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Jeff Williams Review Summary:

Thanks to his sector leading service Penny Pro (in its several current forms), guru Jeff Williams brings the power of education and strategy to this genre of stocks that range in price from one cent to five dollars. With nearly twenty years of penny stock trading experience under his proverbial belt, Williams and his service have gained a solid and envied reputation for being friendly to novices and helpful to those traders operating on smaller sized trading accounts.

Jeff Williams Review

Jeff Williams takes on the many fierce critics of the penny stock trading universe each and every day. Though traditional financial advisers will only shake their heads at the mere mention of the two words “penny stocks”and tell you that the casinos in Vegas are open 24 hours per day if you wish to go on a gambling junket, Williams staunchly and earnestly maintains that penny stock trading is not really gambling unless you want it to be so.

Thanks to his sector leading service Penny Pro (in its several current forms), he brings the power of education and strategy to this genre of stocks that range in price from one cent to five dollars. With nearly twenty years of penny stock trading experience under his proverbial belt, he and his service have gained a solid and envied reputation for being friendly to novices and helpful to those traders operating on smaller sized trading accounts.

Jeff Williams Introduction

Jeff Williams did not enjoy a charmed introduction or beginning to the sometimes brutal world of penny stock trading. He flatly states that he lost a sobering $85,000 in trading account capital when he started out. He also freely admits that he subscribed to many no-cost “Pump and Dump” strategy services and side stepped the all-important arena of educating himself on technical analysis.

After he concentrated his efforts and considerable mental powers on gaining an essential education in this particular stock picking universe, he began to understand that it was such knowledge and not a “get filthy rich quickly” strategy that would make him money in the markets. Williams is quick to recommend that you avoid his both painful and costly mistakes. He says that this starts with a paper trading account and strategy until you feel confident and ready enough to trade actual cold, hard cash. The good news is that there is no hurry since the same penny stocks will still be there trading and waiting for you to pull the trigger months and even years from now.

Jeff Williams still generally confines himself to the sub-penny and penny stocks that made him a wealthy man nearly twenty years later. Though he occasionally dabbles in stocks that trade for under a single penny in price, he generally keeps it in the from one penny to dollar price range. This is where you obtain your greatest possible leverage and profit potential, Jeff promises.

Jeff Williams’ Philosophy on Trading Penny Stocks

Jeff Williams clearly differentiates between trading and investing, flatly stating that trading penny stocks should never be confused with investing in the stock market. Penny stocks are not issues that you generally buy and hold with the hope that they will one day evolve into the next Apple, IBM, Alibaba, or Microsoft. There is a very good reason that these are in fact trading for pennies per share. This is that they are highly speculative, offer investors no profits in which to share, and possess business models which are completely unproven, if not outright unfounded. While it is true that a few of them will eventually grow into the stock leaders of tomorrow, the overwhelming majority of them will simply fail sooner or later.

This is why Williams suggests the proper approach to trading such stocks, which he strongly argues is short term only. His plays are typically from less than a day to occasionally five days. This lowers the risk, yet still allows you to cash in on the sometimes wild volatility of these stock issues. Using the proper mix of education, discipline, and research, Jeff claims that trading penny stocks should not be frightening, stressful, or even super risky. The key is to follow the optimal set of trading rules faithfully and consistently. In his various services, Jeff Williams teaches his paying subscriber-based members precisely the best ways to do this every time.

Jeff Williamson On the Advantages of Volatility in Penny Stocks

While Williams is not suggesting that you get involved long term with these volatile penny stock plays, he does recommend that you benefit from their sometimes wild volatility which they commonly offer. These sharp stock price movements have the potential to help you make massive gains the likes of with which Facebook, Apple, and Google simply cannot compete. Jeff knows that these far smaller companies provide the necessary volatility to increase your trading account much faster.

It is natural to be afraid of this volatility at first, before you fully understand the nature and business of penny stock trading. Investors and individuals alike fear what they do not fully comprehend. Using the best combination of education and mentality, traders are able to fully realize the benefits of the higher volatility which these penny stocks deliver consistently.

You do not have the advantage in picking out the next Microsoft tech company and holding on, hoping for the best. The extremely high failure rate of such small companies in time makes such an approach the wrong one. Instead, your ultimate advantage with penny stock trading lies in capturing shorter term quick movements in the price and then cashing out and moving on to the next victim.

Jeff Williams’ Focus on Providing Education

It makes great sense that this guru who built his own fortune through self-taught and -obtained education would appreciate and deliver high quality educational offerings himself. Jeff Williams teaches effective and easy to grasp lessons on most every trading concept under the sun for the markets today. This includes moving average lines, resistances and supports, bullish and bearish chart patterns, risk versus reward, creating trading plans, and so much more to help you learn what you are actually doing in this micro cap stock universe so that you can trade in a highly educated and carefully thought out way.

This world class education that Jeff delivers to his Penny Pro subscribers permits traders and would-be traders alike to increase their confidence, hone their trading skills, and eventually evolve into highly profitable traders when they come to the table with the proper mindset. Williams is well aware that actual realized returns will be different from one trader to the next, and that no stock market returns can be guaranteed. Yet many of his own members testify to the phenomenal results which they personally have experienced while subscribing to his Penny Pro service and participating in the chat room based trader community.

Jeff Williams’ Strategy

Jeff Williams has a clearly defined strategy in all of this. He feels that there is a main difference between profits and losses in this arena, as with all other endeavors. This tell tale difference proves to be discipline, education, and the proper mentality. The top traders emphasize and concentrate their mental focus on these three most of all. The least successful traders ignore them all at their own peril. This is why Williams is constantly attempting to close this educational and knowledge gap for his own members. It leads ultimately to more efficient, educated, and profitable traders.

To this effect, he delivers to his members literally hundreds of hours in expert and professional video lessons, a wildly popular interactive chat room in which you can share your new ideas with other real traders while watching (and even participating in) trading done live, daily watch lists to help focus your efforts, and real time chat, email, and text-based alerts to provide complete transparency to his subscribers.

Jeff Williams’ Teaching and Guru Activities

Jeff Williams is of the opinion that transforming into the kind of profitable trader who is consistent in his results requires real work and some serious patience. Anyone who tells you something else is only selling subscription services. Far too many would-be successful traders fail at this simply because they go with overly simplified systems and strategies that promote their “Hot Picks” while the real concentration of efforts needs to be on education, research, and self-sustainability.

Learning curves are real with penny stock trading. Yet you can reduce the amount of time required in this by obtaining the right level of guidance from a proven guru like Jeff Williams and the various tiers of service he offers at Penny Pro Millionaire.

Jeff Williams’ Mentoring Activity

In order to more effectively mentor his members who were overwhelmingly clamoring for such an inherently more valuable, personalized, and hands-on service, Jeff Williams launched his Penny Pro Elite level of mentoring service a year ago. His most ardent subscribers were demanding some means of boosting their existing levels of skills and trading profits to a higher level. He works with this personal and small core group of traders who are sincere in their desire to get unmatched education and personalized mentor styled training so that they can hope to make serious profits.

In the rest of this page, we will consider all of Jeff Williams’ various stock picking services and products from which you can choose.

Jeff Williams Stock Picking Products and Services

Jeff Williams offers four unique stock picking products and services on his wide ranging website. Here we will consider his various levels of subscription based services and his educational products along with what you receive from each of these distinctive offerings.

Jeff Williams’ Friday Free Stock Trades

You cannot argue with free education in life. Jeff Williams gives something back to the investing public at large with his Friday Free Stock Trades. They are posted in the form of a blog every Friday morning early. He also offers you free tips, video lessons, and even some trading strategies at no cost to you (in exchange for your email address).  This educational information and knowledge is all available to you 100% free.

Guides to Penny Stock Trading

Williams has put together a comprehensive three-volume complete beginner, intermediate, and advanced set of guides to Penny Stock Trading. They are presented by him personally in an easy to absorb DVD format. This three DVD combo package is valued at $1,199 when purchased separately.

Penny Pro Classic Alerts Service

The first tier of Williams’ service he calls the Penny Pro Classic, or simply Penny Pro Alerts. It comes with a significant amount of services on a weekly and daily basis. These include all of the following:

  • Full Chat room access to the over 1,000 active traders – much of the subscription-based service teaching goes on in here as Jeff moderates and shows you how to find good potential trades, set them up, and exit them at the right time to make from ten percent to 25 percent in profits; trading members are able to share their own high profit potential trading ideas as well; this is a great place for the newbies in penny stock trading to get up to speed fast (a month long access)
  • Daily Stock Watch list – 5-10 stocks listed every day out of the 15,000 which trade daily; these prepare members on which stocks to watch for the highest probability entry setups during the trading day (month long access)
  • Video lessons library – featuring over 1,000 lessons with many hundreds of hours of basic to advanced teachings on concepts and strategies (one month access)
  • Real time email, SMS, and chat based alerts (single month access)
  • Bi-weekly video lesson (one month available access)
  • Bi-monthly webinars – continuing education (one month access included)
  • The Small Account Challenge



The primary two focuses of this Penny Pro Classic are on risk management and education. The chat room is the driving force and excitement of the platform, out of which they deliver the penny stock and scalp trades. Jeff provides both exit targets and stop losses in the chat room after giving out the entry points of the particular stock in question. He is big on reducing exposure and risk. Some of the greatest features of this service center on the chat room, video lessons, and video library. Live trade updates and the webinars all contribute to the continuous opportunities for extended education you can and should take advantage of when you can. The core of the service though remains the daily watch lists and the real time trade alerts.

This service is available for the price of $99 per month.

Penny Pro Elite Mentoring Service

Ultimately, Jeff Williams is pushing his incredibly personalized and guru master level mentoring service. With this, you can expect to receive each and every service Williams has to offer. This means that not only do you receive all of the Penny Pros Classic Alert level services, but you also benefit from each of the following:

  • Penny Stock Pro – a full year access which is valued at $1,188
  • Top Stock Picks – the sister stock picking service which includes a year’s access for an $1,199 value
  • The Proprietary Jeff Williams Trading Course – a full year uncut access
  • Weekly Personalized Mentoring – five times each week direct mentoring with the master himself
  • Small Account Challenge – live streaming daily access for a year

Jeff aims to show his mentoring level subscribers how to turn $10,000 into a full million dollars in a year if possible.

He originally founded this service back in August of 2016 to reach out to his trading members who were serious and committed to reaching the next level of trading. His all live trading sessions and one on one personal mentoring pair up with the step by step guidance that he delivers in this smallest of personal groups settings.

The final goal of this exclusive (and expensive) service centers on showing his most dedicated traders the best ways to effectively master the Jeff Williams’ concepts that he painstakingly won over more than 15 years on Wall Street. Here he shows you how to select potential trades, research them, scan them on the charts for the optimal setups, and to generate trading plans that include profit targets as well as stop losses. Most of all, he wants you to know both the how and the why which underlie every single trade. With a full year long time to spend in this learning environment, you should leave the mentor master program equipped with all of the information and skills you need to successfully navigate the stock market alone.

Jeff Williams expects his participating members’ skill set and knowledge to rise dramatically through this mentoring program. Their profits typically grow very rapidly as well. His goal is for the costs of this subscription to be covered in from one to a handful of trades. He aims to deliver a similar quality and level of mentoring service as does Jason Bond in his Millionaire Roadmap program.

One thing is certain about this program; it is expensive. He is only looking for the most sincere traders who will front this significant amount of cash upfront. The complete program runs a pricey $3,999 per year. It sounds very dear, but if Williams delivers all of the elements and profits he is promising with this personally led program, the value is certainly there for you.

Mentor’s Products

Jeff Williams provides a range of stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

Pros of Jeff Williams

  • Jeff Williams Penny Pro Classic Alerts service is one of the more affordable stock trading and educating services in the penny stock world.
  • The guru provides free stock picks via their email addresses to interested parties every Friday.
  • Williams wrote a Guide to Penny Stock Trading that is widely read and respected.
  • The guru runs his Small Account Challenge in which he encourages members to follow his trading strategies as he builds up an account to over $25,000 in value and beyond.

Cons of Jeff Williams

  • His personal mentoring service is quite expensive and beyond the educational budget of many would be followers.

Jeff Williams Review Summary

Thanks to his sector leading service Penny Pro (in its several current forms), guru Jeff Williams brings the power of education and strategy to this genre of stocks that range in price from one cent to five dollars. With nearly twenty years of penny stock trading experience under his proverbial belt, Williams and his service have gained a solid and envied reputation for being friendly to novices and helpful to those traders operating on smaller sized trading accounts.

Phone: (833) 785-0450

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