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Jeff Kohler Review Summary:

Jeff Kohler has earned the reputation as the "Option Addict." He won this impressive reputation among members of the financial community because of his skills as a highly experienced and accomplished options trader, stock picker, and even specialist in market timing. Jeff boasts more than 15 years of successful trading and knowledge building in the markets.

Jeff Kohler Review

Gurus, mentors, and teachers are everywhere these days. Not all of them are of the caliber of “Superman” Paul Scolardi, three-time international forex champion Toshko Raychev, legendary self-made millionaire Timothy Sykes of and Investimonials, Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International fame, or stock picking extraordinaire Jason Bond. A superstar in the two worlds of options picking and swing trading especially is Jeff Kohler. On this page, we will consider his background, accomplishments, endorsements, and many products which this “Options Addict” and “Trading Addict” have to offer you in your own personal trading.

Jeff Kohler Introduction

Jeff Kohler has earned the reputation as (and nickname of) the “Option Addict.” He won this impressive reputation among members of the financial community because of his skills as a highly experienced and accomplished options trader, stock picker, and even specialist in market timing. Jeff boasts more than 15 years of successful trading and knowledge building in the markets.

He got his start working in the stock brokerage side of the business with his humble beginnings at the trading desk of famed American and international giant Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Inc (now just Morgan Stanley). In his career at this brokerage house, he worked executing both equity stock trades and complicated options strategies for his clients. All the while, Kohler was busy with his own personal and private agenda of understanding and internalizing the true workings of the financial markets.

Since then, he has helped thousands of individuals by coaching them in the ways of successfully trading for themselves. He brings a lot to the table as a guru by offering a wealth of educational and informational services including daily trade alerts, educational manuals and videos, bootcamp mentoring programs, a private twitter feed, lively chat room, regular guest financial blogs on several well-known financial sites, and more. To claim that he is a highly regarded and respected financial mentor and educator is no exaggeration.

Jeff Kohler’s Background and Accomplishments

Jeff Kohler has been wildly successful as a teacher, blogger, and educator of stock picking, option trading, and market timing. Below we’ll look at some of the ways he has excelled in these areas.

The Keys to Jeff Kohler’s Success as a Teacher

Not everyone is accomplished as an effective teacher, particularly where financial markets and trading are concerned. Jeff Kohler has excelled at this for two main reasons. On the one hand, he is determined to help his members and followers stand on their own after learning what he has to teach them. This starts with a vast education section in his main website Trading Addicts. He is all in favor of you learning to trade successfully for yourself. This is why he gives you all of the tools you need to do so. It begins with the basics of trading instructional videos and manuals and extends to all sorts of complicated price patterns you will want to learn how to understand and find.

It is the price patterns which underlie the trading that Kohler does so successfully and teaches so well. He offers fully 12 different sections in his trading manual which deal with every side of technical analysis. Once you gain the mastery of this material, he confidently states that you will be able to do trading well on your own and not need his help any longer.

Bootcamps styled tutorials are the second reason that Kohler has been so very successful as a teacher and mentor. He offers a series of four different bootcamps at a time covering everything from stock picking, to options trading and more. These include presentations by streaming live videos, online presentation materials, and everything else you need to master the subject he is teaching you.

Jeff Kohler’s Philosophy on Trading and Teaching

Jeff specializes in teaching followers how to block out the natural fear and anxiety you feel when you trade your own real money accounts. He believes in rigorous trade planning, positive trading psychology, and strict money management rules. Once you have learned at his feet, he is proud to say that you will turn into your own little market expert who can stand alone in the stock and options markets. Besides all of this, Jeff claims that he will also give you more information and depth to add to the next social gathering in which you find yourself.

Jeff Kohler’s approach to trading and the markets is unique. He has created some proprietary stock and option picking indicators that give him that necessary edge in trading and stock picking. He promises to show his followers the best ways to optimize their profits while reducing risks as much as possible. Most importantly to Kohler, you will learn “how it feels to look forward to your monthly account statements and not have to hide them from your wife anymore.”

Jeff Kohler As Award Winning Blogger and Content Creator

Jeff Kohler is more than just a great teacher and trader personally. He is also an award-winning blogger and extensive content creator in the realm of financial markets, options, and stocks picking. For years, he authored the Option Addict blog column for trading which won the “2007 Best Business Blog” award. This helped him to reach a wider audience with his mentoring and teaching.

Jeff is also the instructor and content creator for Investools, now a part of the TD Ameritrade empire and account platform. Here he designs online presentations, trading videos online for a number of different financial websites, podcasts, financial content, trading publications, and various online media outlets.

Jeff Kohler Endorsements and Track Record


Jeff Kohler and his Trading Addicts website have been widely published and featured on a number of the leading financial publications and media outlets across the Internet. Among these are Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, and Equities. In this section, we will consider some of the guru’s endorsements and track record of success.

Jeff Kohler As Featured On Investopedia

Kohler is a regular contributor to Investopedia, the acclaimed financial education website and financial dictionary. They have his biography and several of his articles featured. The guru writes on all sorts of prescient market topics ranging from “The Anatomy of Trading Breakouts” to “Pencil in Profits in Any Market With A Calendar Spread.”

Jeff Kohler’s Twitter Feed

The guru has a significant following on Twitter in his personal Twitter feed and account as well. Here to the right you can see that he has nearly 7,000 followers for his short words of wisdom, links, and posts:

Jeff Kohler on iBank

Kohler has a blog he puts up most every market trading day on iBank. He uses his moniker handle OA for Options Addict in much of his online financial content writing. Here is an example of what you get in the way of short blog information from the site:


I like this price action in $X today. That stock hadn’t been marked down the same way its competition had been. Share holders were way too optimistic in the 30’s.

Even on the run up, I pleaded with folks to wait for deuces in $X to put together a long. I like today’s chaos in that regard. This move just wiped out all shareholders from the November election gap.

Now, I feel validated for leaving it be back then.

I’m an interested buyer here, and will start piecing some shares together on the first print of $22.


Jeff Kohler as Mentor 

Jeff Kohler has become a mentor to many investors through his bootcamps and commitment to answering all of his emails he receives from his paid subscription member-based site followers. From time to time, he opens up his membership to these mentoring programs. This seems to happen about once a year and to be highly sought after, so if it is something in which you are interested, you are advised to jump on it when he opens membership, as this graphic from his site demonstrates.

Jeff Kohler’s Types of Trades and Stock Picks

One thing that sets Jeff Kohler apart from some of his rivals in the stock picking universe is the fact that he does not only specialize in one particular segment of stocks. His favorite picks may be high risk- high reward trades, but he also does:

  • Swing trades – by these Kohler is looking for a great deal of momentum and volatility in smaller cap stocks; these last from several days to several weeks
  • Longer term trades – this is what really sets Kohler and his Trading Addicts program apart from many of his rivals; he is providing core holding trades that run from a few weeks long to several months long
  • Short term option trades – the meat and potatoes of what Jeff is doing are his out of the money short term time frame options; they are famous for a higher risk to reward ratio but pay off hugely when they work out

In the rest of this Jeff Kohler page, we will look at this guru’s several stock and option picking services he offers.

Jeff Kohler Stock and Option Picking Products and Services

Jeff Kohler provides a wide variety of different stock and option picking products and services from which you can choose. Here we will consider his free trading guide, free newsletter, Trading Addicts subscription-based membership service, live chat room, bootcamps, educational videos, and trading manual.

Jeff Kohler Free Trading Guide – The Seven Habits of Millionaire Traders

One thing we like about Jeff Kohler is that he is big on giving away financial education even to people who are not yet paying members of his services and products. With this free trading guide, The 7 Habits of Millionaire Traders, Kohler is offering knowledge that covers:

  • How you can develop a personal trading plan and stick with it
  • The most critical activity you can follow to boost your profits
  • How you can accept personal responsibility for your own trading
  • The best way to build up ironclad confidence in your own trading abilities

Kohler promises this guide is completely free and does not have any strings attached to it.

Jeff Kohler’s Free Newsletter

Jeff Kohler is also offering a free weekly newsletter on the markets. He does not give you much information on what this entails, but you can be sure it will come full of his unique and insightful commentary on what the markets are doing, what stocks he is watching, and what successful trades he has recently closed.

Jeff Kohler’s Trading Addicts Subscription Based Service

The centerpiece of guru Jeff’s service is his Trading Addicts members-only subscription-based platform which he started in 2008. In the members area he offers a wealth of financial educational videos and training manuals besides his daily trade alerts stock picks, a lively chat room, twitter feed, and more. We will cover some of these services and products in more details below. Jeff offers a first five days promotional trial for only $5. The regular monthly price is then re-billed through Clickbank if you do not cancel it before the end of the trial period.

This service costs $97 per month.

Jeff Kohler’s Chat Room

Jeff believes in chat rooms as do many of his fellow gurus in the stock and option picking business. His chat room is lively and populated by active day traders who literally live for the markets. They are friendly and helpful, passing along any advice or picks they like throughout the trading days. Naturally Jeff and his handpicked staff moderate this chat room and are available and more than happy to field any questions you may come up with as you are trading Jeff’s picks or coming up with your own trading strategies and ideas.

This service is included with the price of the Trading Addicts subscription for $97 per month.

Jeff Kohler’s Boot Camps Mentoring Program

Many gurus enjoy running mentoring programs of one kind or another and Kohler is no exception to the trend. He offers around four of these bootcamps at a time from his general sections of the Trading Addicts website. These include:

  • Q1 2017 Boot Camp – reviews his 2016 predictions and trades, looks at the correction downside risks for 2017, considers new year rotations, and offers a look at the optimal shorts and long trades for the year
  • Q4 2016 Boot Camp – looks at the effects of Donald Trump’s election on the market, considers the pain trade of 2017, reviews his predictions and trades for 2016, and shares his 2017 predictions and general market outlook
  • Stock Picking Bootcamp – covers entry and exit points, planning to enter and exit trades, risk rotation, individual stock risks, and the “risk appetite of the market” measuring tools
  • Q3 Zeitgeist – analyzes the markets based on the gains of the various sectors, looks at the world markets in turmoil, considers silver and gold’s prospects, contemplates what Kohler called “the scariest charts of the year,” and reveals his best trading ideas for Q3

His main bootcamps costs $149.99; others are sometimes offered at discounts.

Jeff Kohler’s Educational Videos Options Education Course

Jeff Kohler provides a wide range of educational videos for his subscribing members. These are broken out into lessons as follows:

  1. Option Trading Mechanics and Procedures: The Basics
  2. Understanding Calls and Puts
  3. Individual Option Analysis
  4. Option Pricing: Time and Volatility
  5. Option Pricing: The Greeks
  6. The Process of Buying Options
  7. Covered Calls and Naked Puts
  8. Straddles and Strangles

Jeff Kohler’s Trading Manual PDFs

Jeff also has an impressive set of trading manuals which he offers to his members of his Trading Addicts in PDF format. These are broken out in Trading 101, Options, and Technical and Market Analysis manuals.

Trading 101 Manual

With this manual, Kohler offers you all of the following important general financial education sections for trading:

  1. Establishing the Groundwork
  2. Developing a Trade Plan
  3. Money Management
  4. Trading Basics & Mechanics
  5. Establishing a Routine
  6. Searching for Stocks
  7. Using Stop Loss Orders
  8. Trading Price Patterns
  9. The Anatomy of Trading Breakouts
  10. Market Sentiment Indicators

Options Manual

Jeff the guru loves options and has honestly earned his nickname the “Options Addict” over the years by writing a blog extensively under this name. As you might expect, he has a large manual on options trading, which is something many other gurus do not offer. This is broken out into the following PDF sections:

  1. Introduction to Options
  2. Individual Option Analysis
  3. The Process of Buying Options
  4. Understanding Option Greeks
  5. Understanding Option Volatility
  6. Covered Calls and Naked Puts
  7. Understanding Vertical Spreads
  8. Calendar and Diagonal Spreads
  9. Straddles and Strangles
  10. Butterfly and Condor Spreads

Technical and Market Analysis Manual

As Jeff is a technician’s technician, he provides a PDF format manual on technical and also on market analyses as well. Unlike many gurus on the markets who only use technical charts and analysis, Kohler is also teaching and utilizing market analysis in his own personal trading and stock picking strategies. This PDF manual is broken out in the following sections, all of which are free to members of his Trading Addicts subscription based members-only area site:

  1. Technical Analysis Part I
  2. Technical Analysis Part II
  3. Overall Market Analysis
  4. Top Down & Sector Analysis

Again, it is hard to find as much financial education as Jeff Kohler the Guru, teacher, and mentor offers you. The only downside to it is that it is not all available for free. You must pay the $97 monthly service cost in order to enjoy full and unlimited access to this impressive array of knowledge that he has compiled on understanding and trading the stock and options markets.

Mentor’s Products

Jeff Kohler provides a range of stock and option picking products and services for you. These are his:

  • Free trading guide
  • Free newsletter
  • Trading Addicts membership service
  • Live chat room
  • Bootcamps
  • Educational videos
  • Trading manual

Pros of Jeff Kohler

  • Jeff Kohler is very hands on with his members, promising to answer their emails personally.
  • Kohler gives long term trading, short term swing trading, and options trading advice.
  • His service focuses on trades that work for smaller balance accounts.

Cons of Jeff Kohler

  • Jeff Kohler is not currently accepting new clients to his flagship service Trading Addicts.

Jeff Kohler Review Summary

Jeff Kohler has earned the reputation as the "Option Addict." He won this impressive reputation among members of the financial community because of his skills as a highly experienced and accomplished options trader, stock picker, and even specialist in market timing. Jeff boasts more than 15 years of successful trading and knowledge building in the markets.


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