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Kavan Klein Review Summary:

Kavan Klein is a completely self-made stock trading veteran of 12 years. After a long time following the poor advice of others, he finally struck out on his own to become a successful trader. Today Kavan takes great pride in his ambition to reveal to his followers the precise trades he enters and exits in real time. His many fans say that he delivers a service which is consistent, dependable, strategy-driven, and transparent. One thing that sets Klein apart from the crowded field of competitors is that his service is primarily driven by his Twitter Feed these days.

Kavan Klein Review

Thanks to the rise and widespread following of such transparent sites as and Investimonials, developed by stock trading guru and financial educator Timothy Sykes, you are able to learn which gurus have verifiable results and which could be scams. One of the stock trading mentors and technicians who offers his services to guide you in your journey down the stock trading road is Kavan Klein.

Kavan Klein is a completely self-made stock trading veteran of 12 years. After a long time following the poor advice of others, he finally struck out on his own to become a successful trader. Today Kavan takes great pride in his ambition to reveal to his followers the precise trades he enters and exits in real time. He also explains the reasoning behind these trades.

His many fans say that he delivers a service which is consistent, dependable, strategy-driven, and transparent. One thing that sets Klein apart from the crowded field of competitors is that his service is primarily driven by his chat room. Kavan’s claim to fame is his presence in the chat room from which he trades his own account live so that his hundreds of premium service members can watch and participate with their own accounts.

In this page we will consider his story and background, lessons and accomplishments, and products which the day and swing trading guru has to share with you to help you in your own stock trading.

Kavan Klein Introduction

Kavan Klein is a stock trader who boasts more than 12 years of personal experience in trading stocks. Do not let his confident and unshakable-looking demeanor fool you into thinking that he was always a stock trading genius and guru. For the first years in which Kavan traded stocks, he took some bad advice from other stock trading gurus and suffered heart-breaking losses amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

In an effort to share with others what he learned the hard way by going it alone, Klein founded Trade with Kavan. He advertises his program as meant for every kind of trader, from novice to experienced investor and trader alike. This is where he shares his transparent and verified-results trading methods with thousands of followers. Kavan’s approach is fairly unique in the stock trading guru world in that he utilizes a live action platform for trading stocks that is focused on a chat room. His chat room comes complete with audio alerts, live screen sharing, and trading feedback in real time.

Kavan Klein’s Background

Kavan Klein had to create his own methods for successful stock trading from scratch. He became a research hound and technical analysis master of the charts in an effort to come up with his methods that would lead to the maximum potential profits while accepting the minimal level of risk possible.

After Kavan had fine tuned his system in making a verified $50,000 in his own trading account, he felt it was time to share his success and methods with other stock traders similarly struggling to make money.

The idea behind Kavan’s strategy is a simple concept at heart. He concentrates his efforts on trading those larger cap stocks which demonstrate at least an average daily volume of in excess of $10 million. Such a method makes it simple to replicate and to scale to larger accounts successfully.

Kavan Klein’s Formula for Success

The formula which Kavan personally utilizes and recommends to his followers is imminently practical and useful for especially people who are new to the stock trading universe. In his chat room, he teaches his members to watch their losses on positions which become losers. He also counsels them directly when is the best point to lock in profits for maximum gains.

The guru enjoys interacting personally with his followers live. In these sessions where they are trading together with him, Kavan takes the time to explain why he is doing what he is doing. This makes it possible for his service members to reproduce his trades in real time. Members benefit from his willingness to walk them through every trade and from his explanations on why he does these trades and when he is both getting in and out of the trades in question.

Kavan does not hold anything back in sharing his trading screen with his followers. They can see both his wins and losers in each and every trading day live as they happen. He keeps his mentoring real by holding a chat room meeting in the morning. Here he goes through the various trades he has planned for the day and also why he would like to enter them. Klein welcomes and even encourages questions, which helps these sessions to be terrific venues for education and learning.

Kavan Klein says he comes up with these winning trades as a result of breathing, sleeping, and eating the technical charts and engaging in research. This formula for success came after losing over fifty thousand dollars with other services. Kavan cancelled all of his various subscriptions and proceeded to take matters into his own two hands.

Once he fine tuned his methods and learned the precise trade set ups which would permit him to capture significant profits while undertaking the least risk possible, he rapidly earned $50,000 in his own real money account. From there his next stop was $250,000. Since that time, Kavan has grown his gains to more than $500,000. He is firmly on the road to earning a million from his trading, he says confidently in various interviews.

Kavan Klein’s Influences and Heroes

Kavan Klein has written quite a bit about his influences and heroes in the stock trading world. He says that several of these helped to inspire him to take the leap into trading full time for a living and creating his stock education and trading business.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Elon Musk is among them. Kavan likes that Musk never abandoned his dreams. Starting at 12 years old by teaching himself how to program computers, he eventually created both PayPal and Zip2 before founding SpaceX with $100 million he had amassed personally. He eventually helped to co-found Tesla Motors, the company busy revolutionizing the automobile industry. His vision for a cutting-edged method of transportation that runs from Los Angeles to San Francisco is called the hyperloop.

Kavan’s take away from the life and continued efforts of Elon Musk is that traders have to be the same way. You can never give up and have to pick yourself up after failure and keep on trying. It is important to make a note regarding the failure, learn from it, then allow it to serve as a motivation to keep on going with your trading.

George Johnson Photo Courtesy of

Kavan references a quote from George F. Johnson, 1899 founder of Endicott-Johnson Co. — one time largest footwear manufacturing company in the United States as extremely relevant to stock market trading:

“To know in the morning that your compensation is fixed; to know that you must do the same thing all day long, to know that whether you do a little more or a little less, whether you are more or less interested and more or less efficient, your pay is automatically fixed – creates the most deadly monotony that I can believe possible.”

Warren Buffett Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

He also loves “the most famous investor on the planet” and “epitome of what investors strive to be”Warren Buffett. Kavan considers Buffett to be so important that his Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters are required reading. His favorite Buffett quotes are:

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” and “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Kleine says that each day, effective stock traders strive to imitate the model of education and discipline which Warren Buffet embodies. This includes doing their research homework, sticking with their system religiously, and keeping their discipline to not get away from the plan regardless of how things may be going at the moment.

Kavan Klein Lessons on Charting and Journaling Essentials

Among the lessons that Kavan Klein feels are most important for you in your trading are charting and journaling. Kavan states that the chart patterns are a critical side of trading which many people may not know much about, but they should. He admits that there are people who feel charts are not so useful as technical analysts would have you to believe, while other people can not live without them.

Kavn himself considers the patterns of charts in his daily trading and recommends that you do so as well. He says that even new investors need to know what are the most prevalent stock patterns and how to identify them (most importantly).

For new traders, Klein also recommends keeping either a journal or record of each trade you make. This does not have to be in a notebook. It could also be in a spreadsheet program on your computer, laptop, tablet, or other workable smart device. He remembers that in his early days while beginning to trade his own system which he was creating at the time, recording his trades turned out to be one of his most important learning tools. Kavan was able to follow both his successes and mistakes. This created a pattern which helped him to avoid missteps while reproducing successes.

Kavan Klein on Day Trading and Margin Trading

Kavan Klein encourages new traders to move from the basics on to the critically important habit of pre-set and -determined exit points, entry levels, and escape prices before engaging in any real- money trades. Such set-up exit and entry price points help to make sure that you do not lose your proverbial shirt. They also teach the discipline which is necessary in any successful strategy for trading stocks (or any other financial instruments for that matter). Kavan says:

“I can’t stress this enough; if you don’t have discipline, emotions can get in the way of your trading, and the results can be disastrous.”

Regarding margin, Klein warns strenuously against it. He says that it is naturally tempting on the surface, but must be absolutely avoided. Because you are borrowing money from your broker when buying on margin, this has you in a negative position before you even execute your first trade. You will be charged interest on the loan that can significantly reduce whatever gains you manage to realize. He feels that only highly experienced investors who can point to a proven track record showing successful trading should consider buying stocks on margin.

Kavan Klein Endorsements and Track Record

Kavan does not receive the huge media following of “Superman” Paul Scolardi, Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International fame, or Timothy Sykes of He also has not won any major trading competitions as with three-time world forex trading champ Toshko Raychev. Yet he does have several impressive references and numerous positive reviews from his thousands of followers to hold up as proof of his success. In this section, we will consider a few of Kavan Klein’s endorsements and track record metrics.

Kavan Klein’s Investimonials and Profitly Records

Kavan Klein’s Trade With Kavan service is ranked a Top 50 newsletter and service by Investimonial. He has over 150 independent reviews, of which 115 give him 5 stars and 10 give him 4 stars. His total overall rating averages out to 4.5 stars, impressive by any measure.

Kavan Klein is not only featured as one of the Top 50 newsletter picks on Investimonials. He also has been consistently rated the number one trusted trader on His profile, including winning numbers of trades, average gains, percentage of winners, and profits from is displayed to the right. Note the over $500,000 in profits this snapshot reveals:

Kavan Klein on Twitter 

Kavan Klein’s handle on Twitter is @livestockpicks. An excerpt from his Twitter feed shows that Klein boasts some impressive statistics in terms of his followers and numbers of tweets as shown below:

Kavan Klein’s Two Types of Stock Trades

Kavan Klein’s preferred stock picks and trading favorites are shorter term trades. These are as follows:

  1. Swing Trades
  2. Day Trades

Kavan Klein’s Motivation As A Teaching Guru

Kavan Klein talks with great remorse about the over $50,000 in investment capital he lost paying for and listening to the advice of various gurus who actually were not interested in the well-being of their followers. This is his motivation in teaching today. He does not want to see other people suffer through the years of heartache, disappointment, and financially devastating losses that he personally experienced himself.

In the rest of this Kavan Klein page, we will look at this guru’s stock picking products and service he offers.

Kavan Klein Stock Picking Products and Services

Kavan Klein keeps his service straightforward these days. He does not provide so many different services and products as some of the other competing gurus, teachers, and mentors. Here we will consider his “Picks That Make Sense” online trading course, Trade with Kavan stock picking service, chat room, and free newsletter.

Kavan Klein’s “Picks That Make Sense” Online Trading Course

This is Kavan’s complete day trading trading training course which used to be a part of his now defunct earlier version of his service when it was called “Picks That Make Cents.” As part of this package, you receive 14 different DVDs Kavan has put together himself, along with four booklets, and a variety of manuals. It comes complete with lessons, videos, and a quiz on each section.

Though it originally retailed for $1,099, Kavan now sells it at a bargain price of only $76 on sale.

Kavan Klein’s Trade With Kavan Service

Kavan Klein’s primary product and service he offers is his signature Trade with Kavan paid membership subscription service.

This trading service and platform includes the following:

1. Detailed Real Time Trade Calls and Alerts 

2. Real Time Wall Street News, Alerts, and Rumors

3. Live Chat Room

4. Daily Morning Meeting/Q&A Session

5. Live Screen Sharing and Audio

6. Real Time Trades Feedback

Kavan’s concentration at Trade with Kavan is principally large cap stocks that have at least $10 million in daily trading volume. In this way, investors can reproduce his success and not crowd each other out on the trades by their sheer numbers. His service claims to work for making profits in any kind of market environment or scenario. Members are able to cancel at any point they want, though they will not receive a refund of any fees already paid at time of cancellation.

This premium service costs $299 each quarter.

Kavan Klein’s SMS Swing Trade Alerts

Kavan Klein is providing swing trade alerts via SMS as part of his service. This offers the following benefits:

  • Intended with working professionals in mind who want to trade stocks and yet do not have the ability to be constantly glued to their computer screens
  • Works for both small accounts and also larger accounts because the strategy is fully scalable
  • Delivers several swing trade alerts every week for large cap stocks with mostly several day holding times
  • His every morning meeting, which acts as a daily watch list

This service costs $299 per quarter as a part of the Trade with Kavan platform and service.

Kavan Klein’s Chat Room

Kavan Klein features this chat room where he is present himself much (if no longer all) of the time. As part of the platform, there is audio and screen sharing, real time stock calls and alerts, the daily morning meeting, questions and answers, and more. As with his other services, this is included in the $299 each quarter subscription to Trade with Kavan.

Kavan Klein’s Free Newsletter

Kavan Klein gives something to followers and potential clients who are not ready to commit to a first $299 for a quarter’s worth of membership. This is his free newsletter. In the newsletter, Klein writes extensively about how he is presently navigating his way around the markets and also gives out a number of free tips for learning to trade the markets.

Mentor’s Products

Kavan Klein offers his main service trading online. This has moved from a chat-based service to a Twitter-based feed.

Pros of Kavan Klein

  • Kavan Klein lets you trade live with him.
  • He has updated to an easier to work with Twitter Feed in place of the older format chat room that made him famous.
  • Kavan does not bombard you with too many picks to follow at once.

Cons of Kavan Klein

  • Some guru followers might actually prefer more frequent picks than the guru offers.

Kavan Klein Review Summary

Kavan Klein is a completely self-made stock trading veteran of 12 years. After a long time following the poor advice of others, he finally struck out on his own to become a successful trader. Today Kavan takes great pride in his ambition to reveal to his followers the precise trades he enters and exits in real time. His many fans say that he delivers a service which is consistent, dependable, strategy-driven, and transparent. One thing that sets Klein apart from the crowded field of competitors is that his service is primarily driven by his Twitter Feed these days.


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