Petra Hess Review

Petra Hess is among the only (and so far the only one that we have come across at all) best in class female stock traders, teachers, and financial gurus in this particular stock market universe. She also differentiates herself from her mostly male rival colleagues by offering not only American stock prognostication, but also Canadian stock picks as well (which leads us to believe that she is a proud and patriotic Canadian). Big on controlling risk while she helps you to earn major profits from both U.S. and Canadian stock issues, she prides herself on her well-proven and favorably reviewed proprietary system that helps paying subscribers to extract fantastic profits from the two national markets of Canada and the United States.

Her proponents (who are actually competitors) in the stock picking world refer to her as the battle tested and seasoned trader who also happens to be a very gifted and seriously committed educator. With decades of experience, Petra Hess is the whole package and the real deal.

Petra Hess Introduction and Background

Petra Hess boasts a wide-ranging, extensive, and varied background that actually makes her a woman of many talents. She claims that she has personally taken on and defeated a great variety of challenges in her personal career over the years. This has enabled her to claim at least a modicum of “entrepreneurial success” in a number of different areas, some of which are surprising and actually quite literally unique.

Among her various accomplishments over the past years, she has worked at exporting livestock to Europe, created and vended cosmetics for shopping channels around the globe, boarded and transported Ostriches, and owned a few different telecommunications businesses with co-family members. By the time she reached 25 years of age, Petra was already a completely self-made millionairess. She reminds you that back in those days, a million dollars represented a large sum of money.

All the while she was working massive hours in order to develop her businesses and to progressively increase her personal wealth, she allowed so-called “professional” financial advisers to manage her growing wealth. This lasted until when the Global Financial Crisis hit. Over the ensuing twelve months, she lost half of her investment portfolios in around only a year. Her much-touted financial adviser did not even bother to call her and tell her how badly her investments were suffering or to see if she wanted out of the markets as the slow motion train wreck continued throughout the year long period. For not even attempting to protect her significant portfolio, Petra fired him and decided it was time to take investment matters personally in her own two hands. She had quite simply grown tired of giving financial professionals fees to lose her money for her.

Petra had learned the hard way how no one else cares nearly as much about your own hard won money as do you. She immersed herself into learning all about investments, trading stocks, and the world of stock markets in general. Eight years after this greatest adventure yet, Petra can proudly claim that she has become a highly successful trader who is able to consistently extract profits from not only the United States’ stock markets, but also the Canadian stock markets. She has managed to bottle this impressive system up into a nearly scientific like formula too. Petra’s best news is that what worked so well for her is also going to work for you, if only you follow her proven method exactly and with discipline.

Petra Hess’ Philosophy on Trading Both U.S. and Canadian Stocks

With Petra Hess, her philosophy on effectively and profitably trading both U.S. and Canadian stocks comes down to a few elements. You need the best tools, effective and actionable insights, and real savvy guidance in order to attain your desired income levels. You can do this without sitting chained to your desktop or laptop all day long too. Best of all, Petra claims, you can do this without having to day trade all day long until your nerves are shot and your eyes are bloodshot as well.

Petra’s philosophy is ultimately all about growing your own wealth. Her system promises higher returns on trades, carefully regulated and managed risk for those trades that do go bad, and the consistent results that increase your personal portfolio far quicker, as measured over a period of years and not decades.

Petra Hess’ Focus on Providing Education

Petra has a very interesting take on financial education which she personally puts into practice with her own services and educational opportunities. She quotes the long time investments’ partner of Warren Buffett, billionaire investor Charlie Munger:

“The big secret is that we’re good at lifelong learning. Warren is better in his 70s and 80s, in many ways, than when he was younger. If you keep learning all the time, you have a wonderful advantage.”

Hess says she is fully and firmly in agreement with Munger. Because of this, she invested heavily in her own personal financial education eight years ago so that she could become the best investor and trader possible. She has not stopped investing in such an education all this time and measurable success later. This speaks volumes about her own love of and belief in continuing education for everyone, no matter how successful you are or eventually become.

This financial education paid off exponentially for her over the years. She promises to teach you what she has painstakingly learned so that you can attain comparable or even better results from her efforts. To this effect, Petra offers a four week long intensive master mentoring program called Petra’s Power Trading System, which we will consider in more detail in the second half of the webpage.

Petra Hess’ Strategy

Above you see a real trading statement from one of Petra Hess’ grateful paying subscribers. She utilizes and leverages her considerable skills to find the best possible trades for herself and her members. Below we’ll consider some of her very impressive endorsements and as seen on credits she has amassed over the last few years.

Petra Hess Endorsements

Two of Petra’s endorsements are standout simply because of the legendary gurus behind and offering them. She has carte blanche approval from both Jeff Bishop of Top Stock Picks and Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks. Jeff Bishop says about her:

“Petra’s easy-to-follow system moves you along a proven path to becoming a more successful, happier, and wealthier trader and investor.”

Jason Bond also freely and willingly endorses her. He says about the opportunities to be realized with Petra’s various services:

“Don’t postpone your success and profits any longer. The current market conditions are perfect for smart traders who are ready to claim their rightful share of the massive, life-changing wealth that’s going to be created in the coming months and years.”

Aside from the ringing endorsements of these two titans in the world of stock prediction and education that Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond represent collectively, Hess has been featured on some impressive online financial outlets in the past. Among her “as seen on” credits are the following: Yahoo! Finance, The Street, Market Watch, and Seeking Alpha as pictured below from her own website:

Petra Hess’ Teaching  Activities

Petra offers a range of teaching activities along side her two paying subscription based services the Petra Picks Gold and Petra Picks Platinum. She does video-based watch lists, a four part Power Trading Course, online and video training, regular webinars, and even a members-only conferencing room that she calls her Platinum Level VIP interactive room. Besides this, for those traders who are serious about taking their skills, knowledge, abilities, and results to the next level, she has her intensive four week mentoring course and program which she calls the Power Trading System.

Petra Hess’ Mentoring and Coaching Activities

As a coach and mentor, Petra Hess is in a very limited and highly selective class of success which she shares with only a few of the other legendary educators out there in the financial and trading mentoring markets today. She promises that with her as your personal coach and financial trading mentor, you will rapidly pick up the skills and instincts that you require to evolve into a master stock trader. Her one size fits all personally tailored master mentoring program is the Power Trading System. We will review it in greater detail in the next sections.

Meanwhile, in the rest of this page, we will also consider all of Petra Hess’ various stock picking services and products from which you can choose to increase your knowledge, success, and ultimately trading profits.

Petra Hess Stock Picking Products and Services

Petra Hess offers five unique stock picking products and services on her website. Here we will look at the two levels of subscription-based services and her sweeping educational and mentoring products along with what you receive from each of these distinctive, one of a kind offerings.

Petra Hess’ Free Weekly Blog

It makes imminent sense that since Petra is such a huge believer in the power and utility of financial education, she would offer the trading public some of it at no cost as a way of giving a little something back. This is a common character trait of the great guru educators in this space nowadays.

To this effect, Petra Hess consistently publishes her approximately weekly blog which is freely available as Petra Picks’ Blog. This helpful and informative blog is generally inclusive of charts, analysis, and Petra’s insightful commentary. Here she covers such helpful topics as “Trading With A Small Account,” “Trader’s Tip Catching the Bottom Reversal,” and “Strong Stocks in Strong Sectors.”

Petra’s Power Trading Course

As with many competitors in the space, Petra Hess has developed an impressive educational package for you. She values this at $1,999, but offers it free with the platinum tier of membership. The training course was designed specifically to shorten the learning curve for all of her subscription-based members. She promises that by the time you complete it, you will have a commanding grasp on what elements Petra seeks out in a successful stock trade candidate and the reasons for why she places these trades that she so successfully enters.

Petra Picks Gold 

The first (and less expensive) of her two tiers of service, Petra Picks Gold delivers a variety of helpful services and educational components to you. Among these are her:

  • Gold Daily Watch List – representing a key part of her profit generating system, this painstakingly researched list allows you to trade both Canadian and American stocks which are ripe for huge moves
  • Buy Alerts – sent out by text and mobile SMS for greater convenience, the buy alerts effectively set up the trades Petra recommends
  • Sell Alerts – also dispatched by both mobile SMS and text message, the sell alerts help you to cash in on the winning trades that Petra has previously entered, ensuring you are never at a loss for when to close out your winning trades
  • Online and Video Training – this VIP access to Petra’s live and archived webinar training and video content will help you to develop into a wealthier and more successful stock investor and trader

Petra makes this “entry level” service available for the reasonable price of $299 per quarter, or you can have it at a substantial 17 percent discount by making a single lump-sum yearly annual payment of $999.

Petra Picks Platinum Service

Petra also has her more advanced level of service, which comes with everything she has to offer except for her master mentor intensive four week program. This means that you receive all of the following with the Petra Picks Platinum tier of service:

  • Live Coaching Via Webinars – with this valuable feature, Petra is giving you a tantalizing taste of her master mentoring service; these webinars teach you important concepts, allow her to point out real-time things going on in the markets and with watch lists and live trades, and permit you to ask her questions in return; she calls this a VIP level of access to her personally
  • Private Conferencing Room – a truly exclusive “members- only” zone for the Petra Picks platinum members, you can give and take in this format more easily, allowing you to have a second valuable direct line of access to the legendary guru Petra Hess; here she will show you how she sets up and enters trades, as well as how she picks and plots her exits from them when it is time; she will review the current trades here and also look at opportunities for the next day and trading session; she also promises to go over risk management, as bad risk management loses more money than anything else; this conference room provides a nurturing and supportive environment for new and experience traders alike; Petra is big on interaction here, sharing mutual ideas, and visually learning from her wisdom in what she calls the Platinum Club VIP room
  • Video Based Stock Watch Lists – These stock watch lists are superior to the ones the Petra Picks Gold members receive as they are in fact video-based, making them more helpful than the standard email format daily lists the gold members receive
  • Buy and Sell Text and Email Alerts – both the buy and sell recommendation orders go out via both text and mobile SMS with Petra’s two tier levels of service
  • Online and Video Training Library – her extensive collection of past webinars and video lessons is available to you 24 hours per day with no restrictions as a Petra Picks Platinum tiered service member

The idea behind this higher level of service brought to you by Petra is her three-fold formula for success which means that you can not lose so long as you follow it exactly. This formula is defined by Hess as follows:

1. Identify & follow proven market patterns

2. Learn and apply proven trading principles

3. Follow a proven path to consistent profits

With this higher-end Petra Picks Platinum tier of service, you also receive all of the same benefits of the Gold Service including: Daily Stock Watch Lists, Buy and Sell Text and Email alerts, and the Online and Video Training for which Petra has become so justifiably beloved and famous. The cost for this higher-end service level is a pricey $3,999 per year.

Petra’s Power Trading System Mentoring Program

Petra Hess also offers an intensive four week long program where she works with you one on one in trading and education. She is really pushing this high level (and expensive as well) of service for those traders who are truly serious about taking their trading up to the next level of success and profits. It comes with six distinctive steps arranged in four parts as follows:

  • Part I – Intro – The Trader’s Mindset
  • Part II – Foundations of Technical Analysis
  • Part III – Risk Management
  • Part IV – Putting It All Together

This four week highly personalized training and mentoring program costs a one time upfront fee of $1,999.

Mentor’s Products

Petra Hess provides a range of useful stock picking products and services for you. These are her unique and highly regarded:

  • Petra’s Free Weekly Blog
  • Petra’s Power Trading Course
  • Petra Picks – Gold Tier Service
  • Petra Picks – Platinum Tier Service
  • Power Trading System Intensive Four Week Mentoring Service