BlackBoxStocks Review: 2022 Update

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BlackBoxStocks Review Summary:

There is no question that this A.I.-driven research platform is powerful and interesting. It does benefit you more if you already have your strategy figured out and you really are just looking for some additional help to improve on and test it before trading. If you think of this software like a really great research assistant as well as a continuous news feed, then you will not be disappointed with what it provides. We really like the one size fits all single plan with its convenient monthly payment plan or substantial discount for pre-paying for an entire year's membership upfront. As stock screeners go, this one is up there in the top five.

In this BlackBoxStocks review we will go through the ins and outs of this well acclaimed stock and options picking service. A good stock screener is a tool that no trader can afford to be without any longer in today’s challenging trading environment. BlackBoxStocks has partnered with four reliable and trustworthy stock brokers:

In this BlackBoxStocks review, we consider the artificial intelligence-driven charting and stock screener program to see if it makes sense for you to open up an account at TD Ameritrade to improve your own trading results.


BlackBoxStocks is actually mostly an algorithmic-powered stock scanner that heavily depends on the power of social media-derived data. Because of this unusual set of metrics, it is quite unique in the space with its capability of employing real-time computer algorithms. It also includes a great variety of helpful, useful tools.

There is no question that the protocol is greatly advanced. What draws people to it again and again is the reality of its user interface. As one of the friendliest to pick up, learn, and use on the market, you only need to do a few mouse clicks to have the powerful software working hard on your behalf. You are able to count on its results thanks to its established capabilities of monitoring over 13,000 individual stocks and options with its highly advanced servers.

BlackBoxStocks Founders

BlackBoxStocks was started by a corporation whose headquarters is found in Dallas, Texas. They create real-time mobile and Internet-based tools in the form of analytical software for both swing traders and day traders. Their mission centers on delivering the most accurate and precise information to their users in a format that is easy to utilize, concise, and fast so that they are able to take first mover advantage in the equities markets. The company always had a goal in mind of creating a sustainable revenue stream by selling monthly membership subscriptions to users as well as by obtaining money from both online advertising and through referral fee generation.

HOW BlackBoxStocks WORKS

blackboxstocks review

BlackBoxStocks starts by asking you to input your stock or option ticker about which you are seeking chart information. It will then crunch the data on your underlying symbol for you in incredibly fast time. After it completes this analysis in about a second or two, you are instantly alerted to any tradeworthy ideas that meet your specified parameters. It runs all of the ideas through its high-frequency trading strategy database.

These analytics are based on a number of factors, yet the most important ones are the buzz making the rounds in pre-market sessions, during market hours, and also post-market sessions. It is the chatter on social media sites that it is primarily interested in sifting through. We realize that this BlackBoxStocks is not perfect at what it does, despite being powered by a potent artificial intelligence-based algorithm.

Yet it is equally clear to us what a high quality job the developers have done in putting it together. The whole setup is based on quality, results, and simplicity of use. Because of just this alone, we find this screener to be unique and a true standout from the crowded competition of scanning software programs.


blackboxstocks review

The scanning program offers a significant range of helpful features and solid functionality. One of the services that comes with it is the useful connection to four top-notch trading houses. The popular discount broker affiliations mean that you will have a trading platform that is proven over many years with which to pair the screening software tools. Having four brokers to chose from also allows you to chose which broker suits you best to link your BlackBoxStocks tips to a trading account.


The charts offered by BlackBoxStocks are impressive. The lineup can accurately be called a full set of institutional level charts. For starters, you can customize these by tweaking them to your heart’s desire. It is simple to add studies on to the charts as one example. You also have the complete capability to easily shift from bar charts to line charts to candlestick charts.

The charts usually depict the underlying stock and all of its details up to the point at which the alert started. This makes it easy to follow the information visually so that you can engage in a confident decision for buying or selling the stock or option. In summary, these charts are beautifully rendered, simple to utilize, and also highly advanced. TrendSpider is the appropriate comparison for impressiveness with these A.I.-powered charts.

News Feed

BlackBoxStocks makes it easy to keep up with all of the most current company announcements and news too. This continuous data feed of news can be sifted through quickly and powerfully by adjusting your built-in filters. This way, you only have to glance through headlines that are important to your own individual trading strategy.

Because of this functionality, the various news items show up with the particular stock symbol that links to your alerts and/or watch list. We have to say how much we like the high-quality headlines that the news feed delivers on a regular basis. The only thing that we can compare this news feed to really is what you get with Benzinga Pro.

Market Scanners

There are two crucial scanners included with BlackBoxStocks. The most helpful ones (before the market starts trading) are the pre-market scanners. They enable you to go through lists of movers in the pre-market trading session. Similarly, the post-market scanner delivers the needed data to take advantage of after-market opportunities. This data is really useful for after-market hours company reporting.

Stock Alerts

BlackBoxStocks comes onto the scene to help you with the necessary stock alerts that you must have in order to effectively trade the markets successfully. What you receive is a highly advanced financial instrument alert that allows you to stay ahead of your competition regarding any important economic calendar events or financial data releases. Even more impressively, your streaming alerts become saved to your own log, which makes it really simple to review and keep tabs on when your picks are in rapidly evolving market conditions.

We love how you are able to sort out your alerts depending on conditions such as percentage or time changes and volatility. Perhaps the best part of these stock alerts is that they were created in such a way that they only link to those stocks that are undergoing substantial activity in market trading. This means that you will only get involved in trades based on a significant volume and volatility.

Volume Ratio Tool

The volume ratio tool is one that is probably unique to BlackBoxStocks. If you are working with lower floating small cap stocks, it is especially helpful to have. For those who trade these types of issues, this is a critical tool to learn and utilize in your decision making for trades.

Exciting Chatroomblackboxstocks review

A downfall of some competitors in this space is that they lack an exciting chatroom (or any chatroom at all for that matter). BlackBoxStocks is significant enough (thanks to affiliation with TD Ameritrade) that you will likely encounter at least hundreds of members in the chatroom online at any given time.

There are also a few responsible moderators on hand at any time to ensure that the conversation topics are appropriate to the theme of the room. We find this traders’ community at BlackBoxStocks to be mature and well-developed. Besides this, you can engage the audio chat tool so that you can easily reach out for help.

Options Trading

A big consideration with the BlackBoxStocks is that you are not just limited to trading stocks. They encourage you to consider options as well since you are able to get full charting readouts on the underlying options symbols. It is a useful tool, but you should also remember that you need to know what you are doing before you begin trading options. This trading involves considerable leverage (100:1), which means that besides making you handsome profits, it can also involve quite staggering losses if you do not fully know what you are doing.

BlackBoxStocks Education

Here BlackBoxStocks have done a great job to get anyone on board and ready to profit from all the platforms features. As they well state, the services offered are for professional traders and novices alike. They have a full education section on their website outlining their course.

Their education mentor is called Teresa, and her background is from the technology sector in silicon valley. But since 2017, she has been trading using BlackBoxStocks and teaching their classes and bootcamps. Bootcamps are scheduled various time a week and you can simply book your spot though their website.

blackboxstocks bootcamp

BlackBoxStocks Review: SUPPORT and PRICING PLANS

BlackBoxStocks is a little bit old school when it comes to getting support and help. We’ll look at the membership support and pricing plans for the software next.


BlackBoxStocks offers a contact form that you can fill in plus email support for its members. Undoubtedly there is also a phone number level of customer support available, though this is pointedly not advertised on the contact us page. There is no chat feature, which is disappointing at this level of membership subscription service.

BlackBoxStocks PRICING & Payment Options

One thing we have to say that is appealing to us about BlackBoxStocks is that with their service it is simple to understand the membership plan. There is only the one full membership level, none of the confusing three to four tiers of different level options here as with all too many competitors in this space.

The plan is clear and simple at either $99.97 per month or an annual fee of $959 for the year. If you prepay for the entire year, you are saving around $240 or more than 20 percent off of the monthly fees. Besides this, there are no additional charges for the data provided by the BlackBoxStocks proprietary “Fly on the Wall” level news feed service.

BlackBoxStocks PRODUCTS

BlackBoxStocks offers its paying members an impressive lineup of useful and powerful investment charting and predicting system products and services based on analysis of social media buzz. It includes all of the following seven services:

BlackBoxStocks Charting

BlackBoxStocks News Feed

BlackBoxStocks Market Scanners

BlackBoxStocks Stock Alerts

BlackBoxStocks Volume Ratio Tool

BlackBoxStocks Chatroom

BlackBoxStocks Options Trading


After completing our BlackBoxStocks review we have come to the conclusion that they offer a professional level service. Using artificial intelligence and high-end digital technology to accomplish the feat of analyzing tens of thousands of stocks and options every second. We also like that you don’t have to rely on receiving email alerts, rather all alerts are directly on their platform. Added to the high level of the services offered by BlackBoxStocks is the extremely accessible price for their monthly subscription.

Pros of BlackBoxStocks

  • The chatroom is active and quite helpful.
  • Pricing plan is simple and easy to understand and comes with a substantial annual plan discount.
  • The alerts are of the highest quality.
  • Scanners also cover specifically pre- and post- market trading sessions.
  • The news feed is of the highest quality and can be filtered to only your areas of interest in the markets.
  • Platform is both intuitive and easy to utilize with little learning curve involved.

Cons of BlackBoxStocks

  • Because the system floods you with news alerts, you really will have to take the time to customize your own filters or risk being overwhelmed by the data feed.

BlackBoxStocks Review Summary

There is no question that this A.I.-driven research platform is powerful and interesting. It does benefit you more if you already have your strategy figured out and you really are just looking for some additional help to improve on and test it before trading. If you think of this software like a really great research assistant as well as a continuous news feed, then you will not be disappointed with what it provides. We really like the one size fits all single plan with its convenient monthly payment plan or substantial discount for pre-paying for an entire year's membership upfront. As stock screeners go, this one is up there in the top five.

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