18 Feb Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Review

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires
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Review Summary:

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is a newsletter and system that takes off on the idea that penny stocks in fact do fluctuate wildly. This means that while the actual changes may amount to fractions of a penny, the percentage swing changes can be simply massive in a single day.

Overview of Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

Penny stocks are a double-edged sword. They can make you a proverbial fortune when they are going your way, and also lose 100% of your initial investment if they turn against you, as they often do with a vengeance. Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is a newsletter and system that takes off on the idea that penny stocks in fact do fluctuate wildly. This means that while the actual changes may amount to fractions of a penny, the percentage swing changes can be simply massive in a single day.

These stocks which they recommend may be bought and sold for under a single dollar, yet you may literally make profits of $500 or even more in a single day, if only you know which stocks to trade and what to do with them. The owner of the site invites you to compare this style of trading against trading a stock in one of the large cap companies. With penny stock exponential growth, fortunes are made almost effortlessly, while even if losses represent 100% of your initial investment, the idea is that you will not invest too much money in any single pick so that a total loss does not wipe out your efforts and investment capital.

Why Was Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Started?

This brings you to the founder and his reasons for the creation of Golden Penny Stock Millionaires. William Bell created this newsletter, system, and stock-picking engine. He was the driving force behind the now-famous Hack the Stock Market trading program and system. As the creator of this wildly successful educational instruction program, he has assisted numerous individuals in making money in the stock markets consistently.

With this new system, he decided to de-mystify penny stocks by showing you how to buy and then sell these micro cap stocks at the correct and most optimal time. John Bell defines penny stocks as those which have a purchase price of $5 or less, quite often far less. Penny stocks could be easily valued at a dollar or less. This latest program by William Bell leads you in uncovering which of these myriad penny stocks are currently experiencing a massive price drop. He believes that this is the optimal moment to buy them, once they have become “bottom bouncers.” Then you simply hold them until they see a recovery in price, so that you can sell them for enormous profits.

The trick of course is to know which of these micro cap stocks will not only drop hard, but will then pick itself up by its bootstraps to make a nice recovery in share price. To assist with this monumental yet critical micro cap task, William Bell created and published a 62 page report that should take two hours of your time to read through and comprehend. This is designed with the intent of you being able to start trading penny stocks the same day that you start reading the report. Thanks to his research, you obtain all of the various tools that you need to begin researching your own penny stock picks. This process of researching would only require approximately an hour of your time each week.

Features of Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

  • Golden Penny Stock Millionaires provides a once per week email which contains all of the information on everything you need to know to trade their recommended penny stock picks.
  • Despite the fact that this newsletter comes out weekly, the alerts still get to you in a timely manner, allowing you to enter the stock in the appropriate time and price.
  • The newsletter delivers precise entry and exit points. IPO alerts come with these other picks and include the same useful information.
  • The newsletter includes one on one email support, providing extra help, understanding, and knowledge on how the system functions, as well as on learning more about penny stock trading.
  • It includes a number of helpful videos explaining the system to you in greater detail.  There is a really good YouTube video, as well as four other tutorial videos.  Such videos teach how to find a reputable and effective broker and set up this type of penny stock trading account, all about penny stocks themselves, and what things you should avoid whenever possible, among other useful skills.
  • Newsletters also come with simple to read charts that make it easy to understand at a glance what the various picks are doing.
  • The newsletter and system are never paid to promote particular or biased stocks. They also refuse to engage in pump and dump activities.
  • Cost to sign-up for the service is only $47, and it also comes with a money back guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied.

Services Offered By Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

The centerpiece of the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires system is of course the regular weekly newsletters. These instruct you on precisely which penny stocks are worthy of further investigation, and the ones that you should sell. Every newsletter comes with various penny stock alerts, and everything you require to get started.

Naturally you will have to decide what to do with these recommendations contained within the newsletter. Should you opt to follow the tips, then doing so precisely will mean that nothing is left to chance with any given penny stock. By following the entry and exit points specifically, you can maximize profits and cut losses as quickly as possible.


How Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Works

The way that the system works is fairly intuitive. They send out from two to three different stock picks either once or twice each week. Subscribers buy, sell, or hold the various penny stocks using their recommendations and directions. The system’s proprietary algorithms provide an easy to understand entry and exit price targets. The staff utilizes both fundamental and technical analyses in order to find penny stocks with the highest probability of success.

What is interesting about the system and newsletter is that the administrators are interested in more than just gaining and keeping subscribers forever. In fact one of their stated goals is to show members the ways to properly and effectively trade microcap penny stocks as well as stocks in general, so that users today can go on to do it on their own tomorrow. They are interested in you learning the skills and methods for trading and managing your investment money better by yourself. This is a revolutionary concept for a company that makes its money on continuously paid monthly subscriber fees.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Referral Policy

The program and newsletter website does not detail any current referral policy.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Money Back Guarantee Policy

One of the most appealing elements of this system is that it comes completely risk-free. The program provides a full 60 day unconditional money back guarantee in the event that you are unsatisfied, or less than completely satisfied, with this system for picking out winning penny stocks.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires  Ratings & Complaints

The Better Business Bureau rates Golden Penny Stock Millionaires with a D+. The reasons for this rating come down to a single complaint that was filed by an individual with the BBB and was not responded to by the penny stock picking business. They assign the company this rating even though they admit that one complaint on a business this size is statistically insignificant. Still, it may scare away investors who put stock in what the BBB states about a given enterprise. Interested readers can look at this case file on the company themselves by going to:

Is Golden Penny Stock Millionaires  a Scam or Fraud?

The site and newsletter is legitimate. It provides a newsletter with various picks and their entry and exit points that it makes to the tune of from 2-6 per week, just as it claims. This does not guarantee that all of them, or even half of them, make their subscribers the kinds of returns that they advertise on their site.

In Conclusion

Despite the enormity of the claims that Golden Penny Stock Millionaires makes on its site, the truth remains that this newsletter and service is still a relative newcomer to the penny stock-picking marketplace. A person who looked over their site casually might reasonably come to the conclusion that it is entirely a sales gimmick website by the appearance and tone of it. For the reasonable price of only $47 to sign up though, this also makes it among the most reasonably priced of systems like it found anywhere on the world wide web.

Thanks to the 60 day unconditional money back guarantee that is administered by the well-respected giant in the industry, Clickbank, users can try it out and know that their money will be returned if in fact they decide that they are unsatisfied with it and what it delivers. One thing arguing in favor of Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is the creator and man behind it William Bell. He is well-respected in both the stock picking and stock market educational fields, so it is hard to imagine that his latest venture will be seen as a hoax or a letdown.

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  • William Bell the founder is well-known and respected in the investment education and stock picking industries.
  • Thanks to the 60 day unconditional money back guarantee, you can not lose in trying it out.
  • At only $47 to sign up, this is among the most competitive stock picking services around.


  • Because the stock picking system is fairly new, it has yet to be tested out thoroughly by any real experts.
  • The web site is extremely salesy and gimmicky looking.
  • The program and newsletter service does not offer a Twitter feed nor live chat service of any kind, only an email address that is hard to find.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is a newsletter and system that takes off on the idea that penny stocks in fact do fluctuate wildly. This means that while the actual changes may amount to fractions of a penny, the percentage swing changes can be simply massive in a single day.

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