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Matt Morris Review Summary:

Matt Morris is a guru who started out teaching you the best ways to find the few successful penny stock gems hidden in the proverbial penny stock mine. He started his newsletter and Microcap Millionaires stock picking service in 2008 once he discovered that he had a natural ability for selecting penny stocks that made money. The system that Matt uncovered and developed initially with his penny stock picking prowess was called his “Penny Pump Finder Strategy.” Since then he has expanded into several other arenas through the Microcap Millionaires newsletter.

Matt Morris Review

Penny stock trading is a whole different world. These microcap stocks have earned a sinister reputation with many investors and traders because of stock promoters who are paid and pump and dump strategies. The trick in trading them is to steer clear of these con artists and hucksters. The good news is that there are a few very well-regarded penny stock pickers in the marketplace today if you are interested in learning to trade this potentially highly rewarding space. Nathan Gold the Penny Stock Egghead is one of these.

Another guru who offers even more products and services than Nathan is Matt Morris of Microcap Millionaires‘ newsletter and subscriber service fame. Matt knows that you can lose all of your investment with these penny stocks if you are not careful or you receive poor information. He also has personally seen and helped his followers and subscribers to benefit from the massive returns these tiny stocks return if only you only can get really good information on them in a timely manner.

On this page, we will examine his background, accomplishments in teaching and newsletter writing, as well as his endorsements and testimonials from his highly enthusiastic followers and subscribers, and the range of products which he shares with you to help you in your personal penny stock trading strategies.

Matt Morris Introduction

Matt Morris has one claim to fame— he can teach you the best ways to find the few successful penny stock gems hidden in the proverbial penny stock mine. In other words, he wants to help you learn how to profit both reliably and safely in the perilous universe of penny stocks. With this in mind, he started his newsletter and Microcap Millionaires stock picking service in 2008 once he discovered that he had a natural ability for selecting penny stocks that made money. He had already been trading successfully for himself for a number of years when he set up this teaching and writing service for traders just like you who were interested in discovering the best ways to trade the smallest capitalized stocks as if you are some sort of a company insider or professional trader.

The system which Matt uncovered and developed with his penny stock picking prowess is called his “Penny Pump Finder Strategy.” His strategy is not merely a pirated bunch of someone else’s heady trading schemes. Instead it is a proven and tested over time trading method that he personally created and tested using the old fashioned method of trial and error. He ultimately fine tuned it by trading his own account and money. This is one thing we really admire about Morris. He really puts his own money where his mouth is.

Matt has expanded on his original service over the years and now offers more than just his original newsletter service. In this section, we will consider Matt’s background and various accomplishments, philosophy on penny stocks, newsletter writing, teaching skills, and penny stock trading.

Matt Morris’ Background and Accomplishments

Matt Morris has an interesting but sketchy background you can find out about online. His accomplishments are also not as extensive and impressive as some gurus like Timothy Sykes or “Superman” Paul Scolardi nor as well reviewed as Jason Bond or Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International. He has not won any competitions for trading like Forex system and teaching legend Toshko Raychev.

Yet as newsletter writers go, he is in a class all by himself. Below we’ll consider some of the philosophies he espouses and his accomplishments in the important areas of newsletter writing, teaching, and trading.

Matt Morris On Penny Stocks, Paid Promoters, and Real Gurus

Matt Morris has strong opinions regarding penny stocks. First of all, he believes sincerely that only a handful of the countless tiny penny stocks which the paid promoters and pump and dumpers push will actually increase significantly in price level. Yet despite this admission, Morris is confident that he can dig out those few concealed diamonds of the micro cap universe and show you the best and safest way to profit from them.

Matt also feels that the majority of subscribers to various competing services on penny stocks will lose money trading such micro stocks. He says that the reason is because they do not follow the rules precisely. It is not so much that other gurus are not capable of picking out winning stocks, but rather that many traders will not buy the stocks at the right entry point, follow the recommendations in selling the stock at the suggested cash out point, or take the stop loss out point that the mentor specifies. This is why these types of traders who deviate from the prescribed formula or system are the ones who lose the most, experiencing sometimes enormous losses.

Matt also is quick to point out that not all penny stock advisory and prediction systems are equal. There are too many cases out there of the gurus accepting commissions to promote stocks for money. This is a short-sighted policy that nonetheless makes them money as they are constantly churning their subscribers who ultimately lose money when the promoted stock price suddenly collapses after the campaign has concluded and the eager buyers disappear. Genuine gurus and stock pickers steer clear of this unethical practice and refuse to accept money for stock promotions to their trusting followers, Matt says.

He strongly feels that real penny stock pickers help you their followers to avoid such paid promotion scams. Instead, they base their predictions and price entry and exit points on their own proprietary research and analyses of micro-cap stock picks.

Matt Morris the Newsletter Writer

Matt Morris is probably best known for his skills and success as a newsletter writer. His aptly named Matt Morris Penny Stock Newsletter has been a crowd favorite of the penny stock picking set for around a decade now. Matt himself posts a number of his best follower testimonials on his own Microcap Millionaires website. The fact that so many of his subscribers have been with him (paying) for so long is a major endorsement. Just look at some of his fans’ and followers’ testimonials:

This newsletter is called a fantastic starting point for those would-be traders who have no to little trading background. Numerous reviewers of stock picking service systems claim that with the guidance that Matt provides through his long-lasting newsletter, you can begin to pick out your own winning trades even if you have never even traded stocks before hand.

What makes this guru’s beloved newsletter so very popular and widely followed is that he does so much more than simply divulge his personal picks and recommended entry and exit points of the various micro-cap stocks. In the newsletter, Morris clearly explains his reasoning for why each pick is a good option. He goes out of his way to make his legions of loyal subscribers feel that they have gained sufficient knowledge to begin to make such picks and come up with ideas on their own.

For those who are far away from becoming independent or quasi-independent on investing in penny stocks, Matt has got you covered as well. He provides you with all of the appropriate entry, exit, and stop out price points so that ultimately all you have to do is to input the trade data then hold on fast to the rules of the particular position (ie not randomly or emotionally deciding to override your stop loss and hang on to a losing position that craters quickly on you). In other words, if only you can follow through with his suggested entry prices, target prices, and stop out prices, then you will not have to do any of the research yourself, or even to understand what he is explaining to you as the justification for the trade if you do not want. Yet Morris will still insist that you do not put too much of your limited investment capital into any one trade, nor exceed a fixed amount into one trade that could possibly go bad.

The Keys to Matt Morris’ Success as a Teacher

Matt Morris does not have any specific teaching or mentoring programs as part of his service, but he is certainly teaching in a very real sense with the way he writes his newsletters every day. This is undoubtedly why so many of his long time subscribers are still with him a decade later.

Matt also is free to admit his mistakes. Unlike some know it all gurus, he is quick to point out that no one can be right 100 percent of the time. He comes clean on his promotional web site with the acknowledgement that he will have occasional losses in the treacherous world of micro-cap stock trading. Yet he promises his followers that if you follow his teaching and stick to his system rules precisely, then your winners will vastly overshadow your losers when all is said and done. This means that his success as a teacher comes down to your success as a listener and follower. You will have to agree to closely and clearly obey his various timings for selling and buying the trades, consent to his recommended profit margins, and stick with his recommended stop loss orders or you will more likely suffer a devastating loss than if you had strictly listened to him.

Matt Morris’ Philosophy on Penny Stock Trading

Matt Morris has a few specific types of stock scenarios that he loves best when he is picking out the finalists for his daily newsletters. He tends to go for those stocks which are on the edge of tipping into bankruptcy. An example of this is the shipping sector that has been out of favor more or less since the Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession of 2008-2009. Stocks that have declined from $10 per share to a mere under $1 per share can quickly and powerfully vault back higher.

Besides these strategies, Morris also likes reverse merger stocks, what he calls sleeper stocks that have had a dramatic sudden fall and are likely to quickly recover at least somewhat, and his quick-flipping stocks.

Matt Morris’ Endorsements and Track Record

In this section, we will consider some of the guru’s more significant endorsements and look at his impressive following that staunchly clings to his newsletter and paid subscription service.

Matt Morris Microcap Millionaires As Published On

Matt’s signature newsletter and subscriber service has been very well published over the past decade since he started the service. These are all household names. Just look at some of his as published on credentials in the graphic below:

Matt Morris’ Completely Free Trial Offer

Part of what has so endeared Matt to his countless fans and followers is his completely free trial. This is not only a risk-free opportunity to read one of his newsletters and test trade around two to three free stock picks, it is a completely free and no credit card required promotion. With this, Morris is really proving his confidence in his system and picks. He will give away the up to three free picks as well as one or two of his common strategies to assist you in getting started, all in exchange for your email address.

Matt Morris’ Types of Trades and Stock Picks

The guru has basically three different categories of penny stock picks that he likes and deploys in his alerts’ service and newsletter recommendations. These are his:

  1. Bottom Bouncer Picks
  2. Quick Flip Alerts – which come in the form of emailed or texted alerts and include buy order and sell order pricing
  3. Bankruptcy Billions – the micro-cap stocks which dramatically soar higher after they have first plunged from their typically long time price average

As with a number of his rival stock picking gurus, Morris maintains a “Watch List” of stock picks that he wants his followers to bide their time on and simply watch so that the community can buy these at the appropriate time and price point.

In the rest of this Matt Morris page, we will look at this guru’s penny stock picking services and products that he offers.

Matt Morris Stock Picking Products and Services

Matt Morris provides a comparatively few highly focused stock picking products and services from which you can choose. Here we will consider his Trading Strategy Course, free weekly newsletter and paid daily version of it, subscription-based membership, updating alerts service, and educational videos and transcripts.

Matt Morris Trading Strategy Course

Matt Morris has developed an impressive three DVD video and two book manual trading strategy course for interested followers. These are sold under his Microcap Millionaires flagship brand and are pictured below:

Many times he offers these as a free bonus for signing up for his monthly subscription membership service. When they are not on offer, the value is a one time $97 cost.

Matt Morris’ Free Penny Stock Newsletter

A signature Matt Morris centerpiece of his operation is and always has been his free weekly penny stock newsletter. He gives this out to any interested party in exchange for only your email address. This comes with anywhere from two to three free fresh picks and a penny stock trading strategy or two as well, as this graphic from Matt’s Microcap Millionaires site shows to the right:

This should not be confused with the roughly daily newsletters that his subscribers who pay receive. They are the same format but have insider details on the current and prospective Matt Morris picks. They provide you with the necessary back story, trading instructions, and all relevant and pertinent information you need in order to succeed in the buying and selling of his various carefully researched penny stock trading ideas. Thanks to Morris detailing both the exact entry and exit points, he does not leave you any guess work when you are following his precision advice.

Still, the 100 percent free version of the newsletter does come with some terrific bonuses. These are as follows:

  • Matt’s educational videos which will teach you what you need to know regarding small cap stock options
  • His “Penny Stock Basics” PDF file that helps to get you started with the central concepts and terminology
  • His emailed hot penny stock watch list
  • Two completely free recommendations for penny stocks; sometimes he provides three

This is a lot more than practically anyone else on the stock picking market today is giving you for free.

Matt Morris’ MicroCap Millionaires Subscription-Based Service

Matt Morris’ primary service is his members-only, subscription-based alerts service platform called MicroCap Millionaires.  You get the daily emailed newsletter, a chat room type of forum, and his educational materials. He founded this service back in 2008, so it is not the newest of the guru systems and platforms on the market by a long stretch.

What does Microcap Millionaires give you?

You get all of the following with Morris’ extensive yet simple to utilize system:

  1. Near daily emails that include his alerts on hot penny stocks (between three and five of these every week)
  2. Twitter alerts that come straight to your mobile device, computer, or smartphone
  3. Private forum and chatroom access which is only open to the subscribing members
  4. Access to the pre-promo site
  5. Special reports for members only
  6. Hot penny stocks watch list
  7. Personal help support
  8. Assistance finding the most appropriate and legitimate online brokers and trading systems

In order for this system to work out as it is supposed to, you must be willing to follow the minute details and instructions Matt gives you on entries, stop loss orders, profit margins, account management rules, and correctly timing the trades with buy limit and sell limit orders.

It is not only the newsletter and alerts Morris provides in his emails that form the useful core of the system. There is also the forum chat room like area that permits you to discuss any issues and trading challenges you are struggling with or even to bounce pick ideas off of Matt Morris and other successful members. Some of the members’ stock picks have been as fantastic as Morris’ own.

Microcap Millionaires is a ClickBank Subscription Service

The service is a no-brainer for the vast majority of people who have tried out Matt’s free picks from his weekly free newsletter simply because the membership management service provider is Click Bank. They are hands down the most trusted

administrator for stock picking service products in the U.S. and around the world. They guarantee a full 100 percent, 60 days, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

This oustanding service costs only $49 per month as it is currently offered at half of the usual subscription price of $99 per month.

Matt Morris Buy and Sell Text Alert Service

The gurus also offers another upgraded service which he has only started doing in the last few years. This was in answer to a criticism that was levelled against his system for not keeping up with throughout the day stock pick action. Once upon a time, you were limited to Matt’s advice more or less when the market was closed and his email came out, but not anymore. Now you can receive his Buy & Sell Text Message Alerts for Stock Picks for an entire year as an add on to your regular monthly subscription price.

Matt offers this improved level of throughout the day service for $280 for the year.

Matt Morris Educational Materials and Videos

Matt does not offer as exhaustive a video and educational section as some of his stock and forex picking rivals out there, but there are several in depth videos available (both to paying subscribers and to his free newsletter subscribers) that walk you through his methods for picking stocks. He also offers paying member access to the downloadable reports that are basically transcripts of the videos in printed and readable text format.

Mentor’s Products

Matt Morris provides several stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

  • Trading Strategy Course
  • Free Weekly Microcap Millionaires Newsletter
  • MicroCap Millionaires Subscription-Based Service and Daily Newsletter
  • Buy & Sell Text Message Alerts for Stock Picks Service
  • Educational Videos and Text Version Manuals

Pros of Matt Morris

  • Matt was among the early leaders in using buy and sell text message alerts.
  • The guru offers educational videos that include text manual versions as well.
  • Morris offered his free newsletter version alongside the paid subscriber upgraded one back when almost no one else was doing this.
  • He created a trading strategy course to help out his followers.

Cons of Matt Morris

  • The guru has since been eclipsed in his early educational efforts by a variety of competitors.
  • Though his prices are among the lowest in the industry, he has failed to continue adding new products and services in recent years.

Matt Morris Review Summary

Matt Morris is a guru who started out teaching you the best ways to find the few successful penny stock gems hidden in the proverbial penny stock mine. He started his newsletter and Microcap Millionaires stock picking service in 2008 once he discovered that he had a natural ability for selecting penny stocks that made money. The system that Matt uncovered and developed initially with his penny stock picking prowess was called his “Penny Pump Finder Strategy.” Since then he has expanded into several other arenas through the Microcap Millionaires newsletter.


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