22 May Forex Equinox Review

Forex Equilibrium Review
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Review Summary:

Forex teaching guru and trading legend Russ Horn brings you his his latest complete system in Forex Equilibrium. His past few systems have sold extremely well, which means that this one is probably at least as good as his acclaimed Tradonix, Forex Master Method, and popular Rapid Results products. It is an expensive system that promises to deliver great results using its much-touted, highly secretive Equilibrium trading method. The system makes the most sense from the perspective of a value for money proposition if you are new enough to foreign exchange markets to benefit from the education-heavy and mentoring components.

Forex Equinox is the latest brainchild of Forex trading guru Russ Horn. No one can argue that Mr. Horn is indeed a legend in the world of Forex Trading. He has released as many as five earlier systems trading Forex over the years. It would be an exaggeration to claim that he stands totally without peer in the Forex  prediction system universe though. His product (as with those of his earlier five systems) competes directly with those of three-time winning Forex world champion trader and teacher Toshko Raychev and especially goes head to head against Raychev’s Ultimate Profit Solution. Not coincidentally, both legendary gurus’ systems retail for $997.

Forex Equinox is a two-part system that features both a heavy educational emphasis as well as providing trading signals for frustrated but still-aspiring, would-be Foreign Exchange Market traders.  In this review we will consider and evaluate the basis and basics of the system Forex Equinox offers to likely prospects so that you can determine if it is a helpful and affordable trading and educational package for your own Forex trading goals and needs.

Who Is Behind Forex Equinox?

The man behind Forex Equinox has been called a Forex trading and teaching guru with a cult-like following and status. His name is Russ Horn. He has been around in the Forex trading universe for over 14 years now. Among the various past systems Horn has created are three that are especially beloved and remain best sellers to this day. These are his Tradeonix System, Rapid Results, and Forex Master Method previous systems. Horn promises that he has invested several years in live testing out this new system with his own trading accounts and actual money. Literally hundreds of individual man hours have been poured into bringing this product to fruition and to the market.

Russ Horn passes his days studying the charts, keeping abreast of the economic news which affects Forex currency pairs and markets, and fine tuning his skills and systems. All the while he is trading his own accounts too. What makes him different from many of the forex prediction system gurus is that he possesses a rare ability to capably teach individuals a system which they can grasp and implement for improving their own trading results. This is not an attribute that many of the gurus in the space are good at or even choose to spend their time developing.

What is Forex Equinox? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Forex Equinox is a real physical system and the latest one in a long series of systems provided by Forex trading guru and teaching legend Russ Horn. Not only does it deliver a tangible product to your mailbox or front door in the form of manuals and instructional DVDs presented by Horn, but it also gives you unrestricted access to the members’ area for six months.

In this online section, you will have the benefit of direct access to Russ and his staff through their weekly live webinars where you are able to pose your own questions to the Forex trading and teaching master himself. They also promise 24 hours per day, 7 days per week technical support and customer service help available to all members. Russ pledges that if you follow his system rules step by step without deviating or becoming “creative,” then you will see a lot more winners than losers with his latest product.

Forex Equinox has the advantage of international market-leading website membership administrator ClickBank running their subscription service for Horn and associates. This means that when the founder of the system promises you an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee on the product and platform, you do not have to take him at his word. ClickBank guarantees the money back promise means 100 percent satisfaction and an ironclad promise for unconditionally receiving your money back if you are unsatisfied before the time frame of the guarantee lapses.

ClickBank is the trusted retailer for Forex Equinox

If you decide that the system and educational package is not precisely what you hoped it would be, you will not have lost anything more than your time to experiment with the platform signals and to read, listen, watch, and learn all about the exciting largest financial market in the world, Forex.

What Forex Equinox Is Not

It is important to understand what this system is not before you buy into it. Forex Equinox is simply not a trading robot. This means that it will not automatically place any trades on your behalf. It does come pretty close to this though. It will ask you if want to do the trade. This means that while the program has certain robotic features to it and the signals it generates, it still is not a fully automated platform system for trading Forex currency pairs.

Forex Equinox is also not the most ideal setup for those traders who are already highly experienced and reasonably successful at trading the global foreign exchange markets. This is because a lot of the product value lies in the education. The educational component will not be especially helpful for those who already know their way well around the Forex terms, markets, charts, and various trading strategies.

What Sets Forex Equinox Apart From Other Products?

Forex Equinox is something like rival systems created by legendary Forex guru Toshko Raychev in that it will take the time to seriously educate you. This level of education on not only how the product and system works, but how the world of Forex works and operates is something that sets the product apart from the majority of competing systems in the stocks, futures, and Forex prediction worlds.

The system is also somewhat unique in that it is one of the old-school physical systems that arrives at your home or place of business in the mail. You receive actual manuals, DVDs, and other materials alongside the state of the art members’ only online access to features like the weekly live webinars and Forex signals trading platform. While some rival systems employ auto trading robots which you can configure to start trading for your live account and begin hopefully making (and not instead losing) money, this one does not go quite that far. It does recommend trades for you across all currency pairs.

Who Is This System Specifically Designed For?

Many systems on the market today advertise themselves as ideal for everyone. This is rarely the case, so it is refreshing for a change to see a system that honestly admits it is not an optimal fit for all Forex market traders. Forex Equinox says that is is specifically created and designed for those Forex traders who are frustrated in trading the Foreign Exchange markets and have not realized much (if any) in the way of success and profits.

The system creator says that this package deal is made just for you who feel like you need something to stack the odds in your favor. The educational component of this is a classic example of why this system is not really intended for Forex experts or even seasoned traders. It goes through all of the basics of the markets to show you in clear and easy to understand English how to practically understand and trade these markets that almost never sleep.

They accomplish this with a series of videos presented by the system founder on DVDs. Written guides produced in clear and layman’s terms help to drive home the points for quick and easy future reference. These lessons prove to be the product and system core that becomes advanced enough for students to finally learn the ways of putting together their own strategies in Forex trading.

What You Receive With Forex Equinox

You are actually getting two different primary components when you order the Forex Equinox system. The first component is the one that you can tangibly hold in your hands and which arrives via mail. This is the educational series of videos and manuals. The second part revolves around unrestricted online members’ only access to the system site and platform. In other words, the Forex Equinox package includes all of the following:

  • Four DVDs with instructional material and visual guidance presented and narrated by system creator Russ Horn
  • One trading manual that goes through all of the important concepts of trading Forex and utilizing the Forex Equinox system specifically
  • Weekly live webinars which give you the opportunity to interface with Horn directly to get your specific questions answered
  • Unlimited members’ area access for six months includes system and trading platform updates
  • Team member-led 24 hours per day, 7 days per week trader help and technical support

How Forex Equinox Works

The Forex Equinox system works in a concrete, mechanical, step by step system that is intended to be easy to follow and highly profitable. Horn the founder says in interviews that it is mechanical in an ABC way of following it. The setups themselves are crystal clear. He admits that while no system can be right 100 percent of the time, this particular one delivers huge wins. This is why he created it for those unfortunate Forex traders who have honestly been struggling but are still sticking with it looking for help and hope.

One thing the system creator is adamant on is that you must follow the system to the letter. Horn promises that he and his associates have heavily and thoroughly tested it with real money and repeatedly tweaked it as necessary. The system works only because of serious discipline on your part to do as you are taught and not get creative.

The crucial points on how and why this works so effectively for you are:

  • It utilizes a mechanics principle which system creator Horn calls the breakthrough of Equilibrium
  • The system effectively works by generating buy and sell signals for all currencies, not only the majors and most popular ones available
  • Control panel alerts you to the pairs that provide the best opportunities at that given time for executing profit- generating trades
  • Forex Equinox delivers recommended entry and exit points so that iron discipline to simply follow it without question is all that is required of you to make money trading
  • It will not ask you to invest literally hundreds of hours in precious and limited time chained to your computer engaging in tedious and time-consuming research on the various currency markets, charts, and economic news

This platform allows you to successfully trade the universe of the global Forex markets fully 6 days each week for 52 weeks every year. Below are snapshots of some of system creator Russ Horn’s successful trades:

Now you can see the enormous advantages that this Forex Equinox software program promises to provide you for your own trading ventures. On the rest of this page, we will briefly go through the various components of the Forex Equinox system.

Forex Equinox Offerings

The Forex Equinox service itself provides a variety and range of interesting products and services for you. Besides the physical in the mail package that you will receive, you will have a full six months of unrestricted and unlimited members-only access to their various services. This physical package and website access includes a variety of products and services which comprise all of the following:

  • Forex Equinox Trading Manual
  • Forex Equinox Instructional DVDs
  • Online Weekly Webinars
  • Equilibrium System-Generated Signals
  • 24 Hours Per Day, Seven Days per week Customer Service and Technical Support

Forex Equinox Trading Manual

The manual is one of the two key components of the educational suite of physical products. This trading handbook was put together by Russ Horn and is the companion to the system video DVDs that accompany it in the mail. It provides detailed instructions for mastering each step that the video explains. Every few years, Horn releases yet another system and trading platform package. Now he promises that this one is his best ever.

Forex Equinox DVDs

These four DVDs are packed full of video lessons presented by system creator Russ Horn himself. Each of the DVDs covers a module of the system in great detail. The system promises that once you master these video lessons, you will be ready to start utilizing the online-based platform to trade and make money. Each DVD contains live examples of real trades that Russ does for you so that you can actually see how his latest system performs in the Forex trading real world.

Forex Equinox Live Webinars with Russ Horn

No costly system like this one would be complete without some form of live questions and answers via a direct hotline to your chosen mentor. Forex Equinox does not disappoint on this score. You get to interact with system creator and Forex trading guru Russ Horn every week through his live webinars found in the online members-only access section of the system. They also provide you with regular updates to the system as well as interaction with other members of Forex Equinox in this venue.

Forex Equinox Signals and Trading Interface

Forex Equinox other core of the system (beyond the educational components and interaction with the guru himself) is their Equilibrium forex-picking signals. This delivers live buy and sell signals with precise entry and exit points so that all you have to do is do what you are told and execute the trades which the system recommends. It does not get any easier than this (assuming you have the iron will and discipline to follow the program strictly).

Forex Equinox signals are issued in all three market trading sessions of the foreign exchange markets so that you can trade any time you are available in the 24 hours per day, 5 days per week (plus Sunday half market day) world Forex hours. The three sessions let you trade in the European market session, the North American session, and the Asian session. These markets can trade around the clock every day but Saturday because of the time differences between major foreign exchange centers based in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, New York City, Zurich, Wellington (New Zealand), Sydney, Tokyo, and other important currency trading cities around the globe.

Forex Equinox Email and Customer Support

Forex Equinox pledges around the clock customer service which can help you with either trading questions and support or technical issues fully 24/7. They claim this is provided by members of their team, so presumably they are not outsourcing this critical help and interaction to people who have no connection with the Forex Equinox organization.

Forex Equinox Cost and Refund Policies

The Forex Equinox system costs $997 as a one time fee upfront billed to your credit card. There is also a discount available where you can get the product for $250 less at a grand total of $750. Since there are no monthly subscription fees or ongoing payments of any kind, there is no early bird discount available.

The system bills itself as a $3,000 value which you are receiving for less than a third of the cost (one quarter of it if you take advantage of the special discount price of $750).

Thanks to the reliability of the ClickBank guaranteed promise for an on-demand and  unconditional 60 days, 100% money back cancellation policy, you can try out the Forex Equinox educational suite and mentoring it provides via webinars, not to mention the Equilibrium-generated trading signals on all Forex currency pairs, for an up to two month long test period.

Final Take Away – Cost Versus Value of Forex Equinox

Forex Equinox is an expensive system which promises to deliver great results using its much-touted, highly secretive Equilibrium trading method. The fact of the matter is that thanks to the ClickBank guarantee of refunding your either $750 or $997 one-time membership fee, you can not lose in trying out this latest (and self-proclaimed greatest) system offering from Forex guru and trading legend Russ Horn. His last few systems have sold extremely well, which means that this one is probably at least as good as his acclaimed Tradonix, Forex Master Method, and popular Rapid Results products. It makes the most sense from the perspective of a value for money proposition if you are new enough to foreign exchange markets to benefit from the education-heavy component.


• Proven, world-renowned, Forex teaching guru and master trader Russ Horn invented and presents the system himself.
• The system is heavy on education in the most critical to understand concepts of the forex universe and not simply a signal generating system.
• It is designed to be a mechanical and easy to follow setup.
• This program is based heavily around a physical package of 4 DVDs and a trading guide manual as well as exclusive online members-only access to the webinars and trading signals.
• The system includes a 60 day, 100% full money back guarantee provided by industry-leader ClickBank.
• Russ Horn claims that the discipline to follow the system exactly is all you need by way of skills to make money using it.


• At officially $997 (with a special discounted price of $750 available for a limited time), the system is expensive for those with limited trading means.
• The system is so new that no one can claim to have thoroughly tested out and used it to verify its effectiveness.

Forex teaching guru and trading legend Russ Horn brings you his his latest complete system in Forex Equilibrium. His past few systems have sold extremely well, which means that this one is probably at least as good as his acclaimed Tradonix, Forex Master Method, and popular Rapid Results products. It is an expensive system that promises to deliver great results using its much-touted, highly secretive Equilibrium trading method. The system makes the most sense from the perspective of a value for money proposition if you are new enough to foreign exchange markets to benefit from the education-heavy and mentoring components.

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