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Bullseye Trades Review Summary:

The co-founder of wildly successful trading company Raging Bull Jeff Bishop brings you his latest prediction option trading service. This must be the easiest system to master ever offered with its one simple option trade, emailed or texted to you each Monday morning before the markets open. Bullseye Trades is currently offering a 1 week free trial, valued at $49. The full 1-year subscription only costs $97.00

Bullseye Trades is a revolutionary new concept in options trading that brings you only one trade, once per week, and involves as little as five minutes of your time to make a target goal of 100 percent profits each week. Before we go deeper into the Bullseye Trades review, who is behind this winning formula?

The guru behind this new system argues that with his one pick per week, his members typically earn between fifty and three hundred fifty percent on a single win. Naturally, not all of the trades can be winners, but the system proponents claim that you can count on earning $1,000 per month by trading a small dollar account. Read on to learn all about this exciting new Bullseye Trades.

WHO IS BEHIND Bullseye Trades?

Jeff Bishop wants you

The founder and president of Bullseye Trades is the renowned Jeff Bishop. This man is a now-legendary trader who co-founded Raging Bulls a decade ago with guru trading colleagues Jason Bond and Allan Marshal. These men are on par with other legendary trading and system offering gurus like Toshko Raychev  and Russ Horn.

Jeff Bishop created his latest stock option trading system Bullseye Trades with the goal of providing a simple single alert every Monday morning before the stock markets open. Jeff goes through his very best trading concept for the upcoming week over the weekend and then emails or texts it out to his various members. But who is this Jeff Bishop and what qualifies him to offer you options trade ideas in the first place?

Jeff Bishop is an internationally known millionaire who is a self-made options trader. He was featured in well-known financial news outlets over the years such as U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Seeking Alpha. Bishop is a genius where options trading on stocks is concerned. He has more than two decades of experience in trading options, stocks, and ETFs. Just the fact that he was invited to participate in the founding of with the legendary guru Jason Bond and investor Allan Marshal is a major legitimizing credential all by itself.

Bishop is also the purveyor of other trading prediction systems and services, such as the ever-popular Weekly Money Multiplier. In this service, he provides options trading education and trade recommendations. His educational background is in finance and economics. He holds a degree in both from the University of Texas.

Experienced Start-up Investor

Bishop is also an entrepreneurial founder of businesses. He has earned literally millions of dollars in profits, by investing in tiny companies that were on the verge of enormous growth. His wins in such startups averaged from half a million to over two million in profits on carefully selected investments.

The Raging Bull umbrella organization that Bishop co-manages with Bond and Marshal their investor has grown into hands down the most successful of stock alert issuing services in the world. It is also among the most rapidly expanding companies in the country to this day. Bishop brings his successful track record as an angel investor to Raging Bull.

Options Expertise

As far as his personal options trading experience goes, Jeff Bishop has realized millions in profits from trading them. To say that he is world-class at what he does is a hilarious understatement. Bishop has been invited to ring the NYSE opening bell. He has also been featured as a speaker who is interviewed on practically every respected financial media news channel, outlet, or publication from New York City to London.

Bishop is also a highly skilled risk manager. Though he admits to an interest in gambling (which he did professionally for a time), he practices strong risk management precautions. He will go all-in on a trade if it looks like a screaming winner though. This is how he has been able to bag over 300 percent returns on options trades on a fairly consistent basis, as with his options trade on FIVE.

WHAT IS Bullseye Trades? IS IT A SCAM?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Bullseye Trades comes from the highly respected Jeff Bishop, a household name on well-respected financial media outlets around the U.S. and world. It is also under the umbrella of the proven Raging Bulls gurus which include the legendary stock trader Jason Bond.

The system has impressive credentials behind it and with such a low price point per month for this latest system. Bullseye Trades promises to be an affordable stock options trading service for literally anyone interested in making money. Without having to understand the markets or put in the long hours of research time that successful trading typically requires.

WHAT Bullseye Trades IS NOT

Bullseye Trades is quite simple compared to most stock and options prediction trading systems offered on the market today. Bishop is not going with complicated or overly detailed websites or many dazzling trade ideas for his members. In other words, it is not a system that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat looking frantically through a half dozen trading ideas each pre-market morning.

It also does not do all of the work for the members. There is no trading bot feature or automatic trading service offered with this system. You must manually enter your own stock options trades on a third-party brokerage platform in order to participate with Bishop’s Bullseye Trades.

You will have to find and establish your own account with a trading brokerage firm like MetaTrader, TDAmeritrade, or Scottrade if you want to become an options trader with Bishop. He does not make any official recommendations on which brokers or platforms you should trade with either. You are entirely on your own in getting your trading platform and account set up when you sign on to Bullseye Trades.


Bullseye Trades offers something that we have yet to see from any competing stock or options prediction systems. It gives you simplicity that even a schoolchild could follow. You are waiting on a single option trade idea at the beginning of the week.

The entry, exit, profit, and stop loss points are all included with the trade upfront. He sends out alerts on any changes to exits or updates as necessary. There is no host of trading ideas that you have to sift through or pick and choose from each day (let alone every week) with Jeff Bishop and company.


Bullseye Trades is ideal for those who are new to the world of stock options trading. This is especially the case as he is not attempting to educate his members or teach them how to be successful traders. Instead, he invites you to piggyback on his one big trade ride of the week. You can expect to spend a matter of minutes setting up the trade with your brokerage software and then go about your daily business with this system.

Other systems talk about simplicity in their trading recommendations. But we have yet to see any competitor who actually delivers this on the simple scale that Bullseye Trades truly does. The system is marketed to people who are financially stressed and who want to trade, but who find themselves confused by the markets in general. If you are a person who needs a good supplementary income to help make ends meet, then Bullseye Trades could be perfect for you.


Bullseye Trades is completely centered on their one option trade per week that goes out in alert form each Monday morning before the markets open. When you join his service, you do get instant access to his several other membership benefits:

    • Monday Morning Trade Pick
      this is the essence of Bullseye Trades, the Monday morning one weekly stock options trading idea and recommendation for entry and exit. It goes out over email or text message
    • Mid-Week Update
      This update gives you a detailed breakdown of how the stock or ETF’s price action has affected the trade. Along with how the sector and entire market are moving your trade.
    • Live Weekly Bullseye Update
      A compact lesson on the key takeaways from the trade, whether the trade bagged a huge win, has stopped out for a loss, or is still open.
    • Launchpad Training Video Series
      Here you get to learn all the secrets directly from Jeff Bishop on how he is so successful, charts & technical analysis, options fundamentals, Comparing options strategies, and much more.
    • Customer Support
      Raging Bull offers a high level of customer service to their gurus’ subscribers via email, online chat service, and their in-house phone-based support

HOW Bullseye Trades WORKS

Bullseye Trades works on the simplest of principles, but it does work. You receive a single, solitary weekly stock options trading pick and idea. The service encourages you to trade more profitably less often, as in the example to the right. There is no day trading involved. You get the email on Monday morning before the market opens with his top recommended trading idea of the week, then you go along with Bishop for the usually thrilling ride.

You are looking to cash in on his weekly success with a fifty percent to 300 percent score. Bishop dispatches his trading screenshots in email or text alert forms so that all of his subscribers can stay up to date with the trade, as in the graphic below. It is almost like Bishop has a preternatural ability to see the future (as with the “Superman” Paul Scolardi). In truth, Bishop has somehow figured out the secret to successfully gauging which options trades will pan out hugely.

Bishop utilizes a pattern that helps him to decide on his best trade. He also examines the simple moving average (SMA) on a 13-period SMA basis. He waits for this important metric to cross over the 30-period SMA on an hourly chart. As Bishop spots this pattern, he realizes that it is time to go with the call option so that he can maximize his greatest potential profit.

Bishop has three phases that he uses to turn these trades heavily to his advantage. They are as follows:

      1. The Breakdown
      2. The Sideways Action
      3. The Bullish Breakout

Utilizing this pattern along with another proprietary secret trend line that he follows, Jeff cashes in on each of the three primary phases of a stock and its price movement.

The Bullseye Trades OFFERINGS

Bullseye Trades actually offers its members very little. This is exactly the point and the whole beauty of the system. There are no manuals to study or videos to watch. You do not have a system to learn. There are no proprietary indicators for you to look for or learn about here. All that you do is wait to get his email or text message and input the trade order each Monday, then wait to see if he updates your exit points. You do get a few other benefits with this membership. We consider these in greater detail next.

Bullseye Trades Option Pick

Bullseye Trades elevates the idea of simplicity in trading to an entirely different level. You wait for the weekly Monday morning pre-market opening email to receive his best trade idea of the week. Enter the trade specifications on your online brokerage platform, then wait for the trade to unfold. It can take you from as little as five to ten minutes for the entire week to set up the one trade. Something entirely unprecedented in our experience in a non-automated trading system like this.

Weekly Money Multiplier Service

Bishop shares his education component of the Weekly Money Multiplier service with you when you join the new Bullseye Trades. In case you want to learn all about the stock options markets ins and outs or learn to do what Jeff does for yourself. This is really useful stuff. Otherwise, it is just education that you may or may not ever use, but you will not need it to trade his single best options pick of the week.

Free Options Trading Book

Bishop is also a proven teacher thanks to his book called Option Profit Accelerator. All subscribers receive a free e-copy format of this illuminating book on the options markets and his specific strategies for trading when they sign up for Bullseye Trades. Again, this will only really be helpful to you if you want to understand how he comes up with his hot trade of the week or to learn to do this for yourself in the future.

Free Options Trading Webinar

For anyone who is still on the fence as to whether or not this service will be worth the minimal monthly, quarterly, or annual cost, Bishop has the answer. You can register with him for his free webinar on the Bullseye Trades in exchange for just providing him with your email address. This highly interesting seminar covers the inner workings of the system and goes through real trades to help build up your courage in his prognosticating powers with stock options.

Customer Support

All of these prediction systems naturally come with some form of customer support and technical assistance. Bullseye Trades is no exception. Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop pool their resources with their customer service operations being run collectively under their Raging Bull umbrella. There is always someone available to answer an email, do a live chat, or take a phone call if you need help with a trading strategy or technical assistance with another issue. What you do not get with this is direct access to the guru, other than through the free webinars that he runs from time to time.


Bullseye Trades does not offer any refund policy, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. You will have access to their service until your subscription period expires. However, they are currently running a great opportunity to test their service one week for free. The subscription for their weekly pick and services mentioned above only cost a mouth watering $97.00 per year. The yearly cost translates into a $1.87 expense per stock option trade. You can make that money, and more, in just one winning trade.


Who could argue about the value for money proposition of Bullseye Trades at $97 per year. For such a small price, you are getting a quality service which is simple and effective.  For almost any investor or trader who is interested in trading options on stocks successfully, the prediction service brought to you by Jeff Bishop is undoubtedly worth every penny he charges. Particularly for those busy working professionals who want to increase their capital rapidly in a passive manner with limited downside risk.

Pros of Bullseye Trades

  • The service could not be more straightforward and simple to master.
  • Bullseye Trades is the most affordable guru service we have ever seen or heard of anywhere.
  • You spend five minutes of your day (10 if you take your time) to trade your one option pick of the week.
  • The service aims to double your investment dollars every single week with only a single easy to execute stock option trade.

Cons of Bullseye Trades

  • Some have comlained that the Bullseye Trades website is screaming loud, though this does not in any way impact the quality of the weekly trade picks.

Bullseye Trades Review Summary

The co-founder of wildly successful trading company Raging Bull Jeff Bishop brings you his latest prediction option trading service. This must be the easiest system to master ever offered with its one simple option trade, emailed or texted to you each Monday morning before the markets open. Bullseye Trades is currently offering a 1 week free trial, valued at $49. The full 1-year subscription only costs $97.00


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