Marc Walton Review

Marc Walton is a relative giant in the world of Forex teaching, personal mentoring, trading, and prediction systems. His number of followers on such popular social media platforms as Twitter and Facebook ensure that only the other two superpowers in the space can rival him— Toskho Raychev and Russ Horn.  Marc Walton brings his tens of thousands of fans and followers a proprietary Forex trading service complete with software packages and guidance, individual daily mentoring and coaching, libraries of video recordings and other educational supplemental materials he has designed, two different trading academies, and even a free Ebook.

On this page we will explore the man who takes greatest pride in his literally hundreds of five star reviews from past and present clients and members, along with his industry-leading forex trading system, educational academies, and ebook.

Marc Walton Introduction

Marc Walton is an entirely self made man. He opened his first business at the age of 21 years old without any experience or financial assistance. When he reached the age of 40, he cashed out of his third and last physical offline business to move to the lovely and nearly always-sunny Canary Islands.

Since then he has been busy with a number of successful online ventures, most of which have pertained to trading, teaching, and mentoring the world of Forex to students in countries ranging from Canada and the United States, to Great Britain and Ireland, to South Africa, to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. He counts thousands of different traders as among those who went through his various academies’ programs, mentoring, and trading service since he started launching these back in the year 2008.

As well as these educational and mentoring projects which Marc continues to this day, he also worked as a futures fund manager and full time at-home Forex trader. Despite all of his success at these various financial and teaching endeavors, Walton still touts his countless five star reviews from members and mentoring clients as among his greatest achievements. It’s what we love most about him.

Marc Walton Background and Philosophy

Marc Walton has been in the Forex industry in one capacity or another for more than 14 years.  The mastermind behind Forex Mentor Pro 2.0, Forex Training Academy, and Fotis Trading Academy began trading out of his new Canary Islands’ home in 2003. Since then, he has grown so successful at Forex and futures trading that he traded money for private clients as well as a hedge fund. In the last few years, he has co-launched a futures trading fund with a long-time business partner Fotis Papatheofanous, the analyst and hedge fund trader.

The legions of fans, followers, and subscription-based service members who call Marc Walton their Forex guru of choice continuously rave that he is entirely different from the many other masters in the forex, futures, and stock prediction and teaching universes. What sets him apart is his uncanny ability to take any experience or background level individuals and train them in how to employ a prediction trading system which they will fully grasp to trade their own money successfully in the global Forex markets. You can count on less than one hand the numbers of Forex guides and gurus today who can boast the same skill set, passion, and teaching abilities.

Marc Walton On Forex Trading

Marc Walton has a whole philosophy on the future of the middle class that he summarizes in a few ominous sentences:

“With the current financial meltdown and particularly understandable fears over pension payments, even for retired government employees, now, more than anytime in the last 150 years people need to look after their own financial future. Unless they can quickly learn how to be financially astute, the hard working middle classes are the ones who will end up paying for the current crisis caused by greedy bankers and ineffective politicians. The rich will continue to prosper because they have the financial knowledge and know how to keep playing the same old game.”

This is why he recommends trading the world of Forex to regular and ordinary working-class people. In fact he makes it a point to create systems that specifically help individuals who have day jobs to trade the foreign exchange markets. Walton says that it is no easy skill to master, this ability to trade Forex. It required nearly three years for him personally to be able to claim the title of Marc Walton, Forex Trader.

Marc Walton’s Popularity in the Forex Trading Community

Marc has clearly established an enormous following in the world of Forex training, educating, and mentoring. With over 60,500 Twitter followers, more than 5,200 likes and followers on his Facebook page, and over 6,500 distinct individuals who he has personally trained, mentored, or had in his membership-based subscription service (who now call themselves successful Forex traders), the man is the stuff of legends. It is hard to find another guru such as himself that has the hundreds of five star reviews on a variety of well-respected independent review sites. For sheer success and results in educating and mentoring novices in FX, Walton is practically in a class by himself.

Marc Walton The Writer

A hallmark of successful foreign exchange educators seems to be that they produce at least one book or ebook. Marc Walton is no exception to the rule.  Back in 2008, he wrote his personal story, How to Trade Forex. It told the journey he underwent from Forex novice to highly successful FX trader and the ways that you can do the same thing. He gives these copies away for free on his Forex Training Academy website in exchange for your email address.

Over 16,700 individuals have so far taken advantage of this free PDF format ebook offer. The book was so wildly successful that he started his original forex mentoring program to show traders who were new to the exciting and potentially rewarding universe of FX how they can trade successfully in their own lives.

Marc Walton As Committed Forex Educator and Mentor

Marc Walton saw in 2008 that the demand for his new ebook was overwhelming. This led him to start up his own subscription-based mentoring and trading program for would-be and mid-level Forex traders. Walton is unique from his competitors in that he keeps his program both low cost and big on value. His goal is for everyone to be able to afford the monthly subscription fees, and we are significantly impressed that he actually delivers on this goal. To this effect, he even provides a stunning 65 percent price break for prepaying for a year’s membership upfront.

In this mentoring program, Walton and colleagues instruct members in the skills they need in order to trade Forex markets and currency pairs while also delivering them a personalized daily analysis of where they see the price action going in Forex markets tomorrow. This real world, hands-on experience helps his followers to be able to understand and grasp the best means of trading these exciting and fast-paced markets on their own.

Marc Walton’s Passion For His Forex Training Academies

No one would try to argue that Marc Walton has a real passion for teaching and mentoring his followers. He puts this into practice by offering not one, but two different extensive Forex training programs which he calls academies. The beginner’s level one is his Forex Training Academy in which he patiently instills the basics of the Forex universe in his students.

For those who complete this program and want to take their understanding and knowledge of FX to the next level, he now offers his Fotis Trading Academy. As managing partner of this venture, Walton has created a range of different tracks for learning to master the sometimes-complicated world of foreign exchange.  In the next section, we will cover both of these Forex learning academies and also consider the successful FX trading and mentoring system from Marc Walton, as well as his Ebook.

Marc Walton’s Forex Trading System Products

Marc Walton’s main system is consistently five star reviewed across the industry. He also assures any doubters by offering a 100 percent money back guarantee which is valid for a full 30 days. This is offered not through Marc Walton’s own company, but instead through the internationally known (and well-respected in the industry) third party website management and administration business, ClickBank. It represents the greatest possible vote of confidence from him and for you that he relies on them.

Here are his systems and educational training services which Walton proudly offers:

  1. Forex Mentor Pro 2.0
  2. Forex Training Academy
  3. Fotis Trading Academy
  4. His Ebook How to Trade Forex

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0

Forex Mentor Pro is the mainstay membership-based subscription service offering from Marc Walton, the service creator and active manager. This consistently highly reviewed service comes with three individual trading systems provided by Marc and two of his most successful students turned gurus themselves. The system is actually based on three separate trading methodologies.

Marc Walton’s Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 package includes all of the following when you subscribe to it:

  • Three trading systems which Marc and his other two personally mentored gurus teach
  • His “Forex Foundation” Video Course
  • Daily and Bi-Weekly live videos analyzing the markets and upcoming trade setups
  • The highly acclaimed private members-only forum
  • Unrestricted and unlimited online access to the members-only sections of the Forex Mentor Pro service

Forex Mentor Pro members tremendously enjoy all of the personalized attention they get. This is hard to gainsay, as the service delivers not only founding guru Marc Walton’s hands-on training and mentoring, but also his two best students turned gurus who have their own systems of which they teach, trade, and mentor students.

Forex Mentor Pro is utilizing not just one or two, but fully three distinctive trading systems which they will cheerfully teach you when you join and show an interest in learning them. These are their:

  • M1 and M2 Trading Systems (personally developed and utilized still today a decade later by Marc Walton)
  • Earth & Sky Trading System
  • Fotis Trigger System

The Forex Mentor Pro system costs a very reasonable $47 per month billed to your credit card. A discount exists on their signup page that permits you to obtain the membership subscription-based mentoring and trading service for 65 percent less at a cost of $16.40 per month. This means that the regularly priced $564 per year service is available for only $197 per year. In order to obtain this fantastic discount for prepaying, you must sign up for it at your original signing up and subscribing point.

Marc Walton Forex Training Academy

Marc Walton’s entry level Forex educational venture is his Forex Training Academy the FTA. He runs this academy along with one of his original business partners Dean Saunders and his two students turned gurus ( Pierre Du Plessis and Omar Eltoukhy) helping to teach the various classes and videos. While Walton himself has been trading at home since the year 2003, Saunders began trading out of his own parents’ house from his bedroom at the incredible age of 16.

This trading academy hosted and run by the four veterans of foreign exchange has already taught literally thousands of beginner and intermediate skill set Forex traders how to successfully make money in the world of FX trading. The goal of this Forex academy program is to help these acolytes attain the levels of success which these four master traders and teachers have already reached themselves.

The academy includes all of these offerings:

  • Videos, articles, webinars, and more covering Forex basics and Foreign Exchange strategies taught by Marc, Dean, Pierre, Omar, and even occasional guest presenters
  • Question and answer styled training and coaching via both email and other weekly formats
  • Daily updated mentoring blogs where the instructors provide their invaluable insights, directional views, tips, and general observations on the various Forex markets and moving currency pairs

This program costs an incredibly low $47 per month to participate. Walton and partners also offer a free scaled back version of the academy in the form of three of the video module classes. This covers:

  • Technical and fundamental analyses
  • Tips for learning to trade like it’s a business
  • Actual examples of traders earning big profits
  • The advantages to pursuing global macro analysis
  • The way you can trade Forex while working a day job
  • Creating realistic levels of expectations in your own trading

You have nothing at all to lose in trying out the free classes and modules of the Forex Training Academy.

The Fotis Trading Academy

The Fotis Trading Academy is another educational venture of Marc Walton. He is the managing partner of this advanced level Forex training academy, along with co-founder Fotis Papatheofanous.

The courses available include several different tracks. These are as follows:

  • Macro Fundamental Trading Course
  • Global Macro Pro Trading Course
  • Ultimate Pro Trading Course

The graphic below displays all of the many advantages and benefits to enrolling in this academy for advanced foreign exchange analysis and strategies:

We go through the basics of each of these courses of study next.

Macro Fundamentals Trading Course

This course is designed for those traders who feel like they are almost where they need to be to find more accurate opportunities in Forex and to hold trades longer for higher profits. Any traders who feels they are missing the professional traders’ edge to reach these goals will find the Macro Fundamentals Trading Course is ideal for them.

This program costs $1,295.00 and comes with weekly modules, weekly live training sessions, live webinars, an extensive video lessons library, and a once per week live Monday interactive session with Fotis himself.

Global Macro Pro Trading Course

The second course offering is designed for traders who want to invest and trade as if they are real professional Forex traders. This track promises to help students reach their goals of taking their trading skills and strategies to the next level in only months. The Global Macro Pro Trading Course teaches trading tools and strategies that will overhaul the profit levels of serious traders.

This course costs $3,495.00 and comes with all of the benefits of the Macro Fundamentals course plus proprietary software programs and advanced courses on technical analysis and auction market theory.

Ultimate Pro Trading Course

For those traders who feel they need to engage in a direct and one on one basis with the academy’s managing partners Walton and Fotis, this Ultimate Pro Trading Course is exactly for them. The offering is advertised as “training to become a professional trader on your own terms.” Interested parties have to set up a discussion with them to proceed to this ultimate level of bespoke tailored Fotis Trading Academy training on your terms.

Each individually tailored program will have its own specific cost, but you can safely assume that it will be expensive (at least more than the $3,495.00 of the Global Macro Pro Trading course above).

Marc Walton’s EBook

Marc Walton has written an ebook back in 2008. Out of the love of teaching and mentoring and the goodness of his heart, he has been generously giving this particular ebook away for around a decade now. The book is entitled, How To Trade Forex. It turns out to be Walton’s personal journey story from money-losing novice Forex beginner to successful FX master trader in which he demonstrates to you how to follow his shining and motivating example.

The book is available in exchange for your email address and some basic information. Many different would-be traders and fans have taken him up on this offer, and he has now given away more than 16,700 copies of his book since 2008.


Marc Walton provides a range of Forex educating and mentoring systems, products, and services for you. These are his: