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Review Summary:

The beauty of Trading Addicts lies in their unique combination of expert strategy and analysis from the 2 professional traders with complementary skills (Jeff and Eric) along with their active member-led community. For readers who want to trade a variety of strategies, including options trading and swing trading, Trading Addicts might be the best choice because it offers the most choice and versatility of strategies in their stock picking service. Our 2016 reviews of all services show that this is among the very best of online trading communities you will encounter.

Detailed Review of Trading Addicts by Jeff and Eric

Among the various stock picking services and newsletters out there, some of them are focused on exclusively penny stocks, others on day trading or options plays, and still other ones on swing trading or longer term trading. Trading Addicts ( is somewhat unique in that while it focuses primarily on swing trading mid cap to small cap stocks, it also involves some longer term trades and a good deal of purchasing out of the money cheap options. As such, the creators would say it is the best of all possible trading worlds.

The service also sets itself apart from others by being a quite active one. This is to say that sometimes they crank out a couple of buy recommendations in the course of a single active trading day. Many of these are the previously mentioned short term options that are out of the money and cheap to pick up. Such options provide a very high reward to risk ratio, though if they fail, all of the money put into them evaporates generally. Trading with this service requires a margin trading account so that you can purchase options. This is not a difficult feature to have set up or added onto an existing trading account.

Why Was Trading Addicts Started?

Jeff Kohler founded Trading Addicts all the way back in the year 2008 in the depths of the Great Recession and global financial crisis. Besides this, he also blogs for ibankcoin, where he keeps busy writing daily market analysis and trading ideas. Jeff earned his market trading stripes honestly in his days at the trading desk of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Inc. back in the day. Here he built up his knowledge of the inside workings of the various financial markets at the feet of the masters of the markets.

Since Jeff struck out on his own, he has coached literally thousands of people to become successful traders. A trading blog has nicknamed him the “Option Addict” a few years back when he taught his option trading skills for them to a large audience. With an untarnished reputation among members of the financial and trading communities as a first- rate stock picker, market timer, and options trader, Jeff happily shares his wealth of hard-won knowledge that he developed over more than 15 years working and trading in the financial and investment markets. Besides this, he offers you access to his excellent educational videos and articles, his exciting live chat room and busy member community, his own private twitter feed, his daily and weekly trade alerts, and other interesting features and services. Jeff’s partner in crime at the Trading Addict service is well-known futures and Forex trader Eric Utley.

Features of Trading Addicts

Jeff Kohler’s service offers a wide variety of interesting features that go well beyond just providing good and bankable trading recommendations. The better of these features include the:

• Active Chat Room – every good swing trading service needs a happening chat room. For those of you who boast a minimum of $25k sized trading account and who have the luxury to sit and watch the market all trading day long, this chat room will become your best friend and ally throughout the day. It is populated by those active traders who eat, sleep, and dream the markets and cheerfully pass along their own helpful advice and personal picks throughout the market trading days.

• Daily Watch Lists – subscribers benefit from a special list that Jeff puts together in which he lists out the stocks which he believes are close to making their big break out move. This is all based on his proprietary technical analysis techniques. Obviously not all stocks on the daily watch list will successfully make the transition to actionable alerts, but at least you are able to follow along with what he is contemplating trading and chart it out for your own edification.

• The Portfolio – all of Jeff’s presently-open positions are specified on the site under the category portfolio. He is not hiding whether or not he has entered an option or stock trade, what his target is, and his bail out stop loss level if things go south. All of his holdings are broken down by long term, short term, and option position categorization.

• Education – as with any good trading site anymore, Trading Addicts boasts an incredible and extended educational section. There are more than 100 videos and articles of instruction up at any given time. These will teach you how to trade on your own if you are so interested. They cover from the beginners’ basics to more advanced price patterns and types to watch for when you are trading. Price patterns are the basic fundamental of trading with Jeff. Here he offers fully 12 different sections that run the gamut from technical analysis to option basics and advanced techniques. This options section is a good one to familiarize yourself with if you plan to follow many of Jeff’s recommendations, as he loves to call out of the money option trades (and he is making money on many of them too).

• Communication – Jeff prides himself on being available by email, as well as often in his own live chat room. He promises to respond promptly to any fair questions posed to him via email. This is especially helpful when you are new to the site and have questions on how to get started.

Trading Addicts Alerts

Trading Services Offered By

Trading Addicts does much more than simply give out swing trade recommendations to its subscribers, though clearly these are an important part of the whole package deal. Jeff and Eric also provide buy recommendations on small cap stocks, much as legendary Jason Bond Picks does or with Microcap Millionaires. Such trades as these are typically fairly short term trades that range from several days to several weeks. What separates Trading Addicts from many rival services out there today is that he also provides alerts on longer time frame trades, which range from several weeks to several months even. The truth remains that Jeff’s mainstay trades are and always likely will be his high reward to high risk short term options trades.

Another great service of the site is the overlooked Daily Market Recap Video. This delivers an effective and always interesting breakdown of daily market conditions, a review of presently open positions within Jeff’s service and personal portfolio, and a scan for possible trade setups in the making.

How Trading Addicts Works

When you become a member, you gain login access to the Trading Addicts website. Here you have all of the weekly trading advice, daily tips, resources, and tools to trade stocks and options along with futures and Forex markets. The managing pair divide up the picks according to Jeff who specializes in options trading and recommendations and Eric who is renowned for his abilities with trading and recommending both futures and Forex. In this way, they offer something of interest to every type of trader out there.

Becoming a member means that you are along for the ride with these two terrific professional traders. Along this most interesting of road trips, you get to learn all about the common mistakes that the majority of traders make and how to sidestep them yourself, the best and most effective means of managing your risk levels, the best point to enter and exit your trades, how to maintain a reliable stop loss without weakening and cutting it, and more useful strategies besides these.

The site provides a terrific trial offer of the full unrestricted site and all picks for five days at just a reasonable $4.95 trial membership. After this period ends, your membership price reverts to the now current rate of $59 per month. This is really not that high a fee when you consider all of the features, services, and educational tools that come along with the trading recommendations.

Trading Addicts Referral Policy

At present time of publication, Trading Addicts does not offer any known referral bonuses or benefits for bringing your friends on board the site and service, other than the satisfaction of helping them to learn how to trade and make money for themselves.

Trading Addicts Money Back Guarantee Policy

As with all Click Bank administered membership products, Trading Addicts has a third party money back guarantee in place. Click Bank says on the Trading Addicts sign up site that if you are not completely and thoroughly satisfied with the purchase of the service, then let them know. They will make it right. They guarantee your satisfaction. This may not translate into a 60 day money back guarantee that some competing services are offering, but it sounds pretty convincing and effective nonetheless.

Trading Addicts Ratings & Complaints

The Better Business Bureau (bbb) does not maintain a file on Trading Addicts.

Is Trading Addicts a Scam or Fraud?

Definitely not. Jeff Kohler has been around too long for his service to be a scam or fraud. You will either like what he has to offer or not, but in any case it is a completely legitimate trading community, site, and investment picks recommendation service.

Trading Addicts Facebook

Trading Addicts Twitter

Trading Addicts Contact Details

In Conclusion – Do We Recommend This Service?

It is hard to argue with a duo of traders who responds to your concerns and questions via email so quickly and accurately. The beauty of Trading Addicts lies in their skillful combination of expert strategy and analysis from the two professional traders Jeff and Eric along with their member-led community and support. Reviews of the site and service consistently maintain that this is among the very best of online trading communities you will encounter.

Thanks to the only $5 five day trial, you are able to thoroughly check out the website and its recommendations, review the terrific educational articles and videos, go through and test drive the busy chat room, and pick apart Jeff and Eric’s stock, option, and Forex picks for the week. If it turns out that it is not ideal for you and your goals, the great news is that it has only cost you a measly $5 to discover this. Try beating that price elsewhere for a test drive on good stock and option picking education.


• Your questions will not be answered by some customer support agent, but by the site owner Jeff Kohler himself via prompt emails. • Invaluable educational offerings from an actual bona fide trader who earns a good living off of the financial markets. • Provides not only Jeff's favorite short term cheap option plays, but also shorter term swing trades with small cap stocks and longer term trades that allow you to build up a core portfolio with his service. • The service is optimal for those traders who have smaller-balanced accounts. The majority of Jeff's option plays cost under $150 and provide the possibilities of triple digit or double digit gains.


• If you do not have some significant time throughout the trading days to dedicate to watching the Trading Addicts service for the sometimes multiple trade recommendations that are issued each day, then you will likely miss out on entering a number of them as often as every day.

The beauty of Trading Addicts lies in their unique combination of expert strategy and analysis from the 2 professional traders with complementary skills (Jeff and Eric) along with their active member-led community. For readers who want to trade a variety of strategies, including options trading and swing trading, Trading Addicts might be the best choice because it offers the most choice and versatility of strategies in their stock picking service. Our 2016 reviews of all services show that this is among the very best of online trading communities you will encounter.

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    Great company!

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    Jeff knows his s***! I love this service and recommend it to all my friends

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