for him in the endeavor either. Delic recalls that he spent nearly a year of intense efforts and major marketing in order to land his original client.

He was able to sustain the fledgling company during this difficult time thanks to the successful results of his trading. It allowed him to continue pouring development and marketing money into Singapore Grand Capital which would eventually become a Forex hedge fund based on Nicola’s fundamental and technical analysis techniques that heavily leaned on Elliott Wave theory. Though it was a struggle and an effort to build up this company, Delic states that it was a terrific life experience.

Delic was not satisfied with only trading and growing his new company. He knew he could learn still more and increase his experience at the same time by working for other important financial universe companies. Here are the firms where he served in those years starting in 2010:

  • Instaforex – as an Educator and Senior Analyst
  • Elliott Wave-Forecast – as an Analyst
  • FTI Consulting – as a Trader and Analyst
  • Tivat Investment – as a Chief Trader
  • Forex Money – as a Senior Analyst

In each of these capacities, Nicola says he both contributed to the companies and their clients and increased his experience and skills. Today he is able to claim that he is truly proud of his trading.

Nicola Delic’s Following

In the intervening years since 2010, Nicola Delic has built up his following and membership base. Today he claims to have approximately 1,000 individual members. His members who reside in countries around the globe are either subscribers to his coaching and training services or his Forex system forecasts.

Nicola Delic’s Work Ethic and Trading Values

This is one of the hardest working gurus in the Forex industry to listen to him talk about the long hours he puts in on behalf of his clients and trading. Even on weekends, Delic is often pulling 20 hour days. It is not just long hours that have helped to make him such a success in his Forex trading and teaching though. Nicola claims four different principles and values that he based his work upon and teaches his followers. These include:

  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Strict Risk Management
  • Stringent Money Management

The Scientific Approach Of Nicola’s Trading Systems

The various indicators and prediction models that Nicola Delic has come up with for his services are not merely based on his own intuition and natural ability. He uses scientific approaches to his trading. This includes a range of technical analysis strategies. The one which he credits the most is Elliott Wave Theory. Delic does not like to go into the fine details of this theory as it is complex and difficult for most people to grasp. What he does say is that understanding the various wave patterns gives him guidance and confidence on where the markets are going specifically and at what points he should look to take profits and set stop losses.

What Are the Realistic Gains and Growth Returns if the System is Carefully Followed?

It is noteworthy that Nicola Delic does not give out any single anticipated return for his various systems which he has launched in the past. He does admit that the leverage of the Forex markets (where individuals can often control even one hundred thousand sized positions of currency pairs for only a thousand dollars) allows for spectacular returns. These can be in the hundreds of percents.

Nicola Delic’s  Future Plans to Give Back

Something we really like about this guru is that he does not only have plans to enlarge his personal fortune through his own trading and helping others to learn. Over the coming five to ten years, he is planning to branch out in an unexpected direction. He hopes to retire from full-time teaching and trading at some point in the next one to two years. Delic then plans to spend much of his time setting up and running a charity foundation that will assist individuals in need.

This does not mean that he will completely give up trading, which has become a huge part of his life, but it does mean that he will offer less mentoring in the future. If you are interested in learning from Nicola and his great trading success that he has enjoyed since the year 2010, now would be a good time to consider his newest trading system. It seems pretty clear that he will not be offering so many of them after a few more years.

In the next section, we will consider the various systems, products, and educational materials that Nicola Delic has offered in the past and currently offers to you.

Nicola Delic’s Forex Trading System Products

Nicola Delic’s four different offerings involve more than just absorbing his unique methods and trading systems. He is big on educating his followers through teaching manuals and DVDs which he builds his systems around. Here are his various systems which Delic offers to forex traders:

Forex Master Levels

Forex Master Levels is the newest offering from Nicola Delic rolled out in November of 2017. This follow up to Scientific Trading Machine was highly anticipated after Delic’s last system quickly sold out. As with his prior systems, buyers of Forex Master Levels are getting a physical product. This includes both a component of manuals and DVDs received in the mail as well as an online membership website portion with webinars and updates to the system. The DVD’s and manuals are all about teaching new and would-be traders so that they gain an education on the foreign exchange markets and also learn how to trade more successfully. The system is estimated to have a value of over $3,000, but it retails for under a third as much.

When you order Forex Master Levels you get all of the following in the mail and online:

  • Four Instructional DVDs – DVD 1 Indicators, DVD 2 System Rules, DVD 3 Example Trades, DVD 4 Live Trades
  • Trading Manual – printed in full color
  • Access to members-only area and website – half of the system is found on Nicola’s website
  • Customized indicators – developed and coded by Delic
  • Forex Master Levels Dashboard – a real time dashboard
  • Regular webinars – and also updates to the system
  • Dedicated customer support – which includes online and phone support to answer any questions that pertain to the course

The system is limited to the first 100 individuals who enroll. Delic claims that this is so that they can concentrate their attention on the members who participate. The good news if you have any doubts about it is that there is a 60 day, full, no questions asked money back refund policy. Click Bank administers this refund so you know it is ironclad.

The cost for this course is $997 if you make a single payment. For those who prefer to split the payment up into two parts, the price is $1,100 (two payments of $500). This means that paying upfront in a single lump sum saves a significant $103.

Scientific Trading Machine

Nicola Delic’s 2016 entree into the full tangible package system Scientific Trading Machine included a number of components which were physically mailed out as well. This set it apart from many of the Forex systems offered at the time. Buyers received manuals, DVDs and software. This system did not heavily push the online part, which made it ideal for those individuals who were afraid of Internet-based learning.

It includes the following components:

  • Trading Manual – laid out in a step by step format
  • Four DVD disks – covering topics ranging from how to think like a trader, the basics of using the Meta Trader 4 platform, and how to trade responsibly to using the system’s indicators, locating the best setups, and general trading
  • Scientific Trading Machine – the software to physically install on your computer or laptop
  • Tutorial Guide – intended to sit on your desk to refresh yourself on the system rules as you engage in trading
  • Optional members zone – with webinars and a forum for asking system creator Nicola Delic questions

The system was touted with requiring anywhere from only half an hour to three hours to learn. Scientific Trading Machine claimed to provide gains of even a thousand dollars in a trading day. It is the proprietary indicators that make this possible. The guides are overflowing with real-world knowledge of not only trading but also how to feel confident in moving around the various Forex markets.

With an intended audience of those individuals who are not necessarily tech savvy or at all comfortable with financial markets, it was designed to be as user friendly as possible. As with Forex Master Levels, this system originally cost $997. At time of publication, the system was available in limited quantities at no cost (besides shipping and handling) as a promo for the new Forex Master Levels system.

Elliott Wave DNA

Elliott Wave DNA was the earliest incarnation of Nicola Delic’s physical systems that you received at your home in the mail. As the title suggests, this offering was heavily based on Elliott Wave Theory indicators. It included the following components:

  • Six DVDs – covering all of the topics on effectively using the system as well as the basics of Forex trading
  • Training Manual – a printed training guide in handbook format that complements the trading steps covered in the DVDs. The instructions are detailed. The manual was intended to accommodate those who learn best through reading
  • Members Area – this access (available only to the program members) primarily provided a forum for discussion with other members and the ability to interact with Nicola

Elliott Wave DNA was originally offered at $997 but is officially sold out and is no longer available today.

Singapore Grand Capital

Singapore Grand Capital is the original foreign exchange hedge fund that Nicola started. He offers membership to it today on a limited basis. The trades are based on the proven system and strategies of the Elliott Wave Theory.  Membership in this fund is only available through recommendation of a currently existing member.

Mentor’s Products

Nicola Delic provides a significant range of past and present Forex picking systems and services for you. These are his:

Pros of Nicola Delic

  • The guru offers a Master Video Series which teaches his systems to new followers.
  • Nicola Delic's newest system features two algorithm-driven indicators which make finding trades both easy and quick.
  • Delic the guru includes his beloved three earlier systems as well as seven other systems and books in the form of bonus materials for joining his system ND10X.
  • His value for money means that most everyone can afford to take on Delic as a guru.

Cons of Nicola Delic

  • Delic has a confusing refund policy which could discourage some would be subscribers who are not convinced yet.

Nicola Delic Review Summary

Nicola Delic has only been involved with finance and Forex over the past seven years. Yet despite this, he has grown into one of the premier traders, analysts, and educators from the Balkans. Today he holds posts such as the Singapore Grand Capital fund's chief executive officer, Elliott Wave Maestro's trading coach, and Elliott Wave Forex Signals' analyst. He also keeps busy writing various articles for some of the most important Forex web sites on the planet. Over these years, he has developed a passion for educating other Forex traders.


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