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Review Summary:

For sheer educational ability and emphasis, Vladimir Ribakov's various systems have no equal. This is his seventh system for Forex prediction and trading. It looks like it will be another smash hit sellout too. The system with its four DVDs, trading manual, and online members access is a far better value at the $750 upfront promotional price tag than it will be at the normal $997 price point in the future.

Forex Scorpio Code is the biggest and most highly anticipated Forex exchange trading product launch of 2017 set for Tuesday, August 22, 2017. In this review we will consider who is behind it, whether or not it is a scam (or a real and valuable product), what you actually receive with it, and what these offerings provide you with to help you in your own Forex trading.

Who Is Behind Forex Scorpio Code?

The guru who has successfully released more Forex prediction and educaitonal systems than any of his significant rivals Vladimir Ribakov is the genius creator and driving force behind the new Forex Scorpio Code. With over a decade of proven Forex trading, teaching, and mentoring experience to his name, Vladimir is the heavily award-wining guru par excellence in this field. Alone among his rivals, you can verify that he worked for not only international Foreign Exchange brokerage houses, but also major hedge funds as a Forex trader. He leveraged all of this into his own private trading in order to evolve into a top-earning private Forex trader who has effectively mastered the Forex markets using a variety of proven strategies including cycles and divergence methods. Like his principal rival in the space of Forex trading and educating, Toshko Raychev, Ribakov is similarly a three-time winner of the world Forex Championships.

Vladimir’s greatest talents lie in the world of teaching, coaching, and mentoring. He has proven his real-world hedge fund trading strategies as both teacher and trader. In the past, Vladimir has deployed both cycles and divergence among his main methods of trading. Affectionately referred to by his students as the “Nostradamus of the charts,” Ribakov is now launching his seventh individual trading strategy for the benefit of his past and (soon to be) present Forex trainees and students. Cost-effective and highly profitable are phrases which have been consistently utilized to describe Vladimir’s systems in the past.

Vladimir also takes great pride in his complete transparency in trading. He shares all of his real results and trades from only seven days ago and stretching back more than five years on his various websites. With well over 10,000 pips yielded by his regular signals and a further 20,000 in pips from his Skype group trades and other forecast reports, it is hard to even compete with Ribakov, much less to outdo his legendary and verified performance.

What is Forex Scorpio Code? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Forex Scorpio Code is a newly launching product brought to you by one of the leading and legendary master gurus of Forex prediction and education, Vladimir Ribakov. He prides himself on trading  so completely transparently that you feel like you are literally trading over his proverbial shoulders.

Forex Scorpio Code is no exception to the Vladimir Ribakov rule established over six past Forex trading strategies and marketed systems. Among the reasons why this latest system of his will likely be a hit with the global Forex community are that:

  • It comes from internationally acclaimed Forex trading and teaching guru Vladimir Ribakov
  • The system is one which includes many physical and educational materials
  • It includes a real package of home delivered DVDs and a world-class trading manual straight to your home or office

If that is not sufficient to convince you of the system’s ultimate legitimacy, Vladimir Ribakov also gains considerable credibility by constantly teaming up with online world membership management leader ClickBank as their membership subscription services provider.

ClickBank has long been the unquestioned industry leader as well as the most respected website membership service administrator on the planet. This translates to a completely trustworthy 60 day money back guarantee for the system that is entirely proven, legitimate, and ironclad.

It means that if you find out that you are not fully 100 percent satisfied by their products and service and then decide that this package and online members area is not what you anticipated getting for your substantial investment, you will not have lost anything more valuable than your time which you spent investigating the package and then playing around with and paper trading the predicted Forex currency pair recommended trades.

ClickBank is the trusted retailer for Forex Scorpio Code

Thanks to the miracle of ClickBank fully guaranteeing this new service’s money back policy, you can try it out for the two months’ free trial membership without fear of losing your upfront educational investment.

What Forex Scorpio Code Is Not

You should not think that Forex Scorpio Code is any type of a Forex robot or automatic trading service. Neither is it a broker trading platform like MetaTrader or NinjaTrader. With this package, you will still have to locate and set up your own broker through whom to trade. Vladimir makes it a personal and company policy to not give out any recommendations for one even on his question and answer section of his other service websites.

You will also have to be prepared to manually enter all of your own trades with his system, as you would with rival Toshko Raychev and his latest and greatest forex trading system. If you are really looking for a true autopilot trading system to execute trades and to make money on your behalf in the Forex world trading markets, then this is not the right Forex system (or platform) for you. That said, if you are looking for great Forex education and some powerful Forex indicators that help you to find and manually enter fantastic and profitable trades, then this could be your Forex system.

What Sets Forex Scorpio Code Apart From Other Products?

Forex Scorpio Code is unlike many of its every day rivals on the market today in that it comes from an award-winning, highly acclaimed, and globally respected Forex trader, as Vladimir’s recent awards below clearly demonstrate:

  • 2016 Best Forex Blog:
  • 2016 Best Forex Signals: Vladimir Forex Signals
  • 2016 Best Forex Trader: Vladimir Ribakov

It is nearly impossible to argue with such impressive and most especially relevant awards. Toshko Raychev the principal rival to Vladimir and co. also has won the same world trading championship awards three times, but his last successful time was more than five years ago.

What You Will Receive With Forex Scorpio Code

Forex Scorpio Code is among the most physically impressive system packages that we have seen in all our years of following and reviewing these types of systems. It comes with literally everything you need (and most of it in physical form) to become a master Forex trader. Among Vladimir Ribakov’s principal competing rivals in the Forex universe, only Toshko Raychev offers such physically impressive Forex system packages.

There is also of course the members only section on the Forex Scorpio Code website. Besides the usual major currency pairs, this system signals promise to cover both the minor pairs and even the exotic pairs.

The Forex Scorpio Code physical package and members-only site access provides you with the following important items:

  • Four DVDs Instructional Videos – DVDs containing all of the components of the system, such as the proprietary and customized indicators and how to use them properly to realize great and profitable trades
  • The Forex Scorpio Code Trading Manual – a physical book, this will teach you all of the background information you must be able to take for granted in order to become a successful Forex trader
  • A Members Only Area – that promises direct access to and communication with guru Vladimir himself
  • System Updates -as they are released and made available
  • Vladimir’s Forex Blog – full of regular ideas and updates on the various markets and currency pairs
  • Customer Support – this is usually available up to 24 hours per day with Vladimir’s packages and systems

You also receive the same unlimited 24 hours per day, 7 days per week access to all of their many website features and sections that Vladimir Ribakov has become famous for over the last decade. It means that what you are actually purchasing is not only a physical in the mail package, but more importantly a long-term access to a system (and not just a one-time product).

How Forex Scorpio Code Works

The Forex Scorpio Code system works utilizing the ubiquitous Meta Trader 4 platform. You can also customize it to work on other major platforms. Here Vladimir’s many charts will be presented on the MT4 platform in his daily reports and video forecasts and updates, but you can trade on any Forex platform that you personally prefer.

Vladimir is keeping his proverbial cards close to his vest on how the major new proprietary indicators for this system work. He has not even dropped any significant hints on what type of indicators the system relies on in Forex Scorpio Code. If this system were not invented and presented by one of the two major legends in the Forex education and trade prediction industry, then this would be of major concern. As it is, we just chalk it up to Vladimir’s wish to have a fully engrossing launch with a lot of media attention, excitement, and buzz surrounding it.

On the rest of this page, we will go through the various components of the Forex Scorpio Code system (as we know them at time of publication).

Forex Scorpio Code Offerings

The Forex Scorpio Code package itself provides a number of interesting offerings for you. There are  physical products that arrive in your home or office, an online members-only area, highly secretive and proprietary Vladimir-created Forex indicators and signals,  and more to explore.

The main features of the Vladimir Forex Signals physical package and online membership include the following:

  • Four DVDs Instructional Videos
  • The Trading Manual
  • A Members-Only Area
  • Vladimir’s Forex Blog
  • Customer Support

Forex Scorpio Code DVDs

Forex Scorpio Code delivers four full length DVDs to your door as the main physical component of his new system package. These go through everything from traders’ mindset and psychology, to the background essential concepts that you must be familiar with to understand his indicators and signals, to the indicators and signals themselves. Once you have thoroughly gone through the DVDs, Vladimir promises that you are ready to start trading. This means that only a few hours will be required for you to be up and trading live.

Forex Scorpio Code Trading Manual

Forex Scorpio Code prides itself on its high level of understandable yet still just as highly effective Forex markets and trading world-class education. Once you have mastered the concepts in this physical product book, you will have the full capability to trade whenever you are available and whenever the Forex market is open during its regular market sessions of 24 hours each day, five days every week and Sunday for the half-market Asian session.

The terrific and unmatched hours provided by Forex are possible simply because the markets trade on a wide range of international city banking and financial institutions, including those based in London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Moscow, New York City, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Wellington (New Zealand) and still others.

Forex Scorpio Code Online Members Area

Vladimir is being highly secretive about what you will receive in the online members area, but based on his past six strategies and marketed systems, we can make an educated guess with great probability. He usually covers a daily pre-trading session of both the European session and the U.S./Canadian session with his trading plans and live trade setups laid out each and every trading day.

He also typically goes through a complete review of all open trades which the signals have called. The Asian session is generally not left out, as it is covered by the North American pre-market session. This has been an area in which Vladimir’s members have been especially passionate about when he is live and providing real-time mentoring in this format that permits you to pose any question which you may have on how he trades. It is hard to imagine that he will walk back on this in his latest and seventh trading system.

Vladimir’s Forex Blog

In keeping with the tradition of many Forex prediction gurus and educators, Vladimir is happy to offer some of his valuable insight and education at no cost to people who are not yet subscribers. With Ribakov, this comes in the form of his Vladimir’s Forex Blog and Forex community. He writes for this on a regular basis, and you can surf over and read it without having to subscribe. He also encourages you to participate in his totally free project he calls “The Crowd Trading Pro.” It features downloads and a litany of educational materials you can resource.

Forex Scorpio Code Customer Support

In today’s fast-paced world, you can not operate a competitive or serious Forex trading service any more if you do not include some helpful and efficient format of customer service and guru support. Where Forex Scorpio Code is concerned, this comes in the form of the guru himself being available via his Facebook page, on Twitter, Skype, and over email. He also makes himself available very directly to the members who are subscribing by offering them a hotline to him in the form of the daily Skype groups. Vladimir Ribakov is justifiably proud of being readily and easily accessible to all of his paying members over all of the relevant media channels that are currently in vogue.

If this distance contact is not sufficient, Vladimir takes his show on the road literally every year at least once at a club meeting in a supposedly randomly chosen location somewhere in Europe or North America. He cordially invites all of his various system members to come out to meet and hang with Vladimir for a few solid days of not only practical mentoring, but also for the good times. Below is a picture of one of his informal settings in central Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe:


Forex Scorpio Code Cost and Refund Policies

The Forex Scorpio Code system costs $997 billed only one time to your credit card. He will allow you to alternatively split the considerable sum of money into two payments, the first one upfront and the second one a month later. They also offer an early bird discount for subscribing now at the beginning of the service. This amounts to a $250 discount off the regular price, making the service available to you for a more reasonable $750 plus any tax and shipping charges. This option is only available if you make it as a one time upfront payment.

Thanks to the ClickBank-backed and -guaranteed promise of a full and unconditional 60 days, 100% money back cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel after testing out the Forex Scorpio Code service and educational materials for as much as a two monthlong test period.

Final Take Away – Cost Versus Value of Forex Scorpio Code

Vladimir Ribakov says about his latest product that it represents a full $3,000 value priced at only a third of that much. The educational package of four DVDs and the trading manual naturally is where a lot of the utility and value lies, but this will be less useful to well-experienced traders who count several years of successful trading to their name. Though no one but Vladimir and his inner circle can say how ground-breaking and effective his latest proprietary signals and indicators will prove to be at calling winning Forex trades (as it is not widely or well-tested yet), this appears to be an excellent service, especially if you have enough trading capital to afford the upfront $750 discounted price for being an early bird signup. Like with most products in life, the value gets more and more difficult to justify as you have to pay a higher amount for it.


• The founder of the system has over a decade of real-world hedge fund and brokerage house trading experience along with many years Forex coaching and mentoring experience.
• All of his prior six systems have been hugely successful and profit making for the buyers.
• The service provides a significant amount of background and Forex trading education.
• The system includes a physical package of four DVDs and a physical trading manual book.
• The system includes a 60 day, 100% full money back guarantee delivered by renowned third party website membership administrator ClickBank.


• The system is as of yet untested and the indicators unproven in real verifiable trades.
• Not everyone can afford the either $750 or $997 upfront cost.

For sheer educational ability and emphasis, Vladimir Ribakov's various systems have no equal. This is his seventh system for Forex prediction and trading. It looks like it will be another smash hit sellout too. The system with its four DVDs, trading manual, and online members access is a far better value at the $750 upfront promotional price tag than it will be at the normal $997 price point in the future.

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