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Jason Bond Review Summary:

The "Bond of Wall Street" has become among the greatest stock (and now more recently option) picking gurus of all time. Though he began his working life as a ten year veteran school teacher for the state of New York, he eventually left to teach you how to trade on Wall Street. Now he is a wildly successful full time stock market trader who also teaches both swing trading and day trading along with options on stocks. It is nearly impossible to argue with his long list of accolades and accomplishments over the past decade.

Jason Bond Review

Among the famous gurus, mentors, and teachers available to you as a stock, options, or currency trader you have many different characters from which you can choose today. Some are legendary like Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International fame or Timothy Sykes of and Investimonials. Others are just plain fun as with “Superman” Paul Scolardi. A few are international champions as with Toshko Raychev, the three time world forex currency trader and teacher.

Jason Bond is a happy combination of all of these different types of gurus. Though he began his working life as a ten year veteran school teacher for the state of New York, he eventually left to teach you how to trade on Wall Street. Now he is a wildly successful full time stock market trader who also teaches both swing trading and day trading. In this page we will examine the life story, background, lessons, accomplishments, and products this stock picking guru and genius offers you as a trader.

Jason Bond Introduction

Jason Bond is first and foremost a swing trader and teacher of these stock trading methods today. He did not start out life in this capacity though. The head trader of Jason Bond Picks began his career as a full time public school teacher for the great state of New York. All the while he was shaping hearts and minds for the future, Bond also enjoyed great success as a part time stock trader on the side.

In 2011, he left his public school teaching profession to follow his love of swing trading full time. He quickly found that he missed the fulfillment that teaching offered him in helping other individuals to learn and grow. This is why he says he conceived of and founded his investment teaching website Jason Bond Picks.

In the early days of his service, his site and company Jason Bond Picks began with one newsletter. Over time, he evolved it into a variety of other product and service offerings. These now include courses and mentoring in his first love swing trading as well as short selling and day trading. All of these courses concentrate on different facets of the stock markets so that his clients can become self-directing and self-sustaining in their own investment decisions using his concepts and teachings. Bond has endeared himself to his legions of fans by answering both questions and emails from his followers on a daily basis.

Jason Bond’s Background and Advice for Success

Speaking of fans and success, Jason Bond has much about which he can boast. Take a look at his active daily visitors and readership these days, as pictured here to the left. It is clear that his methods of primarily swing trading have paid off and earned him an enormous number of fans which even rival those of legendary stock shorting guru Timothy Sykes.

How has Bond accomplished this? He has honed in like a laser on his target market of busy professionals who are not interested in day trading but instead seek out a trading guru and strategy which encourages trades that last from one to four days. This suits Bond well, as many of his target clients find it difficult to trade in and out of a given position on a single day, since they are busy teaching, working construction, or engaging in otherwise engrossing work which does not allow them to be chained to their desktop or laptop computer (or even smart phone or tablet).

Bond’s clients are newsletter readers. In his several newsletters he publishes, he educates people on how to trade. Bond is strict in his insistence that he is not a registered financial professional and does not give out stockbroker type of advice. Instead, he provides a fun service which involves a massive chatroom and/or real time trade alerts that share what he and his own people are doing personally for the benefit of like-minded swing traders (or day traders, which he insists he is not).

The Keys to Jason Bond’s Success as a Teacher

The “Bond” of swing trading is a teacher who in his own words seeks to “lead by example.” To this effect, he generously provides one of his newsletters for free (in exchange for your email address anyway). In this free newsletter, he teaches all who want to learn more about swing trading and even day trading his model and lessons learned in a general format. Occasionally he also throws in a free swing trade recommendation for those who want to take his methodology for a test drive before committing serious money to the venture.

In this general newsletter, Bond shares both the good and bad lessons he learns in his own trading. He believes that real traders can benefit from real lessons that focus not only on the good but also the bad in the markets and in his personal trading.

Jason Bond Lessons on Emotions in Trading

Jason Bond teaches people and clients the best ways to control their emotions in trading. He warns that monster wins from good news released while in a trade can create huge amounts and feelings of excitement. The problem with this is that you can destroy the entire trading strategy by seeking out these kind of home run hits. Bond reminds his followers that base hits, as with his sought out five to ten percent daily winners, are what build wealth over time.

He also tries to teach his clients and followers how to handle losses effectively. Many traders suffer a devastating but occasionally unavoidable setback. The trick is to walk away from a horrible trade in which you become the victim of unexpected bad news and to not take it so hard or personally. You have to keep an even mindset with trading. It is important to brush off both the lows and the highs to be successful.

Jason Bond Warning on Day Trading and Margin Trading

Many stock trading gurus like day trading and even encourage margin trading. Jason Bond is not one of these people. He says that day trading is dangerous, just like the SEC warns you. Because of this personally held conviction, Bond tries to deter his clients and would-be clients from day trading. He not only provides a personal warning on his website to this effect, he also shares a video with a stock market professional warning about day trading.

Instead Bond is pushing swing trading. This has brought in a huge number of day traders who feel like it meshes nicely with their own stock trading bent. In the end, Bond says he decided not to push away the day trading crowd coming to him and instead tried to offer them a more responsible version of a day trading service within his primary swing trading strategy.

Regarding the use of leverage in trading, Bond does not utilize it himself. He feels there are a number of reasons not to utilize margin in trading stocks. Among these is that Jason does not believe in “trading on Wall Street with a credit card.”  He admits that there are many people using it, who love the feel and thrill of gambling, which Wall Street tends to attract.

Jason Bond Endorsements and Track Record

It is hard to argue with the kind of success that Jason Bond has consistently enjoyed for several years now. Remember the number of active daily visitors and newsletter readers his site enjoys at over 207,000 every day. If this is not enough to impress you, the guru also offers a snapshot of his verified returns on his trading account below, as verified by financial transparency website Investimonials:

We will also look at several of Jason Bond’s other endorsements and metrics of track record success in this section.

Jason Bond “As Featured On”

Jason Bond and his Jason Bond Picks have been widely featured across the financial and stock market picking universes. Here are the more impressive ones which this guru has been featured on:

Jason Bond as Author 

Jason bond is principally a newsletter writer after all. He is not a stockbroker and so does not give out stock market advice. This does not stop him from teaching on the good, bad, and ugly in the stock market trading business. As of writing of this webpage, Jason Bond did not have any published books. He seems to keep plenty busy with his free newsletter and other newsletters.

In the newsletter, Bond shares lessons he learns from both the good and bad examples he sees and from the positive and negative personal experiences which he endures himself on a daily trading basis. We like that he does not do as so many other Wall Street investment newsletters and insulate himself in an artificial and deceptive bubble of perfection. He actually admits to his mistakes so that you can learn from them as well.

Jason Bond as Mentor in the Millionaire Roadmap Challenge

Jason Bond with Millionaire Challenge Winner Kyle Dennis

A few years ago, Bond decided to live up to his image as the “Bond of Swing Trading” by offering to give out a black Porsche 911 Cabrolet convertible to his first million dollar achieving student. As pictured to the right, Kyle Dennis was the winner of this challenge. He became Jason Bond’s first student to reach a million dollars while utilizing his service and following his picks. Bond says it took Kyle Dennis only two years to turn $15,253 into $1,613,442 as a member of his exclusive Millionaire Roadmap service (covered in more detail in the bottom section).

Bond says that anyone who follows his swing trading system can do the same. After all, Dennis was merely a middle class, average kid who started out working in a $35,000 per year real estate job before he decided to become a swing trader with Jason Bond Picks. You can watch his video testimonial about the amazing story here.

Jason Bond’s Investimonials Track Record

Jason Bond is featured as one of the Top 50 newsletter picks on Investimonials. To the left you can see their graphic displaying his numbers of five star reviews. It is a real testament to the performance, power, and following this guru clearly has in the world of swing and day trading.

Jason Bond’s Two Types of Trades and Stock Picks

Jason Bond focuses on his main passion in stock trading, yet despite this he does actually offer three types of trades. These are as follows:

  1. Swing Trades – these are Bond’s first love. He looks for from overnight to four day trades on which he seeks to bag five to ten percent profits.
  2. Day Trades – though Jason has repeatedly claimed in interviews that he does not like day trading nor encourage it for anyone besides a master or highly experienced stock trader, he still offers the service and trades for those who want to do it.
  3. Shorting Stocks – this is an area of trading and picks that is less promoted on Bond’s website, yet he does also provide short selling ideas on stocks.

Jason Bond’s Motivation As A Teaching Guru

You would not be alone in wondering why a successful millionaire achieving stock trader like Bond would bother to spend the time teaching and mentoring others. Jason Bond himself has the background as a public school teacher in New York state to help explain his authentic passion for teaching others.

In the rest of this Jason Bond page, we will look at this guru’s several stock picking services he offers. Consider yourself warned that they are not cheaply priced.

Jason Bond Stock Picking Products and Services

Jason Bond provides a few different stock picking services on his fairly simple yet still impressive website. Here we will consider his Fast Start Kit, Day and Swing Trading service, Long Term Trading strategy, Millionaire Roadmap Master Mentoring Program, chatroom, and DVD he offers his followers and clients.

Jason Bond’s Fast Start Kit for Traders

Jason Bond has a generous offer by way of education and teaching new stock traders how to trade. This is called the Fast Start Kit for Traders. In exchange for your email address, you can learn how Jason Bond was able to earn over $400,000 profits by trading Penny Stocks in the year 2016.

This Free Fast Start Kit includes the following:

1. A Video Course on Penny Stocks

2. His Newsletter for Stock Traders

3. A Webinar on Swing Trading

4. A Special Report

5. $100.00 savings certificate

Jason Bond’s Day & Swing Trading

The most popular service which Jason Bond offers his clients as part of his Jason Bond Picks is his Day & Swing Trading service. This is tailored to two different kinds of stock traders. The day traders who have continuous available access to their computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet who are willing to pursue real time action alerts are the first group.

The second is the working professionals who may not have time to do in and out in a single day trades, but who are interested in one to four day long swing trades which they can manage after hours. In either case, Bond’s goal is to make $500 every day in this form of trading. He says that $500 a day keeps the regular job away.

The service is chat room-based and anticipates clients having a more than $25,000 account with which to trade. He engages in as many trades as Mr. Market will provide. This service he says very clearly is not intended for beginning stock traders. Bond offers two levels of service, the full time day trader or the part time day trader.

This service includes both of the following two styles of trading:

Swing Trading:

  • Designed to allow you to trade successfully without being stuck to your computer all day
  • Ideal for working professionals who wish to trade the markets without huge time commitments
  • Delivers from three to five swing trade alerts every week for stocks costing less than $10 and having one to four day holding times
  • Conservative five percent to 20 percent gains sought
  • Real time text and email alerts for the entries and exits
  • Ideal for small accounts and also scalable for larger market players
  • Strategy goal is to make $100,000 each year of profits
  • Provides a daily watch list as well as unlimited access to the education suite

Day Trading:

  • Intended for day traders who need successful intraday ideas
  • Fifteen to 20 momentum daily trades each day
  • Only chat room guidanced provided
  • Wall Street’s largest stock-themed chat room with 500+ participants every day
  • Aim is to close out all trades by the end of trading day each day
  • Goal of making $500 profit every day
  • Includes video lessons

This service costs $399 per quarter

Jason Bond’s Long Term Trading

Jason bond also offers a long-term trading strategy. This is his flagship service and principal strategy. Bond says it is ideal for working professionals who wish to build up stock market wealth but do not have the time for swing or day trading. Its highlights are as follows:

  • Delivers from three to five swing trade alerts via real time email and text every week
  • Bond spends a great amount of time teaching members the strategy
  • Daily delivered watch list which he sends out the night before
  • Hold times are from one to four days long
  • Involves liquid small cap, micro cap, and nano cap stocks with stock prices ranging from a penny to $10
  • Includes numerous video lessons which teach the strategy as a bedrock of the service

This service costs $1,999 per year.

Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap Mentoring MasterMind Program

The Millionaire Roadmap Mentoring program includes every service that Jason Bond offers. The highlight of the highly personalized service for serious traders is direct mentorship from Jason Bond himself. He calls this his “Mastermind Program” with good reason. Out of the program came his first million dollar profit earning students.

This superior service costs $9,999 per year.

Jason Bond DVD

Bond also offers his proprietary “How to Trade Like A Pro, Not A Hobby” DVD. The program costs $1,499 in his store. He offers it included for free to members of his various services as a promotion.

Jason Bond’s Chat Room

In this largest of chat rooms on Wall Street which features more than 500 members participating each and every trading day, Jason Bond and his staff deliver up to 20 different momentum day trades daily. He claims that he has many different traders who are realizing easily more than $500 per day on a consistent basis and ending the day closed out into cash.  A snapshot of what this looks like in practice is pictured below:

Jason Bond’s Education Suite

While Jason does not offer this section of the site for free to visitors, he does provide it at no additional charge to his newsletter service subscribers. You get unlimited around the clock access to his widely regarded and acclaimed educational suite regardless of which program you choose. In it are countless videos, webinars, and useful articles content that will help you to educate yourself into a better investors and trader.

Mentor’s Products

Jason Bond provides a range of stock picking products and services for you. These are his:

Pros of Jason Bond

  • Bond has four active trading services going at one time giving followers plenty of choices for style of trading.
  • His Raging Bull chat room service allows you to follow along with the trade recommendations that he and his gurus make.
  • Bond now offers his first ever live mentoring service.
  • The Jason Bond Educational Vault has become the stuff of legends and is now imitated by most high quality gurus in the business.

Cons of Jason Bond

  • Jason Bond's services come at a price, especially his live guru mentoring service which you pay extra for beyond the standard package.

Jason Bond Review Summary

The "Bond of Wall Street" has become among the greatest stock (and now more recently option) picking gurus of all time. Though he began his working life as a ten year veteran school teacher for the state of New York, he eventually left to teach you how to trade on Wall Street. Now he is a wildly successful full time stock market trader who also teaches both swing trading and day trading along with options on stocks. It is nearly impossible to argue with his long list of accolades and accomplishments over the past decade.

Phone: (833) 498-5428

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