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Forex Trendy Review Summary:

Forex Trendy is a software-driven service that does not require you to install or download anything to get started using it. With a 100 percent dependence on charts, graphs, and proven Forex market patterns, it makes a very compelling case for joining the hundreds of members who already rely on it. The price is incredibly affordable, and thanks to their 60 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose in trying out this software and service.

Forex Trendy is a software-based foreign exchange markets trading program without the hassles of software to install and manage. You pay a nominal monthly fee to belong to the service that counts hundreds of members among its ranks. The service and software claims to do what would be impossible for an individual to do alone manually— to go through hundreds of charts on dozens of Forex pairs within moments and to continuously produce trend- and pattern-based trades. In this product review on Forex Trendy, we will consider if it is legitimate, what you get with the service, how it works, and the price and refund policy.

Who Is Behind Forex Trendy?

One thing that initially separates Forex Trendy from competitors like Lan Turner and his Gecko Software is that Forex Trendy is very secretive and opaque about exactly who developed it. What we do know is that Forex Trendy is the company name behind the service and software. The membership-based service claims that the product became developed and fine tuned over a number of years in research and test phases before the software reached a point of commercialization. Today the program is available by subscription only via the Internet.

What is Forex Trendy? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Forex Trendy is the subject of a significant number of reviews that talk about its rise to success with literally hundreds of Foreign Exchange traders who look to it to streamline their efforts of successfully trading the biggest markets on the planet. It is also guaranteed and backed by the leading subscription management service ClickBank. While an ever-increasing number of rival renowned trading services offer a no-refund policy, Forex Trendy delivers a money back offer and refund guarantee through ClickBank, which means that it is ironclad.

What Forex Trendy Is Not

Forex Trendy is not your typical full-service subscription complete with chat rooms, vast educational resources, or software that you download. In fact their website takes great pride in not being any of these things. Instead the service is simply a software program that runs on the Forex Trendy company computers. These powerful servers crunch all of the data instantaneously and repeatedly to deliver the output results to you over the Internet.

Forex Trendy also is not a Forex trading portal. You can not trade any Forex live trades on the software system. To do this you will need a trading platform (that specializes in foreign exchange) like TradeStation, NinjaTrader, or MetaTrader. The plus side to this according to Forex Trendy’s membership site is that you will not need to install or download anything from their side.

What You Will Receive With Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy may be a software-based subscription, but it does have some of the trappings of competing trading services like Toshko Raychev’s various Forex trading packages. This means there is a member’s area on the website where you find the charts and other pertinent information delivered. Membership allows you to program up and personalize your account page to monitor closely various Forex pairs that you wish to follow and trade. The software was intentionally designed to provide you with groundbreaking features that no other programs and services can duplicate. In this section we will consider the various components that you get when you subscribe to Forex Trendy service.

Free Forex Trendy Ebook

Many trading services in the world of Forex and stocks alike provide some form of educational resources material to help educate their members. Forex Trendy defiantly bucks the trend of many rivals by offering their eBook in exchange for only your email address as a free promotion to engage you in the world of Forex (no doubt in hopes that you will then decide to subscribe). This volume is entitled, Understanding the Myths of Market Trends and Patterns.

Forex Trendy Interface with Charts and Graphs

Forex Trendy is built around its powerful scanning interface that is based on both charts and graphs. Accessing this starts with logging on to the member interface via the Internet. Unlike some competitors like Ultimate Profit Solutions, this is not delivered to you in a CD installation format or as an online download.

All of the comprehensive graphs and charts are streamed in real time from the Forex Trendy central databases. They continuously update and display correct and up to the moment data. The resulting data is presented in simple to access and analyze form. Forex Trendy software provides a rapid overview of all of the trends compared and measured in various time frames.

Once you sign up to the service, you receive immediate access to the interface, charts, graphs, and member’s only section of the site. A new bonus that Forex Trendy has added to the service is the feature of auto chart analysis of patterns. These include automated recognition of wedges, flags, triangles, and trend lines for fully 34 different currency pairs across all of the applicable time frames.

Forex Trendy Email and Audio Alerts

If you had to sit and stare at these charts for hours and hours each trading day, you might get blind or go crazy. Thanks to the software and system including audio alerts and email alerts, you no longer have to do this. Email alerts mean that you can do other work on your computer, laptop, or tablet while you wait to learn about a viable trade on a currency pair in which you are interested. The audio alerts even free you from sitting in front of the computer screen all day, so long as you are close enough to hear the warning alert when it sounds. Best of all, you can fully customize these alerts based on only the time frames and pairs that matter to your trading strategies and areas of focus.

Forex Trendy Customer Support

Customer support is a critical component of services like these, especially when you are trading real-money accounts. Unfortunately for Forex Trendy subscribers, they do not boast great strength in this category. They do not feature any live customer support such as live chat or telephone-based customer service. Instead they offer an email contact form that you can fill in, and they will get back with you at their convenience. It might be a serious weakness, but it is somewhat mitigated by the fact that at least all of the membership management and payment issues are capably and efficiently handled by ClickBank.

How Forex Trendy Works

Forex Trendy works in a straightforward manner as compared to other more complex trading prediction systems and membership services. In essence, it is a scanning chart-driven system that is also a manual trading system and a Forex trading robot. The main purpose that Forex Trendy serves though is to signal to you that a Forex currency pair is ready to trade.

In so doing, it removes the need for countless hours of both intensive research and flawless calculating accuracy. The problem Forex Trendy software sets out to solve is: how do you effectively recognize an emerging pattern correctly before it is too late to benefit from it? It works as a solution to this pressing issue this way:

  1. Select currency pairs of interest – you select (or alternatively deselect) those pairs in which you have a trading interest, which will cause the relevant charts to receive the necessary special attention from the program
  2. Creation of an algorithm – the software develops an algorithm to recognize patterns on chosen currency pair charts immediately after they show up on the chart. Patterns and analysis include Flags, Triangles, Trend Lines, and Wedges across 34 currency pairs through all available time frames.
  3. Monitoring of the unfolding pattern – as the relevant currency pair begins to show the necessary signs of moving decisively in one direction, the program sends out an automated audio and/or email alert according to your preferences.
  4. Member places the trade – once you receive the alert, you can flip over to your preferred Forex brokerage platform screen to set up the trade on the pair. The software is intended to give you great confidence in your trade as it quantifies for maximum potential gains and minimal risks possible.

The system does all of the leg work of uncovering mathematically reliable trades so that you only have to focus on the trades. This saves an enormous amount of time in market research and removes the fear of guesswork from the trading equation. Having confidence in your trades is a critical benefit of this system that we really like.

Forex Trendy Cost, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

The price of Forex Trendy is so reasonable as to be affordable for any trader. Forex Trendy the company charges $37 for a quarter, billed four times per year. This amounts to around $12 per month. It is hard to imagine protesting such a fee even if you have your doubts about the service, but the makers of the software have you covered if you still are unsure about its value for money proposition.

They run their membership payment and management services through ClickBank. This means that you can have confidence in your ability to resolve any payment issues. Forex Trendy offers a full and unconditional 60 day money back guarantee managed directly by ClickBank. You can count on this money back refund policy from the industry leader in membership and subscription management services. It means that you have nothing to lose but your time in seeing why hundreds of members rely on Forex Trendy for their currency market trading strategies.

Pros of Forex Trendy

  • You are able to utilize Forex Trendy with your preferred online Forex trading platform.
  • Audible and email-based trade alerts ensure you do not have to sit glued to a computer screen throughout the trading day.
  • Forex Trendy software analyzes over 300 charts from 34 Forex pairs to come up with trades but you can narrow it down to a single pair.
  • No extensive Forex background is required to use the easy to operate software; no huge eBooks are necessary to start.
  • This is the most affordable Forex trading software and service we have seen.

Cons of Forex Trendy

  • Customer support with the software and service is minimal, although this is somewhat mitigated by payment management services being handled by ClickBank.

Forex Trendy Review Summary

Forex Trendy is a software-driven service that does not require you to install or download anything to get started using it. With a 100 percent dependence on charts, graphs, and proven Forex market patterns, it makes a very compelling case for joining the hundreds of members who already rely on it. The price is incredibly affordable, and thanks to their 60 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose in trying out this software and service.


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