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Nathan Gold Review Summary:

He is most often known by his moniker the Penny Stock Egghead. Gold began his early career as a stock picker when he was an entirely anonymous teenage math savant. He employed his innate abilities to correctly forecast the price movements of penny stocks, which he became fascinated by at a young age. Nowadays, Nathan puts this genius ability to work helping out his many thousands of lifetime subscribers to make significant profits by getting his weekly alert and newsletter service working in their own trading corners.

Nathan Gold Review

It seems like there are as many stock pickers as there are clouds in the sky these days. This does not mean that all of them live up to their reputation, or that their sometimes wild claims of success are true. There are also a number of legitimate gurus, mentors, and teachers on the market today. They cannot all be as legendary as “Superman” Paul Scolardi, as competition-winning as Toshko Raychev, as accomplished and envied as Timothy Sykes, nor as well reviewed as Jason Bond or Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International.

Yet one humble and limelight-averse guru who you are sure to come across among the successful gurus and mentors is Nathan Gold. He is affectionately known by his own self-deprecating title as the Penny Stock Egghead. On this page, we will explore his shy background, accomplishments in trading and teaching, endorsements of his fanatically devoted followers, and several products which the self-styled “geeky” math nerd can offer to share with you for your own individual trading.

Nathan Gold Introduction

If you have not heard of Nathan Gold before, you can be forgiven for this. He is most often known by his moniker the Penny Stock Egghead. Nathan Gold is not even his real name, as he freely admits upfront on his website. It is a persona he created, much like a nom de pleu a writer would use to hide his true identity. Nathan says that he hates the spotlight, does not deal well with publicity, and is not even much of a social individual according to his own friends. This is why he jealously and religiously guards his real identity and privacy, much like one of the superheroes of comic book fame (though ironically fellow stock picking and marketing genius guru “Superman” Paul Scolardi is free enough with his real name).

What we do know about Nathan Gold is what this admitted brainy math nerd chooses to share with us, and it is plenty interesting enough. Gold began his early career as a stock picker when he was an entirely anonymous teenage math savant. He employed his innate abilities to correctly forecast the price movements of penny stocks, which he became fascinated by at a young age. Nowadays, Nathan puts this genius ability to work helping out his many thousands of lifetime subscribers to make significant profits by getting his weekly alert and newsletter service working in their own trading corners.

Nathan Gold utilized his new system well, and in time he earned a personal fortune from finding and trading the best penny stocks. In time he began writing about and sharing his personal fortune-making penny stock picks in a weekly newsletter and alerts system he set up for the clients of his new Penny Stock Egghead subscription service. This newsletter would go out each end of the week and include a good five pages of useful information and research backing a stock pick.

In the newsletter, Gold also gave out updates on his prior picks from the past weeks. As he provides updates on which stocks to sell and which ones he called that never hit entry targets, this means the newsletter is a one-stop shop for his proprietary system and picks. It makes the newsletter a useful investor’s guide that obliterates the need of spending endless hours researching how to invest. Thanks to this service, you do not need to live attached to your desktop or laptop computer any longer.

Nathan Gold’s Background and Accomplishments

Nathan Gold has countless hours of experience in trading markets for his own account personally. Today he spends more time researching micro-cap stock opportunities and analyzing the markets so that he can provide high-quality picks to his family of many thousands of subscribers. One thing that Gold’s followers consistently rave about is that he also provides the reasoning behind his picks so that the people he is asking to trust him have confidence in doing so.  Below we’ll look at some of the ways he has excelled in these areas of trading, teaching, and mentoring his legions of followers.

The Keys to Nathan Gold’s Success as a Teacher

Nathan Gold is one guru who puts his proverbial money where his mouth is. This is to say that he also trades the picks he issues every single week. In such a way, his paying subscribers can feel like they are trading literally alongside their beloved guru, mentor, and teacher who has not only an established track record but enough confidence in his own ideas to trade them personally.

The second key to Nathan’s enduring success teaching his stock trading picks is that he keeps it simple. Unlike many other rival gurus who blow out one stock recommendation after another to their following, Gold has what he calls his “One Trade A Week Club.” The members of this alerts and email newsletter service receive a single pick each week. Along with the one recommendation comes the reasoning, research, and justification behind the pick, as well as the precise entry and exit points for the trade.

Nathan Gold On Penny Stocks

One thing you get to know about Nathan Gold very quickly is that he has one type of trade he loves at the expense of all other types of stocks. These are penny stocks. Nathan’s reasoning behind why penny stocks are the ultimate vehicle for investing is hard to argue against. While the major investment companies concentrate their efforts on large and mega cap stocks because they possess enough volume and outstanding shares to absorb their huge buys, smaller retail investors are able to focus on the plentiful penny stocks which have relatively few shares outstanding. This gives you an arena in which you can actually compete against the big boys of Wall Street and their lightning fast computers and impressive yet dizzying algorithms.

The problem is how you can know which of the penny stocks are great opportunities and which are doomed to failure. Nathan claims that over 97 percent of penny stocks are worthless and overpriced even at only pennies per share. Yet if you can find (as he has) the three percent that are diamonds in the rough, then you can become fabulously rich in only a matter of months. This is what the Penny Stock Egghead does via emails. He sends you the very best penny stock picks which he sees taking off in only a matter of from days to weeks. Just look at some of his now well-known, one-time penny stock success stories below:

It is hard to argue with this kind of success. These are merely a few of Nathan Gold’s documented triumphant success story picks from the last few years too.

Nathan Gold’s Philosophy on Penny Stock Trading – The “One Trade A Week Team”

Nathan Gold has an exacting system through which he forces any potential penny stock candidates before they even become possible contenders for his coveted pick of the week. He calls this stock grinder the “Gold’s Gauntlet.” This rigorous selection process involves a brutal 17 step qualification check list which any possible consideration must meet in order to even be considered a candidate for one of his weekly picks.

The magic of the Penny Stock Egghead is that he has uncovered a system that allows him to pick apart these tiny companies to see which are the real deal and which are hopeless. He begins by thoroughly investigating the insider trading positions of both the institutions and the insiders who hold large positions. He is interested to learn if they are insider selling or not. He also cross checks each possibility for short squeezes based on the historical data as well as the positions of the major shareholders. Next he back tests the stocks to see how they responded historically to high volume trades in the past.

Once Gold has exhaustively completed all of these and other steps, he begins his tireless charting of the candidate penny stocks. He is looking for bullish patterns and potential ideal trade setups to learn when is the best possible price point to recommend the stocks he has chosen. After he has learned the optimal entry and exit points of his chosen few finalists, he picks out the best of the best and emails his followers that one pick. Nathan makes sure he provides enough detailed information for you to purchase the stock while the price is still low so that you will be able to reach the appropriate gain threshold to make enough money to make the risk worth taking.

Nathan does all of this charting, researching, and graphing on your behalf so that every week he can send you out the very best penny stock tip. It is then up to you as his follower to choose whether to act on the week’s given pick, paper trade it to see what will happen, or sit it out and wait for the next opportunity in another week.

Nathan Gold’s Endorsements and Track Record

Nathan Gold is a relative recluse in the world of stock picking traders. This camera shy quality helps to explain why he has very little in the way of endorsements outside of his trading family of followers, who are fiercely devoted to him. In this section, we will consider some of the guru’s few endorsements and look at his impressive track record of success.

Nathan Gold’s Subscriber Base

Nathan Gold counts more than 15,000 paid subscribers among his legions of devoted followers. This has helped to earn him the envied slot of one of the top and best selling stock picking services in penny stocks for three years in a row. His followers hail from all parts of the world. As a comparison, “Superman” Paul Scolardi boasts of around 60,000 free Twitter followers. The trading man of steel is the second most successful guru on (behind only founder Timothy Sykes).

Nathan Gold as Mentor With An Impressive Track Record

Nathan Gold does not offer any specifically mentoring programs aside from his primary proprietary service as the Penny Stock Egghead, but he is a mentor in every sense of the word. He is justifiably proud of his track records from most every year in which he has been offering this penny stock picking service. Look below to see Nathan Gold demonstrate how his nine trades over a nine month period could have turned only $500 into over $3.4 million. If this is not mentoring, then we don’t know what is:

Nathan Gold’s Types of Trades and Stock Picks

One thing that sets Nathan Gold apart from most of his rivals in the stock picking universe is the fact that he does only one type of stock trade. That is penny stocks. Some of his competitors have two to three different strategies and even trade more than one type of stock. Nathan keeps it simple. The Penny Stock Egghead would rather you have only the one penny stock pick per week and concentrate all of your efforts on getting this one right. With him and for his subscribers, it is all about quality instead of quantity. This is what truly separates him from the competition in the world of gurus and what makes his products and services more or less unique.

In the rest of this Nathan Gold page, we will look at this guru’s penny stock picking services he offers.

Nathan Gold Stock Picking Products and Services

Nathan Gold provides a few highly focused stock picking products and services from which you can choose. Here we will consider his free trading guides, weekly newsletter, and subscription-based membership alerts service.

Nathan Gold Free Quick Start Trading Guides

Nathan Gold has prepared several different trading guides, which are as close to supplemental educational material or manuals as he offers with his various services. These are:

  • Penny Stock Trading Quick Start Guide
  • How to Get the Absolute Best Deal on a Stock Brokerage Account – as its name implies, this guide walks you through the steps to select and establish your brokerage account; Nathan goes through the top online brokers that his members have utilized and recommended over the years

Both of these are free bonuses provided to lifetime subscribers when you pay your $97 one-time subscription fee f0r the service.

Nathan Gold’s One Pick A Week Club Newsletter

Nathan Gold is also offering a weekly newsletter on penny stocks and the opportunities he sees in them each week. One time per week, he sends out his much-anticipated single pick of the week along with the justification for it and the reasoning behind it so that everyone can understand what they are buying into with his recommendation. Subscribers have the ability to choose to receive this either via text message alert or as an email.

This usually Friday-dispatched newsletter is written so skillfully and understandably that experts, novices, and new to trading levels of individual traders can grasp the concepts and ideas. His price is so reasonable precisely because it is a one-time only fee that guarantees you receive this newsletter for life (or as long as he publishes it anyway).

Another thing that separates Nathan Gold’s weekly email newsletter from the many competitors is that unlike those rivals who focus only on technical analysis, he also includes a lot of fundamental analysis with his proprietary piece. This makes it a standout for the space of penny stock picking newsletters.

Nathan has developed this penny stock picking newsletter art into a science. He exhaustively reviews the various companies’ business lines, going relentlessly through their business plans, strategies, products or services, and operations. This is why his newsletter provides a more valuable service than simply examining the technicals of the stock or even its financials. When all is said and done, only the most appealing candidate remains to go out in the weekly newsletter.

Yet Nathan also charts the penny stocks which he is fundamentally analyzing, making this a two-pronged attack strategy. Once he finds the right stocks, he is interested in getting the right entry point for his subscribers (and his own account). You get the alert in the body of the emailed or SMS-texted newsletter hot from his desk and full of his proprietary analysis and information. He promises this will be in time for you to catch the stock at his recommended entry point. Most importantly for a successful trade, he also provides you with his targeted exit points so that you know when to take your profits.

The newsletter cost is included with your lifetime membership fee of $97 to the subscription service.

Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead Subscription Based Service

Nathan Gold’s primary service is his members-only, subscription-based alerts service platform. He is delivering weekly updates on his pick of the week and prior picks of the weeks which are still open and live trades. You get the weekly newsletter, the quick start and selecting a broker guides, and the alerts update service throughout the week with Penny Stock Egghead membership.

Probably the most unique facet of Gold’s service is the fact that he is only charging a one time, lifelong membership fee of $97. There are no monthly service charges or hidden fees beyond this ridiculously reasonable price. He personally offers you a full eight week money back guarantee. He says on his site that he insists you email him for the refund at the end of the eight weeks if you are not completely satisfied with the service.

You do not know Nathan Gold or even his real name, so you could be skeptical of this guarantee, but you do not have to be. Click Bank the most trusted administrator of stock picking service products in the world runs the subscription based service for him. They also guarantee a full 100 percent, 60 days, no questions asked money back guarantee.

While there are not many metrics measuring the success of the Penny Stock Egghead program, the reviews from third party reviewing operations are universally positive, which is an impressive accomplishment by any measure. Trading Reviews says “only one stock to watch and decide to buy each week. Since time is money this is a smart investment in the limited time you have for investing and is an excellent use of your investment dollars.”

Warrior Forum includes real user reviews like, “The Egghead is a good guy and the letter is doing very well for the few affiliates he has. If you are in this niche, you should jump on.”

This service costs a $97 one time flat fee for life.

Mentor’s Products

Nathan Gold provides several stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

  • Free trading guides
  • One Pick A Week Club weekly newsletter
  • Penny Stock Egghead Membership service

Pros of Nathan Gold

  • Nathan Gold is a guru who produces newsletters that appeal to everyone from novice to advanced trader.
  • Gold has advised heads of companies in the past.
  • The guru is famous for providing the rationale and reasoning behind his recommendations.

Cons of Nathan Gold

  • Gold is not longer accepting clients to his flagship service.

Nathan Gold Review Summary

He is most often known by his moniker the Penny Stock Egghead. Gold began his early career as a stock picker when he was an entirely anonymous teenage math savant. He employed his innate abilities to correctly forecast the price movements of penny stocks, which he became fascinated by at a young age. Nowadays, Nathan puts this genius ability to work helping out his many thousands of lifetime subscribers to make significant profits by getting his weekly alert and newsletter service working in their own trading corners.


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