Would you like to make money in the stock market without being chained to your computer all day?

Stock Trading Teacher, Stock Trading Classes, Trading Chat Room

  • Ever wish you could trade stocks like a pro?

  • Are you looking for stock trading lessons from a Trading Teacher?

  • Looking for trade alerts? Some classes for trading stocks?

  • Are you looking for a trading chat room where money making trades are shared every day?

  • Would you like to make money in the stock market without being chained to your computer all day?

  • Do you want to replace your day job after applying some stock trading lessons, by working from your computer part time?

What I wrote up above is exactly what I was looking for, a some guidance, or some sort of stock trading classes. I had been investing for about 12 years, with varying success. I had recently made some great picks, buying AAMRQ stock at .39 cents, and I eventually sold most of it in the low $1 range.

I had also made a lot of money in the market following the picks of a trading website that gave free stock alerts back before the dot com bust. I was just looking for something like a trading chat room, or some place that would give cheap or free stock alerts. I tried a few penny stock alert places only to lose a significant amount of money on pump and dumps.

Then I finally found a site with stock trading classes, and a trading chat room that educated me. I signed up for the free stock alerts, and eventually signed up for a quarter. After applying some of the stock trading classes techniques, I had gained enough profits to pay for my subscription within 2 weeks of joining.

Based on my research of stock trading and stock picking services on the web today, here are the top ones:

 JasonBondPicksLogoTrading Addicts LogoMicrocapMillionairesLogoTrademinerLogoPennyStock Egghead LogoCatalyst Stocks LogoGoldenPennyStockMillionairesLogoStockTradeWireLogo
Email Alertsgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark
Real Time AlertsgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark
Day Trading Picksgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark
Swing Trading PicksgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXRedXRedX
Options Trading PicksgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXRedXRedXRedXRedX
Chat Room FeaturegreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXRedXRedX
Educational MaterialsgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkRedXgreencheckmarkRedX
Price of Service$99 per Month paid as a $297 quarterly membership charge$59 per Month$97 per Month$194 One Time License Fee, Updated Versions Additional Cost Each Year if Selected$99 One Time Lifetime Membership Fee$29.99 Per Month Promo, $129.99 Per month normally$47 per Month$97 per Month
Money Back PolicyRedXgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmarkgreencheckmark
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I also learned how to be a better trader from the online trading workshops. Things like: How to scan for oversold patterns , fibonacci retrace, selling into strength, continuation patterns, how to short a stock, candlestick charts, alligator charts, stochastics, resistance and support, averaging in, etc.


Not only has it changed the way I look at charts, it’s also changed my life. You don’t have to go it alone. Get educated with some stock trading lessons, get alerts, and make money trading.

I have started a stock trading lessons blog.

Learning To Trade Options and see more about me as well as some stock trading lessons I have learned from the stock classes my trading teacher offers.


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Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas, Stock Trading Teacher ModeratorChris Thomas, Stock Trading Teacher Moderator


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