09 Feb Toshko Raychev Profit System Review

Toshko Raychev Profit System Review
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Review Summary:

The strength of this system lies in several features. On the one hand, it is designed with both new forex traders and experienced market participants in mind. On the other, it heavily focuses on education and a solid background knowledge base to help traders understand why they are trading the various currency pairs. Since it is such a one of a kind, comprehensive forex currency pair and time period trading system, it is hard to find much about Toshko Raychev's Profit System that you do not like.

There are many forex system which have existed for literally years. Some of these are effective at helping you to earn a little additional money on the side as a part time income. With Toshko Raychev’s new Profit System, he is guaranteeing that you will rise above and beyond the level of results you are enjoying now with forex so that you can trade the markets full-time both successfully and profitably.

The Toshko Raychev Profit System turns out to be a new forex trading system of tools which makes the substantial claims of helping traders to lock in significant financial returns. The advanced forex trading formula includes indicators and manuals which deliver a high level of education beyond the typically narrower run of the mill trading system.

The knowledge this system promises to provide is intended for both those who are already highly skilled Forex traders as well as those new to the world of foreign exchange trading. In this review we will examine and consider these ambitious claims along with what you receive as part of the physical package and ongoing online trading support and customer service.

Who Is System Creator Toshko Raychev?

It is not easy to find a wealth of information on the background and biography of Toshko Raychev, and this always gives me pause for thought. When a person is a legend in a given field, you expect him (or her) to have a vast number of informational websites available stating where they came from and how they became so successful. In looking up Raychev, you will not come across Wikipedia or Encyclopaedia Britannica articles on him. Yet he seems to be well known by forex traders and investors around the world.

Photo Courtesy of Next Generation Trading

The main background information on Toshko Raychev centers on his results in what has been referred to as the world’s most important trading competition. This is called the Surefire Trading Challenge. South African native Mark McRae founded this global Forex battle royale after the turn of the millennium in an effort to uncover and share the greatest Forex trading strategies ever devised. Nearly 5,000 different traders participate in this competition every year. From this opening round, the field is narrowed to just over 500 traders who survive the elimination round.

Then 20 year old university student (hailing from Burlington, Vermont in the US) Toshko Raychev emerged as the winner of this competition back in 2010. It would have been enough to give him a place in the annals of forex history if he had only managed this feat on one occasion. What makes him a legend in the competition and forex trading universe is the fact that Raychev won this contest for world’s best foreign exchange trader three different times.

Photo Courtesy of Forex Winners

Since these impressive world champion victories, Raychev has kept busy perfecting and enhancing his trading arts, releasing and teaching them to students around the globe in a range of different Forex trading systems. One of the first of these was called the Sure Fire Trading System which he and Mark McRae released back around 2010. Raychev has also offered The New Science of Forex Trading, The Traders Elite, and the Forex Secret Protocol.

His latest system promises to be the ultimate incarnation of his brilliant strategies, educational prowess, and tips for turning any skill level individual into a successful master forex trader. With this system, you receive more than the usual internet-based program or a physical set of instructional DVDs. You get to have the teaching DVDs, online support and help, and a variety of other useful resources we will explore below.

Who Is The Toshko Raychev Profit System Most Intended To Help?

Creator Raychev claims that this system is helpful not just for those who have never traded forex markets before in the past. It is also designed to help even experienced and successful market traders to learn new tactics and to trade more effectively and profitably.

If you are like the rest of us and work a full time job, the system is also designed for you. Some competing systems require that you quit your day job to have enough time to huddle over your computer and trading charts for countless hours on end. I like that these tools will allow you to trade for even a few short hours per day. Thanks to the forex markets working around the clock, you can at least in theory trade in the time that best suits you, six days a week Sunday through Friday.

There Are Two Parts To The Toshko Raychev Profit System

The Toshko Raychev Profit System comes with two separate components when you purchase it. These are:

A Full Six DVDs Instructional Set, The Trading Manual, and Six Cheat Sheets

You get three separate components in this physical package which comes in the standard mail:

  • Exhaustive full-color and bound training manual which covers the theory of trading Forex
  • Six DVDs that teach everything from the basics of forex, to the operating system he trades on and rules of the system, full and detailed disclosure of how the system operates, live and real trades, and a webinar with in- depth analysis of the trading methodology, complete with questions and answers of students ranging from beginner to expert level
  • Six cheat sheets that show you how to effectively follow the system rules in each and every trade

Photo Courtesy of TR Profit System

Complete Unrestricted Access To The Private Members’ Only Area Plus Substantial Support

This comes with a wide array of helpful supporting tools and features, as shown in the graphic from the members’ only area to the right. Among the most impressive of these are the following six:

  1. Every-week webinars which help to answer your personal trading questions
  2. The New Science of Forex Trading “smart trade” application
  3. An entry point archer which assists you in deciding precisely at what point you should enter into a trade
  4. A trend tracker that both saves you time and helps you lock in greater gains when used with the NSOFT trading application
  5. Unlimited support around the clock via phone, Skype, or email
  6. Unrestricted access to the private members section for six full months

The Six DVDs of the Toshko Raychev Profit System

These six DVDs which come with the Toshko Raychev Profit System are incredibly well-arranged and intensely detailed. Look at them in depth below:

DVD #1 –  Basic Ideas of Trading

This DVD provides you with either a basic introduction to forex trading or if you are already an experienced trader of Forex a refresher on the important foundational concepts of the forex trading universe. The DVD is complete and even exhaustive so that you are able to move on with confidence in your abilities and knowledge base. It covers twelve different topics including:

  1. Forex For Beginners
  2. Introduction To Using Charts
  3. Introducing MT4
  4. Opening Up New Charts
  5. How To Install Custom Indicators
  6. How To Load Indicators On Charts
  7. How To Save and Load Custom Templates
  8. Instructions for Putting Lines On Charts
  9. Directions for Placing Orders and Managing Orders
  10. The Mechanics of Trailing Stops
  11. Margin, Pips, and Lot Size
  12. Discipline For Traders

DVD #2 – Risks And Fundamentals

In this DVD, you learn about both the risks and the rewards that come with trading currencies. Raychev shows you how you should manage and balance out these two concepts so your rewards are far greater than the risks you run. This is intended to move you far past the typical trader’s level of comprehension and education so that you understand how efficient, successful, and (perhaps most importantly) responsible trading goes. This DVD fills your proverbial tool kit.

More specifically, the DVD begins to teach you about 11 customized indicators which the system relies heavily on in practice. Proponents of Toshko Raychev have called these signals the man’s great genius. The indicators actually carry 99% of the workload of trading so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. They show you where the money in the forex market is hiding and waiting to be made.

DVD #3 – Component Rules

In this third DVD, you learn all about the ideal setups which make it possible for you to trade profitably. It teaches you a wide range of important indicators like TES, DED, and TTL. Besides this, you will understand what the rules of the system actually are so that you can properly buy and sell the currency pairs you will trade.

The most important rule in trading anything is to first obtain a system which makes profits and then follow the rules of that system exactly. Despite the fact that this is the golden rule in this business, many traders have a hard time doing it. A winning system keeps your emotions such as greed and fear from overruling your head.

DVD #4 – Trade Setup Examples

In this fourth of the DVD series, you get to see well-laid out and -depicted real world trades as examples to ensure that you begin to have a practical understanding of the trading system as well as additional insight into trading in general. It features not only conservative examples but also aggressive ones to be most useful and complete.

The system covers an impressive 20 different market and trading examples. By covering any possible scenario that you might come across in trading the markets,  Raychev is arming you with both the tools and the knowledge you require to consistently make money in the world of global foreign exchange.

DVD #5 – Live Trades

Charts Courtesy of TR Profit System

This fifth in the series DVD provides you with the opportunity to peek over the shoulder of the system creator as he is entering into live trades. It is one thing to understand how examples work out when the situation is controlled by the teacher and quite another when the trading environment is live. This makes anything possible.

When you finish watching this DVD, you have effectively completed the instructional and conceptual part of the program and you are ready to turn on the trading system and begin trading a demo practice account (it is never a good idea to start trading a live, real money account until and unless you are fully comfortable with the results of a system personally).

DVD #6 – Putting It All Together

This last DVD does not teach you anything new. It seeks to show you how to pull all the various rules, concepts, and indicators together so that you are able to begin trading successfully for yourself. This is practically done via a live question and answer session which the creator put together before he launched the product. He then goes through and answers all of these real questions throughout the DVD.

The odds are great that he will cover any questions that you have come across while going through the program on your own. In case he does not though, do not despair. You will have plenty of opportunities to have these answered later on live in the unrestricted access members area (mostly via the weekly live webinars).

General Overview of How Toshko Raychev Profit System Works

Toshko Raychev’s Profit System is not a robot trading system. It is an old school method where you enter the trades manually yourself. In a way I like this better, since there is less room for something to go wrong and a trade to backfire if the markets careen out of control from any one of the many black swan events in the geopolitical world these days.

The system indicators deliver live buy and sell signals to you so that you can enter either a buy or sell order on a given currency pair. It works with three of the most commonly utilized methods and strategies, giving signals which can be employed for scalping, intraday trading, and swing trading. Mr. Raychev claims that it will work on any time frame, regardless of whether it is the one minute, five minutes, four hours, daily, or even weekly time periods.

There is no set number of trades that you can expect in a given day from the buy and sell signals. In a question and answer interview session, Toshko Raychev claimed it depends on several factors. These come down to the number of currency pairs which you trade and the timeframe you utilize. As one example, he says if you trade a single currency pair using a five minute time frame during a couple of hours of the London session each day, you might have as many as five buy or sell signal setups.

Photo Courtesy of TR Profit System

Many traders will wonder what is the best time frame of the day to trade the system. Mr. Raychev claims that on a four hour basis, you are able to trade whenever you like. For those of you who are using 15 minutes or smaller time periods, he “strongly suggests” that you stay with the London forex session. The explanation he gives is the volume is greatest when the London world currency markets’ center is open.

London session hours extend from 8 am through 5 pm in the GMT time zone, or 3 am till noon in New York City on EST East Coast U.S. time. Mr. Raychev claims that any session outside of these hours will see the market moving on a limited basis, without much follow through, and with insufficient volume for the signals and system to be effective.

Regarding the optimal currency pairs for the system, Mr. Raychev claims that on medium term to longer-term time periods any pair will work. For those of you who will choose to trade the five minutes or 1 minute time periods, you will want to restrict your currency pairs to the heavily traded EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD because of the lower spreads and better market flows into these currency pairs. Whatever pairs you trade, Raychev claims the win/loss ratio is more or less 80 percent once you are adept at using the system. Here is what he displays on his website for his actual account trades and results from December 10, 2015:

Account Statement Courtesy of TR Profit System

Meta Trader 4 is required in order for the method and system to work. Raychev is adamant on this point. When you are ready to trade, Raychev recommends first practicing on a demo account. When it is time to trade live as you feel comfortable and confident, he suggests using a minimal $250 of money which you can safely afford to lose.

Photo Courtesy of MetaTrader4

Toshko Raychev Profit System Bottom Line

It is safe to say that at the moment there is no other such comprehensive and even exhaustive forex trading system like this one on the market now. It makes huge claims, but the system creator Toshko Raychev has an impressive set of bragging rights with his three-time world champ status from the annual SureFire Trading Competition.

More than this, Raychev puts his money where his mouth is by providing you with a 100 percent full 60 day money back guarantee. This should be more than enough time to experiment with it and see that it works for you personally.

Raychev claims that you can actually learn the entire system within a single day. Once you have finished going through the extensive and impressive amount of materials, not to mention the ongoing online support the members-only area offers, you can and should start trading on a demo practice account.

When you do go live, I highly recommend that you take Raychev’s advice and only commit $250 to your real money Meta Trader 4 account. This is typically the smallest amount with which you can realistically trade currency pairs. If for some reason you and the system do not agree with each other, you will not break your personal bank by trying it out and failing.


• A highly successful trader created the system.
• The system is uncomplicated and can be learned in a single day.
• The program is unique compared to every other forex trading system available today.
• Trading the signals can be done in a few hours on any forex market day, six days per week.
• The system comes with a 100% full 60 day money back guarantee assurance.
• The signals and system are science based, removing emotions like fear and greed from the equation.


• The system requires that you are able to make rapid fire decisions once signals are issued.
• Some traders prefer the utter simplicity of forex trading robots, which this system does not provide.

The strength of this system lies in several features. On the one hand, it is designed with both new forex traders and experienced market participants in mind. On the other, it heavily focuses on education and a solid background knowledge base to help traders understand why they are trading the various currency pairs. Since it is such a one of a kind, comprehensive forex currency pair and time period trading system, it is hard to find much about Toshko Raychev's Profit System that you do not like.

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