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Investors Underground Review Summary:

Investors Underground provides huge amounts of financial and day trading education, a good deal of it for free to prospective members. They also excel at providing a community-based, well-moderated, live streaming service that members on every continent have embraced in dozens of countries around the world. The lack of a refund or trial period is the one shadow over an otherwise standout day trading stock picking service.

There are many services to help you learn how to trade the markets available today. Not many of them are offering free trading video lessons though. Investors Underground is a service that is so big on education for members that they are even willing to share it (a good bit of it) freely with prospective members.  This gives the service something that even industry leading Jason Bond Picks and Microcap Millionaires do not. Here we will consider this service that provides you with hands on mentoring and loads of financial education to help you in your quest to make money trading these lucrative day trading strategies of the market.

Who Is Behind Investors Underground?

Nathan Michaud

Nathan Michaud is the man behind the Investors Underground community revolution. He started the service and community back in 2008. His goal was nothing less than to develop the best trading service on the Internet.

Nathan brought over 10 years experience in equities trading the Nasdaq and OTC to this group that has become one of the “must follows” in the trading world. The guru has gained an envied reputation in his capabilities of reading and understanding the critical points of inflection and exhaustion with momentum stocks. In the crowded universe of day trading, he has become an indispensable resource who is powerfully supported by no less than nine other moderators and another 15 individuals the site calls key people.

The results speak for themselves. The stock education and trading service has followers on every continent and in dozens of different countries throughout the globe. This map below shows pinpoints for their traders around the world:

What is Investors Underground? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Investors Underground is a service with thousands of members found around the planet. Their member testimonials are long and impressive with more than 50 testimonials on the site. The service has been highly reviewed by three different companies as well. These are pictured below: 

What Investors Underground Is Not

Investors Underground is many things, but it is not an automatic trading robot or algorithm. The service will not auto trade for you or even allow you to enter your own trades manually. You will need to open a personal discount brokerage account in order to be ready to day, momentum, and swing trade these markets.

What You Will Receive With Investors Underground

Investors Underground is a service that offers a wealth of education, personal attention, mentoring, and guidance. When you sign up to become an Elite member, you receive a free day trading course for beginners, day trading encyclopedia, access to two different paid training courses, recap videos and webinars, stock picking lists, unlimited chats and one on one attention to questions, mentoring, stock picking, and world class customer support. We look at these various offerings in more detail next.

Free Day Trading Course for Beginners Video Series

A great way to try out the Investors Underground service is through their Free Day Trading Course for Beginners series of videos. Unlike most services where you have to join to obtain access to such an educational resource, Nathan and company give you complete access to all of these video lessons for free to anyone with an interest in learning. The eight videos cover the following topics:

  • Video 1: Introduction to Day Trading – covers topics What is Day Trading? Is Day Trading Right for You? Introduction to Trading Setups, and Risk Management Strategies
  • Video 2: Introduction to Technical Analysis – includes What are Stock Charts? Candlestick Charting, Level 2 Screens, and Supply & Demand in the Markets
  • Video 3: Introduction to Long Setups – covers lessons What is a Long Setup? ABCD Chart Patterns, Importance of Multiple Time Frames, and Washouts & Bottom Feeders
  • Video 4: Introduction to Short Selling – includes What is Short Selling? Textbook Short Setups, Short Squeezes, Borrows and Locates
  • Video 5: Introduction to Trading Computers – covers topics Setting up a Trading Computer, Work Environment Organizing, Intro. to Trading Software, and DAS Trader Walkthrough
  • Video 6: Introduction to Stock Brokers – including Types of Stock Brokers, Fees and Other Considerations, Commission Structures, and Clearing/Borrows/Routes
  • Video 7: Introduction to Scanning – covers Scanner Types, Scanning Criteria, Understanding Former Runners, and Using Twitter for Trading
  • Video 8: Introduction to Trading Services – includes the subtopics Furthering Your Education, Trading Communities, and Taking the Next Step as a Trader

Day Trading Encyclopedia

For those who are new to day trading, this feature of the Investors Underground is really useful. It is a reference to help day traders through complex trading strategies and terms. Written up and designed by day traders for day traders, this encyclopedia provides a user friendly explanation on day trading stock market info.

With this Investors Underground service day trading encyclopedia they are not attempting to make this a 100 percent complete stock market dictionary or encyclopedia. In keeping with their philosophy on simplifying day trading, the service attempts instead to distill down the complex mountains of data available into a manageable sized encyclopedia. 

Paid Training Courses

Continuing their strong focus on education, Investors Underground also has two paid courses they offer members. Elite members can participate in either Textbook Trading or Tandem Trader at no additional cost. We look at each of these next.

TextBook Trading

At eight hours of intense and useful information, Textbook Trading focuses on foundation information, discusses the necessary toolkit, and goes through setups and strategy for day trading. The concentration on tools goes through some important background information and setup for traders to sort out, such as their proprietary charting platforms and trading software tools. This helps members to understand high probability patterns on the charts, the most optimal trade setups, and to create an effective style of trading personally. Members of this training course also gain access to trade “sitting next to the mentors” via the chat room on a personalized basis. The service delivers significantly with its pledge to not only answer any and all questions, but also to guide you in the trading process.

Tandem Trader

What makes their 12 hour Tandem Trader course so practical and powerful is that they go through real trades and provide running tick by tick commentary. Nathan teaches this with real life, live trades instead of using past trades as some competitors do. The chapter breakdown for this teaching course is as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – Charting the Course
  • Chapter 2 – Trading Concepts
  • Chapter 3 – Nasdaq Longs
  • Chapter 4 – Parabolic Shorts
  • Chapter 5 – Shorts and Faders

Additional Educational Resources

Investors Underground provides a wide range of additional educational resources beyond their free and paid training courses and the the Day Trading Encyclopedia. They also offer daily and weekly recap videos on trades and several webinars every month to continue educating members in the craft. 

Stock Watch Lists

The service emails out its daily stock watch lists to help members be on the same page with what trades are in the offing. These watch list stocks set up the basis for trades that they go through in the live chat and commentary sections of the site.

Chat and Chat Commentary

This is an interesting component of the site and service that not all of the competition concentrates their efforts on really. It is one thing to send out trades and trade recommendations and another to offer market hours live guidance in the form of moderated chat and commentary. The service does not charge extra for this one on one mentorship. It could be the single greatest part of the service for the majority of traders who are new to (or still inexperienced with) day trading.

Another great benefit to this chat room is it provides a community of sorts that turns the solitary nature of day trading into a less lonely and more social experience where support is only a mouse click away. With a total of ten moderators (including the site founder Nathan Michaud), they have the help and assistance bases better covered than any competing service we have seen.

Investors Underground Customer Support

Customer support is always a critical area for services like these. Investors Underground excels in this department of communication. They provide personal messaging that allows you a direct line to the experienced day traders of the service whenever markets are in session. You also have the ability to engage in open discussions covering trading strategies and concepts in the service’s Trading Lounge. They cover everything from trade concepts in general to specific trade setups. The service also provides a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section along with email address and phone number for additional, more traditional customer support.

How Investors Underground Works

Nathan really has put some time and thought into how to run an effective day trading stock picking service with Investors Underground. The company guards pretty closely and jealously the particulars of how they pick the trades specifically. We can say that he runs things around six components in general:

  1. Pre-Market Research – each day after markets close, members get a stock watch list for the next morning. Sometimes they filter this down using data during the next morning before the trading session starts. In the past, the service would not share its proprietary trading stock scanners, but this has changed as of mid-2018 when they revamped the service to better help members who wanted to have more control over the process.
  2. Stock Scanner – Nathan’s proprietary scanning tools. IU members now receive access to the streaming scan setup tools at no extra charge. It makes it easier to follow new and updated trade alerts throughout the market trading day. Nathan scans live all throughout the trading sessions himself.
  3. Live Streams – Members asked Nathan and company to do live streaming in market session hours, and the company responded. They tested and then integrated a live streaming function into their proprietary chatroom platform. More than simply typing on the trades, they provide audio and video live streaming accounts of the trades in real time. Each trading day from 8:45 am – 9:00 am, Nathan reviews his trading game plan with members. Members can also study the charts, ascertain what the critical price and support levels are, and compare notes with Nathan’s strategy in this function.
  4. Traders Lounge – in this live chat room experience, Nathan and the other nine moderators go over group discussions, trade setups, and general questions with the members. It makes the lonely world of day trading feel much more connected and also provides a long-absent, much-needed trading day support.
  5. Daily Video Recap Lesson – IU finds the catalyst event that will propel a day trading stock candidate. Usually they focus on a key event or an exciting bit of news that you can watch for with a given stock candidate. They produce this after the trading day.
  6. Study Groups – an offshoot of the chat room feature, the site provides after-hours educational support and help in the form of members working together on challenging day trading topics and strategies. This helps to bring the whole experience together for many new members who might otherwise not succeed.

Investors Underground Cost, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

Investors Underground has come up with a range of memberships and payment periods for members. IU offers two pricing plan options in each of its two tiers. The Standard membership that does not include all of the paid training courses and additional mentoring options they offer monthly for $197. The Elite membership goes for $297 per month.

You can have the service at a substantial discount by paying in advance for a year. The Standard membership with one year prepaid goes for $1,397 (versus $2,364 on a monthly basis), a savings of nearly 41 percent. The Elite membership retails for $1,797 for a year (versus $3,564 paid monthly) representing an almost 50 percent savings for prepaying for the year. The company also offers various bundle packages with additional mentoring time, minimally four webinars per month and three chat rooms (instead of the standard one) for higher pricing starting at $1,497 for three months.

One thing we should caution prospective members on is that there is a no refund policy with Investors Underground. The company’s reasoning for this is that new members instantly benefit from access to statistics, analytics, and moderators on the site. All DVD’s are also streaming and immediately delivered.

This is a reason some members will opt to pay for a month by month membership, which at least you can cancel before being re-billed if you decide the service is not for you. The lack of a refund or trial period is one discouraging downside to an otherwise highly recommended day trading stock picking service.

Pros of Investors Underground

  • The service offers live, real-time streaming of the trades.
  • Members benefit from direct personal chat connection to moderators.
  • This chat room and user community makes day trading practical, less lonely, and more fun.
  • The free 8 video training series to members and non-members alike is an impressive offer.
  • Significant discounts of from 41 to 50 percent for prepaying for a year long service.

Cons of Investors Underground

  • The lack of a free trial or cancellation and refund period is a lone shadow on the service.

Investors Underground Review Summary

Investors Underground provides huge amounts of financial and day trading education, a good deal of it for free to prospective members. They also excel at providing a community-based, well-moderated, live streaming service that members on every continent have embraced in dozens of countries around the world. The lack of a refund or trial period is the one shadow over an otherwise standout day trading stock picking service.


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    I think Investors Underground by Nathan Michaud is a great stock trading tool for investors looking for a beginner friendly solution to learn and connect with other traders in real time

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