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Lan Turner Review Summary:

Lan Turner is one of those rare individuals who can and does offer training and products for all three of the major day trading markets - Stock markets, Futures markets, and Forex markets all in a one stop shop. His company Gecko Software's various computer program suites, DVD's, books, training courses, and teaching/mentoring have helped Lan Turner to become an impressive, well-respected, and sought out name in not only the United States but internationally as well.

Lan Turner Review

There are many gurus in the world of the financial markets prediction and training today. Few of them can claim to be able to help you with Stock markets, Futures marketsand Forex markets all in a one stop shop. Lan Turner is one of those rare individuals who can and does offer training and products for all three of the major day trading markets. In this page you will come to understand Turner’s background, contributions, and accomplishments in the three segments of futures, forex, and stocks. We will explore and consider he and his company’s various computer program suites, DVD’s, books, training courses, and teaching/mentoring that have helped Lan Turner to become an impressive, well-respected, and sought out name in not only the United States but internationally as well.

Lan Turner Introduction

Lan Turner has worked in the financial industry and field for more than 22 years. In this time, he has taught his one of a kind concepts and ideas to professional traders, brokers, and clients throughout the world. He has also been a presenter before the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade Education Centers on numerous occasions.

He owns and directs the website At this site, he and a few of his friends in trading work together to make an arena for traders to come together to learn more about how to effectively trade futures, stocks, and forex. He calls his greatest achievement and industry contribution his founding and leading of Gecko Software where he has been the chief and lead designer and architect for the award-winning suite of Track ‘n Trade Live Trading programs. He and his company also designed their well-known TradeMiner and NewsMiner tools for market research. 

Turner also started and runs Gecko Financial Services. He created this boutique brokerage firm to offer his clients and traders safe, high quality, secure brokerage services where people are able to comfortably trade their own individual accounts.

As a trainer, coach, and public speaker, Lan Turner is accomplished and teaches his live trading seminars to several dozen major audiences throughout the United States and overseas. He has authored and also published a few books as well. Turner says his favorite work has been the creation of his beloved training courses known affectionately by their “boot camp” theme. In these he has covered a range of topics including Fibonacci Retracements, Elliott Wave Projections, recurrent price patterns, options, and the way to efficiently utilize his own proprietary indicators Autopilot, The Bulls ‘n Bears, and Advantage Lines.

Turner brings his many accomplishments down to a more personal level with his trading club and one one one mentorship programs. Despite the fact that he is obviously a very busy man, he offers on his sites to take the time to speak with you personally if only you click on the appointment booking button.

Lan Turner’s Company and Contributions

Lan Turner founded his Gecko Software firm back in 1998. The company began life with an exclusive focus on the commodity trading markets. Back in those days, Turner found that there were insufficient tools available to help traders like himself make intelligent commodities trades with all the necessary knowledge this required. Because of this, Turner engaged a computer programmer to develop a tool which would specifically analyze these markets in a way that accommodated his own individual style.

Lan began to utilize these tools for his own individual personal trading. When he saw how successful they were, he decided to release them to the public. The new tools underwent an extensive period of development and testing before the first version of the product was ready.  This is how Track ‘n Trade was born. The product totally revolutionized the ways in which investors learned how to trade the futures markets.

Traders obtained more than 30 years of historical trading data which they could utilize to backtest strategies for their
own methods and ideas. This was the first such set of tools that unveiled a dynamic interactive chart which allowed traders to place their trades directly up on the chart. In the meantime, Gecko Software has earned a respected reputation throughout the trading world. Their other tools which they created included Trademiner and Newsminer. Trademiner has been purchased and downloaded by thousands of individuals.

These products have revolutionized how traders view and trade the futures market and beyond. The programs proved to be so successful that Turner and company expanded them to work for forex and stock markets also. Thanks to the interactive charting that users are able to employ to trade directly with, the programs have become known as “The Ultimate Trading Platform for the Visual Investor.”

Later editions of the platforms have been improved to feature stronger and superior abilities. This means that today’s traders are able to use Lan Turner’s products to engage in real time charting and analysis in forex and futures. The product charts work on a twenty minute delay for stocks. The historical simulation capabilities allow you to model and track portfolios and any techniques for trading you have designed.

Lan Turner’s Company Accomplishments and Awards

Lan Turner is the founder of Trade Mentors and Gecko Software. This software company has received a number of important and impressive awards for its abilities to help traders with futures, forex, and stocks alike. Among the various companies that have honored Gecko Software
and Lan Turner’s various projects are Futures MagazineStocks and Commodities,  Trader’s WorldActive Trader, and Utah Business

Turner and Company were honored with the “People’s Choice Award” by Stocks and Commodities six different times. Utah Business named the Gecko Software company one of its “Top 25 Software Developers” recently as well.

Lan Turner – Gecko Software’s Trading System Products

It should not come as too much of a surprise that a man of Turner’s years of experience and presence in the financial and commodities markets has a number of proprietary programs and products to offer. These are listed out and detailed below.

Track ‘n Trade

With Track ‘n Trade, Turner and company have four different proprietary software packages for trading Futures, Forex, Stocks, and End of Day Futures. The company he founded and runs charges plenty of money for these various software suites. This is why it is helpful that they are offering 14 day premium package trials for free.

Unlike many competitors on the market, Lan Turner’s operation does not require that you give them a credit card number for after the 14 day trial period expires. It demonstrates their high level of confidence in their software packages as they are confident you will elect to purchase them and pay for the monthly data subscription service as well.

We will consider each of the software packages below:

Track ‘n Trade Futures Live Bundles

In this suite of offerings, Turner helps you to trade
his first love the futures and commodities markets. He loves bundles which they offer at incrementally increasing price points as follows:

  • Track ‘n Trade LIVE – Futures Software $297 (+ data charges)
  • Deluxe LIVE Futures Software Bundle $977 (+ data charges)
  • Premium LIVE Futures Software Bundle $1,597 (+ data charges)
  • Presidents Club Education and Software Bundle $3,997 – the only bundle that includes that data package for a year, and a year’s one on one mentoring with founder and president Turner, and educational courses

Track ‘n Trade Futures End of Day Software Bundles

In this program suite, you get all of the tools you require to effectively trade the futures markets with the end of the day pricing. This is different from the live futures trading program just above. It includes a full range of customizable tools, charting abilities, and indicators. These also come in a variety of software bundle configurations:

  • Track ‘n Trade 5.0 End of Day Futures –  $197 (+ data charges)
  • Deluxe End of Day Futures Software Bundle $847 (+ data charges)
  • Premium End of Day Futures Software Bundle $1,547 (+ data charges)
  • Presidents Club Education and Software Bundle $3,997 – again as with the other three suites of programs, this comes with the associated data plan for a year, the year long one on one mentoring with Lan Turner himself, and educational courses

Track ‘n Trade Forex Trading Software Live Bundles

This software package delivers all sorts of useful tools for trading forex, the markets that rarely ever close. It includes user defined buy and sell signals, the capability to set up automatic trading forex robot functionality with a plugin, and drag and drop trades directly to the chart capabilities. Here are the different bundled packages Turner offers:

  • Track ‘n Trade LIVE – Forex Software $297 (+ data charges)
  • Deluxe LIVE Software Forex Bundle $677  (+ data charges)
  • Premium LIVE Software Forex Bundle $1,297 (+ data charges)
  • Presidents Club Education and Software Bundle $3,997 – as with the other software bundles, this includes a year’s data, mentoring with the one and only Lan Turner, and educational course offerings

Track ‘n Trade Stocks Live Bundles

With this particular product, you receive numerous indicators, every kind of chart you might ever desire or need, and even the ability to get your RSS data feeds imported directly onto your trading dashboard. You can track, paper trade, monitor, and real account trade the host of stocks and indices offered by the markets. Among the various packages that you have to choose from are the following:

  • Track ‘n Trade High Finance Software $197 (+ data charges)
  • Deluxe Stocks Software Bundle $397 (+ data charges)
  • Premium Stocks Software Bundle $997 (+ data charges)
  • Presidents Club Education and Software Bundle $3,997 (+ data charges) – this bundle also comes with the year’s mentoring and data service, educational course offerings, plus the software itself

Trade Miner

Trade Miner is a standout in the space of stock, futures, and forex markets predictions because it is not a web browser based or cloud computer based program suite. Instead it is a downloadable product which goes directly on your desktop, laptop, smart device, or tablet. The program goes right to work perusing through all of the markets you set it to scan looking over all historically available data so that you can locate the most profitable trends and market cycles historically.

trademiner screenshot

The logic behind this idea is that if a pattern, cycle, or trend happens continuously with a 75 percent to 100 percent accuracy, then it is likely to repeat again at some point in the future.

This program is a practical and useful offering precisely because its functions from the stock market module are nearly identical to those in the Forex and Futures ones. This makes it practical, possible, and simple to move seamlessly back and forth between the different applications and tabs regardless of whether you are trading stocks, futures, forex, or a happy combination of all three at one time.

What the program is actually delivering is data mining and searching functionality. It works off of two tabs, one for search and another for portfolio. Deploying the search function allows you to establish criteria for the program to scan all possible stocks, futures, or forex pairs which are relevant to your search parameters. Once you set the given parameters, all you have to do is press the “Dig Now!” button. The trades are then automatically listed. The software not only tells you on what date you should buy and sell the stocks (or futures or currency pairs), it also gives you a wealth of other features and functionality which include:

  • Number of years of backtesting
  • Calendar days
  • Risk to reward
  • Average daily profit

This product retails for $194. Since it administered by Click Bank, you know that your refund requests will be honored if you make them within the 30 day period of the money back guarantee which applies to this particular product that helped make Lan Turner a household name in the trading tools arena.

News Miner

This product offering scans all through the worldwide news feeds for market based news and information. It provides news items from stocks, forex, and futures. You can follow and chart important market news using the smart program. What makes it a step more intelligent than other competing products on the market today is its ability to rank the importance of the news according to the most popular markets at that point in time. It only needs an easy click of the mouse in order to determine what is moving markets in world financial news.

Newsminer retails for $97. This makes it among the least expensive offerings from Lan Turner and Gecko Software.

Trade Mentors

Trade Mentors is the free educational site that Lan Turner and several of his trading friends have put up as a community for traders of forex, stocks, and futures to learn how to trade more effectively together. If you are wondering how it can possibly be completely free, the answer is straightforward. Turner is selling his ubiquitous tools for traders (all made by Gecko Software) on the site along with his one on one mentoring services. As for the educational videos and market analyses though, these are free to any traders willing to submit their first and last name along with email address.

Lan Turner’s Educational Video Products and Mentoring Services

By now you have probably figured out that Turner is big on educational videos, books, and mentoring services. Below we go through this list so you can better understand which products will be more appropriate and valuable for you personally.

Lan Turner DVDs and Courses

Lan Turner has also produced nearly half a dozen video courses and videos plus several books.  Here they are listed and pictured below:

  • Bats & Butterflies Fibonacci Bootcamp Recordings – six week course complete with live videos, slides, and PDFs on the topics of Elliott Wave Projections and Fibonacci Retracements. It comes with a one on one session with Lan Turner at the conclusion. Cost $397
  • Autopilot Bootcamp Recordings – another six week course covering the Autopilot plugin for Track ‘n Trade Forex, it shows you how to make your personal strategy work with an automated forex robot. As with all bootcamp courses, you get the individual session with Lan Turner. Cost $397
  • Options Trading Bootcamp Recordings – Lan’s third bootcamp-themed course, this includes all of the strategies you need to know from basic to advanced options trading. It comes with the usual materials, videos, and one on one session with Turner at the end of the course. Cost $497
  • Stop Loss Secrets  – includes actionable strategies and powerful concepts for using stops to protect profits and limit losses. Cost $199
  • The Fibonacci Effect – a workbook which covers everything from Zig Zag Projections and Fibonacci Retracements to Elliott Wave Theory. Included with the Bats ‘n Butterflies Bootcamp recordings, or for cost $97
  • Risk and Money Management – A course that covers the risks with trading and shows you how to reduce them using appropriate risk techniques and money management practices. Cost $97
  • 10 Steps to A Successful Trade – A one step at a time futures trading course and guide to breaking down charts to their most basic levels and components. Cost $97

Lan Turner President’s Club Mentoring Program

Options BootcampLan’s signature and most expensive educational service is his mentoring program. This exclusive arrangement includes a full year of unlimited phone calls, emails, and screen sharing tutoring and mentoring in the arts and science of trading.

It also comes with the year’s worth of access to all of the bootcamp videos above, as well as special President’s Club members-only videos produced by Turner himself.

The service costs $1,995.


Lan Turner provides a range of stock, futures, and Forex picking software systems and services for you. These are his:

Pros of Lan Turner

  • Lan Turner's Gecko Software offers a wide range of services in day trading products.
  • Turner offers trading advice in stocks, futures, and forex trading markets.
  • This guru has become a highly sought after speaker around not only the U.S. but internationally over the years.
  • Lan Turner offers training courses, DVDs, books, computer programs, and teaching/mentoring services under a single roof.

Cons of Lan Turner

  • Lan Turner's products are quite expensive.
  • His services generally require that you pay for data packages on top of the products themselves.

Lan Turner Review Summary

Lan Turner is one of those rare individuals who can and does offer training and products for all three of the major day trading markets - Stock markets, Futures markets, and Forex markets all in a one stop shop. His company Gecko Software's various computer program suites, DVD's, books, training courses, and teaching/mentoring have helped Lan Turner to become an impressive, well-respected, and sought out name in not only the United States but internationally as well.

Phone: (800) 862-7193

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