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Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Review
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Review Summary:

The Golden Penny Stocks Millionaires system is offered by William Bell, who is well-respected in these markets from his prior system the "Hack the Stock Markets" trading system. At only $47 per month, Golden Penny Stock Millionaires proves to be among the least expensive services for picking stocks available anywhere. This does not change the fact that it is a relatively new stock picking service, but it is not a major concern thanks to their ClickBank verified and administered unconditional money back guarantee.

Penny stocks are an area of stock trading that present possibilities for dramatic gains as well as breathtaking losses. This is why it is necessary to have a good system to guide you if you decide to pursue penny stock trading seriously. One such system of guidance for penny stock trading is the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires.

This digital product is based on a proven penny stock newsletter. It concentrates its efforts on tracking down breaking out penny stocks. On this webpage we will consider and evaluate the range of products that this penny stock trading newsletter and system provides to subscribers and prospects so that you can determine if it is a viable guiding system for your trading needs.

Who Is Behind Golden Penny Stock Millionaires?

William Bell is the man behind Golden Penny Stock Millionaires. He is perhaps better known for being the founder of “Hack the Stock Market.” This proved to be an enormously successful system. Subscribers have consistently reviewed that program as having helped them to realize profits in the stock markets consistently.John Bell

It is not easy to find much other researched and verifiable information on William Bell besides what he says about himself. Bell states that he spent “relentless hours” researching penny stocks. He did this in his own words so that he could earn profits “working as a small cap trader” through locating potentially huge penny stocks and capturing their dramatic moves.

William Bell warns about the countless scams for promoted penny stocks which are found online. Personally, he has lost more than $10,000 worth of his own investment capital through his own trading account in his search for earth shaking penny stocks traded on the Over the Counter markets. In the past, before he developed his own system, he traded pump and dumped penny stocks, paid promotion penny stocks that proved to be worthless, and poor recommendations from penny stock systems that simply did not work out as promised.

Frustrated with the misinformation and scams he had encountered, he even attempted to select penny stocks at random in desperation at one point. That did not work out especially well for him either. Bell admits that the characteristic that separated him from others in the penny stock trading world is that he refused to give up, even when he lost a small fortune. Eventually, he created his own successful system for picking penny stocks and decided to share it with the stock trading world.

Bell’s system is based on buying and selling the right penny stocks at the optimal time. He considers penny stocks to be those which have a value of $5 or less. A great many of them cost far less than this. Many can be bought for even under a dollar. Using the program, Bell shows you stocks that are undergoing an unjustified decline in their share price. He says this is the best moment to buy them. All that remains to do is to wait until they recover, then sell them for a massive profit. The key is to be careful to only purchase those penny stocks which are declining yet will still come back at some point.

William Bell wrote a 62 page report e-book to teach you this method. He claims that you can read and grasp its ideas in two hours or less. The goal is that you will be able to begin making money on the same day as you read the e-book. With the research he provides, you will even possess the tools you need to begin performing research on your own. He claims that this will only require you to spend an hour per week to do it effectively.

What is Golden Penny Stock Millionaires? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is adamant that it is not a stock promoter who is merely taking you for a ride nor a pump and dump operation. Instead, it is simply a penny stock newsletter-based membership operation with a proven system which builds on the well-known fact that penny stocks and the OTC exchange on which they trade fluctuate dramatically. This professional and powerful newsletter utilizes the trading system to make high probability predictions on the price movement of given penny stock trades.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires claims that because the percentage moves are enormous, you can legitimately earn enormous profits of even $500 per day assuming you capably know the stocks and markets. Since the growth in price is exponential with tiny penny stocks, the returns can be outsized. Losses do occur, even to the tune of a company failing completely. Since the initial investments in these companies is relatively small, dramatic declines will not wipe out your trading account. Proper risk management and investment allocation are two key components of this system.

Further legitimacy for Golden Penny Stock Millionaires comes from the fact that ClickBank (the industry leader in trial memberships like this one) is running the subscription service. This means that the 60 day money back guarantee for the newsletter-based system is ironclad and completely valid. It also tells you that if you are not satisfied with the service and decide it is not for you, it will not have cost you anything besides your time to experiment with and check out the newsletter and alert picks.

ClickBank is the trusted retailer for Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

What Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Is Not

One thing that sets Golden Penny Stock Millionaires apart from some of its seedier competitors is the fact that they are not in any way involved with the infamous pump and dump operations pervading the penny stock market today. These paid promoters, stock pumpers, and professional pumpers and dumpers have been so successful at what they do that they have given penny stocks a bad name. This has become so sophisticated and effective that it is sometimes called “the art of the pump and dump.”

Pump and dumpers offer you unlimited stock picks for free as a promotional deal. They only require that you provide them with your email address and consent to receive otherwise unsolicited emails from them in exchange for the free picks. The reason the newsletter membership is available to you for free is because the company they are promoting is paying them for the promotion, or “financial marketing.” Services like these are merely using your email address as a means to boost the size of their lists so they can charge the penny stocks themselves (which are paying them to promote the company in the first place) more money.

They then hope you will buy the shares and push the stock price up so that their promotion has been considered effective. This is the point where the promoters of the penny stocks move on to the next “financial marketing campaign.” For the ones that are also pump and dump operations, at some time they will short the stock so they can make still more money on the ride back down. Golden Penny Stock Millionaires warns you to avoid such two types of operations or you will become a victim of their machinations as well.

What Sets Golden Penny Stock Millionaire Apart From Other Products?

There are a few things which set apart Golden Penny Stock Millionaires from their stock picking competitors in the penny stock arena. One thing that is fairly unique is that they are cheerfully giving out a first three penny stocks, along with William Bell’s 62 page long e-book, completely for free (in exchange for your email address). The hope in doing this is that you will make money on these first three trades and then be willing to pay for the subscription-based, weekly digital newsletter so that you can keep the hit trades coming.

Something else that distinguishes them from many stock picking services is the large returns their trades are said to be realizing. Take a look at their impressive profits on fully 20 of their successful trades, and you will begin to understand the types of gains this service is promising its paid subscribing members:

What You Receive With Golden Penny Stock Millionaire

Though the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires system is primarily newsletter-driven, you do receive a number of items when you sign up for the monthly-based subscription service. The members-only site access provides you with the following benefits:

  • A once per week newsletter detailing among other things the various stocks which William Bell and company are watching
  • High Probability Penny Stock Entry Prices and Exit Prices in the form of real time alerts
  • Trading Strategy Access
  • Trade Analysis on every trade
  • Trade-relevant strategic news
  • Video Training Series “Refining to Pure Gold”
  • Real Time Trade Updates
  • Email Support

You also get full and unlimited 24 hours per day, 7 days per week access to all of their website sections and features.

How Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Works

The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires works according to a fairly specific set of protocols. They are as follows:

  • The company provides from two to three penny stock selections on a weekly or biweekly basis with detailed analysis of the stocks
  • Members buy, hold, or sell the stock using company-released research and analysis
  • The trading system algorithm actually delivers entries, exits, and price targets for each penny stock selection
  • Members can always sell their positions when they feel satisfied with the profit amount ahead of the target
  • High Probability Stocks are found by the system using proprietary technical analysis and fundamental analysisPicture

The various High Probability Stocks picks go out to email inboxes at approximately 7:30 in the morning. Early bird members receive them earlier (as you might expect by the name). The newsletter itself delivers high-impact potential penny stock ideas practically every week.

Users of the subscription-based service claim that the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires has an impressive winner’s percentage of from 79 percent to 89 percent of all issued picks. To the right is what their email alerts for members look like:

On the rest of this page, we will go through the various offerings of the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires system.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Offerings

The service itself provides a number of interesting offerings for you. On their members-only access website and through the service, there are a newsletter, an online video training series, weekly or bi-weekly trade alerts, weekly trade updates and charts, email support, and more to explore.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Newsletter

The hallmark of William Bell’s service is his signature penny stock newsletter he writes and sends out to subscribers once per week. These newsletters give you the names and symbols of precisely the penny stocks you should investigate as well as the ones it is time for you to sell. Each newsletter is complete with numerous penny stock alerts. With their easy to use system, this is all that you need to start trading their method.

You must be proactive in your partnership with Golden Penny Stock Millionaires. This is not some robot trading service by any means. It will be your responsibility to take the listed recommendations from the various newsletters and choose whether or not to act on the provided advice. If you elect to follow their tips precisely, then you are able to benefit from the system and its trades with little to no additional work.

This makes the newsletter well-suited for any experience level of trader in stocks in general and penny stocks in particular. By following the entry and exit recommended price points, you will maximize the system’s profit potential. This is why the subscription service can be fairly described as a newsletter- and alerts-driven service.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Online “Refining to Pure Gold” Video Series

As with any service for picking out winning stock trades, the online videos and education will be another key to your success at this form of stock trading. They are useful for first teaching you how to analyze various penny stocks for yourself. Secondly, they teach you how to effectively utilize and understand this already simple to use service.

The video instruction which Golden Penny Stock Millionaires provides is entitled the “Refining to Pure Gold” video series. These videos focus on how to work the system to your optimal advantage. One of them is a YouTube video that is especially well developed. Besides this, there are another four tutorial videos involved. They help especially novices in trading or even those completely new to the stock markets. They teach you the following concepts:

  • How you can choose a reliable and effective stock broker trading account
  • What penny stocks mean and how they work
  • The practices and pitfalls you need to avoid
  • A number of other useful concepts on trading the stock markets in general

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Entry and Exit Alerts

The penny stock entry and exit alerts are the other pillar of this service that Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is offering. They promise that you will always get the alerts in a timely fashion so that you are able to enter the trade before it is too late.

The service also ensures that you have both exact entry levels and exit points. This guarantees that you are not caught without any clear notion on when to cut the trade in the event it is a losing one or when to take profits at the optimal time when it is a winner. The algorithm- and news-driven service also provides IPO alerts on new penny stock issues.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Alert Updates

It is a fine thing to know when to enter a trade, but what happens once you have pulled the trigger? This service provides you with what they call alert updates. Such updates deliver any breaking or recent news as well as other information on the particular penny stock selections which they have sent out to you. We especially like that along with the updates there are simple to read charts that help you to see what the stocks are doing at a quick review.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Email Support

No stock picking service would be complete without some form of customer service and support. In the case of Golden Penny Stock Millionaires, this is found in their email support. William Bell and company will cheerfully provide extra help with understanding the system and answering any questions you have on any of the provided picks or how they arrived at them. They also offer to answer any queries you have on the generalities of penny stock trading.

We found it a little disappointing that there is no live chat- or phone-based help. This can be frustrating if you urgently need assistance, especially with an active penny stock pick or a trade you already find yourself in when you get stuck.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Cost and Refund Policies

The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires system costs $47 per month billed to your credit card. This amounts to an annual fee of $564. They do not offer any discount for prepayment of the fees, but they also do not ask you to pay for more than one month at a time with this subscription-based service.

Thanks to their promise of an unconditional 60 days, 100% guaranteed money back policy, you can cancel after taking the penny stock picking service for an up to two month long test drive.

Final Take Away – Cost Versus Value of Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

At only $47 per month, this is one of the least expensive services for picking stocks available anywhere. It is especially striking and noteworthy when you compare it to the cost of the comparable services provided by Jason Bond“Superman” Paul Scolardi, or Timothy Sykes.

This does not change the fact that the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires remains a relatively new stock picking service. This should still not be a major concern for you thanks to their ClickBank verified and administered unconditional money back guarantee. The system seems to be a useful one, and it is offered by William Bell who is well-respected in these markets from his prior system “Hack the Stock Markets” trading system.


• System creator William Bell is a veteran of stock picking systems from his "Hack the Stock Markets" prior program.
• The newsletter which outlines the various picks goes out once per week and is easy to read and use.
• Weekly alert updates provide useful and easy to follow charts on the in-play stock picks.
• Trade alerts are sent out in plenty of time for you to enter the trade competitively.
• The site offers a full 60 day, unconditional 100 percent money back guarantee through site administrator and industry leader ClickBank.
• This system is adamant that it is unbiased and does not engage in paid promotion of penny stocks nor unscrupulous "pumping and dumping."
• At only $47 per month, this is among the best-priced stock picking services on the market anywhere.


• This system is relatively new, which means their impressive profit claims have not been thoroughly vetted by real experts.
• The website home page is very salesy and not so professional as you would hope.
• The site's support does not include live chat while their social media participation lacks any Twitter feed.

The Golden Penny Stocks Millionaires system is offered by William Bell, who is well-respected in these markets from his prior system the "Hack the Stock Markets" trading system. At only $47 per month, Golden Penny Stock Millionaires proves to be among the least expensive services for picking stocks available anywhere. This does not change the fact that it is a relatively new stock picking service, but it is not a major concern thanks to their ClickBank verified and administered unconditional money back guarantee.

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