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CNNC stock day chart
June 27, 2022

CNNC Stock: Can Cannonau Corp. Be a Ten Bagger?

CNNC stock (CNNC: OTC) has had a bumpy ride since it first started quoting in March 2010. The stock opened for its first trading day at $600, and over the next two months managed a rally to its all-time high of $2,280 in May 2010. The...

Scalping stocks with MA cross
May 13, 2022

Scalping Stocks: What You Need to Know

Scalping stocks has become more popular over the years as cutting-edge technology becomes cheaply available. Electronic trading has meant that accessing markets is fast and prices reliable, which are two aspects that traders scalping stocks absolutely need. Let’s have a detailed look at how to scalp...

inverse head and shoulders
May 6, 2022

Inverse Head & Shoulders: Definition & How to Trade

Among the hundreds of technical indicators and tools, some of the best performers are patterns and shapes that form on a chart. The great thing about patterns is that they are visually recognizable straight from the chart at a glance. These features apply to the...

May 5, 2022

Bullseye Trades Review

Bullseye Trades is a revolutionary new concept in options trading that brings you only one trade, once per week, and involves as little as five minutes of your time to make a target goal of 100 percent profits each week. Before we go deeper into...

AMLH Stock Price
April 19, 2022

AMLH Stock: Is American Leisure Holdings a Stock Option?

AMLH stock has appeared in the news a lot lately, yet it is a little-known company. American Leisure Holdings Inc. is legally registered in Colorado, Denver. The company’s primary industrial classification is real estate.  However, according to Yahoo Finance, the company operates a business developing software...

monte carlo simulation bell shape curve
March 22, 2022

Monte Carlo Simulation stock trading systems

The Monte Carlo Simulation technique (MCS) was first used by Stanislaw Ulam, while he was recovering from brain surgery. Stanislaw had been working on the Manhattan atom bomb project after World War II. While convalescing he kept himself entertained by playing solitaire card games.  He wanted...

August 19, 2020

Rooster Report Review

On the ten year anniversary of his financial journey to stardom, Jason Bond shows no signs of slowing down with his new product releases. This self proclaimed "average Joe" admits that he takes great pride in this status he claims has helped him to become...