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Fusion Trading System
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At $97 per month, this is not an expensive service, in particular when you compare it to those offered by "Superman" Paul Scolardi, Jason Bond, or Timothy Sykes. Site host Barry Boswell promises to teach you how to pick winning stock and option trades. He issues a number of alerts on both of these types of trades on the site. The only way you can determine if the Fusion Trading System works for you or not is to take it for a 60 day test drive. Thanks to his powerful 100 percent, 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose in trying it for yourself.

There are some trading systems that do not only focus on stocks or options, but instead on both. Fusion Trading System is one such happy marriage of the two ideas in a “fusion” which the site claims produces a 94 percent win rate. On this page we explore and consider the various offerings of this stock and option combination trading system so that you can decide if it is good value for money in your particular case.

Who Is Behind the Fusion Trading System?

Barry Boswell is the man behind the Fusion Trading System. This wall street veteran has been trading the stock and options markets for more than 35 years. In 2007, he was approached by a marketing company and asked to set up a stock and options trading service for them. After working with them for a few years, he left this company and went out on his own with the site in April 2010. Since that time, Barry has utilized Clickbank to manage the membership side of the stock and option picking service for him.

You can not find much information on Barry besides that which he offers on his own website. This might be worrisome, but at least he does put up a full 83 minute sample webinar for free on the site. By listening to this and watching as he walks you through his members-only access site, you can get a good feel for what he is doing. Listening to the webinar, you begin to understand that Boswell really is the genuine article Wall Street stock trader (and he has the authentic New Jersey accent to prove it). Below is a screenshot from this webinar on the Fusion Trading website.

Boswell references Fibonacci ratios, technical indicators and a host of charts, along with research on the markets and companies he personally likes to trade. He specifically states that he likes working with covered calls as a strategy. Clearly the man has a command of market terminology and the inner workings of the markets based on these webinars. You begin to see why the marketing company originally sought him out to run the calls on this service in the first place.

Barry claims to have studied market and price action for four decades, and this is easy to believe based on the expertise and comfortability he calmly demonstrates when discussing major market concepts and events in his webinar. He is also easy to understand. His gift for taking complicated market subjects and topics and reducing them to actionable trading ideas helps to explain why the members of the service speak so glowingly of him, his education offerings, and his trade calls.

What is the Fusion Trading System? Is it a Scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. The claims of the Fusion Trading System site to have a 94 percent winning trades results are bold and impossible to verify as they are not trading using a transparency website such as or Investimonials. Yet because ClickBank is administering the site and offering a full 60 day money back guarantee refund policy, you have absolutely nothing to lose by taking the service for a test drive.

ClickBank is the trusted retailer for

What Sets the Fusion Trading System Apart From Other Products?

Two things set this product apart from the legions of competitors in the stock picking system universe today. The first is that they are not selling a load of books and DVDs as with so many other systems which you have to study and learn before you can begin to experiment and test trade with them. Barry Boswell is acting in the place of your stock broker by making the stock and option buying recommendations from which you simply set up trades.

The second difference from competitors is that Fusion Trading is claiming fantastic results that are greater than many legitimate systems will advertise. Here is the site’s provided chart of Barry Boswell’s annual returns since he started working as a financial publisher:

Avg Monthly Return
Avg Annual Return
68.1% (partial year)

The Fusion Trading System website reports an average monthly return rate of 18.7 percent, which amounts to a year return average of 223.7 percent. They are correct in their admission that the performance from the past does not guarantee any set level of future success. Again, if it turns out to be an exaggeration of real results when you try out the Fusion Trading System personally, ClickBank will cheerfully refund your full purchase price.

What You Receive With The Fusion Trading System

The Fusion Trading System actually gives you quite a lot of financial markets’ and stock and option picking education. This is what they are really selling. The members-only site access provides you with the following benefits:

  • Live coaching from a four decades-long stock market operator
  • Live once per week, fully interactive webinars in which Barry Boswell answers any of your questions for not only your benefit but that of all the webinar attendees
  • Valuable weekly stock market commentary section
  • Live stock and option trade calls (they claim to be 94 percent accurate)
  • Barry’s weekly stock market wrap up newsletter

The Fusion Trading System provides a password via email after you join as a new member. This gives you a full and unlimited 24 hours per day, 7 days per week access to all of the following sections and features:

  1. A Quick Start Guide – helps to bring you instantly up to speed on the Fusion Trading System from the start
  2. Investment Guide – an easy to understand pro trader level background educational publication
  3. Coaching Videos – hosted by Barry Boswell to walk you through the system and calls in an organized and easy to follow step by step process
  4. Weekly Webinars – live every week coaching and discussion sessions that allow you to learn what Barry is seeing in the markets as important market news and bearing on the strategic alerts on trades and potential trades
  5. Live Trade Alerts – spell out the precise entry points, exit points, and stop loss points
  6. Market Commentary – weekly information that you need to know to be on the correct side of the market
  7. Section of Questions and Answers – Boswell personally answers member questions here and posts them so that other members can also learn from your queries
  8. Email Support and Help – Barry Boswell is free in giving out his email address and promises to answer all member emails
  9. The Members Forum – a place for you to share your results with other members enjoying success as well as to network with other interested investors and traders

The Fusion Trading System is very clear that they do not provide numerous books, papers and leaflets, or even complex software. Other services tout these products as advantages, but Barry Boswell and company think they will only discourage or confuse you. Instead, they are pushing a model of advanced learning tools available on their “user friendly” website which is available to you as a member at any place you have the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The site does appear to be continuously updated with fresh and current information. This is helpful for anyone seriously trading who relies on market updates, news, and rumors to succeed in their trading.

Fusion Trading System Bonus Products

Fusion Trading is big on educational materials for their members. This is why it should come as no surprise that they are offering several “bonus” educational materials to you when you join the service. These bonus products are covered below.

Signup Bonus #1 – “Friday Trade Strategies”

Boswell and company call this a special 90 minutes training session. In it, he reveals four different trade set ups that are “proven to work with explosive results.” It must be good, as they are hyping it as a way to “make more money in a single day than most people do in a week.” This is what they say that Friday’s set up for those traders who are in the know.

It is one of a number of special presentations the site offers. Boswell hosts such presentations based on what the members are interested in learning more about so that the topics are both timely and interesting to the site members. Presentations also include electronic handouts. They post these for later review at your convenience. Fusion Trading System calls this a $299 value for each presentation. It is included free to members as a bonus for joining the service.

Signup Bonus #2 – “How to Find Hot Stock Opportunities in Only 5 Minutes Per Day!”

Barry Boswell is offering this report with an easy to grasp strategy on the best ways to come up with terrific stocks to watch and highly profitable trade setups. The site claims that even individuals who possess minimal knowledge on trading the markets will be able to make this strategy their own. Each month, they update the companies’ list for their members in a continuously ongoing version of the report hosted on the members-only access section of the site. They say this represents a $199 value, and it is free for all newly signing up members.

Signup Bonus #3 – Long Term Monthly Charts

This final signing bonus is actually a packet of important charts covering the most significant market indices and the critical sectors of the market. You get this not only as a one time upfront bonus, but also every month. They also produce a number of charts for the members every month on the specially chosen stocks which they recommend for trading.

Fusion Trading System claims that this is key because many times you get into a trade that reverses and moves hard against you. The reason for this they say is that you lacked critical long-term charts which would have warned you about important resistance levels. They insist that such longer term views as these critical charts provide will aid you in capturing more and bigger profits by knowing the important pivot point levels of the various major indices and specific stocks they are trading. These charts come as a $99 value for the new members.

All of these three new membership sign up bonuses are touted as a complete value of $597. It is one of the ways that Barry Boswell and company try to persuade you to pay that first month’s membership fee and take a 60 day risk free chance with them. Below we look at what the Fusion Trading System offerings are so that you can determine if the system is viable for your personal trading situation.

The Fusion Trading System Offerings

The website is also full of interesting offerings for you. There are newsletters, online videos, manuals, webinar training courses, weekly market updates and charts, support and help programs, and more to explore here.

Fusion Trading System Newsletter

Barry puts out a weekly free newsletter every Friday in which he discusses the S&P levels, among other things. This is a helpful educational component and offering of the site. It is hard to go wrong with weekly insight from a man (Barry Boswell) who has been involved in the stock market and trading stocks and options for four decades now.

Fusion Trading System Online Videos and Manuals

Online videos and manuals are another key part of your education. These are helpful not only to learn more about how to trade the markets in general, but also specifically how to use the Fusion Trading System in particular. Barry provides a number of videos for members of his service on a range of stock and option topics and how they work with his system. We saw about a dozen different ones.

Fusion Trading System calls this among the most valuable and helpful collections of information related to the stock markets anywhere on the Internet. That is a big claim and impossible to prove or disprove. There are a number of competitors who also feature a lot of educational materials. Certainly the founder of the site Barry Boswell does bring more than 35 years worth of education, training, and trial and error efforts to the table with these.

Some of the educational topics their videos and online manuals cover include the following:

  • The ways to correctly assess the present market conditions which will provide the optimal results for your trades
  • Increasing by two the chances the markets will move in the way you are positioned
  • The full details on a number of different trade strategies which will help to increase your accounts
  • The best ways of measuring extreme price action so that you can benefit from the dramatic movements in price
  • Typically used trade jargon and financial phrases with their definitions presented in a clear and easy to understand explanation
  • The best ways of utilizing options to grow your account value and to protect your hard-earned investment dollars
  • The real secrets to amassing a lifelong fortune

Fusion Trading System Webinars and Live Events

Barry Boswell is big on the weekly webinars. In fact he is so convinced you will be impressed by it that he puts up a full over eighty minutes of one on the main web page of the site in an effort to persuade you to join the service. If this sample webinar is any indication of what the other ones are like, then this is an impressive educational presentation in which he clearly does take and answer questions from the members. He also generously gives his evaluation on other stocks members may be trading which Fusion Trading System is not currently pursuing.

Besides the once per week webinar, they do a number of special member-chosen topic presentations. One of these he provides in the form of a new member signup bonus called “Friday Trade Strategies.” Given what we know of this system and service, we feel these live events and webinars are some of their most useful and impressive offerings for you as a trader. The more education and guidance you can obtain from a man who clearly knows what he is talking about, the better off you will be in your own efforts.

Weekly and Yearly Market Updates and Charts

This is another really useful section of the site. A key background component of successful trading lies in knowing what is happening with the big pictures of the markets in general, specific sectors, and individual stocks. Boswell and company address all of these topics plus provide you with their monthly updated charts on the important indices as well as specific stocks which they feel are important for you to watch. This is valuable resource material every trader needs to have in order to be effective in their efforts.

Support and Help Sections

This section comes down to two key components that Fusion Trading System is offering you. The support is in the form of a promise from Barry Boswell to answer your emails personally. A direct line to the guru is always a useful resource to have when you get stuck or have a particular question. Besides this, they offer a Questions & Answers section. This covers the topics that other members have found useful in the past. Undoubtedly there will be something helpful in here that may answer your more general questions.

Fusion Trading System Cost and Refund Policies

The Fusion Trading System cost amounts to $97 per month billed to your credit card. This amounts to an annual fee of $1,164. It represents a discount from what they advertise as their regular yearly price of $1,997.

One of the biggest appeals to the service is that Barry Boswell is utilizing ClickBank as the membership access administrator. This means that when they offer you a no-risk 60 day trial period to enjoy, experience, and experiment with the site, you can count on getting a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the Fusion Trading System service in any way. It also is a vote of confidence in what they are selling that they are willing to provide this stock picking service industry-leading money back guarantee.

Final Take Away – Cost Versus Value of the Fusion Trading System

At $97 per month, this is not an expensive service, in particular when you compare it to those offered by “Superman” Paul Scolardi, Jason Bond, or Timothy Sykes. The only way you can determine if the Fusion Trading System is really for you or not is to take it for a 60 day test drive. Listen to the webinars and stock trade recommendations of four decades-long veteran trader Barry Boswell for two months and see how his trades play out for yourself. If they do not pan out as promised, you have not lost anything but your time and efforts, thanks to his powerful 100 percent, 60 day money back guarantee.


• Barry Boswell is supposed to have four decades of experience in the markets, stocks, and options.
• The site offers a full 60 day, unconditional 100 percent money back guarantee through site administrator and industry leader ClickBank.
• They offer a significant number of videos and online manuals on the site.
• The weekly webinars are strong and impressive with running commentary by Barry Boswell.
• Barry Boswell promises to answer all member questions to his personal email address.


• The 94 percent winning trades claim is hard to believe.
• The site does not appear to offer any tangible system on which you are hanging your trading hopes.
• The promotional material on the website comes off as exaggerated and a bit too slick.

At $97 per month, this is not an expensive service, in particular when you compare it to those offered by "Superman" Paul Scolardi, Jason Bond, or Timothy Sykes. Site host Barry Boswell promises to teach you how to pick winning stock and option trades. He issues a number of alerts on both of these types of trades on the site. The only way you can determine if the Fusion Trading System works for you or not is to take it for a 60 day test drive. Thanks to his powerful 100 percent, 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose in trying it for yourself.

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