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Forex Masonry Review Summary:

Russ Horn has been among the most dependable of Forex trading and teaching gurus over the last two decades. His latest system Forex Masonry promises to teach you to become a master trader of the Forex markets. With a value of individual components that is more than ten times the system's asking price, it is hard to see how you can go wrong, especially since he provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

Forex Masonry is the latest system brought to the foreign exchange prediction market by legendary trading guru Russ Horn. This new trading system represents the culmination of Horn’s 20 years of trading these markets. In this time the man who boasts a cult-like following has learned many lessons and created many Forex indicators over the course of six earlier trading systems. With his various systems and educational emphasis of teaching members how to trade for themselves, Russ Horn stands in the company of other great Forex traders and teachers like Toshko Raychev.

Who Is Behind Forex Masonry?

The man who brings you Forex Masonry is Russ Horn. He has been a part of the trading and teaching Forex universe for over 20 years. During these years he has taught over 3,000 different individuals how to be better Forex traders. His impressive track record puts Horn in the elite company of the other great Forex mentors and gurus.

Some of Horn’s past systems are still selling and widely followed today. Three of them are particularly powerful and popular, including his Forex Master Method, Rapid Results, and Tradeonix System. While the guru always puts hundreds of man hours into these systems, each one becomes more potent through new ideas that he has discovered along the way.

Horn is especially popular for his videos that he spends much of his time creating. With this new system, he goes the extra mile in offering not only educational videos, but also upcoming week (with recommended trade setups) and review videos. Horn manages to do all of this while hosting chat rooms, looking for new trades, and trading his own accounts all the while. Something that sets Russ Horn apart from countless other Forex trading gurus is his ability to take complicated trading concepts and break them down into easy to understand and actionable trades. Horn’s ultimate goal is to see his members be able to trade successfully for themselves so that they do not routinely need his help anymore. This is unusual in a space where many gurus simply do not invest the time to develop their students.

What is Forex Masonry? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Forex Masonry is a system that includes physical components along with access to the private members only area and extensive educational videos. It is also the most recent system developed by legendary trading and teaching guru Russ Horn. The product does more than simply deliver a package to your mailbox. It also provides you with instant and unlimited access to Horn’s members’ area. His past systems have limited this access to six months duration, but with Forex Masonry the guru offers it for life.

Another reassuring feature of Forex Masonry is that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the system within this time frame, you can cancel your membership and return the packaged materials to Horn for a full refund. This means that if you determine the system and its educational components are not helpful to you, then you will only be out the time that you spent in investigating the system and learning more about the largest trading market in the world— Forex.

What Forex Masonry Is Not

Forex Masonry is not a one-stop trading shop. It does not include trading robots. When you buy the system and learn it, you will still have to place the trades for yourself on a trading platform (like Meta Trader 4). In other words, the product is not a completely automated trading platform and system for Forex trades.

The Masonry package is also not the best system for traders who have significant amounts of experience trading successfully. Much of the value of the system is in its education that will benefit new and intermediate level Forex traders. This is less helpful to people who are already well-versed in charts, terms, markets, and strategies for trading.

What Sets Forex Masonry Apart From Other Products?

Unlike many competing products on the market today, Forex Masonry provides more than just a system for successfully trading these markets. It offers substantial education in trading. The package promises to teach you methods, secrets, and techniques that will help you to grow into a trader who is fully self-sufficient. It will free you from blindly following alerts and signals provided by a system. The most distinctive feature of Forex Masonry is that it will show you how to trade for yourself. You will become capable of undertaking professional level market assessments and evaluations. Russ believes that anyone can be taught to do this. He has made the slogan for this particular system “The market is more predictable than you think.”

This system also involves some physical components that arrive in your home through the mail. In the past, Horn has sent out DVD’s, manuals, and more. Now he has streamlined his system down to cheat sheets and some videos, with most of the system available to download or operate directly in the members-only section.

Who Is This System Specifically Designed For?

Most systems available today claim to be perfect for every trader. Horn is more honest than the majority of his competitors and does not claim that Forex Masonry is ideal for everyone. What he does insist on is that any skill level of Forex trader can learn the system. The system lends itself best to those traders who are new or with only several years of trading experience.

Forex Masonry is easier to learn because it does not contain the conflicting signals and clutter that are present in so many trading systems today. Horn accomplishes this with his extensive series of short, several minute videos that number more than 70. He provides his cheat sheets that you can use to reinforce key concepts and have next to your trading station for ready reference.

What You Receive With Forex Masonry

Forex Masonry does not include the extensive physical package that Horn used to send out. You still get all of the information that you need to learn the system and trade it, just most of it is online now. The Forex Masonry package comes with each of the following components:

  • More than 70 videos – that teach you the entire Forex Masonry system and all of its various components. Horn opted to break the videos up into short, several minute pieces instead of developing a half dozen lengthier videos that are harder to digest.
  • Cheat Sheets – designed to help you trade like a professional, these cheat sheets are easy for you to download and print them out. They go through all of the basic concepts and simplify the trading process involved with Forex Masonry. Some of them show you how an ideal trade setup should look.
  • Forex Masonry Indicators – Horn comes up with several of these with each system. They overlay on currency pair charts to make the trade setups clear. The chart patterns and candle formations are simple to comprehend.
  • Instant and Unlimited Members’ Area Access – while Horn has usually only included six months access with his systems, he is offering lifetime access and all updates to the trading platform with this one.
  • Help and Customer Support – Horn is famous for delivering trader help and technical support to members 24 hours each day for seven days a week.

How Forex Masonry Works

The Forex Masonry system is what Russ Horn calls the closest thing possible to the Holy Grail of trading that he has been actively seeking for 20 years. It works by teaching you:

  1. The direction in which the market is most likely to move
  2. Whether the market will do a larger than normal or only a smaller move
  3. If the market has bottomed or topped out
  4. How to accurately select tops and bottoms of trading pairs and markets
  5. All about the way in which the market moves

Below are a few of the sample trades that the system has generated and that have been shared within the members-only area. Keep in mind that these examples do not include any of the system’s proprietary indicators (for which you have to pay to see and receive).

Forex Masonry will enable you to trade the international Forex markets with confidence. You can trade these for an incredible six days a week all year long. In the rest of this review, we will look at the different parts of the Forex Masonry system.

Forex Masonry Offerings

The Forex Masonry service is heavily concentrated around the private members-only area. You get a lifetime access to this with your membership. There is also a small package that you receive in the mail. Between the physical package and the member and site access, the product comes with a range of helpful features including:

  • Forex Masonry Private Members Area
  • Forex Masonry Week In Videos
  • Forex Masonry Review Videos
  • Real-Time, Live Chat Room
  • Money Management Formula
  • Limited Membership Quota
  • 24 Hours Per Day, Seven Days per week Customer Service and Technical Support

Forex Masonry Private Members Area

Russ Horn says that this is where all of the magic happens. Not surprisingly, it is the core of the system that he is providing now. In an effort to make the product as easy to use as possible, they have now compiled all of your tools in this one location. This includes all of the following:

  • Access to member trade setups – Members will post the best trade setups in the Trade Setup section.
  • Real-time Forum – This allows you to have access to Russ and other traders so that you can get your questions answered in real time. They promise fast answers, clarification, and advice on any trade or system related issue.
  • Access to system and additional indicators – Horn provides both this system’s proprietary indicators and others that he has uncovered over the years here.
  • Market Assessment Videos – Horn looks closely at particular currency pairs and breaks down the trades in these, sharing any signals that you can trade from here.
  • Additional Resources – To help improve your trading, these resources are grouped together in this section of the site.
  • Other Trading Systems – Horn is doing something fairly unique here, giving you variations on the Forex Masonry system as well as other systems that are not connected with it.
  • Enormous Amount of Educational and Tutorial Videos – Horn records videos practically every day, varying from additional ways to utilize the system to analysis of markets to trade setups. He also answers questions from members in video format and posts them here.

Forex Masonry Week In Videos

This is the most highly anticipated series of videos that Russ Horn records. He releases them at the beginning of every trading week. In them, Horn goes through both daily and four hour timeframes to decide where the markets are likely headed in the upcoming week. Horn claims that many of his traders will plan their trading for the week using these WIP videos. Another great feature of the videos is that they teach everything you need to understand about how to effectively trade the Forex Masonry system.

Forex Masonry Review Videos

The review videos are where Horn goes through specific trades to show why and how they worked. In time, going through enough of these videos will reveal all of his potential trade setups. Thanks to the benefit of this hindsight, the videos will help you to recognize the varying trade setups before they happen. Horn believes that each of these trades is a useful and valuable learning experience.

Forex Masonry Live Chat Room

The live chat room is something that Horn added in the version 2.0 of Forex Masonry. It complements and does not replace the real-time forum. Forex Masonry utilizes the chat room now to post real-time trade discoveries as they unfold. You benefit from the Horn (and the instructors’) trades along with those that other members have discovered.

Forex Masonry Money Management Formula

Something that Russ Horn is focusing heavily on with this system is money and risk management. His money management formula allows you to grow your account more quickly without having to risk an excessive amount of your account capital on any particular trade. Utilizing his formula, he claims that you can double your account value in only seven trades while still not risking more than two percent of your account’s initial size. The idea behind his proprietary formula is to make more, lose less, and hold on to what you make.

Forex Masonry Limited Size Membership

Horn is dedicated to keeping the membership of this Forex Masonry small enough that you do not lose out on individual attention and quick answers to questions. He will monitor to see when traders have become more experienced and then allow for additional memberships to be issued as the demands on the chat room and forum are less. It is Horn’s way of ensuring that he provides the most effective service possible.

This means that sometimes he will not take new orders for the system. If you find the system appears to be sold out when you want to buy it, Horn advises you to check back as he will reopen it. Using this manageable quota system is how he makes sure that existing members are satisfied with the level of interaction from Horn and his staff.

Forex Masonry Email and Customer Support

Forex Masonry includes 24 hours per day customer service. It ensures that you can get any technical issues as well as your trading questions resolved all seven days of the week. This customer service and email support is provided by Forex Masonry team members and is something that Russ Horn is famous for delivering.

Forex Masonry Cost and Refund Policies

Russ Horn’s new Forex Masonry system costs a one-time, upfront $999 charge to either your credit card or PayPal account. His latest system is valued at $11,500, so it delivers a lot of value for the price. At the time of publication, there were no monthly or quarterly payment plan options offered for Forex Masonry.

Horn is offering this system for less than 10 percent of its various components’ value and cost. In the event that you are not happy with it after reviewing and trying it out, then you have up to 30 days to cancel and take advantage of the 100 percent money back cancellation policy. It gives you a full month to experience the educational videos, indicators utilized by Russ Horn, and his forum and live chat rooms to see if this will improve your Forex trading significantly.

Final Take Away – Cost Versus Value of Forex Masonry

Forex Masonry is an exciting new offering from Russ Horn. While it does not appear to offer much in the way of ground breaking new system indicators, the platform does give you a lot of interaction with and regular analysis videos from the guru himself. Horn is offering the system at less than 10 percent of the value of the various included components, so you do not have much to lose in trying it out. Thanks to his dependable 30 day money back guarantee, there is no risk in paying to use it. His past several trading systems have all been popular sellers, meaning that this self-proclaimed culmination of his 20 years experience trading the Forex markets is likely to help you to become the best Forex trader that you can be. Clearly the value for money is here, especially if you can benefit from his wealth of educational and training videos.

Pros of Forex Masonry

  • World famous Forex trading and teach guru Russ Horn offers more educational and tutorial videos than ever before with this system.
  • Horn has simplified the system and removed any confusing clutter so that anyone can follow it.
  • The value for money proposition is more than ten times what he is charging for life time membership.
  • You receive a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy Forex Masonry.

Cons of Forex Masonry

  • Horn has scaled down the amount of materials that he mails out, making this less of a physical component system.
  • The price of $999 upfront makes it an expensive system for those with limited capital.

Forex Masonry Review Summary

Russ Horn has been among the most dependable of Forex trading and teaching gurus over the last two decades. His latest system Forex Masonry promises to teach you to become a master trader of the Forex markets. With a value of individual components that is more than ten times the system's asking price, it is hard to see how you can go wrong, especially since he provides a 30 day money back guarantee.


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