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Capitalist Exploits Review

Capitalist Exploits
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Capitalist Exploits Review Summary:

This service has a one of a kind proposition for people who agree with them that the world markets are in for a seismic shift that will be economically and financially life changing. Their free newsletter has an impressive following of around 20,000 investors and money managers. Insider is their flagship subscription service with over 450 paying members, while Resource Insider is their latest subscription-based product offering. With their 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and refund policy, you have nothing to lose in testing out their strategy of asymmetrical investment returns.

Capitalist Exploits separates itself from the competition right at the start. The company dramatically calls itself “an investing service built for this moment in history.” They base the need for their service on the unwinding of a decade of globally orchestrated central bank coordination which they claim is causing the destruction of political and economic cooperation between nations states. According to the service, there will be ramifications from this disquieting development that will cause life-changing price movements and market corrections.

The service built on a widely read newsletter (by hedge funds, professional money managers, and other market players) focuses on what they call asymmetric risk to reward profiles where high rewards can be obtained with controlled, lower risk. Capitalist Exploits has multiple programs available to join, but CapEx Insider is their proprietary investment picking service (currently discounted at only $1 for a 30 day trial period). Insider calls itself the only subscription of its kind that delivers these asymmetric trading concepts from across the globe. In this review we consider the buzz around this unique newsletter and investment picking service and what it can offer you as a way of globally diversifying your trading and investment strategies.

Who Is Behind Capitalist Exploits?

Chris MacIntosh

Chris MacIntosh is the ambitious guru behind the Capitalist Exploits newsletter and Insider trading service. He is a professional investor who actually brags about having made and lost and made again millions of dollars in the markets. His operations now based in Singapore, MacIntosh began life in South Africa. By betting against the South African currency the rand, he speculated his way out of the troubled African nation and on to London and New York City where he worked  his younger days in investment banking. Fifteen years ago he made the decision to go it alone and start trading his own capital.

In the intervening years, MacIntosh has speculated on markets and in nations he says most investors know nothing about, refined his trading skills, and successfully reinvented himself so that he could live a less ordinary life. One thing we like about Chris is that he comes across as humbler than your average stock picking guru. He calls strategies that propelled him to riches and freedom ones that still surprise him. Chris is also quick to share his own failures and those of the service with the sincere hope that he will not suffer through them again and you will never have to.

Despite his success over the last decade and a half, MacIntosh believes that the greatest opportunities are yet to come, along with the most significant risk to investment capital. Interestingly enough, he feels that while the majority of investors are going to be destroyed by fast unraveling economic and geopolitical events, his service will multiply its investment and trading capital not just by a little, but many times over. It seems to have worked out well for him so far.

What is Capitalist Exploits? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Capitalist Exploits involves some of the biggest players in the investment industry, many of whom are household names. The site reviews from TrustPilot show that the user experience with this service is world class. TrustPilot has 50 reviews with an overall rating of excellent as the graphic to the right reveals.

This is no small accomplishment as the trading service clientele includes over 450 serious investors and professional fund and hedge fund managers. It puts them on par with some of their major rivals in the business like Petra Picks and “Superman” Paul Scolardi and his Superman Alerts services.

What Capitalist Exploits Is Not

Capitalist Exploits is a widely followed newsletter that claims a subscriber base of over 30,000 investors and a subscription-based service called Insider that gives international trading calls. It is not an algorithm or trading software robot. It will not trade automatically for you or even let you place trades yourself. To do this, you will need to open your own brokerage account to trade the calls. The service recommends an international markets trading discount broker like Interactive Brokers to accomplish this most effectively.

What You Will Receive With Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits is actually three different projects in one. They offer their free newsletter alongside their main endeavor the Insider trading service for a subscription. MacIntosh and company also have launched a third effort called Resource Insider for accredited investors.  We look at each of these various projects within their service in this section.

Capitalist Exploits Free Newsletter

This newsletter has attracted an international following of serious investors and industry leaders. About 30,000 individual analysts, money managers, hedge fund managers, and private investors all get Capitalist Exploits regular analysis of asymmetric opportunities to help them navigate the unusually distorted markets of today. With global pandemics and social tensions reaching a boiling point and causing dramatic lasting shifts in markets, having this information is more important now than it has ever been before. This newsletter stands in a class all by itself for a completely free investment product offering.

Capitalist Exploits Free Resources

The service makes a point of providing a handy page of links to related trading services. Their Insider members and newsletter readers requested recommendations on a number of supporting and educational materials. This section of their site provides all of their personal picks on the following topics:

  • Brokers Recommended
  • Creating Offshore Entities
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Internet Privacy Issues

Capitalist Exploits Insider

Capitalist Exploits Insider is their flagship service and primary product. It boasts more than 450 individual paying members. The service delivers all of the following:

  • Trade Alerts – The service provides email and text alerts on those trades which they are interested in and ways to execute them
  • Existing Portfolio – A list of all “buy-rated” alerts that also shares the point when the service is closing the trades out
  • Investor Forum – This is the Insider chat room which connects users with more than 450 members
  • Newsletter – a once a week review of the trades and opportunities Insiders is looking at, the Insider’s newsletter also includes a variety of bonus tips for members
  • Live Questions and Answers – This webinar-like setting allows members to address your questions to Chris and the rest of the team
  • Video Insights Database – An invaluable resource of more than 300 videos that answer questions on investing
  • Educational Resources – Another strength of the service, this includes a variety of useful reports and how-to guides on topics ranging from long and short trades to options to trading bitcoin
  • Access to Guru – This is the site’s version of customer service that allows you the client to reach out to Chris and other staff members

Resource Insider

Get Access to the most Exciting Private Deals in Mining & Energy

Capitalist Exploits has offered a second trade recommendation service that is also groundbreaking for these types of sites. With Resource Insider, they are actually targeting accredited investors who have at least a million dollars of declared net worth and higher. The service offers private placement investment deals and opportunities to subscribers. They claim that their initial deals were in gold and uranium, but that all types of asymmetric commodities and resource opportunities will be equally considered and pursued as appropriate. Resource Insider delivers the following features to members who join:

  • Private Placement Deals – The service has an ambitious goal of delivering at least 10 such private placement investment offerings to its subscribers every year. They are limiting the numbers of clients who can join the service to ensure that there are enough investment slots in the deals for all members who want to participate. Each deal will have a minimum investment range of from $2,000 to $10,000
  • Insider Ideas – Resource Insider offers a trove of financial and technical research, bonus stock picks, a wealth of exclusive content, and site visit reports to members
  • Networking Opportunities – This is an idea the service is really pushing. Since the other members are similarly accredited investors who are looking for solid investment opportunities, it stands to reason that increasing your network of fellow accredited investors should be helpful and desirable for all parties
  • Access to the Service Gurus – As with Insiders, this membership promises direct access to both Chris MacIntosh and Jamie Keech the two service gurus. They promise that members will see real benefits from the two successful and connected gurus’ vast networks

You receive the new Resource Insider service for a once per year fee of $3,499. This is significantly more expensive than what Capitalist Exploits is charging with their flagship Insiders service. With a limited numbers of spaces allocated for membership though, MacIntosh and company seem pretty confident it will be oversubscribed.

Hedgies Uncut

Capitalist Exploits bills its Hedgies Uncut product as their “fly on the wall service.” The idea behind this offering is that you are able to watch and learn from actual discussions of bona fide hedge fund managers on a daily basis. You can see a sample of their Hedgie Watercooler screen in the picture to the right.

To say that this is an irreverent service with no holds barred is an understatement. It helps to explain its refreshing appeal to many investors who want the raw and uncut version of what the smart money managers are doing day in and day out.

Capitalist Exploits provides free access to this service in exchange for giving them your email and affirming that you are an accredited investor. It is hard to argue with a completely free service of this caliber.

Insider Weekly

Brad McFadden

With their Insider Weekly service, Capitalist Exploits is providing you with a regular offering of international macro trades taken from across the globe. All of these weekly insider trades are aiming for outsized returns. The trades arrive in your inbox and always contain fully actionable intelligence.

Two editors compile these trades at Capitalist Exploits. Chris MacIntosh the founder of the company serves alongside co-editor Brad McFadden. MacIntosh himself boasts over 30,000 investors among his following in the time since he began this service. He has now been featured on such impressive investing outlets as RealVision, Zerohedge, Seeking Alpha, Investing.com, Market Watch, Value Walk, Business Insider, and Harvest, among many others.

Meanwhile Brad McFadden served as a high net worth client private funds manager while working at Henry Ansbacher. He previously managed a Rand Merchant Bank (of South Africa and Australia) proprietary trading book. McFadden currently also works alongside MacIntosh in helping to manage the funds of Glenorchy Capital. Between the two of them, you are getting literally decades of experience from two gurus who have spent much of their investment careers pursuing little known asymmetrical trading opportunities.

The Insider Weekly package comes with all of the following useful tips, videos, and commentary:

  • Insider Weekly
  • Global Macro Commentary
  • Deep Value Stock Tips
  • Portfolio Allocation Video
  • Stock Screening Video

At the time of this review publication Capitalist Exploits was offering a limited time promotional deal on the Insiders Weekly service for a special discounted price of only $1 for 30 days. This gets you four issues of the Insider Weekly plus all of the other resources mentioned above.

Insider Free Reports

In a clever reference to pop culture movie phenomenon “The Matrix,” Insider Free Report has been billed as “the red pill” investors’ edition. Capitalist Exploits writes these reports to be a wake up call for investors on the critical state of the markets around the world. They include these three areas that are key for investors to pay careful attention to:

  1. Asset allocation – yesterday’s tactics will not work for the coming future
  2. Three important factors – causing this defining game change along with the opportunities and risks that these present
  3. The timeframe – in which the scenarios they write about will take place in the coming future

With your no cost signup to the Insider Free Reports, Capitalist Exploits includes a copy of their thought provoking report on the Eurodollar. Their report bills this little known area of the financial markets as the world’s most important market. This free report is entitled “How The Financial Plumbing Got Broken and What This Means.”

The complimentary report covers important topics such as:

  • Ignore this market at your own risk
  • The what, how, when, and why of Eurodollars
  • A shortage of dollars existing in the markets and the significance of this for the world
  • The way that Eurodollars impact the prices of global assets
  • Means of profiting from comprehending the mechanics of this overlooked market

The Insider Free Reports service offers an intriguing perspective on coming major changes in global markets. There is no obligation to join when you provide your email in exchange for this first free report on the Eurodollar.

How Capitalist Exploits Works

The goal of this flagship stock picking service Insider is to multiply the capital with extremely limited risk. They accomplish this thanks to the service being run not by newsletter publishers, but by real, professional money managers who are trading serious money themselves. Insider by Capitalist Exploits is always on the look out for trades that involve highly rewarding stock returns versus low risk. The selected trades must also be simple to execute (relatively speaking) and not correlated to other trades (for risk management purposes).

The subscription service is ambitious to say the very least. They target returns equal to from five to six times the initial investment. The rationale behind this lofty goal goes back to their asymmetrical investment focus. If they take even five or six trades that go bad, they still make fabulous returns. Insider does not share how they specifically find these enormous returns beyond assuring you that their team is made up of high-powered, professional money management people who are trading these extraordinary times in the nation-state geopolitics, central bank stimulus unwinding, and seismic shift they see unfolding in markets and economies as a result. They certainly make a compelling case for it.

Capitalist Exploits Cost, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

The highly followed newsletter for Capitalist Exploits is free in exchange for your email. Their primary trading subscription service Insider costs $1,575 per year. This must be paid up front for the annual period.

Unlike many competing services these days, Capitalist Exploits promises a full and unconditional 30 day money back guarantee for all new members. It gives you the great reassurance and peace of mind that if you become an Insider member and the service does not live up to its lofty claims and promised results you can simply walk away made whole. We are extremely impressed by their confidence in the investment service as such a cancellation and refund guarantee is becoming harder to find.

Pros of Capitalist Exploits


  • The company provides its widely followed newsletter with a readership of 20,000 investors for free.
  • Subscription-based members have regular, direct webinar styled interaction with guru Chris MacIntosh and his other investment professionals.
  • Their service targets returns of from five to six times initial investment and minimizes losses and risk.
  • An unconditional 30 day cancellation policy and money back guarantee means you can try out their claims and strategies with nothing to lose.

Cons of Capitalist Exploits


  • The Insider service information does not provide much detail or specifics on how they find these asymmetrical opportunities in practice.
  • Subscription fees must be paid for a year upfront, making it cost prohibitive for some smaller investors with limited membership capital.

Capitalist Exploits Review Summary

This service has a one of a kind proposition for people who agree with them that the world markets are in for a seismic shift that will be economically and financially life changing. Their free newsletter has an impressive following of around 20,000 investors and money managers. Insider is their flagship subscription service with over 450 paying members, while Resource Insider is their latest subscription-based product offering. With their 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and refund policy, you have nothing to lose in testing out their strategy of asymmetrical investment returns.

Website: https://capexinsider.com

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars
User rating
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