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Jeff Bishop Review Summary:

Jeff Bishop is quite literally the guru's guru, being the mentor to the legendary Jason Bond of the ubiquitous Jason Bond Picks. Bishop is the co-founder of Raging Bull the informational stocks, options, and ETF trading Mecca. As an educator, he stands head and shoulders above the proverbial crowd, even having developed his own educational guide the ETF Cheat Sheet.

Jeff Bishop is an interesting individual on a number of different levels. For one, he is quite literally the guru’s guru, being the mentor to the legendary Jason Bond of the ubiquitous Jason Bond Picks, a most well-regarded stock picking site and newsletter. On another level, he is the co-founder of Raging Bull (RECOMMENDED in 2020) the informational stocks and ETF trading Mecca.

As an educator par excellence, he stands head and shoulders above the proverbial crowd, having developed his own educational guide the ETF Cheat Sheet.

Jeff Bishop – An Introduction

Jeff Bishop is the power behind the Jason Bond throne in the same way that Sir John Templeton was to Warren Buffet. As a trader who has earned literally millions of dollars in trading over the past two decades, he boasts an enormous amount of real-world stock trading experience that covers such tumultuous market epochs as the Dot-Com crash, the Global Financial Crisis, and more.

While Bishop loves to play almost all sides and major financial instruments in the markets, his real passion and true abilities lie with optimally trading ETFs and options. As a case in point, he has the claim to fame of having participated in more than $100 million in trades in the past year alone. He does all of this without operating a hedge fund too. Bishop will tell you that he is not afraid to take on the major bets and stretch for the outfield when he believes he has the inside track on a huge trade.

The guru’s guru is always on the lookout for major trades to share with his legions of followers. These range from big leveraged ETF and ETN trades and options plays to quick-moving swing trades in individual stocks. Yet Bishop is not a pointless risk-taker or gambler by any means. In fact, in his various services, he remains on the hunt for the highest reward trades that offer the least possible downside risk. Best of all, he delivers all of this expert market analysis and trading insight to you and the other subscription based members in an easy to understand and to take advantage of format. This is why his subscribers have stayed with him for many years.

Jeff Bishop’s Background and Legacy of Branching Out

Once upon a time, Jeff Bishop was only the man with the claim to fame of having taught Jason Bond how to be the Bond of the Stock Trading world. Yet he has long been so much more than this. Bishop actually possesses the credentials to back up his leading status in educating on and trading the markets. Jeff boasts two separate degrees from the prestigious University of Texas. These include an Economics degree and a Finance degree. If this were not enough to impress his would-be followers, he is a Mensa member of the high IQ society.

Mensa High IQ Society Logo

Jeff is a member of MENSA, the High IQ Society

Aside from having discovered and trained the Bond in much of what he knows today, Bishop has become the undisputed ETF king and guru over the past few years. Though his flagship mentoring and educating service the Top Stock Picks does not contain the words ETF within the name, this is in fact the primary focus of the service nowadays since Jeff morphed into the undisputed master of the home run Exchange Traded Fund mega trade. Today it would be called Top ETF Picks if the service were relaunched.

Jeff has branched out into a variety of other services in the intervening years as well. For one, he has teamed back up with his one-time student Jason Bond to teach the options strategies found within Bond’s Millionaire Road Map. He puts together teachings, webinars, and opinions in this capacity on a frequent basis. This has provided him with the opportunity to teach strategies for successfully trading options to both his and Jason Bond’s clients on a regular and continuing basis.

Bishop is mostly a short term trading guru even though he is interestingly enough trading vehicles that have tended to attract and favor longer term traders. He engages in swing and day trades even though he is trading sector and commodity ETFs for most of the trade recommendations. Now that he works with Bond’s longer term trading service as well, he has the opportunity to concentrate on lower volatility and longer term plays.

In these roles, Jeff Bishop delivers a weekly insight and trades on ETFs. This comes with entry and exit targets, real time alerts as applicable, detailed analysis and commentary, and weekly input on the ETF markets in general. This service is included for all of the Jason Bond Picks’ members at no additional cost (beyond their monthly membership).

Jeff Bishop’s Advice on and Personal Style of Trading ETFs

Jeff Bishop has carved out a hugely successful niche for himself in the world of Exchange Traded Funds. While many other competing gurus are pushing penny stocks in low volume issues, Bishop avoids the frustrations of not being able to get in to and out of recommended trades by issuing picks on the high volume ETF majors. In fact his ETFs feature enormous volumes and massive volatility. The high liquidity of his targets guarantees that he is neither running a Front Running Strategy nor a so-called “Pump and Dump” scam. He simply can not move the markets with these enormous volume ETFs.

Something that Jeff Bishop really loves about the Exchange Traded Funds is that you can easily trade them in both a bullish and bearish fashion without having to resort to shorting the ETFs. It is by using bearish ETFs that you can participate with him in short positions on groups of assets which he recommends (as in commodities or stock indices). This is what allows Jeff and his subscribers to take advantage of both downside and upside on the various Exchange Traded Funds.

In both his personal educating and training and his unique trading styles, Bishop is both direct and extremely effective. He does not waste his or his members’ valuable time with any misplaced bravado, hype, or arrogance. Instead he focuses on continuously reviewing and analyzing the markets in order to deliver his followers the most optimal trading ideas that he literally trades personally in his own accounts and using his own money.

Jeff Bishop Endorsements & Track Record

Jeff Bishop has not spent his time competing for awards and accolades over the years, as have some of his major rivals in the teaching and trading space. One of his greatest endorsements comes not from any particular award he has secured, but from the limitless, freely flowing endorsements of the gold standard in the penny stock trading universe— Jason Bond Picks. Jason continuously refers to Bishop as his mentor whenever he has the occasion to talk about him.

They are not only close and with a history going back decades, they have a personal and ongoing working relationship that lends huge credibility to Jeff Bishop’s various endeavors and enterprises. The two gurus are intimately involved in the community of Jason Bond Picks too. Bishop contributes significantly to two of the three Bond services, both the Long Term Trading and the Millionaire Road Map.

Jeff Bishop is not one of those fake gurus who is suggesting that he has an 80 percent to 100 percent successful track record in his picks and trading. Instead he brings an incredibly down to earth and even brutally realistic mentality to his Top Stock Picks and other trading services. He teaches beginners to trading the three keys to success in the world of Wall Street. Bishops says these are Patience, Education, and Discipline.

To this effect, Bishop concentrates his efforts on 10 percent winners rather than those pie in the sky 100 percent return trades. Bishop looks for consistent successes instead of a few out of the park trades. His philosophy centers on this core idea: it is simpler to secure ten individual 10 percent winning trades than it is to grab a single 100 percent out-sized winner (particularly considering the huge downside risk that comes along with these home run types of trades).

Style of Trades and Stock Picks

Jeff Bishop loves to demonstrate his easy going style and user friendliness to new members. He sends out welcome emails on the first day to his new subscribers. This comes with an initial paper trading recommendation that encourages the new members to start out cautiously with practicing risk-free trading in a pretend money account.

He recommends a full 90 day learning time frame for newbies. The new members may not follow it all the way, but if he succeeds in keeping them in paper trades for even six to eight weeks then he had done better than most gurus will in shepherding and protecting their green new members.

Jeff Bishop’s Focus As A Teaching Guru

It is not unnatural for people to wonder what exactly Jeff Bishop is spending his time teaching his members. He appreciates the crucial nature of a well-rounded and carefully thought out trading plan. Discipline is the key value Bishop seeks to instill in you and his other members. For example, he realizes that many new traders will not understand how important a clearly thought out and executed exit strategy is for each and every trade on which you embark. Bishop does not accept lines like “if the trade runs up, I’ll allow it to run,” or “should the stock price drop, I’ll sell out.” This is not a real trading plan but merely idle conversation.

He suggests a minimum trading plan of a tangible and written down entry price, a firm profit exit price, and a solid stop loss exit price level. Bishop wants you to physically write these three numbers down on paper. This seems all too easy if a bit primitive, yet so many new traders do not do even this. If they do not set out their exit points clearly, then it becomes next to impossible to cohesively implement the exits into the overall trading strategy. The price to pay for being undisciplined or overly greedy can be severe and game ending even.

In the rest of this page, we will consider all of Jeff Bishop’s various stock and Exchange Traded Fund picking services and products.

Top Stock Picking Products and Services from Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop offers three unique stock picking products and services on his interesting website. However, Raging Bull is his flagship product. Bullseye Trade is his newest product.

Jeff Bishop is big on educating his followers and paying members. This is why he designed and wrote the ETF Cheat Sheet to assist his new beginning members with the basics of the most popular ETFs that they consider. Here he discusses the various underlying ETFs that he trades. He is typically involved in one bullishly at the same time as he trades another bearishly. When he needs a bearish position, he simply scouts out the Inverse ETFs so that he can be short the trade without having to actually short the security.

As Jeff has his favorite ETF’s he trades, you can be sure he goes into some detail on the various pairs of VXX/XIV, the UWTI/DWTI, the ERX/ERY, the DUST/NUGT, and the UGAZ/DGAZ so that you understand what these trades he pursues on a weekly basis are all about.

Jeff Bishop’s Top Stock Picks Flagship Servicestsp-watchlist

Though Bishop is actively involved in a number of advisory projects, his principal proprietary service is Raging Bull. He touts this as ideal for complete beginners who want to walk in the shoes of guru Jeff and his years-long successfully tested and traded strategy from the beginning as well as for well experienced master traders who are merely interested in better opening trading strategies or ideas on the markets. Jeff delivers his master strategy and picks to both groups of traders straight to either your cell phone by text message or directly to your email inbox. There are two levels of membership, the Top Stock Picks Trade Scout and the TSP Premium.

With the Top Stock Picks Trade Scout Service, you get the following benefits:

  • The Daily watch list
  • Premium level of support

This comes to you for the incredibly reasonable price of only $199 per year.

In reality though, Bishop is pushing his TSP Premium membership. With this elite level of service, he delivers all of the following to subscription paying members:

  • Email based expert mentoring service – Jeff and company cheerfully answer all requests and questions
  • The Daily Watch List – Jeff and his staff compile their daily stock and ETF watch list each and every trading day and dispatch it to your inbox so that you can concentrate on the most optimal trade of every day
  • Real Time Alerts – real time buy and sell alerts come to your cell phone and email inbox as a valuable and easily actionable addition to the daily watch list; they tell you exactly what Jeff Bishop is personally buying and selling in his own account each and every market day
  • Exhaustive Video Library – members receive unlimited access to the constantly expanding library of educational videos, webinars, and articles
  • Premium Level of Support – the quick, responsive, and friendly customer service includes a live chat feature

The accounts include a members-only optimized dashboard that permits you to effectively spend your time in searching out articles and videos in the educational library. It allows you to request the premium level of support with a dedicated form or live chat button request. Members can also offer feedback as to how the dashboard can be made even better. They claim to constantly improve the dashboard utilizing the comments from subscribers. This is a sample snap shot of their dashboard:

This elite and highest level of service is available to members for the more steep annual price tag of $1,999 per year.


On this website, you can get free glimpses into the inner workings of the mind of Jeff Bishop and the various other five experts including Bishop’s one-time student Jason Bond.  This site provides all of the following at no charge to you:

  • A Daily market commentary
  • Five recommended stock picks courtesy of Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond
  • Regular, free, and insightful articles authored by the four experts

This website is completely free to access regardless of whether you subscribe to one of the four gurus promoted on the site or not.

Jeff Bishop Products as of 2020

Jeff Bishop provides a range of stock and exchange traded funds picking products and services for you. These are his:

Top Jeff Bishop’s students and their products:

Pros of Jeff Bishop

  • Jeff Bishop is the guru to the legendary Jason Bond.
  • His Raging Bull chat room makes the service lively and more fun than most competitors' services.
  • Bishop is a leading educator in the world of stocks and options.
  • The guru co-founded Raging Bull the stocks, options, and ETF educational portal.

Cons of Jeff Bishop

  • Bishop's Raging Bull Elite service is higher end and out of the price range of some would be followers.

Jeff Bishop Review Summary

Jeff Bishop is quite literally the guru's guru, being the mentor to the legendary Jason Bond of the ubiquitous Jason Bond Picks. Bishop is the co-founder of Raging Bull the informational stocks, options, and ETF trading Mecca. As an educator, he stands head and shoulders above the proverbial crowd, even having developed his own educational guide the ETF Cheat Sheet.

Phone: (833)-785-0452

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