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Kavout Review Summary:

Kavout is a multi-functional artificial intelligence driven computer program and platform that helps investors of all experience levels to trade stocks more intelligently. We like that they have worked hard to bring big machine intelligence to the average everyday person. Their program requires a learning curve to master though, and the company does not offer much in the way of effective training or financial education to help with this glaring need.

Kavout is a Seattle, Washington-based FinTech company that also has offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China. The platform is notable for being another of the disrupting artificial intelligence-powered models that was designed for investors of all levels. They are able to develop portfolios crafted with no emotion but only by data.


Kavout itself became developed by a veritable rock star of a team with literally decades of experience in the field. Their vast knowledge base of analytics and markets allowed them to come up with a unique tool. The core of this system is the concept of “Kai.” Kai is actually a machine driven by A.I. algorithms that is able to go through literally millions of individual data points all the while it analyzes SEC filings and stock market quotes. Kai contemplates financial blogs, news, and even social media posts in order to provide you with the most accurate and valuable recommendations at a given point in time. This means that you can obtain a current and crystal clear reading on every stock and the potential it offers to rise.

Kavout Founder

Alex Lu is the founder and CEO of Kavout. Before leaving to develop Kavout, Lu held four other important jobs that gave him a wealth of knowledge and experience relevant to running his own computer A.I. company. He served most recently as the engineering director at Baidu from 2012 through 2014 before founding Kavout back in 2015.

From 2011 to 2012, Lu was the Vice President of Search Technology for Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited. Before this, he worked as the Principal Program Manager at Microsoft from 2010 to 2011. Finally, he was the Senior Software Engineer at Google from years 2005 to 2010.


Kavout provides a simple to navigate platform that allows for experienced investors to easily locate stock specific information and analysis driven by the computer Kai. The entire setup is designed to be simple to grasp and user friendly so that people new to investing will similarly be able to pick it up with some time. For those who are less experienced in markets, it is a sensible idea to undertake some research before employing the tool.

Some of the terms the platform utilizes are difficult for those without a finance background to understand. While the company touts that their system is appropriate for all skill levels and ages, it still benefits those new to the business to educate themselves and to learn how to navigate effortlessly through the site. There are a number of Youtube videos available on how the system operates to help the newbies.


There are seven main features to the Kavout members’ menu system. We look at what each of these offers you next.

Kavout Paper Trading Portfolio

Kavout refers to their paper trading portfolio functionality as gamification. It simply means that you are able to set up your own sample portfolio to see how well it will perform without taking real money losses. This is ideal for newer investors who need to play around in markets before they are in over their heads with real money. The feature was created from the ground up with the intention of allowing members to explore strategies and experiment with their results.

Kavout Market News

Having a reliable and effective market news service is key in ivesitng and day trading. Kavout amasses all of the latest sources surrounding the company as well as its sector news. This way, you get the truly big picture of what is going on with the industry and the individual company that you are considering.

Kavout Watchlist

When you come across stocks that you feel should be saved for potential trading, the Watchlist feature enables you to store and track them. You are able to set up various lists based on whatever categories that you pick. The program helps you to examine stock performance graphs on individual stocks along with other important stock metrics, and all in one convenient place the watchlist.

Kavout Screener

Kavout Customers and Partners

Kavout has come up with something really special in this powerful screening tool. You are even able to reveal the features of how Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet selected their stocks using it. The computer model was able to examine in detail the strategy of each investing guru to develop a formula that is easy to grasp and utilize. The program then compiled such investing formulas into philosophies that you are able to choose so that you can professionally invest without the talent and years of experience that someone like Buffet commands.

You can also craft your own unique style of investing using the screener tool. It allows you to customize your personal stock screening rules. Thanks to this personal stock screening rules. Thanks to this peronsal screening option, you can set your own one of a kind investing philosophy.

Kavout Market Analysis

Thanks to the Market Analysis tab, it is easy to locate the top performing stocks. You are able to examine the best performers according to sector or industry. In this tab, you can also enjoy a top-down view of the entire market. The analysis here reveals to you the majority of the information that you require so that you can make intelligent investing decisions.

Kavout Kai Score

At the heart of this powerful artificial intelligence machine is the Kai Score. Kavout will take literally millions of individual data sets every day, run a range of models based on advanced or traditional financial engineering strategies (including classification, regression, reinforcement learning, and deep learning), and then compile a predictive ranking for stocks.

This Kai score is based on the attributes of stocks and their anticipated future performance. It gives you a number that helps you to compare one stock with another as well as against its own realistic potential for the future. The Kai Score of the Kai computer is the uniqueness that puts it in a class all by itself in the artificial intelligence-powered predictive industry.

It does this according to three processes, as follows:

  • Quantamental Strategy – Simply means that the program will pare up fundamental research along with quantitative analysis that is entirely data-based. The K Score combines statistical analyses, technical ideas, and machine learning ranking algorithms to come up with an actionable and simple to grasp final score of from one to nine.
  • Enormous and Diverse Data Factors and Sets – the firm will rank over 200 individual factors that include the fundamentals of a company, its trading volume and price history data, and technical indicators to include things like Z Scores and RSI. They also consider alternative financial data like social media driven sentiment that helps them to come up with their individual rankings on literally thousands of different equities all over the globe.
  • Tools Beyond Traditional Forms of Financial Analysis – The K Score is compiled by combining and sifting through literally mountains of dataand differentiating between complicated signals each and every day. The scale, scope, and speed of this is beyone the scope of what a human investor or even a major research team could hope to produce.

Kavout Calendar

This platform’s calendar is useful in letting you see how individual stocks are performing during the week. You are able to pick out a sector as well as market cap of stocks that you wish to consider in the calendar functionality.


Kavout offers minimal level support and pricing plans that are not as transparent as we and most potential members would like. We look at these in the final section of this review.


Kavout seems to favor a contact form that you fill in to receive help from their customer service and technical support staff. They are not freely giving out their own phone number or offering any form of chat-based support (or even email address) to members that we could see or they were advertising.

Kavout PRICING AND Payment Options

Kavout is pushing their programs for larger institutional clients and money managers especially. Though they are advertising for retail investors in the site information, they do not provide any transparent pricing for smaller investors to participate in their service on their website. Customers first have to select which service they want before they are able to obtain any kind of price estimate. These include the following sK Score coverage services:

  • K Score U.S. non-financial
  • K Score Top 500 U.S.
  • K Score U.K.
  • K Score Germany
  • K Score STOXX Europe 600
  • K Score China

For larger clients, prices start at $12,000 per year. They go higher depending on the number of different categories from above the member selects.


Kavout provides its paying members with an impressive array of powerful stock charting and predicting products and services based upon its analysis of non-traditional and traditional financial media outlets and reports. This includes each of the following seven services:

Kavout Paper Trading Platform

Kavout Market News

Kavout Watch List

Kavout Screener

Kavout Market Analysis

Kavout Kai Score

Kavout Calendar

Pros of Kavout

  • This revolutionary smart computer Kai is able to do more than just compile and crunch huge amounts of traditional big financial data, it can also take into account social media buzz on an issue.
  • The information is easy to access with the platform.
  • It delivers the most recent market news, data, and analysis.
  • Screen layouts are not so difficult to explore and understand as you might fear.
  • Kavout takes away the stress from investing and lets you have confidence by first paper trading with no real money involved.

Cons of Kavout

  • The data from charts can come across as overwhelming, especially to those who are new to investing.
  • The news feed lacks an effective filter, causing you to feel overwhelmed from all fo the streaming live information.
  • Pricing is not transparent for retail investors.

Kavout Review Summary

Kavout is a multi-functional artificial intelligence driven computer program and platform that helps investors of all experience levels to trade stocks more intelligently. We like that they have worked hard to bring big machine intelligence to the average everyday person. Their program requires a learning curve to master though, and the company does not offer much in the way of effective training or financial education to help with this glaring need.

Phone: (425) 633-3218

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