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Kyle Dennis Review

Kyle Dennis
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Kyle Dennis Review Summary:

It took Dennis less than three years to go from casual outsider at Jason Bond Picks to founding member of Bond's new Millionaire Road Map master mentoring service. Dennis succeeded at the challenge of turning his $15,000 starting investment into a million dollars in less than a year. The followers of this guru consistently applaud his various levels of personalized mentoring and trading.

Kyle Dennis Review

Kyle Dennis is a completely self-made man, one of those rare characters who proves that an American can still come to Wall Street with no experience and little more than hard work, determination, patience, and a dream and purloin them into a multi-million dollar fortune in the finest tradition of the Stock Operator Jesse Livermore (from nearly a century ago). While other people were working the day jobs that American society told them is the best that they can and should realistically expect, Dennis wanted something more out of life than just a job with a decent salary and a middle class house and accompanying lifestyle. He found it after he connected with his own legendary guru Jason Bond. The rest is history.

Internet review sites have claimed that though Kyle Dennis’ less than a year old service BioTech Breakouts is among the newest on offer in the space, they still regard it as among the three best such newsletters you can find on the whole of Wall Street. Thanks to his patience, transparency, hard work, and devoted regard for the singular interests of his own subscribers, Dennis has come up with a highly regarded service which uniquely focuses on the explosive Biotechnology sector and teaching his growing core of followers his one of a kind approach to trading it.

Kyle Dennis Introduction

Kyle Dennis is something of a rags to riches story in this business. Less than five years ago, only back in 2013, he graduated with a Biology bachelor’s degree from the prestigious UCLA. With his new college degree in hand, he was fortunate to secure a Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst position paying $35,000 a year directly out of university. Dennis was fortunate to land a decently paying job in the challenging economy of the day at a time when many called it lucky to have a job at all. He liked the job, yet still found himself longing for something more.

He started experimenting with the stock markets and quickly understood the huge potential to make money trading Wall Street opportunities. With hard work and sacrifice, he pulled together $15,000 for seed investment capital to begin working on his strategies of merging finance and science together to study the biotech sector and catalyst swing trades.

He soon discovered that he was good at this financial trading. Yet the missing magical ingredient for Kyle Dennis came in the form of the right guru, one Jason Bond the trading and teaching genius behind Jason Bond Picks. It took Dennis less than three years to go from casual outsider at Jason Bond Picks to founding member of his new Millionaire Road Map master mentoring service. Dennis succeeded at the challenge of turning his $15,000 starting investment into a million dollars in less than a year.

Kyle Dennis’ Stunningly Successful Background

Jason Bond recognized greatness when he saw it, and he put Dennis to work helping to mentor his other students. That same year, Kyle Dennis launched his very own proprietary trading and teaching service in the genre of his beloved biotechnology stocks sector. Now he puts together inspiring video lessons, real time alerts, webinars, watch lists, and special reports of his own in the style of his mentor Jason Bond.

While traders of the intelligence, persistence, and caliber of Dennis do not just magically appear every day, he is living proof that you too can be the next self-made trading millionaire with the right guru in your personal corner. What separated Kyle Dennis from many of his contemporaries was his willingness to invest a number of thousands of dollars into his financial education and mentoring program with Bond so that he could turn this not insignificant initial investment into more than one hundred times what he started with only last year.

Kyle Dennis proved to be among the first pioneers of Jason Bond’s Mastermind Initiative. Those who successfully completed the program gained the coveted opportunity to teach their winning strategies to other subscription service members. This way Bond gained the depth of other successful trading and teaching gurus in his service, and the successful candidates obtained the ability to make a living doing what they loved while helping other aspiring traders.

Dennis is the greatest proof of success of this initiative thanks in no small part to his own native instructive abilities and his unique affinity for the BioTech Breakouts trading method he patented. Below you can see his impressive accolades in the form of the “as featured on” well known financial sites:

In the end, what made Kyle Dennis the superstar he is today was his claim to fame in becoming the first millionaire student of the “Bond of the stock markets.” Apart from the new Porsche this earned him from Jason Bond personally, it launched his new career and helped him to garner all of the major media attention which he subsequently enjoyed. He also had a built-in following courtesy of his incredible track record and famous background in the Jason Bond Picks service. He still fosters and leverages that rapport with Bond and his subscription service members to this day.

Kyle Dennis’ Personal Style of Service

Kyle Dennis very astutely realized that Jason Bond has got a good thing going in the structure, format, and easy to use platform of his Jason Bond Picks service. This is no doubt why he patterned his own successful offerings after the Bond of the stock markets. Dennis’ trading and successful picks may keep his paying members coming back for more, but what brings them in at first is undoubtedly his professional webinars, video lessons, watch lists, real time alerts, and special reports that he learned putting in his time at the feet of the master Bond himself. What differentiates his service from that of Jason Bond is his devotion to and concentration in the field of biotechnology.

Kyle Dennis’ Teaching Methodology

Dennis developed his now highly sought after teaching methodology as a successful member of the JBP Mastermind Initiative. This program gave him the rights and freedom to speak out on his successes to the other members of the Jason Bond Picks community. This is where he developed his own teaching style, in his first role sharing his brilliant strategies to a select group of traders who were passionately dedicated to becoming successful themselves. In no time at all, Dennis had branched out on his own in launching his very first proprietary newsletter in the biotechnology sphere.

Kyle Dennis Endorsements and Strategy

Dennis has not gone out of his way seeking endorsements and accolades as have some of his competitors in the space. He does not boast a bunch of awards or “Best of” placements. Kyle Dennis’ most important endorsements by far are the two that come from Jason Bond (as pictured to the right) and the one from fellow legendary teaching and trading guru Jeff Bishop (as shown below).

Dennis does not only present you with a single track for following his methods though. He provides three different subscriber paths from which you can choose Catalyst Swing Trading (with its shorter-term concentration), Biotech Investor (with its longer-term focus), and Biotech Nucleus (which is actually a one-stop shop personal mentoring service). It is no coincidence if these appear remarkably similar to the three core program tracks provided on the Jason Bond Picks site in the form of the Day & Swing Trading, Long Term Trading, and Millionaire Road Map services.

Kyle Dennis’ Strategy

Kyle Dennis follows a relatively straightforward strategy with his service. He seeks out those stocks that possess high-quality catalysts on which he performs technical analysis to determine the most optimal entry and exit points.

It did not take Kyle long to realize that the biotechnology sector stocks have a strong tendency to run ahead of specific company events. If he could only figure out what those particular points were and pair them with low risk entries, then he could massively expand the portfolio of his subscribers along with his own in a short-term frame and without much personal associated risk along the way.

It has been three years since he started out on this epic personal development journey, and he is now on his way to the impressive $3 million trading account personal mark. It’s a safe bet for you that his strategy really works.

Since then, Kyle has only gone from strength to strength in his successful track record. Forbes magazine has even done an interview with him. In this piece, they looked at his unusual journey of taking $15,000 and losing down to $7,500 before he went on to realize $10 million in accrued profits. It is a powerful testimonial that you can hardly ignore.

Kyle Dennis’ Teaching and Guru Strategies

Kyle Dennis actually utilizes a widely available resource that  is shockingly free in his quest to pick out his catalyst events in the biotech sector today. This is called BioPharmCatalyst.com. With this secret weapon, he is able to learn when one of the three catalyzing events will occur. These are announcements of stages in critical drug development (such as FDA Approval, Phase one, two, and three Trial Data, and PDUFA), presentations in medical conferences, and important advisory committee meetings.

What has tremendously helped Dennis is that a great number of these crucial dates come with predetermined calendar dates. It gives Kyle and his paying members a safe time frame around which they can plan their relative entries and exits into the explosive biotech stocks which they continuously play. Kyle knows that maintaining positions in these kinds of events is highly risky. Yet he also learned through hard-won personal experience that the best runs occur during such riskier windows. It is these fairly predictable runs that he is attempting to exploit.

While BioTech Breakouts proves to be among the newer educational and stock trading newsletters on The Street today, Dennis has already amply demonstrated why he is fast becoming a legend in the biotech sphere. Perhaps most impressively of all, he has earned his accountant-verified market-crushing returns at the same time as the S&P 500 is yielding an average of around 10 percent each year.

In the rest of this page, we will consider all of Kyle Dennis’ various stock picking services and products.

Kyle Dennis Stock Picking Products and Services

Kyle Dennis offers five unique stock picking products and services on his interesting website, one of which is completely free. Here we will consider his various levels of service and what you receive with each of these distinctive offerings.

Kyle Dennis’ Free Educational Training

Kyle Dennis is big on educating his growing base of followers and subscription paying members. It is why he produces his Kyle’s Blog free educational training session and section for the public. This site includes an enormous amount of free educational material. There are special reports, watch lists, and some short video lessons. Included in the section are some from 15 to 30 minute in length videos which deal with his research process and strategy in great detail. Some of these include the following:

  • Strategy Video and Services
  • How do Do Biotech Research Part 1
  • How do Do Biotech Research Part 2
  • How do Do Biotech Research Part 3
  • Link to All Blog Entries

This blog and site section is all free for anyone who is interested in furthering his financial education on the biotechnology markets.

Kyle Dennis’ Flagship Biotech Breakout Trades

Each week with this Biotech Breakouts service (which is actually three different services that we will explore below in a bit greater detail), you will obtain Dennis’ expert watch list of forthcoming catalyst events within the universe of the biotech sector. This comes with his highly anticipated commentary, text and email alerts, and the anticipated summary of portfolio which is chock full of insights and tips. The program is naturally more expansive under the third-tier of the BioTech Nucleus program. This comes with VIP level service and attention from Kyle Dennis himself. He also gives the benefits of the Biotech Investor Trading and Catalyst Swing Trading programs as part of this highest level of service. Along with it he delivers the video portfolio summaries, video watch lists, semi-private and private mentoring that all combine together to catapult you to the next level of trading success.

Biotech Watch Lists

This watch list is by membership only. It comes to every subscribers’ email inbox and helps you to concentrate on the maximum profit potential trades on offer.

Catalyst Trade Alerts

These come in real-time with both buy and sell format alerts. Catalyst events dictate their going out to your cell phone over text message or to your email inbox.

Portfolio Summaries

These interesting and helpful summaries come with detailed explanations and charts for why Dennis is interested in and trading the stocks within the portfolio. Kyle takes great pride in the fact that he actually invests his own personal trading account money into each and every one of these picks which he recommends for his Bio Tech Breakout members. Maximum possible transparency his the ultimate goal of this guru. This is how you end up with both the how and the why for all of the components of his weekly portfolios, complete with the commentary, analysis, and detailed charts showing the rationale behind each and every trade. Dennis’ self-stated goal is for all of his members to reach the level where you can track down, research, and trade stocks with out sized wealth generating results on your own, not only once or twice but consistently.

Expert Biotech Insights

Underpinning it all is the legendary commentary, advice, and actionable intelligence that helps you to win with the most profitable genre of Wall Street stocks, those of the Biotech sphere.

World-Class Support

This category is where many gurus need significant customer service help. Dennis promises you that both he and his responsive team members will be available to help you with your questions and to attain your various trading goals through the service subscription-based membership.

Dennis has opted to follow Jason Bond’s highly successful model of a three-tiered level of service providing for his various members. This includes the BioTech Catalyst Swing Trading, the Lightning Alerts (which cover stocks in all sectors and not only Biotech), and BioTech Nucleus (his highest level personalized mentoring service). Kyle feels like one of the three service levels will be a good fit for practically all levels of skill and experience traders.

Catalyst Swing Trading Service

When Kyle launched this particular service, he opened a dedicated trading account with a $100,000 portfolio just for this special service. He offers two different kinds of alerts in this tier of service. These are the:

  1. BioTech Breakouts – rapidly evolving trades that involve shorter holding time-frames from less than a day to three days, smaller profit goals of from five to ten percent each, all of which are heavily technical analysis based trades
  2. Catalyst Swing Trades – slower moving trades that feature longer holding times of a week or longer, these come with larger profit targets of from ten to twenty percent and higher and are jointly based on forthcoming catalyst events and technical analysis

Every morning, this service develops its daily watch lists and then a portfolio summary comes out each Friday. Email- and text-based real-time alerts go out as appropriate in this service that is most ideal for those traders who consider themselves to be active. The cost for this service is $399 per quarter.

Lightning Alerts Service

With this second tier of service, Dennis delivers all of the following to you each day:

  • ETF and Index Analysis
  • Kyle and Keith’s Daily Watch List
  • From One to Three Day Swing Trades and Day Trades
  • Text- and Email-Based Fast Moving Swing Trade Alerts
  • Technologically Cutting-Edged Day Trading Chat Room

This service is available for a price of $129 per month.

BioTech Nucleus

This is Dennis’ master level and highly personalized mentoring service. Members who pay for this receive everything offered in the BioTech Investor and Catalyst Swing Trading services plus everything else Kyle has to offer. Among the benefits of this service are all of the following features:

  • Video Watch Lists
  • Video Daily Wrap Ups
  • Daily Chat Room Access
  • Live Trading Sessions with Legendary Kyle Dennis Himself Personally Leading the Trading
  • Occasional Extra Day Trade and Options Alerts Specifically Released Only to the Nucleus Membership
  • Brain Trust Webinars Covering Crucial Topics Like Scanning, Charting, Idea Generating, Short Interest, SEC Filings, Analyst Reports, and More

In this service, only seriously committed traders should (and would bother to pay the costs to) apply. This highest level of service with Dennis runs a sobering $5,999 per year.

Mentor’s Products

Kyle Dennis provides a range of stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

Pros of Kyle Dennis

  • Kyle Dennis is closely associated with Jason Bond having won his Millionaire Roadmap Challenge.
  • Some of his services include access to the engaging Raging Bulls trading chat room.
  • Dennis offers impressive and personalized Video Watch Lists and Video Daily Wrap Ups
  • Some of Dennis' guru level mentoring programs include Live Trading Sessions with Kyle Dennis Himself Personally Leading the Trading.

Cons of Kyle Dennis

  • Kyle's highest end master level guru and mentoring Nucleus Membership which includes access to all of his services is out of reach for most new stock and options traders' budgets.
  • Brain Trust Webinars Covering Crucial Topics Like Scanning, Charting, Idea Generating, Short Interest, SEC Filings, Analyst Reports, and More are only available in his pricey master mentoring service.

Kyle Dennis Review Summary

It took Dennis less than three years to go from casual outsider at Jason Bond Picks to founding member of Bond's new Millionaire Road Map master mentoring service. Dennis succeeded at the challenge of turning his $15,000 starting investment into a million dollars in less than a year. The followers of this guru consistently applaud his various levels of personalized mentoring and trading.

Phone: (833)-785-0452
Website: https://www.biotechbreakouts.com

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